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Engaging with the global consumers - Future Forum Breakfast #2 [Mark McCrindle - McCrindle Research]


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From Boomers & Xers to Generations Y & Z
Consumerography: A snapshot of today's key consumers
Macro customer segments
The power of brand in a fragmented market
Understanding Niche: An analysis of micro segments
Emerging drivers of consumer behaviour
Innovative research methods for the new generations
Global generations, world consumers

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Engaging with the global consumers - Future Forum Breakfast #2 [Mark McCrindle - McCrindle Research]

  1. 1. May 2011 Theplanking memebegins
  2. 2. Its origins areuncertain- perhapsan accident?
  3. 3. By June 2011 it hitsAustralia (Canberracan have this effecton people).
  4. 4. After quickly fading,it goes mainstream inJuly (and gets evensillier).
  5. 5. But by August itfades again with nofurther mainstreamresurgences.
  6. 6. Memology: Photobombing- started by a squirrel?
  7. 7. Within weeks: thousands of photos, millions of hits.
  8. 8. Dogs wholook like theirowners memegoes global
  9. 9. 5 AugustMcKaylaMaroneywins silverat LondonOlympics
  10. 10. Within 2 days“McKayla is notimpressed”meme goesglobal
  11. 11. Meme key elements are:Creativity: contentCommunity: sharingCurrency: now issuesComedy: fun driven
  12. 12. Big data Game playing research In-situ research Online focus groups Online surveys App-based research Mystery shopping Observational studies Geo-tag links Focus groups Observational research Social research Tablet interviews Phone interviews Taste testing Ethnography Co-creation groups Mall intercept Customer satisfaction Online forum/ Community forumsData analysis Polling surveys discussion boards Audience responsePen & paper surveys Audience ratings CATI Generational research Video diaries