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Asian creation introduction

  1. 1. Asian Creation Communication Equipment Factoryabout us profile catalog NEWS Contact us
  2. 2. About us Quality Assurance, On-time Delivery, Professional After-sales Service Asian Creation Communication Equipment Factory is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in thedevelopment and production of communication antenna; our leading portfolio are the high qualityantenna products, including GSM,UMTS and 3G, indoor coverage antenna and 2.4GHz, 3.5GHz,5.8GHz WI-FI/WIMAX series antenna. We also supply a full range of RF components combiners,splitters, couplers, RF connectors, RF cable assembly etc. To guarantee the highest manufacturing standards, our company uses advanced electricperformance testing equipment, such as network analyzer, frequency spectrum analyzer, standardmicrowave anechoic chamber, antenna near field-testing system and far field automatic testingsystems amongst other standard testing equipments. We also equipped with environmental testingequipment, such as s alt fog corrosion test systems, LD vibration test systems, high-low temperatureenvironment and humidity test systems, ultraviolet flood light test systems, waterproof test systemsand so on. Our manufacturing standards conform to ISO9001:2000. The strong growth of our products in thecommunication area demonstrate our commitment to strict quality management standards, first classequipment performance professionals providing technical support and efficient after services to all ourcustomers. Our products feature high quality with the support of our strong professional technical team andexcellent after sales service.
  3. 3. products
  4. 4. catalog FAQS R&D R & D or Order Team Equipment OEM Ordering process R&D plansAbout theproduct Certification Applications Use aerial Application photographs
  5. 5. FAQ-About Orderv Question 1 :Can you tell me the MOQ? A :We have MOQ of ten pieces.v Question 2: How long will you receive my payment? A: Usually, we offer 3 to 5 working days for customer to make payment. If the payment has already made, it may only take 1 to 2 working days to receive your payment.v Question 3 :Can you tell me your terms of payment? A: Usually, we will deliver our products after the payment has made. We can also accept payment made by cash or TT in the province range.v Question 4 :Can you tell me how to deliver the goods for me? A: If your order is a small volume, we will send it by express to you; if your order is in large volume, we will send you by logistics.v Question 5 :Can you tell me your delivery time? A: Our time of delivery is the following: Sample : ---------------- 2~5 working days. All batches of product: ---------- 7 to 10 working days.
  6. 6. Order Process 1 2 3Visit our website View Product List contact with us. 5 4 Confirmation of Confirm the parameters and payment and style of the product delivery 7Wire Logistics Technical support service Cash Express 6 Made the order
  7. 7. About the productStep 1. please visit the site, send us your request :Phoenix to which products are you interested in?---whats the use of the phoenix pattern?---phoenix your order?---phoenix budget target prices?At the same time, please tell me your contact :------ Your Company name? -------- the detailed address?-------- contact names and phone number? contact with the fax number?-------- electronic mail?The next sending you demand and feedback, if the two working days have not received our e-mail to answer. perhaps thenetwork have to send you a question, please e-mail to usThe third step. we have receive your e-mail, we will all asked for details. the feedbackThe fourth step.if you need our samples for testing and evaluation, we can cooperate with the appropriate to do.Step 5. if your order,please by sending e-mail or fax.The sixth.when we receive your order, will soon sign and put our banking information and information back to you.Seventh stepup production.The eighth.we have receive your payment will get you the goods are dispatched.
  8. 8. R&D or teamv Our R & D team is consisted of one chief engineer, who has more than ten years of experience in designing and manufacturing communication antennas, along with 12 more engineers and technicians.v Besides, we have established good relationship and corporation with several leading universities for obtaining their most recent development into our antenna production.v Our R&D team missions are:v 1. Monitor and learn the most recent development in antenna production and trend through out of country and the World.v 2. Design and prototype high quality new antennasv 3. In charge of production employees technical training, including necessary skill training and quality control processes.v 4. Provide technical support for various projects and customer needs. Product Development Procedure: Establish Detail Technical Requirements & Goals ---> Computer Design And Simulations --- > Prototyping ---> Lab Testing---> Field Test & Feedback --->Pre-Production.
