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  2. 2. 3Dear Colleague:I am pleased to present the Winter/Spring 2009 Catalogue of Coursessponsored by Continuing Dental Education at The University of BritishColumbia. We are excited about our program, and hope you will takeadvantage of some of the excellent educational opportunities available.I would like to thank the following Regional Coordinators who havevolunteered their time to plan continuing education courses for all dentalprofessionals, in the various regions throughout the province. The RegionalCoordinators Network is generously supported by a grant from The Collegeof Dental Surgeons of British Columbia. Dr. Gordon Black Thompson Okanagan Dental Society Dr. Greg Ames Prince George and District Dental Society Dr. Jonathan Adams Victoria and District Dental Society Dr. Bill McNiece Kamloops and District Dental Society Dr. Jordon Catherall Kootenay Dental Society Dr. Rob Staschuk Vancouver and District Dental Society Dr. Dan Kinkela Northwestern B.C. Dental Society Dr. Bill Toews Upper Island Dental Society Dr. Steven Hill Fraser Valley Dental SocietyPlease be sure to mark in your calendar for Travel and Learn in Hawaii,January 2010. The dates will be finalized by February 2009. Check ourwebsite for further information: www.dentistry.ubc.ca/cde. The Richard V.Tucker Symposium has been postponed to Fall 2010 – the dates will beavailable on our website as soon as they are released!The Frequent Attendee’s Program continues to be offered thankingthose people who frequently attend our courses. Any individual, whoregisters for two courses within the same academic calendar year, canattend a third course at a $50 reduction (non-transferable).Our newsletter emails have been very well received this fall. If you wouldlike to receive course reminders via email, please email cde@interchange.ubc.ca and we will add you to our list. If you have any suggestions orfeedback for our program, we would also appreciate hearing from you atthe same address!I would also like to thank our sponsors for their ongoing support, as theirgenerosity enables us to continue to offer excellent programs throughoutthe year, and of course, those of you who continue to register for ourcourses.On behalf of Continuing Dental Education, Best Wishes for a Happy andHealthy New Year!With kind regards,Sylvia Stephens, DirectorContinuing Dental EducationPS: Please display this calendar in your office so that allmembers of your team can take advantage of these continuingeducation opportunities!
  3. 3. 4 COURSES AT A GLANCE 7 Wednesday (evenings), January 14, January 21, February 11, 2009 UBC Advanced General Dentistry Seminar Series Dr. Jeff Coil, Dr. Chris Wyatt, Dr. Dennis Nimchuk, Dr. Dorin Ruse, Dr. Eli Whitney, Dr. Burton Goldstein, Dr. Charles Shuler, Dr. David Macdonald, Dr. Phil Barer, Dr. Charity Siu 9 Tuesday, January 27, 2009 UBC Dentistry Research Day 2009 Oral Cancer: EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES UBC Student Union Building Ballroom 10 Thursday (evening), January 29, 2009 Real-Time Video Conferencing Consultations for Clinical Oral Pathology in BC Dr. Chuck Shuler & Dr. Samson Ng 11 Saturday, January 31, 2009 Implants for Fixed Prosthodontics Dr. Scott Dyer 12 Saturday, February 7, 2009 Restorative Materials: What, Where, Why and When – Part 2 Morning Unlimited lecture — Hands-on in the afternoon 13 Saturday and Sunday, February 14 & 15, 2009 ANNUAL VERNON SKI SEMINAR 13 Saturday, February 14th, 2009 Medical Emergencies in Dentistry Dr. Daniel Haas 14 Sunday, February 15, 2009 Make My Day—Developing a Courtesy System for Dr. Scott LeBuke 15 Saturday February 21 Strategies for Successful Restorative and Implant Therapy Dr. Robert David & Dr. Fredrick Muroff Thursday-Saturday, March 5th – 7th
  4. 4. COURSES AT A GLANCE 516 Saturday and Sunday, April 4 & 5, 2009 Friday and Saturday, April 24 & 25, 2009 Local Anaesthesia for Registered Dental Hygienists16 Saturday, April 18, 2009 “If You Can’t Beat’em, Enjoy Them” & “ But Aren’t They Just Baby Teeth?” Dr. Greg Psaltis17 Friday, Saturday, Sunday, April 24, 25 & 26, 2009 Inhalation and Oral Sedation in Dentistry Dr. David Donaldson, Dr. Mark Donaldson and Dr. Fred Quarnstrom19 May 27th – June 10th Assistants and Registered Dental Hygienists June 2009 TBA Cast Gold Restoration Dr. Margaret A. Webb For full details of continuing dental education courses visit dentistry.ubc.ca MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Saturday October 17th, 2009 Tools in the Box Dr. Bruce Leblanc Saturday November 21st 2009 Ortho Update November 2009 Local Anaesthesia for Registered Dental Hygienists Watch for Further Details!
