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Newsletter Maxxelli Chengdu December 2008


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Newsletter Maxxelli Chengdu December 2008

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Newsletter Maxxelli Chengdu December 2008

  1. 1. Maxxelli Real Estate SUZHOU | WUXI | CHENGDU | HANGZHOU | CHONGQING Chengdu: T 86 28 8608 8861 F 86 28 8531 9680 | Dec 2008 CHENGDU UPDATE MRE CHENGDU SPOTLIGHT MRE FOCUS Foreign Consulates in Chengdu At present, Chengdu has become the third city with largest number of foreign consulates second only to Shanghai and Guangzhou in China's mainland. 20 years ago, the first foreign consulate in Chengdu the U. S. Consulate General was set up. With a growing number of foreigners in Chengdu, the number of consulates in Chengdu ● The 3rd Annual Chengdu International Woman's Club Christmas has also been increasing. After the U.S. was opened, in the following five years, Germany, France, Korea, Thailand, Bazaar held December 6th raised more than 154,000 rmb, which will be Singapore and Pakistan set up their consulates in Chengdu, so split between ECOLOGIA and SQR for earthquake relief. that the number of consulates in Chengdu now was seven. ● December 13th at the ABE fundraising Christmas Party 70,346.71 rmb was raised. Representatives from the chambers will together with Furthermore, the British Consulate General Chongqing also set SQR decide which project to support. up its Visa Application Office in Chengdu. Lately Spain, Philippines and South Africa have indicated their intention to set ● The Bookworm Christmas Party will be held on both 24th and 25th up consulates in Chengdu, which will bring the number up to 10. Dec. Come by The Bookworm for some delicious eats, and entertainment with a Chinese flare! MRE EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH ● Enjoy the Christmas Eve at Peter Pan Italian Restaurant! Peter Pan Restaurant have prepared a nice and traditional Chrismas eve dinner Shirley Zhang menu for people who decided to spend the Holy celebration in Chengdu. Shirley joined Maxxelli Real Estate Chengdu Customer Service Team in July 2008 . Her email address is: CHENGDU HOUSING RECOMMENDED Beverly Garden Beverly Garden is a high rise apartment compound located at the city’s most mature living area for expatriates, Tongzilin. 130- 200 sqm / 2- 4 bedrooms Furnished and unfurnished OTHER R E C O M M E N D AT I O N S Groupama Home Insurance Groupama is one of the top insurance groups in Europe. Groupama Chengdu Branch was officially founded in 2004 and herby became the first foreign funded insurance company that had stationed its China headquarters in West China. Groupama Chengdu Branch provides a whole package of property and liability insurance including Medium and Small Enterprises Insurance, Motor Insurance, Individual Health Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance and Overseas Travel Insurance. Groupama SA Chengdu Brand Recently Groupama Home Insurance has been launched in Chengdu, whether you are the owner of the 16th Floor, Western Tower, No.19 building and live in the building yourself or you are the tenant, you can insure the contents of your home Section 4 of South Renmin Road and outbuildings. The insurance product aims to protect you and your belongings against Fire, Storm, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, Water Damage, Theft and More with very affordable rates! Tel: 28 85268806 Now, 10% reduction for the Home Insurance till 31st January 2009! Fax: 28 85268611 Please call 400-886-8199 for further information. All contents on the newsletter has been compiled carefully, but the responsible persons make no guarantees of accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information on this newsletter. Therefore no responsibility or liability for damages or losses resulting from the use of this newsletter is accepted.