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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. An excellent business were you can find any type of guitar you want, from classic guitars to electric guitars.
  2. 2. Products and Services • Guitarrass is a place where you can find the guitar you had always wish to have. • We sell: • Electric guitars • Classic guitars • Acoustic guitars • Bass guitars • Fender guitars • Guitar strings straps, hard cases
  3. 3. Electric guitars Acoustic Guitars Monster Bass guitar Fender Guitars
  4. 4. Customers • We have customers of many different ages, teenagers and adults too. Most of our customers know how to play instruments or they are learning. Some work to buy guitars, other can afford them with their normal salary.
  5. 5. Employees • Everyone that wants to work in a guitar store can work. However, you will need to be trained and depending on your skills we will be able to determine if you would be a good employee or not. We don’t really required experience but someone that is a strong, confident and persuasive employee that would make our customers life in the store easier.
  6. 6. Marketing • I will probably put billboards in the city and also make flyers. • Make business cards.
  7. 7. Start up • I will start with some projects and look for the products’ prices of other businesses. • The price of an acoustic guitar will be like $100 to $200.
  8. 8. Goals Short term goals: Long term goals: • Hire employees and pay • Expand throughout the them at a good salary that state and build new they want to work with and stores. still have enough money for • To buy a big, new house myself and the business. with the earnings of • Sell at least 25 guitars the Guitarrass. first month.
  9. 9. Competitors • Fat Sound Guitar • Burt Music Company Guitarras store is different from any of these stores because is a store that cares for its customers, we say: We love our customers, what will it be of us without them? If we don’t have our customers our business will not be the same. We although offer monthly sales, and you can return your purchase within months. Some guitars price’s are much cheaper than in other stores. Come and visit us!