  5. 5. 6 GENERAL INFORMATION TO REGISTER: On-line: Go to www.dentistry.ubc.ca/cde and click “To Register for a Course” By phone: Local calls: 604-822-6156 Toll free 1-877-328-7744 (Canada & US) By fax: Send your completed registration form to: 604-822-4835 CREDITS Continuing education credits for Dentists and Certified Dental Assistants are automatically forwarded to the College of Dental Surgeons of B.C.; and for Dental Technicians to the College of Dental Technicians of B.C. Registered Dental Hygienists are required to maintain their own records for submission; however, we include letters of attendance in the registration packages that are picked up at the registration desk on the day of each course. Upon request, we can provide records of attendance at UBC sponsored courses. BREAKS For full day courses, beverages and light snacks are available upon arrival, and morning refreshment breaks and lunches are included. Refreshments and a light snack are provided for evening lectures. FREQUENT ATTENDEES Any individual who registers for two courses within the same academic year, can attend a third course at a $50 reduction (non transferable). PARKING Parking at UBC is available in the Health Sciences Visitors Parkade: weekend and evening (after 5pm) flat rate $5.00; or in B Lot: everyday flat rate $5.00 (Mastercard and Visa accepted). Parkade parking during weekdays is available at $1.50 per half hour up to a maximum of $12.00 per day. Parking at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre is currently available at no charge. REFUND POLICY For unlimited enrolment courses, registrants withdrawing prior to a course date will be refunded less a $25 administration charge. Fees will only be refunded in exceptional cases after the course date and a written refund request must be made. Refund policies for limited enrolment courses vary for each course. DISCLAIMER Dental education institutions have an obligation to disseminate new knowledge related to dental practice. Some presentations may include controversial materials or commercial references. Sponsorship of a continuing education course by The University of British Columbia does not imply endorsement of a particular philosophy, procedure or product by The University of British Columbia.
  6. 6. 7UBC ADVANCED GENERAL DENTISTRY DE9151SEMINAR SERIES3 Wednesday evenings:Session 2: January 14, 2009Session 3: January 21st, 2009 LIMITED ENROLMENTSession 4: February 11th, 2009Course Coordinators:Dr. Jeff Coil and Dr. Chris WyattPresenters:Dr. Eli Whitney and Dr. Burton Goldstein, Dr. Charles Shuler and Dr. DavidMacdonald, Dr. Phil Barer and Dr. Charity SiuThis four session seminar based study club will explore various advancedtopics of interest to general dentists in clinical practice. Each topic will beaddressed by two speakers from different disciplines. In this series we willcover “The New Ceramics”, “Chronic Pain”, “Imaging and Pathology”, and“Adult & Children Orthodontics”.The format for each session will be 6:30pm – 9:30pm, a two-hour seminarfollowed by a one-hour general question and answer period. Participants willbe encouraged to e-mail (cde@interchange.ubc.ca) or phone-in questions(604 822-2627) concerning the topics prior to each meeting. Drs. Coil andWyatt will forward questions to the presenters and will moderate the question& answer sessions.Chris Wyatt, BSc, DMD, MSc, FRCD(C), Dip Pros, is a Certified Specialistin Prosthodontics and an Associate Professor and Head of the Division ofProsthodontics and Dental Geriatrics in the Faculty of Dentistry at UBC.In addition to lecturing and providing continuing education courses onProsthodontics within and outside of Canada, he enjoys treating patients withProsthodontic concerns in his private practice.Jeffrey Coil, DMD, MSD, PhD, FRCD(C), FADI, is a Certified Specialistin Endodontics and an Assistant Professor in the Division of Endodontics,and the Department of Oral Biological and Medical Sciences in the Faculty ofDentistry at UBC. