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Evaluation Question (1)


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Evaluation Question (1)

  1. 1. Maya Pursani Evaluation Questions (1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? The American and British music industries are significantly diverse in the sense that stereotypically due to America’s wealth and prestige their artists tend to project extreme, glamorous and exuberant music videos. However, the developing and maturing industry in Britain conventionally submit more gritty music videos as their lack of resources and small budgets mean that authentic music videos are much more prominent. I chose to embrace elements from both industries, projecting a mundane narrative in striking and original locations. Whilst adopting these mainstream concepts I also strived to develop and challenge real media products by creating a personal and emotional quality to the video in comparison to the conventional secular themes we frequently see. Beyonce Knowles is a prestigious and well recognised global icon, thus her work is influential and leading in the music industry. My music video demonstrates many of the codes and conventions illustrated in her music video ‘Broken Hearted Girl’. For example, both media products use the natural setting of the sea side to provide connotations of the songs’ sense of freedom and liberty. This convention is further enhanced by the composition of the frames as the sea is a prominent feature on the screen, emphasising to the audience that purity is a key theme in both of the songs. Although both artists imply independence through the swaying of their arms and the looseness of their hair, they also suggest vulnerable characteristics as their costumes are simple and their limbs are naked and exposed.
  2. 2. Maya Pursani Evaluation Questions Although many of the codes and conventions are similar in the music videos, one way in which my music video develops the ideas of this real media product is through the use of long shots. Beyonce utilises this camera angle to suggest new life and opportunity as the combination of distance and bright lighting indicate increasing prospect. However, I chose to create a more detached and isolated feeling with my use of long shots as I wished to develop alienation in my artist. Most of Beyonce’s long shots are filmed in line with the artist, demonstrating stability. However, I managed to generate loneliness by filming my long shots at an angle, representing insecurity. In order to reinforce the emotional quality of the video and inject dejection onto the viewers, my artist walks into the distance, proposing elimination and closure. I ensured that in this frame the audience are unable to see my artist’s facial expressions as the matured sense of anxiety and tension creates anticipation for the end of the video.
  3. 3. Maya Pursani Evaluation Questions Both songs express experience and feelings around relationships. Although most of the video is in black and white, ‘Broken Hearted Girl’ finishes with a sense of hope. Towards the end of the video Beyonce wears a bright green dress and repairs a picked rose. This creates positive expectations and confidence in the audience as the vibrant colours indicate optimism. I chose to challenge the conventions in Beyonce’s video by lessening the contrast and brightness as by making my last frames monochrome I was able to produce a poignant tone at the end of the video. These images display aggressive scenes from my music video. The use of black and white enhances the hostility between the couple as it intensifies the action. Unlike, Beyonce’s video, this lack of colour develops concern in the viewers. The black and white also aids in forming the narrative as it represents the past and illustrates my artist’s reminiscence of her violent relationship. Although I derived inspiration from American media products, many of my ideas originated from British music videos as I endeavoured to create the traditional realistic and ordinary aspects that many British artists project. For example, ‘Love Songs’ by Giggs ft The Streets presents many of the characteristics of my music video. Both videos demonstrate contemporary issues in society, for example domestic violence and the effect it causes such as depression and alcoholism. Nevertheless, ‘Love song’ doesn’t focus on these societal concerns as the issues are illustrated in the in the background of shots or are covered in significantly short shots.
  4. 4. Maya Pursani Evaluation Questions This shot displays a Music videos are used as a promotional tool, in which This shot displayed a scene of domestic the artist is spotlighted and their talent is underlined. smashed beer bottle violence. It is not on the floor. It is a prominent in the shot However, I chose to challenge this convention by very short so has as it is placed in the creating meaning to my music video that aimed to little effect on the background. audience. emotionally affect the audience. Distressing matters are not usually highlighted in music videos, yet, with out glamorising domestic violence I wanted to generate a response in the viewers thus made it my main theme. I chose to develop Gigg’s insinuations of this issue by following a particular individual, creating a narrative video in which the audience attach and become sympathetic to the story. Here domestic violence is evidently portrayed by the use of action, close ups, extreme makeup and a slightly dimmed contrast. Unlike in Gigg’s video, the audience are fully exposed to the harsh realities of domestic violence. Depression is underlined in these shots. I have used a tilt to demonstrate the artist vigorously drinking as it lengthens the shot, highlighting alcohol as a key theme. I have also utilised a close up to heighten the effect on the audience.
  5. 5. Maya Pursani Evaluation Questions Aspects of Gigg’s video inspired me to create sentimental and reminiscent qualities in my music video, thus I chose to use similar shots of my artist dwelling on the past with a photograph. Although I used Gigg’s idea of photographic memories, I decided to develop this by revealing the image to the viewers. This exposure is aimed to make the video more sensitive as the increased familiarity ensures the audience feel intimate with the narrative. In order to produce a professional and high quality music video, I incorporated aspects from various real media products. My research into the industry enabled me to utilise elements from American and English music videos, creating unique visual image. Nevertheless, I developed many of the components I explored and focused on expanding and altering Beyonce and Gigg’s ideas to avoid creating a replica music video. I endeavoured to produce an original and creative narrative that would touch the audience, thus I challenged the typical conventions of music videos by highlighting sensitive topics and being open in my expression.