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Seventeen Magazine Interviews San Diego Oral Surgeon Dr. Grant McGann


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Seventeen Magazine Interviews San Diego Oral Surgeon Dr. Grant McGann

  1. 1. SPOTLIGHT ON Orthodontics by Dr. Judy Lee Before After “I had an underbite that needed to be fixed before I could get braces. At first, jaw surgery seemedMaxillofacial surgeon Dr. Grant McGann scary, but Dr. McGann was really reassuring during theanswers your questions about… consultation, and he did aCORRECTIVE JAW SURGERY great job on my mouth. The end result was worth it!” —Yuri Bae, 16 Scan this tag to view the before andQ: What exactly is jaw surgery? Q: Am I too young for this procedure? after gallery.A: When the top and bottom jaws A: The best age is 16 to 18 because this is when Get the free mobile appare misaligned—as with an overbite, your mouth stops growing. Facial problems will at http://gettag.mobiunderbite, or gummy smile—your not resolve on their own—in fact, they will onlyfacial proportion may be distracting. get worse with age. Young people usually recoverOrthognathic (pronounced awr-thuh’g- from these procedures faster than older peoplenath-ik) procedures help jaws fit together do, so I recommend doing it in your teens.correctly, giving a morepleasing appearance. It’s Q: Is it expensive?usually performed along A: Jaw surgery is generally coveredwith straightening your by medical insurance.teeth. Q: Surgery sounds scary...Q: What are the is it?benefits? A: It’s really not. You’re home theA: These procedures are next day and on a “soft liquid diet”life-changing. They relieve for a few weeks. Most patientspain, enable proper chewing, say they have very little pain.and improve how your Sometimes the procedure can evenface looks. Prior to the be done right in my office. It’sprocedure, many patients well worth the process because theare embarrassed by their jaw, Grant McGann, DDS results are amazing. McGann Facial Design is Certified by theteeth, or chin—but we can located at 7910 Frost Street, American Boardrestore their self-esteem. of Oral and Q: I’m interested...where Suite 310, in San Diego. Maxillofacial Surgery can I get more information? To schedule a consultationQ: Is it considered A: Contact a board-certified with Dr. McGann regardingplastic surgery? maxillofacial surgeon who wisdom teeth removal, dentalA: No. Jaw surgery is a medical procedure specializes in corrective jaw surgery and implants, jaw surgery, or facialthat takes an abnormal bone structure and is passionate about helping young people design, call 858-874-8181.makes it normal, achieving facial balance achieve a proper facial structure and gain Visit mcgannfacialdesign.comand improving smile position. self-confidence. for more information.© Advent Media Group 2012 Illustrations by Sketchbox Design, Inc.