Newsletter Maxxelli Chengdu November 2008


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Newsletter Maxxelli Chengdu November 2008

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Newsletter Maxxelli Chengdu November 2008

  1. 1. Maxxelli Real Estate SUZHOU | WUXI | CHENGDU | HANGZHOU | CHONGQING November 2008 Chengdu: T 86 28 8608 8861 F 86 28 8531 9680 | CHENGDU UPDATE MRE CHENGDU SPOTLIGHT MRE FOCUS ● On 4th November, British Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, Special Representative for UK Trade and Investment attended a business lunch for Sichuan Cuisine British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China in Chengdu. An interesting Sichuan cuisine is known and enjoyed a worldwide reputation. Most speech about trade relations between China and British businesses in Sichuan people immediately think of Sichuan food soon after mentioning spicy during the last six months since the Earthquake was given by the Duke. Whilst in food. The two main ingredients in Sichuan food are red peppers, and the Sichuan “numbing” pepper. The two peppers together give the food a Chengdu he spoke at a climate change seminar, attended a presentation on the very unique flavor. The red one can be characterized as a red chili, reconstruction effort by Sichuan Quake Relief and visited Dujiangyan. which is small and spicy. The “numbing” pepper is known as flower pepper (“Hua Jiao” in Chinese), looks like a reddish brown fruit, and ● On 31st October, the 9th West China International Expo was concluded with a comes from prickly ash trees. This pepper creates a numbing effect on satisfactory full stop. It is reported that a total of 795 investment projects were one’s tongue. signed during the event, involving 300.452 billion RMB, of which 750 are domestic-invested projects with 269.0 billion RMB, and 45 foreign-invested Another famous specialty of Sichuan is Sichuan Snack Food, known as projects totaling 4.605 billion US dollars. ( “xiaochi” in Chinese. There are many variations of these snacks, as they are cooked with various seasonings and all have their special trademark ● The second round of A1 Grand Prix, the World Cup of Motorsport (2008- in color, smell, taste or shape. 2009) successfully took place in Chengdu International Circuit on 9th November. A1 Team Portugal won the championship of the A1 Chengdu, China, Feature Foreigners, whether expatriates who just made the move to Chengdu or Race. travelers passing through, who don’t like the local cuisine, have nothing ● The 3rd Annual Christmas Bazaar organized by Chengdu International to fear since just about any of the World’s major food varieties can be found here in Chengdu. Woman’s Club will be held on 6th December at QSI international School. All of the funds raised by the CIWC Bazaar sales will go to a charity project to help a village rebuild homes and help families begin a cottage industry where they can MRE EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH earn a living! The remaining money earned will go to the Sichuan Quake Relief – Katrina Wang working on many projects in the quake area to help relieve the suffering of those living in the area. Katrina Wang joined Maxxelli Real Estate Chengdu Sales Team in July ● The 3rd Annual A.B.E (joint chambers’) Christmas Dinner will be held in 2008. Crowne Plaza on 13th Dec. The event will be made as a fund-raising event this Her email address is year, and all the money raised will go to the Sichuan Quake Relief. CHENGDU HOUSING RECOMMENDED: SHANGH AI G ARDEN Shanghai Garden Shanghai Garden is a high end apartment compound located in Shu Xian Shu area Hi-Tech Zone South. 107-187 sqm / 2-4 bedrooms Furnished and unfurnished OTHER R E C O M M E N D AT I O N S Chengdu International Circuit The newly opened Chengdu International Circuit is a modern large- scale state of the art racing field. The area covers an area of 900 mu (1mu=666.667sqm), with a further 2000 mu reserved for future development. The centerpieces of the race park is the F.I.A approved F3000 circuit, but besides this fantastic track other motor sports facilities, such as an off-road course and the high performance driving skills area, can be found at the circuit. Chengdu International Circuit Circuit facilities include GP2 circuit, off-road and paddock and skid pad. There can be organized international & domestic events such as GP2, 成都国际赛车场 CHAMPCAR, A1, FIA GT, etc. The circuit was built with 13 corners, 8 Shisheng Road, Flower Town, Jinjiang of them right, 5 lefts and one is a left-right chicane, running clockwise. District, Chengdu With the long front straight (830m), the total length of the circuit is 成都锦江区三圣乡石圣路 3,331m. The top speed is 280km/h. The circuit is wide, some parts of the track are 22 meters at its widest, whilst even the narrowest sections 86-28-82001616/ 85953970 are 12 meters wide, which allows for plenty of room for wheel-to-wheel action. All contents on the newsletter has been compiled carefully, but the responsible persons make no guarantees of accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information on this newsletter. Therefore no responsibility or liability for damages or losses resulting from the use of this newsletter is accepted.