McBru Corporate Blogging Case Study: Polyserve


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Learn how McBru developed a blogging strategy and achieved results that no paid program could.

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McBru Corporate Blogging Case Study: Polyserve

  1. 1. Case study Polyserve Blog
  2. 2. Summary Data-center software company PolyServe (now owned by HP), engaged McBru for an innovative blogging project that has achieved results that no other paid program could. Our role on the project was to develop the overarching strategy, provide counsel on blog platforms, and provide ongoing advice and tips designed to ensure the blog’s ongoing success. Within about a month after launch, PolyServe’s sole blog, written by Oracle expert Kevin Closson and focused on Oracle clustering, reached several key objectives: influence with with customers and pundits as well as being the largest referrer of traffic to the company’s corporate website.Research & PlanningIn researching means to use influencer relations to raise awareness of Polyserve’s newOracle products, McBru quickly determined that there were no credible blogs discussingthe topic. the Oracle market was a mature one with many thousands of users lookingto learn more about what complementary products and technical approaches work wellwith the industry-leading database. McBru recommended that Polyserve start a subject-matter blog to establish thought leadership, using a well respected in-house expert in aparticular field. McBru then provided strategy, with ongoing assistance and guidance tohelp the designated blogger meet their responsibilities. Polyserve’s website
  3. 3. ExecutionBased on the McBru strategy and advice on topics, Polyserve’s blogger built and launchedthe blog using his own skills. He wrote all of his own blog posts, using his own languageand not worrying about optimizing for search engines – although his deep expertise inthe subject produced the keywords naturally. Polyserve gave him considerable latitudeover tone and content, even to challenge conventional thought, companies in the spaceand other experts. He allowed detractors to challenge him back by permitting evenaggressive comments contrary to his positions. He also spent time, in typical KevinClosson fashion, researching what other bloggers and journalists were saying, linking toit and commenting on it. Kevin Closson’s Oracle BlogResultsPopular data center blogs were approving of Polyserve’s blog and its owner. RobinHarris of storageMojo blog went so far to call Kevin Closson a “Golden God.” tradejournals such as Computerworld linked back to the Polyserve blog. a writer for eWeek,who’d discovered Closson’s expertise by following his blog, even contacted Kevin for aninterview. Within a month, the Polyserve blog on Oracle owned its target search terms:“Oracle” and “clustering.” It was also one of the highest-ranking blogs in search enginesabout anything Oracle-related. Within about two months, the blog was seeing upwards of
  4. 4. 1000 daily visitors who often left glowing comments to boot. coverage storageMojo Coverage
  5. 5. For further information or questions: Jeff Hardison 503.546.1009 jeff@mcbru.comCOntaCt us 5331 s.W. Macadam ave, suite 220 Portland, OR 97239 503.546.1000