Newsletter Maxxelli Chengdu July 2007


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Newsletter Maxxelli Chengdu July 2007

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Newsletter Maxxelli Chengdu July 2007

  1. 1. Golden Pig Year 2007 Ju l y 2 0 0 7 T 86 28 8531 9679 F 86 28 8531 9680 C H E N G D U R E A L E S TAT E • Spotlight : •Real Estate focus turns to China’s secondary cities. Although many S E R V I C E D A PA R T M E N T S opportunities still exist in China’s core cities, rising price and increased competition in such high-profile locations are encouraging real estate Shangri-la Hotel players to consider the option of some second-tier and third-tier cities. (Housekeeping, home service, replenishing of • According to the report from Sichuan provincial Department on July bathroom’s amenities from Monday to Satur- day, special discount at gym, outlets, laundry 1st from this January to May,rhe rise of foreign capital in actual use in and restaurants at Shangri-la) the both manufacturing and service industries is over fifty-percent, 84sqm Studio Executive CNY 30,240/ M 67.1% and 71.5% respectively. 96sqm 1 Br Deluxe CNY 34,560/ M • One year after 2006 EU-China Partenariat was held, a “Small EU- China Partenariat”, especially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, is to be held in Chengdu on November 8th to 9th this year. Shangri-la Hotel 300 Chinese enterprises and 100 European enterprises shall appear at (Housekeeping, home service, replenishing of the Partenariat in Chengdu this November. bathroom’s amenities from Monday to Satur- day, special discount at gym, outlets, laundry • Maxxelli’s first version Taxi Books have been released in Chengdu. and restaurants at Shangri-la) 126sqm 2 Br CNY 45,360/M • Peter Kuppens, the General Manager of Maxxelli Chengdu, was in- 138sqm 2 Br Deluxe CNY 49,680/M vited to attend the U.S. Independence Day’s celebration on 3rd of July and the France Independence Day’s celebration on 14th of July. • Peter Kuppens was invited to attend Spring’s Mayor’s for Foreign In- F E AT U R E D P R O P E R T Y vested Enterprises at New Exhibition Centre. The Waterfront PROPE RT Y RECOMME ND Shunjiang Road (Tax, Mgt and Utility included) Swan Lake Century City is a high-rise 70-120sqm 1/2 Br CNY 5,500-8,500/M apartment compound located at New 148sqm 3 Br CNY 7,000-11,000/M Exhibition Centre (Century City), next to 230sqm 4/5 Br CNY 13,000-20,000/M Tianfu Software Park.. This compound 319sqm 5 Br CNY 23,000-30,000/M has around 3000 high quality apart- ments in different sizes from 40 sqm to 700 sqm. Facilities in the compound or Shanghai Garden close by (5 minutes distance): Swan Shen Xian Shu Area Lake, Beer bar, Swimming Pool & Gym, (Tax, and Mgt included) Swan Lake Century City Holiday Inn, Intercontinental Hotel. 116sqm 2 Br CNY 6,000-8,000/M 138sqm 3 Br CNY 7,000-9,500/M 148sqm 3 Br CNY 8,000-11,000/M 240sqm 5 Br CNY 10,000-12,000/M AFTERSALES RE PORT Gloria Regent Telephone Internet Tongzilin Area —System: Pre-Paid —System: Pre-Paid (Tax, Mgt and Utility included) —Monthly Rental: 20 RMB (fixed ) —2 Types of Internet: check the one 138sqm 2 Br CNY 8,000/M —For payment go to “Bank of China” you have: Monthly or Yearly Paid 160sqm 3 Br CNY 10,000/M or “China Telecom Service Centre” -—Speed: Maximum Private People 177sqm 3 Br CNY 18,000/M —Phone stops it means “no money can get is 1.5M, rarely can get that left” speed. Test Your Internet Speed at: —You can dial 10000 to phone * Please note that rental ranges are just indications. Actual prices may China telecom (but only from your vary according to contract and availability. home phone to check how much Kind Info: money left), the service is only in The current unlimited usage package Chinese of internet (for home use) —You can also check your phone 1) 98 RMB/month 512 Kbps Call Now On bill from China Tele’s web- 2) 120 RMB/month 1.5 Mbps . The current unlimited usage package T 86 28 8531 9679 of internet (for business use) F 86 28 8531 9680 IMPORTANT: IF TELEPHONE IS NOT PAID 1) 500 RMB/month 1 Mbps THEY WILL SHUT DOWN THE INTERNET LINE 2) 1000 RMB/month 2 Mbps AS WELL !!!!! 3) 2000 RMB/month 4 Mbps