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Food waste drop-off


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Trying to find a food waste drop-off or pick-up service? We have a few ideas that may help meet your organics recycling goals.

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Food waste drop-off

  1. 1. Food waste drop-off Recycle food waste even if your municipality doesn’t offer curbside collection
  2. 2. Can I drop off my food waste at a McGill composting facility? We are often asked:
  3. 3. We don’t offer drop-off services to the general public. But …
  4. 4. we do have suggestions.
  5. 5. Food waste recycling [YOUR TOWN]
  6. 6. Look for a third-party collection company that specializes in food waste bin and cart pick- up,
  7. 7. a farmers market, event, or other venue offering food waste drop-off, or …
  8. 8. a municipal drop site like this one in Wake County, NC.
  9. 9. 40 tons is the minimum amount of waste required to make direct service by McGill an economical option for most.
  10. 10. But many 3rd party haulers will have lower minimums.
  11. 11. Some offer door- to-door pick-up for homes and small businesses.
  12. 12. Others focus on schools, restaurants, and larger institutional or commercial accounts.
  13. 13. All will collect from multiple drop locations, then haul to McGill or another food waste composter for recycling.
  14. 14. McGill will accept all types of food waste, plus things like – • Certified-compostable plastics • Pizza boxes, and • Other dirty paper and cardboard that can’t be processed by traditional recyclers
  15. 15. If you want to GER
  16. 16. … create a group generating the minimums required for McGill or 3rd party collection.
  17. 17. Your group could be a shopping mall, neighborhood association, school district, or just a collection of like-minded individuals.
  18. 18. Develop a program that will comply with any applicable state or local regulations,
  19. 19. choose a hauler that services accounts matching your generation volumes,
  20. 20. and set up a drop site.
  21. 21. Educate your community about your hauler’s requirements and the importance of avoiding contamination of food waste with plastics, metal, and glass.
  22. 22. Learn more about food waste recycling: APR 2019 Talking Compost Find food waste drop-off services DEC 2017 BioCycle Residential food waste collection access in the U.S.
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