Virtual reality


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Virtual reality

  1. 1. Sixth Sense Technology based Virtual mouse and Virtual drawing D.Y Patil College of Engineering, Akurdi (Pune), India Presented by:- Guided by:- Ms.Priyanka JainProf Deepali Gothawal Mr.Sudhir Raut Mr.Harshal Ringe Mr.Mayur Patil
  2. 2. Contents What is Virtual Reality? Introduction Features Requirements How camera captures work? Processing and Overall Execution Sequence Proposed System Applications Future Scope Conclusion Reference
  3. 3. What is virtual realityRemoving the standard input and output and building wearable computer system to create realistic environment for user software interaction.Many input devices like camera, mic, sensors to make it easy to handle and make tough enough to develop
  4. 4. IntroductionDeveloping a advance human interaction system using computer vision.Where,  System will look for human behavior  Process the action and convert to input  Last perform a user defined actionWhere we can provide a vision to industrial robots.
  5. 5. FeaturesVirtual paint brush using Red laser pointer  Where user draw any thing on plane white surface and it get drawn on computerFinger motion based mouse control  User move finger in air and system detect itHand gesture based photo snap shots  Human hand position to grab image
  6. 6. RequirementsDevelopment tools  Microsoft Visual BasicOperating System  Microsoft Windows 98 or higherHardware  Web camera, Laser Pointer
  7. 7. How Capture Work? Fig 1: Interface of camera with computer
  8. 8. ProcessingCapturing Camera ViewGetting Current Frame out of itCreating Memory ImageFinding Pixel RGBComparing Pixel colorDecision making
  9. 9. Overall Execution Sequence Fig 2: Processing and Overall execution
  10. 10. Pixel Properties
  11. 11. Laser Drawing Fig 3: Virtual Drawing
  12. 12. How DrawingVB Provides a picture box control to work as Drawing PadUsing Function and property  PictureBox.Line (x1,y1)-(x2,y2)  PicuteBox.BackColor = ?  PictureBox.ForeColor = ?  PictureBox.DrawWidth + ?
  13. 13. Image Grabbing Fig 4: Auto Image Grabbing
  14. 14. Grabbing ImageOnce system process image and get  Left , Top , Height , WidthCopy Image in to temporary picture boxUsing Function  SavePicture(FileName)Save Image on diskCalled Auto Image Grabbing
  15. 15. Mouse Motion Fig 5: Virtual Mouse
  16. 16. Mouse ControlIn this module system will continuously track for fingerFinger has red color spotImage processing part will get the X, YPass these X, Y to the function  SetCursorPos()It will control mouse motion
  17. 17. ApplicationGaming is one of the major application which can avoid unnecessary wiring problems.Defense Robots is also one of the application that can have wide scope in military applications.
  18. 18. Future ScopeFace based retailing systemsReading live news papersZooming features for Image grabbingShutdown
  19. 19. ConclusionSixth Sense technology is next generation method to virtually communicate with the systems now by implementing this proposed system we are trying to give vision to computer system for better and easy interaction
  20. 20. References S. Sadhana Rao “Sixth Sense Technology” Proceedings of the International Conference on Communication and Computational Intelligence – 2010, Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai, Erode, T.N., India.27 – 29 December, 2010.pp.336-339. Sixth Sense- A Wearable Gestural Interface by P.Mistry, P. Maes. gestureal-interface augment-our-eorld
  21. 21. Thank - you