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Reading Lesson Plan


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Published in: Education
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Reading Lesson Plan

  1. 1. Teaching Reading Mattayomsuksa 3
  2. 2. Unit: Western Culture and Eastern Culture Topic: Beliefs
  3. 3. superstition (n.) Lots of superstitions are still believed in.
  4. 4. belief (n.) I have a firm belief in his innocent.
  5. 5. lucky (adj.) Seven is a lucky number.
  6. 6. unlucky(adj.) It is said that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.
  7. 7. breed (v.) Rabbits breed quickly.
  8. 8. crucify (v.) They will continue to crucify her.
  9. 9. evil (adj.) The ceremony is to turn away evil spirits.
  10. 10. scare (v.) I was very scared of snakes.
  11. 11. spirit (n.) The evil spirit was driven away from the house.
  12. 12. supernatural (adj.) He believes in the supernatural.
  13. 13. fairy (n.) I acted the part of a fairy.
  14. 14. fertility (n.) Rabbit is a symbol of the fertility.
  15. 15. prosperity (n.) The prosperity of a country depends upon its citizens.
  16. 16. Structure
  17. 17. We use the passive to say 'what happens to the subject We use the passive when: We do not know who did the action The window was broken. (we don't know who broke it.) It is not important who did the action Breakfast is served at 7am. (it is not important who serves breakfast) It is very clear/ obvious who did the action in this field.' (obviously, farmers grow the corn) Corn is grown
  18. 18. Present Simple Passive The object of the active sentence becomes the subject of the passive sentence The finite form of the verb is changed (to be + past participle) The subject of the active sentence becomes the object of the passive sentence (or is dropped)
  19. 19. Present Simple Passive Auxiliary verb (be) sample V3 (past participle) or Subject + is, am, are + verb3
  20. 20. For example Cats are considered good friends to people subject Verb to be Verb 3 Object Good friends of people are cats.
  21. 21. Eastern and Western Beliefs and Superstitions
  22. 22. dream of a snake It was believed a long time ago that if you dreamt that you found a snake, you will meet your soul mate in the near future. Especially if you dreamt that the snake was wrapping itself around you, choking you then rest assured your soul mate is on his or her way! In the case that you already have a girlfriend, boyfriend, or are already married and you dreamt that you found a snake, someone is crushing on you!
  23. 23. Seeing a black cat Superstitions about black cat are very well known and popular in the world today. However, the good or bad luck black cats possess is dependent on where you live in the world. People in some countries see black cats as friends, while people in some other countries see them as evil.
  24. 24. In Britain and Japan, where cats are considered good friends to people, it is good luck to have black cat cross your path, whereas in the USA or several European countries, where black cats have been considered the witch’s helper, and a friend of everything evil, it is bad luck to have a black cat walk by.
  25. 25. While - reading Activity 1 Matching Passage and Picture
  26. 26. Direction 1. Make a group of 5. 2. Read the message on the Power Point. 3. Find the picture which match with the message. 4. Say “We got it!” when you finish.
  27. 27. The Chinese believe that this number is a lucky number People in some countries see them as friends, while people in some other countries see them as evil. This will bring you 7 years of bad luck or misfortune. The Christian cross is believed to have the power to protect people from all evil forces.
  28. 28. While - reading activity 2 Speed reading Game
  29. 29. Directions: • Work in pairs. • A teacher will show the passage about belief on the Power Point for each pairs to read for 5 seconds. • After 5 seconds, a teacher will close the passage and count 1..2..3 . The first pairs that can rest the hand fastest will have a chance to answer. • If which pairs can tell the information about the passage correctly, they will get scores.
  30. 30. Directions: • If which pairs cannot tell the correct information; they will out of that round and a chance will be for the other pairs. • Which pair can do the highest scores, you will be the winner and got some price from a teacher.
  31. 31. Post Reading 2
  32. 32. Reading through a role play
  33. 33. Direction -Make a group of 3. -Each group send the representative to get a passage about superstitions. -Please help each other to read and try to understand the passage. -5 minute to create the role play about superstition based on your passage that you got. - 5 minute for practice with your group members and when you ready you have to present in front of the class.