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Endodonticsand the current President of the Canadian Academy of Endodontics. Dr. Coilhas lectured nationally and internationally, and maintains a part-time specialtypractice.SESSION 2January 14, 2009Chronic PainDr. Eli Whitney and Dr. Burton GoldsteinOrofacial Pain and TMD: applying the science in the textbook to the patient inthe chair – the first part of this session will review the anatomy, neuroanatomy,neurophysiology, and theories of pain. The second part of the session willbe a presentation focussed on evidence-based TMD diagnosis and treatment.The presentations will be followed by an open discussion with audienceparticipation.Eli Whitney, DDS, Cert Oral Med, Cert Oral Path, FRCD(C), CertifiedSpecialist in Oral Medicine and Pathology, is an Assistant Professor in theDepartment of Oral Biological and Medical Sciences in the Faculty of Dentistryat UBC, and is the Program Director for the Oral Medicine-Oral Pathologypostgraduate specialty residency. Dr. Whitney is also the Course Coordinatorfor the second year dental students and lectures to the undergraduate dentalstudents in Oral Medicine and Pathology. He teaches in many postgraduateand hospital clinics including the VGH Orofacial Pain Clinic and maintains apart-time Oral Medicine practice in Vancouver.Burton H. Goldstein, D.M.D., M.S., F.R.C.D.(C), graduated from theUniversity of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and completed graduate
  7. 7. 8 and residency programs at the University of Illinois Medical Center. He is a Certified Specialist in both Oral Medicine and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in B.C., and a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Medicine and the American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. He is Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Oral Biological & Medical Sciences at the U.B.C. Faculty of Dentistry. Dr. Goldstein presently conducts a private consultation practice in Oral Medicine and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. He has had extensive experience in the surgical and non surgical management of facial pain and mouth and jaw disorders. SESSION 3 January 21st, 2009 Imaging and Pathology Dr. Charles Shuler and Dr. David Macdonald A radiologist and histopathologist will discuss the correlation between the radiological and histopathological appearances of common and important oral and maxillofacial lesions. As most of these lesions are first detected in the community this course is particularly suitable for family dentists. This course will also be of interest to both dental and oral and maxillofacial specialists, otorhinolaryngologists, and all specialty trainees. The radiology will cover both the conventional and advanced imaging of many of these lesions. David MacDonald, BDS, BSc(Hons), LLB(Hons), MSc, DDS(Edin), FDSRCPS, DDRRCR, FRCD(C), trained in the United Kingdom, and was appointed upon completion of his specialist training at King’s College Hospital, London, to the University of Hong Kong as Head of the Oral Radiology Unit. He won his DDS by dissertation from the University of Edinburgh in 2007. The Edinburgh DDS is at least equivalent to a PhD. In 2007 he also passed the Fellowship examination of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. He has also held appointments at the Universities of Edinburgh and Bergen. Dr MacDonald has extensive publications (under MacDonald-Jankowski) principally on the radiological aspects of the epidemiology of disease affecting the face and jaws, particularly of the Hong Kong Chinese. His paper, ‘Fibro-osseous lesions of the face and jaws’ in Clinical Radiology (a medical radiology journal) was the 3rd most downloaded for the 2003/05 academic years; this paper is still in that journal’s top 25 most downloaded. He is also recognised for the application of Systematic Review to Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology. Dr. MacDonald is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Oral Biological and Medical Sciences, and Chair of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology in the Faculty of Dentistry at UBC. Charles F. Shuler, D.M.D., Ph.D., is the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of British Columbia. Prior to UBC he was a faculty member at the University of Southern California for 18 