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If you can do this -- meeting the challenges of source separation

With all the wailing and hand-wringing that takes place when composting and source separation are under discussion, you'd think the topic was apocalyptic. But, in reality, the skills required to prevent contamination of the organic waste stream aren't that tough.

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If you can do this -- meeting the challenges of source separation

  1. 1. If you can do this ... you may have what it takes to manage the challenges of source-separation.
  2. 2. Can you stack coins according to monetary value?
  3. 3. Sort candies by type?
  4. 4. Pair shoes and socks?
  5. 5. Sort laundry?
  6. 6. Put eggs in a carton?
  7. 7. Pour oil in the engine and not the gas tank?
  8. 8. Congratulations!
  9. 9. Your skill set equals the separation and sorting skills of a toddler, which means...
  10. 10. you have the skills required to identify food waste and place it in a separate bin or container for composting.
  11. 11. Please notify your local municipal leaders at your earliest convenience. Dear people in charge, No more excuses. We’re ready, willing and able. Let’s get this done. Let’s compost all organics!
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