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When is PS4 Coming out?

By Maya Mayfield
16th August 2013

Since Sony made the announcement of the new PS4 at E3 2013, millions of fans have taking to online social forums, and Q&A websites like Yahoo, Ask Jeeves and Wikipedia to find out exactly when is the PS4 coming out. This is the major question everyone wants to know, followed by how much the next gen system is going to cost.
There are rumours circling around by various Game websites of a shock October Playstation 4 release date, but most insiders are certain the date will be sometime in November. If the PS4 is released in November, then it will follow in alignment with the previous Playstation 3 release date in the past, which also came out in November 11th 2006.

Even today there has been another surge of rumours about the Playstation 4 coming out in November, this time by Spearhead Games, developers of Tiny Brains, an upcoming title making its way to the Playstation 4.

In a press release issued today, Spearhead games announced that their brand new title Tiny Brains will be playable at the PAX prime event happening in Seattle, WA, 30th Aug - 2nd Sept 2013. They then said the game will be available as part of Playstation 4's launch titles this coming November.

Since this announcement. Spearhead Games has updated their statement saying, "We have no special knowledge of the PS4's release date, and our reference to November is based on Sony's console release in the past. Sony however has been keeping a very tight seal on this information, and for obvious reason too. If the exact release date for the PS4 was to leak ahead of time say, November 13th for example. It would mean one of several things.

People would rush to buy the Pre-orders, which may appear to be a good thing for Sony initially, but in the long run will affect their sales, if Sony are unable to restock the high street retail stores in time for the Christmas Holidays. This will of course benefit the Xbox One competition, as we recently covered in another article that you can read after this one by clicking here .

From our inside sources at Sony HQ. We are still sure of the PS4 release date happening this November 13th, as you can see from our Playstation 4 clock count down. This however can be subject to change as we are fully aware that Sony may revise this date in order to ensure that the Playstation 4 is released at a time that is in the companies best interest, from a financial and competitive stand point.

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Find out PS4 Release Date Here -

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