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Infinity Ward have never held back when it comes to over the top cinematic action movie sequences in their Call of Duty Series, so I at least knew what to expect from this over the top, shoot-em-up when it landed on my desk.From the open cut scenes right to the end credits, Call of Duty did not disappoint in this regard, and I think this is Infinity Wards wildest story to date.

You will be on the edge of your seat the whole time, from fighting in space to trying to prevent the United States from utter annihilation at the hands of a merciless Federation. The single campaign mode is breath taking, in one scene we found ourselves in a gun fight on a speeding train, that reminded us of something out of the recent James Bond movie. At times you could almost think you are watching the latest blockbuster than playing a game as Call of Duty: Ghosts does blend the action sequence and gameplay seamlessly well.

We will begin with the Solo Campaign, if you haven't played the game yet we warn you ahead of time that there are some spoilers below, so skip this section if you want. Fans of previous Call of Duty games, will not be disapointed as the story plays out in the way you would generally expect. For those new to the franchise, or even those hoping for something different, you will not find it here. Regardless of the new branding, Call of Duty: Ghosts is pretty much developed using the same formula, that has brought its past titles Worldwide success. As the saying goes if its not broken don't fix it. From the story plot, we felt that Infinity Ward had taken inspiration from Treyarch in their attempt to create a more personal narrative, unlike other Modern Warfare Titles before.

The story in COD: Ghost doesn't quite live up to other previous titles in the same vein. It was very difficult to truly understand what the core fundamental motives were behind the main villain, a tyrannical leader of the Federation. As we played through the single campaign mode, the question we kept asking was why destroy major cities in the United states? What did the Federation hope to gain from totally wiping out America from the face of the planet? The answer didn't seem very clear, as we pondered if it was merely for world domination? We couldn't see the economic benefits behind such a move, and in a way the Villain reminded us of the Joker from Batman Dark Knight 2008 movie, where The Joker had no real motives for wanting to destroy Gotham except to create and spread anarchy.

The new federation military of the South American Nations did come as a welcome change to the typical formulaic Chinese, Russians, or Arab villains overused in these type of games, but we would have liked to see more substance behind these new enemies, beyond their south american accents.

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'Call Of Duty Ghosts' Space Fighting Super Soldiers Review | PS4.sx

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