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Dip year wise titles

  1. 1. MBlazan 1 IEEE - 2013 TITLES 1. A hybrid chaos- fuzzy -threshold steganography algorithm for hiding secure data 2. Security improvisation in image steganography using DES Algorithm 3. Random image steganography in spatial domain for military applications 4. Image steganography in DWT domain using double-stegging with RSA encryption 5. Adaptive Pixel Pair Matching based Audio Steganography 6. Wavelet Based ECG Steganography for Protecting Patient Confidential Information in Point-of-Care Systems 7. Least significant bit matching steganalysis based on feature analysis 8. Automatic retrival of MRI brain image using multiqueries system 9. Removal of high density salt and pepper noise using neighborhood based switching filter 10. A new filter for removal of salt and pepper noise 11. Removal of high and low density impulse noise from digital images using non linear filter 12. Image authentication and restoration by multiple watermarking techniques with advance encryption standard in digital photography 13. An Adaptive blind video watermarking technique based on SD-BPSO and DWT-SVD 14. A robust QR-Code video watermarking scheme based on SVD and DWT composite domain 15. Blind audio watermarking for tamper detection based on LSB 16. A new robust and fragile watermarking scheme for images captured by mobile phone cameras 17. A wavelet based image watermarking technique using image sharing method 18. Robust temporal video watermarking using YCbCr color space in Wavelet domain 19. Robustness of video watermarking against various attacks using Wavelet Transform techniques and Principle Component Analysis 20. Brain tumor segmentation and its area calculation in brain MR images using K-mean clustering and Fuzzy C-mean algorithm
  2. 2. MBlazan 2 21. Edge detection for brain tumor pattern recognition 22. Brain Tumor Classification using Discrete Cosine Transform and Probabilistic Neural Network 23. Automated Detection of Brain Tumor in EEG Signals Using Artificial Neural Networks 24. Satellite image enhancement using discrete wavelet transform and threshold decomposition driven morphological filter 25. Contrast Enhancement Using Dominant Brightness Level Analysis and Adaptive Intensity Transformation for Remote Sensing Images 26. Study and analysis of PCA, DCT & DWT based image fusion techniques 27. A novel technique for wall crack detection using image fusion IEEE 2012 Digital Camera | Photoshop Application 1. A Linear Prediction Based Switching Median Filter for the Removal of Salt and Pepper Noise from Highly Corrupted Image for digital camera applications. 2. A Modified algorithm for Removal of Salt and Pepper Noise in Colour Images 3. Adaptive Threshold Based on Wavelet Transform Fingerprint Image De-noising 4. An algorithm of reduction salt and pepper noise in TGS and natural images. 5. A New Method for Multi-Focus Image Fusion Using Countourlet Transform 6. Image Fusion Using Higher Order Singular Value Decomposition for digital camera applications 7. Multi-sensor image fusion using subband decomposed multiscale retinex 8. Qualitative Evaluation of Pixel Level Image Fusion Algorithms
  3. 3. MBlazan 3 Defence | Satellite & Research Application IEEE 2012 1. A Modified Secure Digital Image Steganography Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform 2. A Novel Data Embedding Method Using Adaptive Pixel Pair Matching algorithm 3. A Novel Keyless Algorithm for Steganography for defence application 4. A Novel Steganography Method for Image Based on Huffman Encoding 5. Active Warden as the Main Hindrance for Steganography Information Retrieval 6. Colour Image Steganography Based on Modified Quantization Table 7. Histogram Secure Steganography System in JPEG File Based on Modulus Function 8. Multi-bit Adaptive Embedding Algorithm for Anti- Forensic Steganography 9. New Visual Steganography Scheme for Secure Banking Application 10. Secured Secret colour Image Sharing with Steganography 11. Targeted Steganalysis of Edge Adaptive Image Steganography Based on LSB Matching Revisited Using B-Spline Fitting Transmission | Medical Application IEEE 2012 1. A Block-Based Pass-Parallel SPIHT Algorithm 2. An improved image compression approach with combined Wavelet and Self Organizing Maps 3. Comparative analysis of Image Compression Using Image Interpolation and SPIHT encoding 4. Improvement of SPIHT Algorithm for image transmission applications
