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Organization Development interventions in ibm

Brief view about Organizational Development in IBM starting from 1918.

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Organization Development interventions in ibm

  1. 1. Organisation Development Interventions in IBM Prepared by, Mayur Surani IGTC Chennai C1411
  2. 2. Organisation Learning Concept A blended learning approach optimizes the return on IBM’s training investments ( web-based , interactive, collaborative and face-to-face) Vision of learning—an investment in the future Learning started in the early days of IBM’s history(1918) and will continue into its future. (55 hours per employee every year)
  3. 3. Organisation Development Learning Governance Key principles ensure maximum effectiveness of OD i) Align with IBM business. ii) Manage enterprisewide corporate learning investment iii) Demonstrate a measurable level of effectiveness iv) Use of Best of Breed Learning Methodologies, Practices and design approach
  4. 4. Organization Development For Future Employee Development furthers both employee and corporate Needs. A focus development Curriculum master Fundamental competencies. Employees reach goals through use of focused, Individual learning (IDP Programs, Web Base tool for benchmarking ) Sales Skill Transformation (Online Portals )
  5. 5. Theme of OD Program (For Managers) i. Customized requirement by Business Unit( based on Industry or location) ii. ManagerJam (Dialogues discussion) iii. Edvisor( Web base Tool for all Managers) iv. Manager Ongoing Dialogue(Online Space for same group of manager )
  6. 6. Key Organization Interventions in IBM Job Redesign Work Schedule Option Process Consultation MBO Decision Centers Mergers and Acquisitions
  7. 7. Conclusions To Ensure Competitive advantage, Maximize revenue , Minimize risk Companies must provide and embrace innovative learning “ IBM is Allocating Approx. $750 millions annually to develop and institute highest level of learning capability for all of its employees” Reference