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Editorial cartooning


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Editorial cartooning

  1. 1. Topic Outline Editorial Cartooning Tips for Editorial Cartooning Sample Editorial Cartoons 0Personalities 0Issues 0Tutorial 0Symbols 0Lines and Shading
  2. 2. Editorial Cartooning 0“The cartoon is an important medium because it gives visual impact to the idea. Like the editorial, it is an effective social force.” (Estrada & Singh, 1987) 0It aims to entertain and exert influence 0Effective cartoons deal with just a single idea
  3. 3. Editorial Cartooning 0The typical cartoon is about political and social conditions and problems 0Some cartoons are good-natured; others are serious and sophisticated (stylish)
  4. 4. Tips for Cartooning: 01. Limit the use of words 02. Consider the use of symbols (Universal) 03. Develop your own style 04. Convey information with finesse (sensitivity), no malice (cruelty) and within the boundaries of ethics (moral values)
  5. 5. Tips for Cartooning: 05. Add symbols only when needed 06. Confer with other staff on conveying (taking) an idea 07. Decide whether to emphasize on the editorial or not
  6. 6. Some Examples
  7. 7. On Issues:
  8. 8. Tutorial 0 Symbols 0 Lines and Shading
  9. 9. “A drawing can tell everything.” – Mrs. May-ridel P. Pasamata