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Oldstone & Green _Corporate Presentation_2016


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Corporate Presentation

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Oldstone & Green _Corporate Presentation_2016

  1. 1. RESEARCH INSIGHTFACT INTELLIGENCE DISCRETION Corporate Presentation - 2016 Africa Focused LocalKnowledge
  2. 2. About Us Oldstone & Green Limited (“O & G”) is a leading Nigeria based, Africa focused, business intelligence and integrity consultancy. We provide pure, locally sourced strategic insights and intelligence across sub-Saharan Africa. Our clients include many of the world’s leading corporate entities, financial institution, law firms, risk consultancies and NGO’s. We have a network of local consultants and experts on ground, offering confidential advice and bespoke solutions to complex challenges. Our strong industry expertise, research know-how and keen local knowledge of business, politics and markets makes us the preferred firm global corporates seeking to understand, compete and grow in sub-Saharan Africa. 2 LocalKnowledge
  3. 3. 3 LocalKnowledge Africa Focused
  4. 4. 4 Oldstone & Green specialises in tailor-made market intelligence solutions, offering our clients individually tailored services. We have extensive project experience with international clientele, and our approach to local projects has been built from our experience of providing the best possible service to international clients Our aim is to provide actionable insight which is both profitable and implementable What We Do… PureIntelligence
  5. 5. Our Driving Force... 5 SPEED SERVICE EXCELLENCE "It is of the highest importance in the art of detection to be able to recognize, out of a number of facts, which are incidental and which vital". (Sherlock Holmes) LocalKnowledge
  6. 6. Our Business Objective... 6 KEEP THE CLIENT AHEAD OF COMPETITION..!!! PureIntelligence
  7. 7. What we see (Our Vision) 7 ... to become the leading intelligence consultancy in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa. LocalKnowledge
  8. 8. Our mission… 8 continually add value to our clients’ businesses through our bespoke intelligence solutions.. PureIntelligence
  9. 9. Our guiding principle… 9 ..conquering through foreknowledge….. "The reason the enlightened prince and the wise general conquer the enemy whenever they move, and their achievements surpass those of ordinary men, is foreknowledge". (Sun Tzu) LocalKnowledge
  10. 10. Our core values… 10 RESEARCH FACT INSIGHT INTELLIGENCE DISCRETION PureIntelligence
  11. 11. Benefits of Oldstone & Green… 11 1.  Locally Aware, Globally Coherent 2.  A one stop shop for intelligence 3.  Cost effectiveness and best possible prices 4.  Deep knowledge of core competence 5.  Greater control of output 6.  Greater efficiency with timing 7.  Vast base of experienced professionals
  12. 12. Our services 1.  Background Screening 2.  Litigation Support 3.  Investigative Due Diligence 4.  Power and Relationship Mapping 5.  Market Entry and Intelligence 12 LocalKnowledge
  13. 13. Our Solution Background Screening Litigation Support Investigative Due Diligence Power Mapping Market Entry & Intelligence 13 •  Background Checks •  Employment Screening •  Claims Verification •  Vital Documents Verification •  FCPA, UK Bribery Act, OFAC •  Integrity Due Diligence •  Local Vendor Assessment •  Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) •  Advanced Fee Fraud •  Internet Scam •  Political Influence and Relationship Mapping •  Individual and Key Decision Maker Influence Mapping •  Sector and Country Influence & Relationship Mapping •  Competitive Intelligence •  Competitor Intelligence •  SWOT Analysis •  PEST Analysis •  Sector surveillance What we do.. •  Identifying & Tracing Assets •  Providing Intelligence for Judgment and Debt Enforcement •  Background Screening PureIntelligence
  14. 14. Background Screening 14 Oldstone & Green offer pre- employment screening, employee verification, background checks as well as criminal history and litigation searches. We also carry out vital document and claims verification as well as site visits with pictures to show. We know that different businesses have distinct background search needs, and our services are tailored to meet clients specific needs.