  4. 4. MBlazan 4 5. Interpolation-Based Direction-Adaptive Lifting DWT and Modified SPIHT for Image Compression in Multimedia Communications 6. An Image Analysis Approach for Detecting Malignant Cells in Digitized H&E- stained Histology Images of Follicular Lymphoma 7. Classification of Brain Cancer Using Artificial Neural Network 8. Comparison of Different Artificial Neural Networks for Brain Tumour Classification via Magnetic Resonance Images 9. Emotion Primitives Estimation from EEG Signals Using Hilbert Huang Transform 10. Investigation on Mammographic Image Compression and Analysis using Multi wavelets and Neural Network 11. Morphological image processing approach on the detection of tumour and cancer cells 12. Multichannel Pulse-Coupled-Neural-Network-Based Colour Image Segmentation for Object Detection 13. Red Blood Cell Segmentation Using Masking and Watershed Algorithm: A Preliminary Study 14. A comparative analysis of multimodality medical image fusion methods 15. A novel fusion technique for medical image segmentation 16. A multi-resolution image fusion scheme for 2d images based on wavelet transform 17. A new discrete pde-based fusion model 18. A novel approach of image fusion on MRI and CT images using wavelet transforms 19. Analysis of CT and MRI image fusion using wavelet transform
  5. 5. MBlazan 5 Copyright | Web Application IEEE 2012 1. A Biorthogonal Wavelet Transform Based Robust Watermarking Scheme 2. A DWT-DCT-SVD Based Digital Image Watermarking Scheme Using Particle Swarm Optimization 3. A Feature-Based Robust Digital Image Watermarking Scheme 4. A Multi-purpose Video Watermarking Algorithm Based on Wavelet Transform and Image Partition 5. An Efficient and Simple Audio Watermarking Using DCT-SVD 6. Biomedical Image Watermarking for Content Protection using Multiple Copies of Information and Bit Majority Algorithm in Wavelet Domain 7. Design and Implementation of Real-Time Image Watermarking 8. Low Distortion Transform for Reversible Watermarking 9. Variable Scaling Factor based Invisible Image 10. Watermarking using Hybrid DWT – SVD Compression - Decompression Technique Digital Camera | Photoshop Application IEEE 2011 1. Removal of High Density Salt and Pepper Noise through Modified Decision Based Unsymmetric Trimmed Median Filter 2. A New Adaptive Weight Algorithm for Salt and Pepper Noise Removal 3. A Modified Weighted Based Filter for Removal of Random Impulse Noise (MWB) 4. Fuzzy Based Random Impulse Noise Removal from Color Image Sequences
  6. 6. MBlazan 6 5. Poisson Noise Removal from Images Using the Fast Discrete Curvelet Transform 6. MDS-Based Multi resolution Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction Model for Color Image Segmentation 7. Combination of Discrete and Stationary Wavelet Decomposition for Image resolution enhancement for Photoshop Application Defence | Satellite & Research Application IEEE 2011 1. Discrete Wavelet Transform Based Satellite Image Resolution Enhancement for Research Application 2. Wavelet based Enhanced Fusion Algorithm for Multi sensor Images for research applications 3. Online Voting System Powered By Biometric Security Using Steganography 4. A Novel Data hiding method based on Integer Wavelet Transform and Genetic Algorithm 5. Wavelet Based Choosy Pixel Embedding Steganography for Defense Application 6. Security Analysis on Spatial Steganography for JPEG Decompressed Images 7. Data Hiding Scheme for Medical Images using Lossless Code for Mobile HIMS Transmission | Medical Application IEEE 2011 1. A Novel Hybrid HVS Based Embedded Image Coding Algorithm Using DTT and SPIHT
