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  1. 1. Mayukh Das E-mail: Mobile:+91-974-877-4339 Career Objective: To become a value added resource and serve the organization with the best of my ability and contribute to the growth of the organization, where I can leverage my knowledge in multiple dimensions and providing me the opportunity to expand my ability as an efficient and productive team player and creating client centric solutions for the organization. Professional Profile:  3 years experience in developing applications on JAVA.  6 months experience in developing J2EE application.  Hands on experience on RELTIO MDM Projects.  Hands on experience on Amazon AWS Data Pipeline and S3 storage.  Experience in SPRING, Hibernate and MVC architecture.  Hands on experience in PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, GSAP.  Good knowledge in MySQL and MSSQL.  Good knowledge in using GIT as Version Control System.  Experience in using Maven as project model structure.  Experience in application trouble-shooting, production support and code review.  Extensive involvement in estimation process, project requirement and analysis, design, coding, application testing.  Proven ability at Programming, Implementation and Project Conceptualization of Client-Server systems. Experience Summary: Working as an Associate (Designer) for Cognizant, Kolkata from December 2015 till date. Previously worked for TwoPiRadian Infotech Private Limited from February 2012 till December 2015 as Senior Software Developer. Educational Qualification: Sl. No. Exam/Degree Board/University Percentage 1 Bachelor of Technology West Bengal University of Technology 86.2 2 Higher Secondary West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education 79.8 3 Secondary West Bengal Board of Secondary Education 79 Professional Training:  Cognizant internal training in REST Web services, Big Data, Hadoop, Hive and Cassandra.  Attended training for Core Java, Spring, Logging Frameworks.  Attended training for HTML5, Javascript, JQuery, CSS3 and GSAP.  Training on Amazon AWS Data Pipeline, EC2 instance and S3 storage from Reltio.  Training on Informatica with JAVA, REST Web Services from RELTIO Inc.
  2. 2. Technical Skills: Operating Systems Windows XP, Vista & 7 Languages Core Java, J2EE Database MySQL, MSSQL Web Technologies HTML, CSS, Ajax Scripting Languages Javascript, JQuery, GSAP Tools Used Eclipse, Infromatica, Amazon AWS, RELTIO MDM Details of Projects Handled : 1. Project Name : AbbVie HR Management Role : Software Developer Team Size : 4 Environment : JAVA, REST Web Service, Amazon S3, Amazon Data Pipeline Tools : Eclipse Duration : December 2015 till date Client : AbbVie Roles and Responsibilities :  Requirement understanding  Building flow and design  Preparing Regression Testing documents  Involved in creation of a structured models  Creating documentation for satisfying the Client’s needs. Project Description : This project is based on RELTIO MDM along with internal usage of Core JAVA and calling of REST Web Services. This project includes mastering of Employee entity of AbbVie. Maintaining the hierarchy of employees and manager. This project also includes relationships as well as connections between different entity for example Learning Courses for individual employees throughout a year. This project also involved in generating different reporting facilities like the learning courses completed by employees, the audit history reporting for the employees. As a developer, we have to build the structured model, codes, prepare unit testing and regression testing documents. Communicating with the client for the business rules and validations also monitoring scheduled jobs prepared in AWS data pipelines. 2. Project Name : RELTIO MDM Analytics Role : Senior Developer and Team Lead Team Size : 4 Environment : Spring, HTML, CSS, JQUERY, Google BigQuery, Amazon S3 Tools : IntellijIdea 12.1 Duration : August 2015 – December 2015 Client : RELTIO Roles and Responsibilities :  Requirement understanding  Building flow and design  Storing of analytics data to Google BigQuery  Involved in creation of a structured models.  Human understandable analytics visuals.  Creating documentation for satisfying the Client’s needs.