  15. 15. Litigation Support 14 Oldstone & Green is a leading provider of litigation support services in sub-Saharan Africa, to local and international law firms.   Whether you are representing a client in a potential new business venture, a judgment enforcement, an ongoing dispute, a corporate takeover bid, or defending against an unsolicited offer, Oldstone & Green can assist you in gathering meaningful information that can be leveraged to your advantage.   Our research can reveal prior criminal records, regulatory issues, extensive civil litigation, links to organized crime, violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, bankruptcy filings, liens, judgments, conflicts of interest, undisclosed liabilities, omissions, and material misrepresentations.   Our work is always conducted in accordance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  16. 16. Oldstone & Green carries out discreet investigative due diligence on behalf of clients to reduce their exposure to reputational and commercial risk deriving from working with third- parties in sub- Saharan Africa, and this assist our clients in strategic decision making. Our due diligence is based on privileged, local insights unobtainable through basic database and records searches as well as source enquiries. Our cost are relatively cheaper and a large proportion of investigations undertaken by O & G concerns individuals – potential representatives, agents and business partners – as well as organisations and companies. We carry out investigative due diligence in three approach, based on the clients’ specific need. 15 Our Approach Basic (Red Flagging) Intermediate Advanced Research and gather publicly available information on Persons and/or Corporates Findings delivered in a simple Yes or No excel template Duration is 5 to 7 days Cost is subject to negotiation Basic (red flag) and a further deep delve into archives, proprietary databases and records Finding delivered in report style template Duration is 8 – 14 days Cost is subject to project scope Intermediate and source enquiries using network of local experts and in- house industry contacts and sources. Findings delivered in a report style template Duration is 10 – 18days Cost is subject to project scope Investigative Due Diligence LocalKnowledge
  17. 17. 16 Comprehensive due diligence report.. •  Identification Information/Documents – verification of passports/birth certificates/identification numbers/other identifiers •  Address History o Verification of current address – to include a site visit and photographs o Verification of previous addresses (no site visit required, but verification through other documentation or land registries, as available) o Identification of additional, undisclosed address history/property ownership (through property/land registries, as available) •  Marriage Certificate – verification of marriage certificate/status •  Military Service – verification of military records/service •  Education Verifications •  Employment Verifications – verify current and previous employments/directorships (if the subject is not listed in the corporate registration record of the company, please contact a representative of the company directly to confirm) •  Corporate Affiliations (searches conducted through corporate registries, chambers of commerce, media, etc…) •  Civil Litigation searches •  Criminal History searches •  Criminal Clearance Certificates – verification of authenticity of the certificate •  Bankruptcy/Insolvency/Judgments searches •  Credit History/Financial Standing of the subject •  Financial/professional regulators •  Ties to political groups/political affiliations – conduct checks/inquiries with local sources regarding political affiliations of the subject •  Media (local language) – both adverse media, as well as a sampling of articles of interest; social media profiles In addition to the above points, if a subject is an owner/partner/director of a company, we can provide a copy of the company’s incorporation record, on request. For a given subject, incorporation records may be needed for more than one company.
  18. 18. 17 Due diligence report.. Standard Due Diligence Reports (Individual)   •  Address history – identification; no site visit necessary •  Employment verifications – •  Education verification •  Professional Licenses/Memberships/ Registrations/ disciplinary history •  Corporate/Professional Affiliations •  Civil Litigation searches •  Criminal History searches •  Bankruptcy/Insolvency/Judgments searches •  Credit History / Financial Standing of Subject •  Financial or other relevant Industry Regulator Searches •  Ties to local political groups/political affiliations/political exposure •  Blacklist or Other Country Watch Lists •  Media & Social Media Profile (English and local language) Standard Due Diligence Reports (Entity) •  Incorporation/Registration information •  Company Profile/Bio (background of the company) •  Registered Owners/Directors/Shareholders •  Financial Statements or other financial info (as publicly available) •  Affiliated entities •  Civil Litigation Searches •  Criminal History Searches •  Bankruptcy/Insolvency/Judgments •  Financial or other relevant Industry Regulator searches •  Ties to political groups/political affiliations – if the company/directors have political affiliations, please attempt to ascertain (from local or other sources) if these political ties have an impact on the course of business •  Blacklist or Other Country Watchlist Searches •  Media (English and local language)
  19. 19. 18 Site visits… Site Visit Requests   •  Confirmation that the subject resides at the provided address •  Description of the surrounding area •  Description of the premises to include: o Security measures (if any) o # of floors o Location of subject’s office o Any signage for company (inside and/or out) o Description of activity inside the building and/or office •  Photographs: o Outside of the building o Inside the building (if possible) o Inside the office (if possible)   Site visits are discreet visit and we try to obtain pictures inside the building. However, where this is not possible, we provide a reason as to why (no access to building, security, etc). PureIntelligence
  20. 20. 19 E President Buhari’s – Inner Circle LocalKnowledge Power and Influence Mapping.. Sub-Saharan Africa is the world’s most challenging business environment, complicated by political and economic uncertainty, endemic corruption, terrorism and lax rule of law. These uncertainties, usually come with shift in regime, each new regime coming in with new relationships, influencers, clique, inner circle “cabal and/kitchen cabinet”. Business and investments in Africa are largely driven by government policies, which are largely formulated by influencers and change with every regime. O & G follows the shift in power structure and keep tabs on the influencers in every dispensation. We provide investors, detailed and graphical illustrative mapping of power brokers and influencers by individual, sector, state, country and political structure.
