Digital Debugging & Mobile Forensic Services In Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Texas and New York


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Computer forensics, digital debugging, network breaches, Data Acquisition And Imaging as well as traditional private investigation services in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Texas and New York at McCann Investigations uses the latest technology to interface directly with mobile phones to look at a much deeper level of the phone than just the visible apps.

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Digital Debugging & Mobile Forensic Services In Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Texas and New York

  1. 1. Call Now: (800) 713-7670 (281) 456-2474Digital Debugging & Mobile Forensic Services In Houston, Texas Houston
  2. 2. How to detect, document and prevent future attacks» It is vital for a company to protect its proprietary information which includes intellectual property.» An attack on a company network through the infiltration with malware and spyware allows an intruder to install key loggers or to access the system remotely.» This allows the intruder to gain access to private information including intellectual property. This type of theft can be detrimental to a company and can cause irreparable damage.
  3. 3. » Digital bugs are easy to install, and often can be installed by clicking on an email or link. These digital bugs can transmit large volumes of information, including private documents, client information, financial information, passwords and login identification.» Oftentimes, the off the shelf anti-virus programs simply do not keep up. Firewalls installed months or years ago go un-updated and are vulnerable to digital bugs.» Even with the best efforts and intentions, networks and individual desktops, laptops, and mobile devices can become beacons to transmit private and or critical information to competitors, former employees, or unauthorized, malicious current employees.
  4. 4. Detection» Network forensics, or IT Forensics, is a form of computer forensics that involves extracting forensic evidence from computer networks, particularly for use as criminal evidence.» The extraction can either be from network log files or logged information on routers, nodes, and other network devices; or the extraction can be proactive, actively capturing network packets for use as evidence.
  5. 5. » Captured network packets can be used to recreate transferred files, analyze security threats, and identify network intruders.» Although evidence on a computer or network drive may be destroyed, Network Forensics can identify a culprit by using data stored on network devices to identify unauthorized access to the computer or network device.
  6. 6. PreventionMcCann Digital Debugging experts use the latest cutting-edge networksecurity tools to prevent future digital attacks.
  7. 7. Offices: Houston | Dallas | Austin | San Antonio | New York McCann Investigations 5205 Spruce Street, Bellaire, TX 77401 Call Now (800) 713-7670 or (281) 456-2474 Email: