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Taboo and euphemism


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Taboo and euphemism

  1. 1. TABOO AND EUPHEMISM Presented by Hairil Akbar Arifin: 11211141007 Umar: 11211149001
  2. 2. TABOO AND EUPHEMISM  TABOO: things people do not talk about  EUPHEMISMS: things people talk about in a roundabout way.
  3. 3.   In society: concerned with Behaviour believed to be harmful to society’s members for supernatural reasons, or regarded immoral or improper, because violating a moral code. In language: associated with things not said, and with words and expressions not used .
  4. 4. • • • Taboo topics: sex, death, excretion, bodily functions, religious matters. Used for : drawing attention to oneself, to show contempt, to be aggressive or provocative, to mock authority, to express freedom, etc. Phonetic resemblance to English words: Thai students avoid using words like fag “sheath” and phrig “chilli pepper” in the presence of Anglophones.
  5. 5.    According to Crowley in Kabana language of Papua New Guinea people have name that refers to objects too… - Crocodile puaea Son-in-law - Crocodilebagale-borrowing from a neighbouring language
  6. 6. Types of Euphemisms    To Soften an Expression To Be Polite Euphemisms to be Impolite
  7. 7. To Soften an Expression  Some euphemisms are used in order to make a blunt or unpleasant truth seem less harsh:  Passed away instead of died Correctional facility instead of jail Departed instead of died  
  8. 8. To Be Polite     Other euphemisms are used to take the place of words or phrases you might not want to say in polite company. Adult entertainment instead of pornography Adult beverages instead of beer or liquor Comfort woman instead of prostitute
  9. 9. Euphemisms to be Impolite     In some cases, euphemisms are intentionally a grosser or less pleasant way of saying something. Blow chunks instead of vomited Hide the sausage instead of sex Making whoopee instead of sex
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