  21. 21. 20 Case Study – Power Mapping The Client/Problem The client is a consortium of local and International investors who acquired a Nigeria bank. The client needed to get a better understanding of the Bank’s executive management’s, individual reputation, key relationships, sources of influence and possible future events that will potentially affect their position and influence. The Action Oldstone & Green, carried out a reputational and social network assessment of individual members of the Bank’s executive management, speaking to reputable sources in their current and previous work places, social contacts, family and business relationships. Intelligence gathered was presented in a structured relationship and influence map, highlighting formal and informal links as well as key relationships. Outcome The client was able to get a thorough understanding of the reputation and social networks of the Bank’s executive management, which aided the bank in developing an efficient and effective turn around strategy, built around these individuals. REPUTATIONAL AND SOCIAL NETWORK ASSESSMENT/ INFLUENCE AND RELATIONSHIP MAPPING
  22. 22. 21 Case Study – Due Diligence COMPLIANCE /FCPA & UK ANTI BRIBERY ACT The Client/Problem The client is a consortium of local and International investors who own a Nigeria bank. The client needed an investigation into the Bank’s senior management, board members, business partners, and subsidiaries to determine whether they had run afoul of any US and European anti-corruption and sanctions laws (FCPA, UK Anti-Bribery Act, OFAC ) and if they had any damaging reputational issues. This was the 2 and 3rd phase of a 4 (four) Phase exercise. The Action Oldstone & Green went to work by developing a monitoring process and putting the bank under a watch, this was followed by a proper due diligence of the parties and persons. This ranged from public record focused checks to in- depth enquiries into higher risk subjects, including source enquiries and site visits. O & G was able to leverage on its network of deep embedded and trusted sources to get the results efficiently and cost effectively. Outcome The client was able to engage with third parties, confident that there were no associated compliance driven risk issues.
  23. 23. 22 Case Study – Investigations The Client/Problem The client is the owner of a US based firm, who fell prey to a Nigerian scam artist. The client needed to be able to identify the subject; where he is from in Nigeria, a correct name, his religion, where he lives etc. and all this should be done without the subject’s knowledge. The Action Oldstone & Green’s findings provided clear visibility on the activities of the subject, his modus operandi and his associates using the email and telephone number of the subject provided by the client. We were able to deliver on the project scope and more in half the proposed timeframe, providing pictures and other relevant information to further support our findings. Outcome The client got all necessary information needed about the subject.
  24. 24. 13 Case Study – Geopolitical Risk Analysis GEOPOLITICAL INSIGHT The Client/Problem A High Net Wealth (HNW) international investor and philanthropist operating across Africa and beyond. The client is one of the most significant investors in the West Africa region. With Nigeria’s emergence as the biggest economy in Africa, the incessant terror bombings by the Boko Haram sect and the upcoming general elections in 2015, the client wanted to refine his thinking about the geo-strategic outlook for the country and to a large extent its impact on the sub-Region over a one, five and ten year period.  The Action Oldstone & Green conducted extended visits around the sub-region, particularly the healthy as well as the troubled economies and produced a comprehensive background paper, highlighting SWOT, PEST and other underlying factors and similarities between the big as well as troubled economies in West Africa, going into an election year. Outcome The client was able to frame commercial and security strategies in the sub-region for the mid to long term
  25. 25. Entering new and unfamiliar Africa markets can pose significant challenges to decision makers. Choosing the correct market, applying a suitable business strategy, and understanding local competitive forces can all have a material impact on the success of a new venture. Oldstone & Green advises its clients on the best strategy to adopt when entering a new market in which they seek to establish and develop their business operations. We conduct market surveys to determine appropriate geographies for sales, map the behaviour and profile of competitors and their management to understand competitive forces, analyse comparable products and services to determine price points, production methods and distribution options, develop both a macro and micro economic assessment of the market, and advise on various entry methods and strategies to ensure the best chance of business success while mitigating possible risks. 23 Why Us? We have been involved in a variety of targeted market entry and competitive intelligence assignments, predominantly in Nigeria. We assess competitors’ activities, the opportunities in the targeted marketplace and the relevant legal, economic and political framework for our clients to make informed decisions. O & G leverages its extensive market knowledge and network of in-country associates, who have significant experience supporting investors operating in new markets. We tell our clients the truth and not what is “good to hear”, and produce our reports and finding in plain and simple language, so the client is not confused We also advice on non-market forces such as political factors and business relationships, which can be a major challenge in sub-Saharan Africa Markets. Market Entry & Intelligence
  26. 26. FMCG Sector Conducted retail audit for bottled water, for a leading brand, across key states of the federation Market sizing for battery powered devices across Nigeria, for a leading battery brand. Market sizing and entry for one of the world's leading industry player in corn production and tortilla market Diary industry intelligence for a global producer of packaging materials Cocoa value chain intelligence for a leading agricultural company, helping to improve global food security Market entry intelligence for a leading FMCG company on skin lightening, fairness and even-tone creams New product development intelligence for an international snacking brand looking to enter the extrusion market. Mapping of a list of potential clients and glass packaging needs for one of India‘s leading glass packaging companies. Market Intelligence for a not-for-profit trade association serving nearly 3,000 members in 45 countries, who wanted to understand the cold storage chain for fresh produce. Market Intelligence for a global client, on the confectionary – candy and biscuit – for M&A purpose Cocoa value chain intelligence for a leading agricultural company, helping to improve global food security Carried out retail audit and Identifying retail companies Market Intelligence for a global client, on the confectionary – candy and biscuit – for M&A purpose Market entry intelligence for a leading FMCG company on skin lightening, fairness and even-tone creams Cocoa value chain intelligence for a leading agricultural company, helping to improve global food security A Niche for FMCG.. . 24 LocalKnowledge
  27. 27. 25 Testimonials. ..our business has grown through personal connections, recommendations and repeat engagements. Our clients tell us that they come back time after time because our rigour, perspective and vision results in tangible insights and recommendations that help to grow their business….
