EkoSkola Committee Qormi San Gorg


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EkoSkola Committee Qormi San Gorg

  1. 1. Ekoskola CommitteeQormi San Ġorġ
  2. 2. THE WASTEMANAGEMENT SCHOOLLet’s make adifference!
  3. 3. How can we manage all thislitter around the school?EcoskolamembersCOME TO THERESCUE!
  4. 4. REDUCE• Choose things with less packaging.• If you can do without the package, thendon’t use it.• Check if the boxes you buy food and otherthings, are made from recyclable material.• Make crafts out of things you are not goingto use any more Example: puppets fromold socks or baskets from cartons.
  5. 5. REUSEYou can reuse almost anything!• Reuse PAPERS from both sides. Everyoneneeds a rough paper or a picture!• Reuse CEREAL BOXES! Instead of a chartwe can use a cereal box during Crafts
  6. 6. RECYCLE
  7. 7. Let’s protect ourenvironment !Let’s Recycle !!!
  8. 8. We have Bring-in Sites so you canput clean, segregated recyclablematerials.
  9. 9. SavingEnergyEkoskola CommitteeLet’s make adifference!
  10. 10. At night, and during the coldermonths, we need light and warmthfrom other sources…
  11. 11. …. and we also need heat for cooking.
  12. 12. Since early times, people have lit fires ….…. but fires make smoke, and are notconvenient in modern homes.
  13. 13. Clue 2Clue 1
  14. 14. The electricitywhich we useis mostly madeby burning coalor gas in powerstations.
  15. 15. And our central heating boilers usuallyburn gas or oil.
  16. 16. The trouble is, thismakes lots of‘greenhouse’ gaseswhich scientistsbelieve are warmingup the Earth and theair around it.
  17. 17. The ice in the arctic is melting, and thepolar bears’ habitat is shrinking.
  18. 18. So what can YOUdo to stop globalwarming?
  19. 19. You can turn off the lights when youdon’t need them!
  20. 20. Suggest that the grown ups who do theshopping buy energy saving light bulbs.
  21. 21. Ask an adult to turn the heating down anotch …and set the clock so that it is on for less time.
  22. 22. Remind everyone to keep the doors andwindows shut when the heating is on, tokeep the warmth in.
  23. 23. You wear clothes to keep in your body heat.Find out if yourhome isinsulated tokeep thewarmth fromescapingthrough theroof.
  24. 24. Ask the people who put the kettle on tofill it only with the amount of water thatis needed.That way it will take less energy to bring itto the boil.
  25. 25. Remind the people who do the cooking toput lids on the saucepans to keep the heatin while the food is cooking?
  26. 26. Switch off! Don’t leave it on standby!If you can see a lightlike this when the TVis off, it is using almostas much energy as if itwas on!
  27. 27. THE WATERSCHOOLLet’s make adifference!
  28. 28. The Water Meter…Reading a water meter is not as difficultas you might think! All you have to do is tonote down the numbers you can see in thesmall window on the top or bottom of themeter.
  29. 29. Why do we need water?1. To drink and to eat – a lot of food haswater in it.2. To wash ourselves.3. To cook4. To flush toilets!5. For plants – they also need water to drink6. To clean our houses.These are a few of our everyday chores!!!
  30. 30. Did you know?•A normalshoweruses 35litres ofwater!
  31. 31. Did you know?•To washyourhands andface – 9litres ofwater
  32. 32. Did you know?• To wash your teeth withtap left open you use 5 to15 litres of water
  33. 33. Did you know?• To wash your teeth withtap closed you use 1 to 2litres of water
  34. 34. Did you know?• To flush the toilet you use9 – 10 litres.
  35. 35. Did you know?• To flush the toilet with awater hippo you use 7 litres.
  36. 36. Water HipposWe have water hippos in our school. Weuse them so the toilets use less waterto flush and so we are saving water.
  37. 37. How to save water…No cost• Report leaks and drips• Turn off taps fully - no drips!• Put the plug in the wash basin• Get showered quickly• Only run water as much as you need• Use a bowl in a large sink
  38. 38. How to save water…Low Cost• Fix leaking taps• Fit Water Hippos in toilet cisterns• Investigate leaks• Fit plugs in wash basins• Buy a water tank to use rain water
  39. 39. How to save water…High Cost• Fit push taps• Fit flow restrictors in pipes - slow theflow!• Fit efficient automatic flush controls onurinals• Replace old inefficient fittings withmodern water-efficient ones
  40. 40. What did our Eco school do?1. Read the water meter every week tocheck how much water we areusing/wasting.2. Put water hippos in each toilet.3. Talked with the head of school aboutbuying a water tank to collect rain water.4. Checked for leaks so we can report them.5. Monitor for open taps.6. Write about and draw posters aboutwater
  41. 41. What can you do to help us?Remember to close the taps after washingyour hands.Keep the toilets clean. Flush whennecessary and don’t throw things in thetoilets.Report any leaks and get a handyman torepair them.Respect and keep the environment clean!