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Yammer 101 - Introduction to Yammer


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Introduction to Yammer for Mayo Clinic employees.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Yammer 101 - Introduction to Yammer

  1. Brown Bag Learning Session Summer 2012 Presented by: Randy Schwarz Barb Sorensen
  2.  What is Yammer  Following people Why Yammer?  See who you are following Social Media guidelines  Editing your profile Top things to know  Notifications Getting started  Adding a photo How to sign up  Use cases What are groups?  Other Yammer features How to join a group  Helpful links How to create a group  Next steps
  3.  Yammer a secure (private) social networking and collaboration tool for the corporate environment. Features and look/feel similar to Twitter and Facebook. Unlike Twitter, not limited to 140 characters for posts. Easy sign up and use.
  4.  More efficient work unit communication. User friendly. Improve efficiency in managing/sharing documents. Help ease server space issues (being in “e-mail jail”). Integrates with SharePoint. Mobile friendly, there’s an app for that! Can be set up to allow secure collaboration with people external to Mayo.
  5.  Review and know Mayo Clinics Social Media Guidelines: ◦ lines/for-mayo-clinic-employees/
  6.  You must sign up using your work email address. ◦ Unlike Twitter, only Mayo Clinic employees will see your postings. ◦ Available to employees on all Mayo Clinic campuses. In addition to the entire company feed, there are public and private groups. ◦ Messages in private groups cannot be seen by employees outside the group. It is accessible anywhere (work or home), anytime (day or night or weekends). Yammer is Helpdesk supported. ◦ However, you can always call Randy in the Center for Social Media for help or questions.
  7.  You can share a comment, document, image and/or a link with the entire Yammer community or with members of a specific group. Yammer users can “like” or reply to your comment. You can “follow” people. There is a search box that allows you to search for people, groups or topics.
  8.  From Internet Explorer OR From a desktop app on your computer OR From your mobile device (iPhone/iTouch, iPad, Android or Blackberry). Download:
  9.  Type in the address section of your browser. Click the “Sign Up” button. Enter your Mayo Clinic email address and then “sign up.”
  10.  Check your work email for a confirmation link from Yammer. Follow the instructions to activate your account. In the window that pops up (Welcome to the Mayo Clinic Network), begin by filling out the form. Complete Your Profile. Green check marks in the “Getting Started” box on the right side of your profile measure your progress.
  11.  The ability to create Groups for collaboration is a key benefit of Yammer. Groups can facilitate projects across campuses or departments, or they can help employees share files and discuss issues within departments or work units.
  12.  Click on “groups” on the left nav. Or, go to to browse groups on the Mayo network and join those that are relevant for you.
  13.  Joining the Windows 7 Group.
  14.  Share information with colleagues. Collaborate on projects. Attach documents or images. Share an article from a web site (internal or external). Tag topics and/or colleagues (and then search by tags).
  15.  Give praise, ask a question, take a poll, share an event or make an announcement.
  16.  On the “Groups” page, click the green box. Fill out information in pop-up box and click “Create Group.”
  17.  Type name of someone you know into the Search Box (can also search for groups and documents in this box). Click on members and search people alphabetically.
  18.  In the browser, click on the name of the person in your feed you want to follow. In pop-up box, click “+ Follow.” In the desktop app, click the word “Follow” below the picture of the person you would like to follow.
  19.  Want to see a list of people you are following? Click on the “People I’m following” tab.
  20.  Click your name in the upper right corner of the screen. Select “Edit Account.” Or, when on your profile page, click “Edit Profile” and then select “Notifications.”
  21.  You can select to receive update emails (a.k.a. “digests”) updates never, daily or weekly. If you select daily or weekly, you will receive information about postings made to Yammer in a single message. Immediate notifications can be set by clicking the “Subscribe to feeds in real time…” link. This lets you designate certain groups for special alerts, which you can get via email, SMS text or IM. Once you have completed checking or unchecking boxes, click “Save”.
  22.  You can use other a photo (Quarterly or person) or an image. Profiles without photos or images will appear like this: To upload your photo, click on the “Browse” button in your profile to find a photo from your computer.
  23.  To use your Quarterly photo: Use the Quarterly Utilities link, Type in your name to find your Quarterly page and click on the small icon to the right of the line that shows your photo page. Your photo will pop up in the browser. Right click on photo and save it to your computer.
  24. Case #1 - Using Groups to improvecommunication Transplant Support Staff ◦ Implemented Yammer group in 2009 ◦ Looking for more efficient communication tool & reinforcing teamwork within work group ◦ Group now spread across two locations Case #2- Asking Yammer when you dont know where to turn for responses  Traditionally, youd email a question around until the question was answered ◦ Now, you can get responses without spamming or filling up colleagues’ email boxes. With many experts in different fields on Yammer, it is great for knowledge sharing.
  25. Case #3- Disseminating Information Enterprise Wide Mayo IT - Held an enterprise technology briefing using Yammer for discussion & questions. MES – Shares helpful Excel tips & tricks. Mobile support – iPhone, iPad, and Android tips. Crisis Communications.Case #4- External Community for Summer III Nursing Students Students were invited to collaborate and interact before they arrived on Mayo’s campus.
  26.  Messaging and feeds Direct Messaging User profiles Company directory Groups (Internal) Communities (External) File sharing/creating a page (w/limited formatting) Integrations Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
  27. 
  28.  Sign up for Yammer! Start posting and collaborating with colleagues. Start a weekly Yammer session for your department or team.