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(2) copy 2

  1. 1. Maya Pursani Evaluation Questions (2) How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? The combination of the music video, advert and CD covers aimed to produce maximum promotion, creating an image and style and producing something new and original. Thus, before creating the main product and the ancillary texts, I explored many themes and icons that would combine in generating my artist’s star persona and visual image. I chose to indicate specific ideologies, designs and colour schemes throughout my work in order to:  create an association between each task.  form a sense of harmony within the collection, so that the productions complimented each other.  aid in fashioning my artist’s star qualities as the resemblance would allow the consumers to associate certain images and ideas signified in the products with my artist.  generate similar consumer responses and feelings to each product as this would emphasis on the ideology of my artist and her songs whilst giving prominence to the initiative of the collection as a whole. There are a number of obvious similarities between my main product and my ancillary texts that produce an effective combination:  The use of flowers Through the use of flowers my main task and ancillary texts all illustrate a sense of character and soul as flowers are commonly associated with new life and recovery. In order to enhance the effectiveness of this ideology, I have utilised vibrant and luminous colours to suggest elements of energy and spirit. Although the tone of my music video is depressing and hostile, throughout the beginning of the video my artist has a bright yellow flower in her hair to suggest a sense of hope and forgiveness. The extreme close up heightens the poignant nature of the narrative as draws attention to the brightness, producing false hopes and expectations in the audience.
  2. 2. Maya Pursani Evaluation Questions The effectiveness of the flowers in my music video is further enhanced in my CD covers and advert as the theme remains consistent. I have utilised various intense and vivid colours to underline confidence and poise in my artist. Nevertheless, the colours are devalued by the use of dark shadows or blur as this enabled me to convey the concept of false hopes. Because my music video is in narrative form it indicates progression. The audience follow my artist on an emotional journey, thus the situation and sentiment change over the course of the video. By the end of the music video the yellow flower seen in the beginning changes to a back flower. This suggests my artist’s sorrowful fate as it represents anguish and pain. The bright colours are deceased eliminating any audience expectations of hope. I attempted to project this in my use of flowers on my CD covers and advert, illustrating a sense of hope whilst conveying possible tragedy and pain. This idea makes the use of false hopes in the music video effective as misfortune looms in all of my productions. Bright colours only account for a small proportion of the CD covers and advert as I wanted to reflect the emerging despair illustrated in my main production into my ancillary tasks. Dark colours dominate to display the solemn tone of the album and its songs.
  3. 3. Maya Pursani Evaluation Questions It is as though the bright colours are pushed aside by surrounding dimness. The colours are not centralised demonstrating the lack of hope projected in my artists songs. The combination of the flowers used in my main task and ancillary task create the intense unstable and irregular emotions portrayed in album and music video. This ideology is heightened through the patent use of flowers as their prominence emphasises a key concept of my products.  The use of fonts In today’s real music industry many artists are projecting an alternative genre in which they represent unconventional and marginal themes. The Streets somewhat glamorises ordinary occurrences, thus is considered an alternative artist. I believe that my music video is effective in corresponding with an alternative genre as my artist’s image is authentic and modern as she represents ordinary people. This is demonstrated through the combination of fonts as they illustrate characteristics of a regular and mundane society that many of us inhabit. Unlike many artists who flaunt attractive, confident and sophisticated qualities my artist presents a natural and primitive being. Graffiti plays a In order to effectively demonstrate vital role in my music video as it an alternative genre I have indicates themes and emotions that displayed graffiti fonts in my main are essential in the creation of my product and in my ancillary tasks. artist’s unconventional star persona. Also, to further emphasise this I have used the same graffiti font on my CD and advert as consumers will associate this style with my artist, generating her individual nature.
  4. 4. Maya Pursani Evaluation Questions Why graffiti? Many graffiti artists, like Banksy, represent impulsive and bold art. It may also be suggested that the graffiti used in my music video, CD and advert are effective in creating visual image that is consistent with contemporary art.  The theme of my music video focuses on the unspoken truths of domestic violence and the severe consequences. Graffiti is used as an expression of views, emotions and opinions in which people have no choice to pay attention as the art is displayed in public space. Thus, the inclusion of this font may indicate my artist’s upheaval of feeling lonely and isolated in her horrific situation.  The graffiti I have used addresses the expression of today’s young generation as the forthright font represents the confidence and conviction of youths in contemporary society. My utilisation of graffiti is an effective marketing technique as my promotion appeals to my target audience, the younger generation. Although graffiti is the dominant font in my products, I have also utilised a font that resembles handwriting on my CD covers and advert (the font that is displayed as a border). I have included this untidy childlike font in my ancillary tasks in order to underline a key theme of vulnerability and innocence demonstrated in my music video. The combination of this simple font and the weakness shown in my main product is effective in illustrating the heart-felt and earnest tone of the album and its personal and intimate qualities.