Swimming Pool In Chengdu China By Maxxelli Real Estate


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Swimming Pool In Chengdu China By Maxxelli Real Estate

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Swimming Pool In Chengdu China By Maxxelli Real Estate

  1. 1. Swimming Pool in Chengdu www.maxxelli.net
  2. 2. Fee for Fee for Location Address Opening hours & info. Indoor Outdoor Child adult Pool in section 1: good, best for No.6 North Tongzilin children, China Garden √ (2) 10rmb 15rmb Road (TEL:82935179) Pool in section 2: deep, for real swimming only Summer mths(1st,may - 1st,oct) open time:10:00am - 10:00pm card availabe:600yuan/30 times for adult only(valid for 4 mths); 525yuan/15 times for kid + 15 times for adult(valid for 4 mths) 20rmb 30rmb Winter mths(1st,oct - 1st,may) in in open time:1:00pm - 10:00pm NO.1North Tongzilin summer summer card availabe:900yuan/30 times for Gloria Regent Road √ 30rmb 45rmb adult only(valid for 4 mths); (Tel: 028/8515 5441) in in 825yuan/15 times for kid + 15 times winter winter for adult (valid for 4mths) Ballet lessons for girls (age 8 to 14) +Aqua Gym, for more info, contact Emmanuelle -ehermandesse@yahoo.fr Opening time: Monday-Friday: 1:30pm - 10:00pm East Tongzilin Road Saturday-Sunday:10:00am-10:00pm Orchard Villas √ 5rmb 10rmb (Tel:66410525) Card availabe: Adult:250yuan/mth Kid:125yuan/mth Opening time:(summer season) 12:00pm-10:00pm Jingguan New No.9 Xinxiwang Road √ 8rmb 15rmb Card available: City (Tel:85248100) 150rmb/30 visits for kid 300rmb/30 visits for adult Maxxelli-blog.com Maxxelli Real Estate
  3. 3. Opening time:(1:30pm-9:00pm) Summer season:Monday-Thursday at indoor Zhonghaiming No.8, Shenxianshu Monday-Sunday at outdoor cheng / South Road √ √ 10rmb 15rmb Winter season:Wenkend for indoor Grandeur (tel:13438067912) only Vista Card available: 160RMB/20times for kid 240RMB/20times for adult not open yet due to Lido Huayuan, C qu hui Lido Garden √ earthquake.estimated opening shuo (Tel:85094455) time:August . Opening time: (June-September) Monday-Friday:2:00pm - 9:30pm Lido Huayuan C qu Saturday-Sunday:10:00am-9:30pm huishuo √ 10rmb 10rmb Card available: (Tel:85077682) 200RMB/mth (for adult & kid together) May-June until 30th September No.8 Xinguang Road Opening time:Monday Eldo Garden √(2) 5rmb 8rmb (tel:82942281) -Sunday:1:00pm -10:00pm Offer swimming lessons for children NO.81shunjiang road Free with resident card & opening Water Front √ √ (tel: 84511818-8006) from 9:00am-9:00pm for whole year. Opening time : (June-September) zhonghai plaza 1:30pm -9:30pm Green Witch NO.1wangjiang road 10rmb 12rmb Card available: (tel:85291000/85291006) 220rmb/20 visits for kid 160rmb/20 visits for adult Opening time:(June-September) 10:00am - 10:00pm Beverly NO.9tongzilin road Card available:(1 Inch Photo √ 5rmb 10rmb Garden (tel: 82997911) required) 100RMB/mth for kid 200RMB/mth for adult NO.21,Section Opening time(summer season Bankok 1.Renming Road √ 10rmb 15rmb only): Garden (tel :66134097) 12:00pm-9:30pm Shanghai NO.52South Zijing Road no swimming pool Garden (tel: 85127081(3)) Maxxelli-blog.com Maxxelli Real Estate
  4. 4. Opening time:(June-September) St.Andrew NO.52South Zijing Road √ 6rmb 6rmb 11:00am - 9:00pm Garden (tel: 85120681) Card available:120rmb/mth NO.34Jinxiu Road ZongBei not open yet.not sure when to open (tel: √ International due to changing mgmt com. 85355110/85212332) ShuiYi Niao NO.2Xinxiwang Road 9:00am-7:00pm for summer season √ 8rmb 10rmb Tong (tel: 85240363) only NO.166East Bingjiang Yin Tang Road √ 10rmb 10rmb 200RMB/30 times International (tel :86717588) Chang Sheng No swimming pool Yuan Jinguan Xiu No swimming pool City No.6, Section2.Lushan Opening time: Road .Huayang summer season:10:00am-10pm Luxe Hill √ √ 20rmb 30rmb Town .Shuangliu County winter season:no schedulement yet. (tel:85761753) Opening time: (2:00pm - No.33 Lu Dao Road, 9:00pm)indoor pool ---- winter Shuang nan, wuhou Egret Island √ √ 10rmb 20rmb mthsoutdoor pool ---- summer district, chengdu mthsCard available: 300rmb/mth (87052000) for adult 150rmb/mth for kid No.53 South Shenxian Qinghua Villa Shu Road. Gaoxin no swimming pool District. Maxxelli-blog.com Maxxelli Real Estate