  7. 7. MBlazan 7 2. An Improved Image Compression Algorithm Using Binary Space Partition Scheme and Geometric Wavelets 3. Probabilistic Neural Network for Brain Tumor Classification 4. Automated Detection of White Matter Changes in Elderly People Using Fuzzy, Geostatistical, and Information Combining Models 5. Image Texture Classification Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for scene analysis Problems 6. Segmentation of Masses in Digital Mammograms Using Wavelet transform and Neural Network 7. A New Algorithm of Automatic Lung Parenchyma Segmentation Based on CT Images 8. White Blood Cell Segmentation and Extraction Based on Histogram Multi- Threshold and Lifting Wavelet 9. Probabilistic Neural Network for Brain Tumor Classification Surveillance | Web Application IEEE 2011 1. People Counting and Human Detection in a Challenging Situation for visual surveillance Application 2. Data Hiding in Motion Vectors of Compressed Video Based on Their Associated Prediction Error 3. Motion and Feature Based Person Tracking In Surveillance Videos 4. Number Plate Recognition for Use in Different Countries Using an Improved Segmentation 5. Efficient Relevance Feedback for Content-Based Image Retrieval by Mining User Navigation Patterns
  8. 8. MBlazan 8 6. A User-Oriented Image Retrieval System Based on Interactive Genetic Algorithm 7. Content-Based Image Retrieval by Dual-Tree complex wavelet transform (DTCWT) for Web application 8. A Texture-Based Approach for Content Based Image Retrieval System for Plant Leaves Images 9. A Blind Image-Adaptive Data Hiding Method in Wavelet Domain with Robustness against Compression Copyright | digital camera Application IEEE 2011 1. Audio Forensic marking using Quantization in DWT-SVD Domain for Multimedia Applications 2. Non-blind watermarking scheme for color images in RGB space using DWT- SVD 3. A Comparison between different Color Image Contrast Enhancement Algorithms 4. Multi-scale Retinex to Enhance Night Scene of Vehicular Camera Images Digital Camera | Photoshop Application IEEE 2010 1. Removal High density Salt & Pepper noise in quick transients or faulty switching images 2. Real-time Wavelet Threshold Noise Filtering design in DSP Processor 3. Design a Multi-Channel CSF Filter to remove Additive White Gaussian Noise in Color Image 4. Copy-Move Forgery Detection based on SVD in Digital Image
  9. 9. MBlazan 9 5. High quality Image Recovery from dark region Images using Adaptive Filter Technique 6. Fusion of Infrared & Visual Light Image using Wavelet Decomposition 7. Block based Feature level Multi Focus Image Fusion in Photoshop Applications 8. A New Method for Foggy Image Enhancement in Photoshop Application 9. High Capacity Image Security through Obscurity in Wavelet Domain Defence | Satellite & Research Application IEEE 2010 1. Secret Communication through Audio for defense application 2. Skin Tone based Secret Data hiding in Images 3. Hacking trick in Secret Data Embedding for Military Applications 4. Secret Data Transmission through Human Speech Signal 5. Contrast based Adaptive Secret Communication in Digital Images 6. Retinex Image Processing based on Wavelet Transform Transmission | Medical Application IEEE 2010 1. Effective Compression in Digital Images with Entropy & Embedded Encoder(SPIHT) 2. Intelligent Compression of Medical Images with Texture Information 3. Design of 2D Difference SPIHT for Lossless Video Compression 4. Artificial Neural Network with Back Propagation Algorithm for Image Compression Technique 5. Combination of Wavelet and Curvelet based Image Fusion in Medical Research Applications
  10. 10. MBlazan 10 6. Self Generating Neural Network Approach on Multi-Feature Clustering in Medical Image Processing 7. Automatic Segmentation of Digital Images Applied in Cardiac Medical Images 8. The Auto-segmentation Algorithm for Pulmonary Parenchyma of CT Image based on Linear Filtration 9. Automatic Region Growing Method on Ultra Sound Images using GS map & Spatial Information Surveillance | Web Application IEEE 2010 1. Real Time Video Surveillance System 2. Improved Video Compression for Indoor Video Surveillance Application 3. Digital Image Authentication using Self Embedding Technique 4. Design a New Image Retrieval System for Web Applications based on Color- Spatial Distribution 5. A New Image Retrieval System in Frequency Domain 6. Image Retrieval using Multi Feature similarity score using Genetic Algorithm 7. Research Algorithm of Image Retrieval based on Multi Feature 8. PCA based Feature Extraction using Overlay Blocks for Image Retrieval Copyright Application IEEE 2010 1. Copyright Protection for Digital Images using Genetic Algorithm 2. Combination of SVD & Genetic Algorithm in Digital Image Watermarking 3. An Authentication Algorithm of Audio in audio Transmission 4. Copyright Protection for Digital Images using Genetic Algorithm
