QR Codes for Business


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QR Codes for Business

  1. 1. QR CODES Quick Intro For BusinessesApril M. Smith | AdminSuperwoman www.adminsuperwoman.com
  2. 2. NOTE: The QRs in the above photo don’t work. 
  3. 3. What Are QR Codes• QR Codes are two dimensional (2D) barcodes, that can store and hold data, which then can be scanned with smartphones/ or ipad style devices.• QR codes store data inside the code itself, which, when scanned can send the user to a website, or prompt them to purchase an item, etc
  4. 4. What Kind Of Businesses Use QR Codes?• Realtors• Restaurants• Supermarket Chains• Lawyers• Social Media/Internet Marketers• Advertising Agencies• Website Owners
  5. 5. An example of a basic QR code!
  6. 6. Some QR Code Stats• 14 Million mobile phone owners, used QR Codes, which is nearly 6.2 % of the total US mobile phone market• Males use QR Codes more than females. With 60.5% of all users being male and 39.5% of users being female.• The age group which uses QR Codes the most are 18-34 year olds who hold a 53.4% of share of all users
  7. 7. QR Code Stats• The 2nd largest group of QR code users are the 35-44 year old’s who hold a 19.6% share• And in 3rd position are the 45-54 year olds who hold a 12.4% share.• The most common location when a user scans a QR code, is the home with 57.4% of all users being at home when they use a QR code• The 2nd most common place of QR Code usage is the workplace, with a 22.6% share.• And in 3rd spot for the location of most common QR code usage is outside/or on public transport, with a 20% share
  8. 8. QR Code Stats – Where the QR Code Was Located• 49.40 % of all QR Codes scanned came from a printed magazine or newspaper.• In 2nd with 35.30% was QR Codes on product packaging• In 3rd position was, QR Codes located on a website• In 4th spot were QR Codes printed on a poster/flyer/kiosk
  9. 9. QR Code Stats – Mobile Phone & Country Data• 28.29% of all QR Code scans were made using a Apple iPhone.• 24.92% of all QR Code scans were made with a Google Android Phone.• A whopping 56.74% of all QR Codes in the world were made in the United States.• The 2nd most common country for QR Code scans, was Canada, which was far behind with a 8.57% share.• And in 3rd position for worldwide QR Code scans was the United Kingdom, which held a 5.04% share.
  10. 10. If your business is ready to take the leap and join other businesses who have QR Codes, contact me today for a FREE Consultation! April M. Smith| AdminSuperwoman (253) 256-1811 april@adminsuperwoman.com Facebook: adminsuperwoman