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  • Quantitative - sales (obviously), new leads, new qualifiedsubscribers and Qualitative -satisfaction, loyalty, authority, interaction, feedback
  • The friends and followers of your event visitors are also the target audience of your brand whom you would like to reach, you should use your on-site audience to generate buzz and amplify the effect of your event into the digital space. Thus generating potential future sales for your brand, products or event tickets by turning attendees into brand advocates and letting those who are not there know that they are missing out on something great.
  • Digital media integration

    1. 1. Digital Media Integration
    2. 2. Snapshot of Digital India- Connectivity
    3. 3. Snapshot of Digital India- Connectivity
    4. 4. Snapshot of Digital India- Social Network
    5. 5. Yesterday Top down, one way events organized by a company. Visitors come, sit, listen and comment. Event has a static website. Results get ineffectively shared. Tomorrow Bottom Up, two way events. Participants contribute to planning. Participants engage themselves through out the event-also online. Results are effectively shared online. STRUCTURE METHOD CONTENT Top Down-One Way Passive-Static Inefficiently Shared Bottom UP-two Way Participative-Dynamic Efficiently Shared
    6. 6. • Extended Attendee Reach • Predictive Modeling for Event Planning • Instantaneous Digital Promotion • Advanced Tracking & Analysis • Meaningful Participation & Engagement Why Digital integration?
    7. 7. Digital Media Integration- a four step journey
    8. 8. 1. Capability Building The very first step is building internal belief and knowledge. The objective of this phase is to get everyone in the company aligned on the importance and value of social media and setting up the right infrastructure to succeed. Extensive workshops & training modules and notable case studies should be part of this stage. 2. Pilot Mode Setting up an operational Workflow and an external consultant can offer project based support at this stage. Adapting the overall HR strategy (incorporate specific questions on digital and new technologies in the recruitment interview and check the influence level and network of the candidate). Provide necessary hard & software support Increase our social media reach 3. Integration Mode During this phase, we bring the entire organization closer to the customer. We create benefits for clients. Clients are more involved. Implementing external collaboration Setting up a content strategy Community management Conversations monitoring management 4. Leverage Mode The last phase is about increase In the return on investment in all the projects due to the integration of social media - additional reach and saving on media spend budgets for clients, user generated content.
    9. 9. Pre Event – Drive participation & Awareness • Channel: Social Media & Industry specific associations & websites • Plan: • Create web banner & promote event on the banner for participation • Create a web link for participation entry • Create surveys & poll to engage target audience and drive them to the participation weblink • Channel: Search engine • Plan: • Paid: Position the aforementioned weblink for participation to searches on Google, rediff and yahoo. • Press Release: Create content for online press • Earned: Create content around the agenda on blogs, slide share and YouTube to appear in searches conducted by the relevant audience. Event promotion Post Event – Content Distribution, Advertisement & Lead generation Channel : Search engine ▪ Create event success content and post it to blogs, slide share, video share and drive it viral to further reach out to more audience searching for relevant “keywords”. ▪ Distribute event experience to online press release to enable content appearing on relevant searches. Channels: Social Media, Industry specific associations & websites ▪ Create content around the event participants, interview them, record their experiences and views and broadcast it through channels mentioned above drive it to go viral and reach more target audience further. ▪ Create a web banner explaining about the service and drive audience to service registration lead form on the web. (Lead generation) ▪ Email blasts to member database across industry associations with service promotion and links to event experience.
    10. 10. • Number of people who filled in the “get more info” form • Number of influential people who tweet something about the activity • Number of influential blogs that linked to the campaign • Number of repeating, unique visitors • Number of people who used a specific coupon that is associated with the activity • Number of minutes a day we are nice/delighted to customers • Number of features suggested by users that we actually implement • Number of people in a specific location / demographic who follow us on twitter • Number of new things we discovered about customers that we never knew before And a lot more…………………………………………………………………………………… Sale is not the only Success metric…
    11. 11. ContentMarketing
    12. 12. • Customer generated content • Creates and sustains long term bonds • Cuts through the noise • Encourages sharing and word of mouth • Impact instantly • People aren’t listening to/believing/giving a darn about advertising anymore why content marketing?
    13. 13. • Every individual attending the event must have friends / colleagues / relative in the same domain, enabling content keeping the attendee as the center of information and sharing though social network would enable optimum reach • Stories distributed online keeping user experience intact can majorly influence buyer sentiments. • Social Media: • LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook • Content Sharing • YouTube & Slide Share • E-Press Release (Industry Specific) • • Bankingfrontier • Money Control (India) • SME Times • Stockforgains • How can social media and content sharing help?