  3. 3. Project Description : This project is based on RELTIO MDM analytics. It includes storing to analytics data to Google BigQuery either from Amazon S3 or from local machine. Also fetching the data and show in the front-end with some JQuery based charts and diagrams. As a member of the team, I was given the chance to develop the whole architecture and model and was given the noble opportunity to guide a team through the task to meet the needs of the business analytics based project like this. This will help RELTIO vendors to understand the analytics of their customers and products. 3. Project Name : Sysco and US Foods Merger Role : Senior Software Developer & Business Analysis Member Team Size : 15 Environment : Java, MS-SQL 2008 Tools : RELTIO MDM,Informatica 9.5.1, Eclipse Luna, Amazon AWS Duration : February 2014 – July 2015 Client : Sysco and US Foods Roles and Responsibilities :  Understanding the underlying requirements and plans for future prospects (includes RELTIO feature understanding).  Involved in structuring the process flow of the whole project.  Creating Data Analyzed documents and presentations for deliverable to the Client.  Involved in creation of a structured data through Informatica and JAVA, which to be pushed to  Client’s hosted domains, using Amazon AWS data pipeline and S3 facility.  Creation of test cases for fully completed modules.  Preparation of reports in a presentable format to the Client.  Creating documentation for Client level satisfaction. Project Description : Sysco & US Foods Merger is a project which comprises of the 2 largest food enterprises in USA, that are getting transformed into a single entity, where each companies share their details of their customers, items and vendors. The combination of Sysco and US Foods will create a world-class foodservice company with highly complementary core strengths including a broad product portfolio and passionate food people deeply committed to customer service, quality-assured products and safety. The combination will bring together the best qualities, capabilities and resources of both organizations. The project stand on the development of the core functionalities of getting the required data details and transforming it to a user friendly look, using RELTIO MDM, Informatica, Java and AWS, which were again minutely processed by the data-stewards for the checking of any data loss. All these are performed in a controlled environment, where people outside the merger process cannot view the data. As a developer and analyst, I was given the opportunity to work with RELTIO deep down using Informatica, Java and AWS, and serve the whole project as an active member of the merger team. 4. Project Name : Algar Ferrari Role : Backend Developer Team Size : 8 Environment : PHP Framework : Magento, Expression Engine Tools : NetBeans 7.4 Duration : 10 months Client : Algar Ferrari of Philadelphia Roles and Responsibilities :  Requirement Analysis against frontend and backend development.  Building the core model.  Preparing presentation regarding the workflow, development and man-power in the project.  Building Magento and Expression Engine compactness through code building process.  Testing website for failure case generation.  Helped in site movement from staging to production and satisfying Client with proper report analysis using Google Analytics.
  4. 4. Project Description : Algar Ferrari of Philadelphia is North America’s #1 dealer of Ferarri. Along with this Algar Ferrari also deals with Used Cars, car inventories, merchandises etc. Algar Ferrari is also involved in Ferrari Grand Prix racing and maintaining their name in the field of car serving as well. As a development point of view for building the website, we integrated two frameworks – Magento and Expression Engine. Magento serves as the E-commerce platform, with Authorize.Net as the Payment Gateway, and Expression Engine stands as the content building part of the site. Also some add-ons like MailChimp is used as the online email marketing solution, ContactAtOnce is used a live text and chat software for chat rooms, etc. Development, integration testing and building client satisfaction was the best part that I was involved in as a team player in this project. 5. Project Name : CIIMS Role : Backend Developer Team Size : 6 Environment : Core Java Tools : NetBeans 7.3 Duration : 1 year 2 months Client : Unisys Roles and Responsibilities :  Understanding the underlying requirements.  Understanding the process flow airport messaging.  Building the integral features for CIIMS.  Involved in creation of a structured models through AODB and JAVA.  Preparation of test cases for Unisys.  Creating documentation for satisfying the Client’s needs. Project Description : CIIMS is developed for the messaging feature for an Airport. Like we hear the announcements in an airport about the flights’ arrival, departure and other messaging functionalities. All these were developed by CIIMS. The CIIMS was first installed in an airport in China in Guangzhou. As a member of the team, I was given the opportunity to develop the integrated features of CIIMS. All the messaging was stored using AODB. The features were developed and tested by me and other members of the team. Personal Details: Date of Birth : 24-Feb-1990 Marital Status : Married Languages known : English, Hindi and Bengali Hobbies : Indoor and Outdoor games, Painting, Gardening Contact Address : 8, Layelka Lane Kolkata-700092, PO-Regent Estate, West Bengal, India Alternate Email Id : Alternate Mobile : +91-7686959309