  9. 9. R&D - Research and development process Market Market Determine the Production information Analysis technical samples gathering standards Arrangements forPlace an order Test market a small amount of production The test samplefor mass feedback procedures andproduction processes
  10. 10. OEMAsian Creation Communication Equipment Factory has strong R&D capability. We can provide OEM and customization service to satisfy customers requirements. We will quote prices according to specific samples or samples picture provided by customers. After sample approval, customers can remit to our account. We will arrange production and shipment. The delivery time is guaranteed, we will arrange production and shipment. The delivery time is guaranteed.Large Factory Size: 6000 square metersQualified Management System:ISO9001 Management System CertificateISO14001 Environmental Management System CertificateROHS CertificateProduct Design: AvailableOEM Service: Available
  11. 11. order service v We carry a complete line of products to meet our customers specific applications:802.11a to g, 2.4, 3.5, 4.9, 5.1 to 5.8GHz, WLAN, Wi-Fi, WIMAX, GSM/CDMA, PCS, GPS, Wireless Access, and much more as one of the largest OEM manufacturers in Asia, we specialize in customized antenna designs we stand behind our product and fully guarantee the performance and quality of our antennas. v ◆ workshop area: 5,000 square meters v ◆ management system & product authentication: ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification v ROHS Compliant. v Asian Creation Production Procedure Chart Receiving Pre-processing raw materials modification Assembly TestingPackging Appearance processing Antenna electrical property check up Note: Quality inspection must be passed in each step before transferring to the next step.
  12. 12. Equipment 1 (HPAgilent Vector Network Analyzer2 ) (Antennas Far Field Automatic Measurement System )(HPAgilent Vector Network Analyzer ) (HPAgilent Vector Network Analyzer )
  13. 13. Equipment 2(Antennas Far Field Automatic Measurement System ) (Stripping Machine)(Antennas Far Field Automatic Measurement System)
  14. 14. Equipment 3 (Microwave Chamber ) (Microwave Chamber )(HPAgilent Vector Network Analyzer ) (HPAgilent Vector Network Analyzer2 ) (Semi-automatic wire strippers)
  15. 15. Certification
  16. 16. Applicationsv What do I need to pick up a wireless signal without having to buy a base station? You will need a Wi-Fi compatible access point or client card and a computer. Unless the Wi-Fi signal is very close, you will need a antenna.v My router has two antennas. Where do I attach the antenna? If your router or base station has removable antennas, unscrew one of the antennas and connect the antenna. We recommend using the side that points away from a wall or obstruction. You can keep the other antenna attached, but also try it without it as it may cause interference. If your device has an external antenna jack, connect the pigtail directly to it, and leave the other antennas in place.v I want to mount my antenna about 25 feet away from my base station. Can you provide me with a 25 foot long Pigtail? In general, the longer a Pigtail is, the more of a signal loss you may experience. For that reason, we currently limit production of our cables to 10 feet. 25 feet would cause a severe signal loss. You could purchase a wireless bridge, such as the Linksys WET54G, which attaches to your Ethernet port. A 25-foot long Ethernet cable could then be used without substantial signal loss.v How can I mount the antenna? Each Super antenna comes with a mounting socket for standard tripod units. This socket can be removed so that you can use your own mounting hardware.v Can I mount the antenna outside? Yes, the Super antenna is weather resistant. Make sure that you ground it properly (Instructions are included with each antenna).v Is the antenna Guaranteed? All antenna parts are guaranteed. Antenna makes no guarantee of actual performance as several factors may inhibit the antennas effectiveness, such as obstructions, atmospheric conditions, distance, and strength of the originating signal. That being said, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the antenna, you may return it within thirty days of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price. See detailsv Will my antenna and Pigtail work with the new 802.11g Wi-Fi routers and access points? Yes. The radio wave length and height dimensions are identical to 802.11b. You can use your existing antenna on 802.11g devices, as long as they have an external antenna jack that fits your current Pigtail (or any Pigtail that we carry).
  17. 17. Use aerial photographs Panel antenna use on the base station Cable assembly use on the PCB Terminal antenna Use on the routerSector antenna Use on the base station
  18. 18. NEWSChina Sourcing FairAsian Creation Communication Equipment Factory will attend the upcoming China Sourcing Fair during April 2011 12-15 and Oct 2011 12-15. Exhibitors from various countries and regions will display the latest and most leading electronics and communications products.In this exhibition, we will demonstrate the different ty...
  19. 19. Contact us Company:1 Asian Creation Communication CO.,LTD Asian Creation Communication Equipment Factory Address: Wangchung Industrial Area2 A,Sanshui,Foshan,Guangdong,China(528100) Tel: +86 757-63357618 / 861512343 Fax:+86 757-87781979 怎样让网站的效果最大化? Mob: +86 13925901402 Msn:liuliuliu777@live.cn4 Skype:Poliyliu yc@ycantenna.com5 Web
  20. 20. Asian Creation Communication CO.,LTD, in the upcoming April 2011 12-15 andOct 2011 12-15 Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong Electronics Fair Spring GlobalSources (China Sourcing Fair) held. From various countries and regions whereexhibitors display the latest and most leading electronics and communicationsproducts. In this exhibition, the Asian record company will demonstrate the WLAN, WIFIantennas, base station antennas, WIMAX antennas and terminals antenna ofdifferent types of new product models, in a 4-day exhibition, I warmly welcome theSecretary will be at home and abroad New and old customers come to our boothguide.