Newsletter Maxxelli Chengdu June 2007


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Newsletter Maxxelli Chengdu June 2007

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Newsletter Maxxelli Chengdu June 2007

  1. 1. Ju n e 2 0 0 7 T 86 28 85319679 C H E N G D U R E A L E S TAT E F 86 28 85319680 Spotlight: Hot-Leasing Properties • Maxxelli Real Estate's website has moved. From now on, you can find us at Our email addresses have also changed Listing: to reflect our new page; instead of .COM at the end, please use .NET. • Rental tax has to be paid quarterly to taxation bureau, which means monthly payment system can not be acceptable anymore. Available Apart- Waterfront ment Rental Shanghai Garden • Tongzi Lin and Shen Xian Shu area can be regarded as the most popu- Range RMB 5000- lar and mature living areas for Chengdu expatriates (married couples 10000 Zhonghai City and married couples with children). • A new high-end apartment compound Master (Tongzilin Area) will hand over in the end of this year. Available Apart- Zong Bei International ment Rental Range • A new high-end apartment compound St. Nature I (Shen Xian Shu RMB 3500-5000 Bangkok Garden area) will hand over in the end of this year • Zong Bei area is popular for younger, single expatriates who like city Gloria Regent Garden living, night life, and wish to live close to commercial locations. Com- pared with Tongzilin and Shen Xian Shu area, rental of the compounds Available Apart- China Garden in Zong Bei are lower ment Rental Range Jin Guan New City RMB 10000-22000 (West) • Chengdu Metro project has caused rentals to increase respectively, especially the price of the compounds around Metro Line 1. Orchard Villas (West) • SwanLake, the high-end compound next to Tianfu Software Park, where numerous multi-national companies are located at, will hand Peninsula over in the end of June. He Bin Villa • The average rentals of the compounds in west part are lower than Available Mid End Villa Rental Range Orchard Villas (East) south, as the general surroundings are not mature and completed . RMB 22000-35000 International Luxe Hills • EtonHouse International School opens from September, enrols for bilingual Kindergarten (age level: 2-6 years old). China Garden • Serviced apartments will be offered by Shangri-La Hotel from August. International Luxe Hills Available High End Villas Rental Qing Hua Villa Range RMB Please Contact Us 35000-60000 Jin Guan New City (East) T 86 28 85319679 Price: This is landlord asking price and can be negotiated. It incl. Tax and F 86 28 85319680 Management Fee.
  2. 2. Ju n e 2 0 0 7 T 86 28 85319679 C H E N G D U R E A L E S TAT E F 86 28 85319680 Staff picture of Maxxelli Chengdu: Make yourself at home! Please Contact Us T 86 28 85319679 F 86 28 85319680
  3. 3. Ju n e 2 0 0 7 T 86 28 85319679 C H E N G D U R E A L E S TAT E F 86 28 85319680 Waterfront Ready For Move In Waterfront is opening its stylish all ready to move in apartments! All units are fully decorated in a European style and range from 100 m2 to 350m2. The Waterfront offers its residents a life- style of unrivalled luxury. A dream home that sits on the banks of the Fu Nan River, its commands breathtaking views of the city skyline on one side, and the historic Wang Jiang Garden and the river on the other. Designed by a team of international talents, The Waterfront features six sleek 30-storey towers and world-class facilities within a posh resort setting. Auspiciously located at the 18 Shun Jiang Road, The Waterfront is a pres- tigious new landmark on the rapidly changing Chengdu landscape. Please Contact Us T 86 28 85319679 F 86 28 85319680