  28. 28. 26 Case Study – Market Intelligence The Client/Problem The client is a US based not-for-profit trade organisation servicing the entire supply chain for fresh produce and floral industries. The organisation wants to position itself as a first-in-line resource to assist members and prospective members with market intelligence. The Action Oldstone & Green, carried out in-depth primary and secondary research, providing •  An overview of key country metrics relating to the economy, government, business environment and regional trade in the context of the global produce industry. •  Consumer trends affecting the produce industry, including retail, consumer food service, and overall food consumption. •  An overview of the fresh produce industry comprising general market conditions, an examination of the supply chain including insight into issues around domestic production, cold chain management, distribution and employment, regulatory issues, science and technology issues, import and export data •  Projected the future of the produce industry over the next 3 to 5 years in terms of market, trade, regulations, consumer trends and supply chain issues by examining drivers and challenges present in Nigeria. Outcome The client was very pleased with the project as they got a clear picture of the supply chain of fresh produce in Nigeria and enabled informed management decision on an entry strategy. LocalKnowledge
  29. 29. 27 Case Study The Client/Problem The client is one of India’s leading glass packaging companies, looking to boost export revenues and want to tap into the African market for glass packaging, with focus on Nigeria. The client needed us to map a list of potential clients and their glass packaging needs in the pharmaceutical industry. The Action Oldstone & Green, carried out in-depth primary and secondary research and able to •  Create a list of manufacturers and their relevant contact details (potential customers) and their packaging needs across the industries identified by our client. •  Assess which manufacturers have an interest in changing their current glass packaging supplier •  Understand each manufacturer’s key purchasing criteria (i.e. what drives their choice of supplier, is it price, product quality, bottles sizes available etc.?) •  Establish an indication of typical prices in the current market (price per 1000 bottles / price per tonne) •  Determine whether there are any local agents / distributors of glass packaging who may be well placed to represent our client •  Provide our client with actionable industry driven information on the market in order to assist their customer acquisition activities. Outcome The client used our findings to contact these manufacturers and increase their client list/base in Nigeria. LocalKnowledge
  30. 30. 28 Regional Focus Geographic Coverage ¨  Angola ¨  Benin ¨  Burkina Faso ¨  Burundi ¨  Cameroon ¨  Ivory Coast ¨  Egypt ¨  Ethiopia ¨  Gabon ¨  Gambia ¨  Ghana ¨  Guinea ¨  Guinea –Bissau ¨  Kenya ¨  Liberia LocalKnowledge Our Strongest Markets We have extensive expertise and on-ground presence of trusted embedded analyst across sub-Saharan Africa, with our strongest markets in the following countries. ¨  Mauritius ¨  Mozambique ¨  Namibia ¨  Nigeria ¨  Rwanda ¨  Senegal ¨  Seychelles ¨  Sierra Leone ¨  South Africa ¨  Tanzania ¨  Togo ¨  Uganda ¨  Zambia ¨  Zimbabwe
  31. 31. 29 Sectoral Focus ¨  Aviation ¨  Banking & Finance ¨  Energy and Extractive ¨  Power ¨  Media ¨  Telecommunications ¨  Infrastructure & Shipping ¨  Retail & Consumer Goods ¨  Oil & Gas ¨  Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals ¨  Agriculture ¨  Geopolitics & Economic ¨  Manufacturing ¨  Real Estate Sectors LocalKnowledge
  32. 32. 30 Contact Us LocalKnowledge
  33. 33. 31 Oldstone & Green Limited RC: 889082 No 10b Ajanaku Street Awuse Estate, Opebi Lagos State Maxwell Ojelede +234 803 246 0061 +234 805 863 7554 Bankers: Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Enquiries: Research: Consulting: General: LocalKnowledge
  34. 34. 32 LocalKnowledge