    14. 14. • When people are signing up (RSVP) to event, conference or concert, they do this via an online signup form. We should enrich this sign-up process with a code snippet that links their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile to a Smart-Badge. • When the visitors come to your event they will get everything they are used to, including a badge, but this time it is a Smart-Badge with a NFC chip – it knows exactly to whom it belongs. • Attendees’ first action at your venue usually is to swipe their Smart-Badge at the entrance (for access control) and the badge will automatically check them in to your venue on their social media profiles. This will be displayed to all their friends and followers. • Throughout the venue you can place different interaction points where they can swipe their cards to get presentations or info-material forwarded to their email address. This interaction will also be published to their social media channels, attracting others to check out the provided content and drawing attention to your event. • There are multiple other possibilities, like taking pictures, creating polls, participating in lucky draws or liking products and all should be leveraged in real time onto their social media channels to be seen by thousands of friends online. The key challenge is how to reach those people who are not at the event?
    15. 15. • As the pre-launch of the Ford EcoSport in India, the auto giant took the wraps off the compact SUV at soft launch events held simultaneously at Delhi's Select Citywalk and Mumbai's Infinity malls in March. other cities are; Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Kochi, Ludhiana, Chennai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune and Kolkata-- a part of Ford's promotional roadshow called EcoSport Urban Discoveries. • Ford has created a dedicated microsite where people can upload and describe a unique location in their city they would like to explore. • The campaign put the EcoSport in the hands of a hundred jury- selected consumers who can then drive the vehicle around and share their experience with friends, family and online community. • Facebook and twitter being used aggressively to spread word about the campaign. To further fuel engagement, popular radio jockey Mantra has been roped in and he has been blogging about his own experience with the car on the brand’s microsite. • Ford EcoSport Urban discoveries
    16. 16. • 'Biblioteca digitala Vodafone', a digital library that is accessible in a unique space located at the Piata Victoriei subway station in the capital Bucharest. Literature enthusiasts can download free versions of favourite books on their mobile phone or tablet regardless of the mobile network they use. • At the Vodafone digital library, those interested in the service should scan the QR code placed on the book they are interested in and can download a free version of the book in pdf, epub and audio formats. • The project is part of Vodafone Romania's new communication campaign that runs under the slogan "Vodafone brings the optimistic together. • v=R4B3mDgB16Y Vodafone Digital Library
    17. 17. • Korea is a country where breakfast dining market is depressed Dunkin Donuts offers has various morning items, but the sales is substantially low. • IDEA Let them have fun & delicious morning, with ultrasound tagging, a brand-new technology! • Therefore, they've devised a mobile application It's called Morning start up Get them new morning items? Get them new morning habits! Now, morning start-up app starts your morning! • Result- Morning start-up, allowed in five stores in Seoul, has drawn excitements from consumers and the sales of Morning items in these stores have been doubled since its launch which is just ten days to be precise. Adding to that, it is now expected to be spread to all stores nationwide. Moreover, many media and SNS users have showed their enthusiasm on ultra-sound tagging, a brand-new technology • OI3G_O82i8 dunkin morning startup campaign
    18. 18. • Korean people work the longest hours in the world and are always busy. So they consider 'accessibility' most when they choose their favorite discount store. • Created a flying store that flies to customers. The e-mart truck shaped balloon, equipped with a Wi-Fi router, that can fly to every corner of Seoul. Customers connected to the Wi-Fi signal using their mobile phones and downloaded coupons. They bought products immediately using the mobile app of E-Mart. • E-Mart sales soared both in on-line and off-line stores to 9.5%. Mobile sales, especially, increased to 157%. The download number of the E-Mart app increased more than 50,000 in the month alone. • Agency: Cheil worldwide • v=qHGejSWTmvw Emart Flying Store
    19. 19. Coke Hug Machine • The Coca-Cola Company and Ogilvy & Mather have created the ‘Cola-Cola Hug Machine’ to bring doses of happiness into the lives of people anywhere and everywhere. This regional initiative, which is part of “Open Happiness”, The Coca-Cola Company’s global marketing campaign, started in Singapore. • Coke Small World Machines • The initiative "Small World Machines" provided a live communications portal between people in India and Pakistan and showed that what unites us is stronger than what sets us apart. The key to engaging with each other through the machines was simple: people in India and Pakistan could complete a task, like touching hands, drawing peace, love, and happiness symbols -- together. AGENCY: Leo Burnett Chicago & Sydney were equipped with full-length webcams that allowed participants to see each other and interact in real time. The high-tech Small World Machines, built by The SuperGroup, a digital agency in Atlanta. • Coke Happiness Machine • This past Valentine's day, Coca-Cola installed a very special vending machine inside one of the most crowded shopping malls in Istanbul. With the huge success and viral nature of this campaign, they continued to to Spread Happiness with "Friendship Machine.“ The marketing campaign has been a huge success and always gains media coverage. Most recently with the help of agency, C-Section, they've created a new vending machine that helps spread love! • Pepsi Like Machine • Pepsi wanted to create a new way of sampling. An easy way to engage with consumers and know who is liking and drinking our product at the same time. First test was at the 2013Beyonce concert in Antwerp. • Vending machines
    20. 20. Thank You! The Rules Change daily (sometimes by the minute) in the social era. Our job is to stay alert to what happens next to figure out what assumptions need to be tuned.