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Mobile sludge dewatering


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It's as easy as 1-2-3. The dewatering box is delivered and W/WTP sludge is pumped into the box. Water drains back to the lagoon or into a collection system with 99% solids capture. Then the box of dewatered sludge is hauled to a composting facility.

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Mobile sludge dewatering

  1. 1. Mobile Dewatering Only what you need. Only when you need it.
  2. 2. Mobile dewatering is ideal for – • <1 MGD W/WTPs • Back-up for >1 W/WTPs • Equipment failure • Agricultural lagoon clean-out • Seasonal flow fluctuations • Weather emergencies
  3. 3. Easy as 1-2-3
  4. 4. Set-up
  5. 5. An empty dewatering roll-off box or trailer is dropped at the site,
  6. 6. along with trailers with pumps and polymers,
  7. 7. and one or more dewatering technicians.
  8. 8. The mobile system is connected to the ...
  9. 9. tank
  10. 10. or lagoon.
  11. 11. Dewater
  12. 12. Effluent is pumped into the dewatering box.
  13. 13. A special liner allows water to permeate naturally through the sides and bottom to the dewatering box’s drainage system.
  14. 14. The filtered water drains via gravity from the bottom of the roll-off or trailer,
  15. 15. while capturing 99% of the solids.
  16. 16. The filtered water drains to a collection system or back to the lagoon.
  17. 17. Transport
  18. 18. The dewatering box and its contents are transported to a composting facility ...
  19. 19. where the separated solids are blended with other ingredients and turned into compost products for use in...
  20. 20. agriculture,
  21. 21. landscaping,
  22. 22. turfgrass management,
  23. 23. erosion control,
  24. 24. container nurseries, retail lawn and garden, DOT projects and more.
  25. 25. Easy set-up and operation Fast, efficient and cost-effective Relies on gravity -- not heat or electricity – to get the job done MOBILE DEWATERING
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