  11. 11. MBlazan 11 5. Combination of SVD & Genetic Algorithm in Digital Image Watermarking 6. An Authentication Algorithm of Audio in audio Transmission 7. Lossless Visible Watermarking in Tele-Broadcasting 8. Highly Robust Technique for Data Hiding in Compressed Medical Images 9. Embedding the Ownership in Digital Image using Y Channel for Internet Applications 10. Reversible Data Hiding in Complicated Medical Image Application Medical | Defense Applications IEEE2010 1. Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy in Fundus Images 2. Pattern Similarity based Image Retrieval System for Medical Application 3. Secured ECG Transmission through wireless network 4. Image Segmentation based on effective Fuzzy C Means in Biomedical 5. Blood Vessel Segmentation in Angiogram Images using Fuzzy Interference System 6. Liver Segmentation in Medical Application using Region Growing Method 7. Improving the Edge Information of Image based on wavelet coefficient contrast 8. Medical Radiographs Compression using Neural Network & Haar Wavelet 9. Noise cancellation on ECG & Heart rate signals with Un-decimated Wavelet Transform 10. Region based Image Fusion in MRI Images 11. Secret Data Communication in common channel using Integer Wavelet Transform Digital Camera | Satellite & Research Application IEEE 2009
  12. 12. MBlazan 12 1. Adaptive De-noising of CFA Images for Single Sensor Digital Cameras 2. Removal 90% noise from digital Image in Digital Camera Application using K nearest neighbor Algorithm 3. Multi-Scale Retinex Fusion in Multimedia Application 4. Enhance the Luminance of Image using Retinex Image Processing 5. Multi-Scale Retinex Color Image Recovery from dark Images 6. Shadow Detection & Compensation in High Resolution Satellite Images 7. Design a Nonlinear algorithm in Wavelet domain to Satellite Images 8. JPEG2000 based Image Compression Algorithm for Remote Sensing Images 9. Medical Radiograph Image Compression using Neural Network and Haar Wavelet Transmission | Web Application IEEE 2009 1. A Fast Image Transmission in Satellite based on Embedded Encoder 2. Fast Transmission Video by using low complexity design Encoder 3. Wavelet based Compression with ROI coding for Medical Images 4. Selection of wavelet Filers for Panoramic Dental X-ray Image Compression 5. Dual Watermarking for High Protective Copyright System in Web Application 6. Color & Texture based Image Retrieval System Copyright | Surveillance Application IEEE 2009 1. Watermarking Scheme for Copyright Protection of Digital Images with JPEG Compression 2. Digital Audio Watermarking in Web based Applications
  13. 13. MBlazan 13 3. High Secured Copyright Protection for Digital Images using Two Level Transformation with Wavelet Packets 4. A Fast method for Building & Updating background model in Intelligence Traffic Surveillance System 5. Shadow removal of Foreground detection in Video Surveillance System 6. Moving Pedestrian Detection in Video Surveillance system Biometrics IEEE 2009 1. IRIS Recognition for High level Security Authentication using Concentric Circles 2. IRIS Segmentation by Neural Network Approach 3. Wavelet Analysis of Cyclic Human Gait Recognition in Biometrics 4. Lossless Compression in Single Sensor Digital Cameras Digital Camera | Surveillance Application IEEE 2008 1. Automatic Detection of Red Eye Artifacts in Digital Color Photos 2. Performance Analysis of Six type of Filters for Noise Removal 3. An Improved Decision based Noise Removal in Cameras 4. Visual Surveillance system based on Self Organizing Approach Satellite | Photoshop Application IEEE 2008 1. Enhancement of Color Images by Scaling the DCT Coefficients in NASA research applications 2. Multi Focus Image Fusion using 2D Dual Tree Transform 3. Region Filling after Object Removal from Digital Image in Photoshop Application
  14. 14. MBlazan 14 4. Entropy model based Adaptive Enhancement for True color Images in Photoshop Application 5. New Image Fusion Technique in Photoshop Medical Application IEEE 2008 1. Automatic Detection of Hard Exudates in Diabetic Retinopathy using Fuzzy Logic 2. Neural Network based Retinal Image Analysis 3. Mammographic Image Enhancement & De-noising for Breast Cancer Detection 4. Functional Transforms in Magnetic Resonance Image Segmentation 5. Curvelet based Fusion in Medical Image Processing