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Exec_Resume 2015


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Exec_Resume 2015

  1. 1. Jacqueline D. McCoo Contact 1-800-531-8781 ext 67972 I am highly experienced in managing certain key fundamentals of logistic administrative operation to include various military supply support systems and Quality Assurance.Also implementing automated distribution systems selecting, managing, and training staff. Extremely successfulin establishing and monitoring productivity goals, as well as leading cross-functionalteams on key projects. Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, interacts well with individuals from diverse cultures and all professional levels in addition, experienced at streamlining operations CORE KNOWLEDGE AREAS  Electrical Documentation Planning for Iraq  Logistics Coordination  Supply Operations Management  Inventory Control  Training of Personnel  Shipping/Receiving Government Equipment  20+ Years Call Center  10+ Years Call Center Supervisory  Retail Banking  Mortgage Assistance (Vendor)  Transportation Movement Request (TMR)  Container Management (CMST)  Mortgage Processing PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES USAA, San Antonio, TX 10/ 2012- Current Mortgage Processor  Verifies, compiles, and types application information for mortgage loans  Reviews residential loan application files to verify that application data is complete and meets established standards,including type and amount of mortgage, borrower assets,liabilities, and length of employment.  Recommends that loan not meeting standards be denied.  Communicate with the credit bureaus and employer to verify accuracy of information.  Submits approved mortgage loan file to Mortgage loan closer for settlement.  Maintain a pipeline of approximately 35-40 loans. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES Continued U S Bank 01/ 2012- 10/2012 Mortgage Assistance Specialist Relationship Manager  Professionally handle incoming requests from customers pertaining to the Government Home Affordability Mortgage Program (HAMP); pre foreclosure options,in-house modifications and short sale options.Also ensure that issues are resolved both promptly and accurately.  Thoroughly and efficiently gather customer information, assess and fulfill customer needs,educate the customer where applicable to prevent the need for future contacts and document the interaction through contact tracking.  Maintain a balance between company policy and customer benefit in decision making..  Demonstrated passion for excellence with respect to treating and caring for customers..  Willingness to work a flexible schedule to include weekends, possible holidays and occasional overtime when needed.  Highly developed sense of integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction.
  2. 2. Jacqueline D. McCoo PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES Continued KBR Inc. Operation Iraqi Freedom 11/ 2008- 11/2011 E-FAM Headquarters Administrative Specialist, (Baghdad Iraq) Logistic Admin. Specialist – Joint Distribution Center (Balad, Iraq) Logistic Admin Specialist – Al Asad Iraq (Power Generation)  Maintains and coordinates task/suspense management system,master calendar of activities, executive correspondence,and PERSTAT reports for LC III Iraq Electrical.  Review and write routine reports and correspondence to include Electrical Work Instructions and Desktop Operating Procedures for LC III Electrical.  Conducts management studies using the MAXIMO systemto analyse data for accuracy and prepared Power Point slides and Excel spreadsheets as directed by the E –FAM in reference to Government facilities electrical components.  Conduct contractualand operational briefings to military personnelto include but not limited to Colonels, Majors and Lieutenants.  Shipping and receiving of Government equipment and supplies for Northern Iraq.  Receiving and reviewing all bids in conjunction with end user.  Ensuring purchase orders are properly authorized and taking action to process urgent order.  Conduct regular and recurring physical inventories of BBSA containers .  Liaising with accounting to provide assistance in resolving discrepancies between invoices and purchase order.  Inventory all requested containerinformation such as container number, physical location, seaworthiness,color and manufactures date  Maintain all Container Management Systems by in-gating, out-gating and updating  Provide Quality control/Quality Assurance QC/QA over the submission of all transportation documents to include Transportation Movement Requests (TMR), Transportation Control Movement Document (DD 1384),  Creates and reviews procedures for distribution and inventory management to maximize customer satisfaction and minimize cost  Track military cargo & supplies for both military and civilian personnelusing the RF ITV system.  Order and track mission essentialparts using the Standard Army Retail Supply System(SARSS) PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES Continued… MILITARY EXPERIENCES Ft. Clayton, Panama 1989 –1990 Unit Supply Specialist Ft. Benning, GA. 1990 –1993 Unit Supply Specialist  Maintains automated supply systemfor accounting of organizational and installation supplies and equipment  Issues and receives small arms.  Schedules and performs preventive and organizational maintenance on weapons.  Establishes and maintains stock records and other documents such as inventory, material control, accounting and supply reports.  Reviews and verifies quantities received against bills of lading, contracts,purchase requests, and shipping documents.  Performs accounting and sales functions in self-service supply.  Instructs warehouse personnelin loading, unloading, segregation,dunnage,pelletizing, and selection of stock and storage areas.
  3. 3. Jacqueline D. McCoo Kansas National Guard– Topeka, KS 1996 - 2000 Administrative Specialist Missouri National Guard 70th Troop Command St. Louis, Missouri 2006 – 2008 Administrative Specialist  Prepares and processes recommendations for awards and decorations and arranges for awards ceremony  Assembles final product for review, authentication,or otherdisposition  Reviews and edits correspondence prior to release, sub mission for signature,or other disposition.  Plans and organizes office operations to include publications and office administrative procedures.  Writes office SOP, job descriptions,and directives.  Inspects subordinates units and makes recommendations for elimination of deficiencies or improvement of administrative operations COMPUTER SKILLS Proficient in Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Data Entry