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Ch 9 Careers


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Ch 9 Careers

  1. 1. Rebeca Mayorga
  2. 2. Career building jobs Substitute teachers Industrial Engineer  $11.00 - $17.50 /Hour  Company: Yoh Aviation  2 Year Degree Location: US-CA-Palmdale Employment Type:  531 W. 8Th Street Contractor 2999 Haven Avenue Ontario Job Category: Engineering Upland, CA 91786 Manufacturing Industry: Defense - Sous Chef Aerospace  $30,000 - $55,000 /Year Relevant Work Experience: 5 to 7 years  4 Year Degree Education Level: 4 Year  401 Main Street Degree Black Hawk, CO 80422 Salary Range: $56.00 /Hour
  3. 3. Monster Jobs  Nurses- 2,000 in Bayada nurses work with a 14 year old, work in the night or go to school with her in Belmont and is for full time.  Pediatrics- $75,000 - $110,000, Cyber coders, Pediatric Pharmacist Required Skills Pharmacist, Pediatric Pharmacy, Quality Control, Drug Allergy Management, Drug Dispensing.  Administrator Santa Monica, CA Salary $90,000 - $130,000, Technology Experience Required At least 2 Years ,SQL DBA - Senior SQL Server DBA - Database Administrator, T-SQL development, warehousing skills, large amount of data, SQL Server DBA.
  4. 4. Why are job fairs useful?  Job fairs provide students with the opportunity to find jobs and internships for after graduation, and to participate in networking.  In fairs sometimes students can have the opportunity to be interviewed by future employers before and after the fair.  In some fairs students can sign up to interview with an individual employer at the fair, or make an appointment with the employer beforehand.
  5. 5. Personal contact vs. resume  Personal contacts are more useful in finding a job than resumes because personal contacts are being done directly with a person and sometimes you even know the person and she or he can help you to help you get the job faster if you are qualify for it.  A resume is good because it can help you get the job because you write relevant job experience and education. However, resumes when someone send a resume to an application, the answer will probably take longer than if you have a personal contact. With a personal contact you can communicate with them by phone or email to see if they accept you.
  6. 6. Career Portfolio Things to keep in career portfolio:  Include accomplishments  Standards of acceptance into a business or college are high, so include best work.  Typed resume  Three (3) letters of recommendation  Three (3) samples of your work  An official high school transcript  Copies of your personal interests and achievements  de best work.