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The Compost Connoisseur -- choosing quality compost


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When standing in the middle of a landscape supply yard trying to choose between compost products, let the senses be your guide.

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The Compost Connoisseur -- choosing quality compost

  1. 1. The Compost Connoisseur Savoring the sensory experience for choosing a fine, quality compost
  2. 2. Selecting a fine, well- aged compost can be a bit intimidating to the neophyte. But it needn’t be.
  3. 3. look for a fine, soil-like texture ...
  4. 4. and uniform particle size ...
  5. 5. with no lumps or clumps ...
  6. 6. and no swirls or blocks of uneven colors or textures.
  7. 7. The bouquet should be soil-like, “earthy” and pleasant.
  8. 8. If the aroma is unpleasant, the compost is too young and needs to mature.
  9. 9. When one grabs a handful and squeezes, the compost should neither crumble nor drip water.
  10. 10. When in doubt, look for the STA label.
  11. 11. It’s the sign of a quality compost product.
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