years. At USC he served as the Director of the University of Southern California Center for Craniofacial Molecular Biology holding an endowed chair position as the George and Mary Lou Boone Professor of Craniofacial Molecular Biology. He also served as the Director of the Graduate Program in Craniofacial Biology and the Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs at the USC School of Dentistry. Dr. Shuler received his B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin, his D.M.D. from Harvard School of Dental Medicine, his Ph.D. in Pathology from the University of Chicago and his Oral Pathology specialty education at the University of Minnesota and the Royal Dental College Copenhagen Denmark. His current research interests include craniofacial development, oral carcinogenesis and gene therapy. SESSION 4 February 11th, 2009 Adult and Children Orthodontics Dr. Philip Barer and Dr. Charity Siu New Developments in Orthodontics.....This presentation will outline some of the current aspects of orthodontics which have improved our diagnostic and treatment capabilities. It will include cone beam imaging in diagnosis and treatment planning, temporary anchorage devices and the ortho/implant interaction, as well as aesthetic treatment planning and treatment modalities for children and adults.
  8. 8. Dr Philip Barer, DMD, MSc, FRCD, graduated from the university of BritishColumbia in 1982 with a DMD; in 1984 he graduated from the University ofWashington Graduate Orthodontic Program with a Diploma in Orthodontics anda Masters of Science in Dentistry. Dr Barer is a Diplomate, American Board ofOrthodontics and a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. He is anAssistant Clinical Professor at UBC and Sessional Lecturer at VCC, Dental HygieneProgram. He is a consulting staff with the BC Cancer Agency and has had aSpecialty Practice of Orthodontics in Vancouver since 1984.Dr. Charity Siu, DMD, FRCD(C), graduated from the University of BritishColumbia with a DMD. After completing a 2 year general practise residency at theUniversity of Washington she continued to study Orthodontics at the Universityof Rochester, Eastman Dental Centre. Dr. Siu is certified by the Royal College ofDentists of Canada and is a member of the Canadian Association of Orthodontics,the British Columbia Society of Orthodontists, the American Association ofOrthodontics, the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, and the American CleftPalate-Craniofacial Association. She is a part-time clinical associate professor atthe dental school in U.B.C., and practices in the Lower Mainland.Tuition: Individual sessions $2153 hours of instructionRegistration for individual sessions will only be accepted if space permitting.A light dinner will be served prior to each session.Location: Ray Whittick Lounge H.R. MacMillan Space Centre LIMITED ENROLMENT 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver, B.C.Times: 6:30pm – 9:30pmTuesday January 27 DE9309UBC DENTISTRY RESEARCH DAY 2009Oral Cancer: Early Detection Saves LivesUBC Student Union Building Ballroom Welcome from Dr. Charles Shuler, Professor and DeanDr. Edward Putnins, Professor and Associate Dean of Research& Graduate/Post-Graduate StudiesUpon routine clinical exam, Dr. Riley identifies a suspicious lesion on the lateralborder of the tongue that the patient was unaware of. and Malignant Lesions of the Oral CavityDr. Eli Whitney, Assistant Professor and Director, Oral Medicine& Oral Pathology Residency Program“As a clinician, which areas of the mouth are associated with malignanttransformation and what clinical presentation warrants follow-up?”Dr. Catherine Poh, Assistant Professor and CHIR ClinicianScientist“What current adjunct visualization tools are available for chairside use to assesssuspicious oral lesions?” InterfaceDr. Ulrich auf dem Keller, Post-Doctoral Fellow (Overall Lab)“What biological mechanisms are activated during tumor cell invasion?”
  9. 9. Quantitative Pathology/CytologyDr. Lewei Zhang, Professor and Chair, Division of Oral Medicine,Oral Diagnosis & Oral Pathology“What histological tools are being developed to help predict oral tumor behaviour(progression or recurrence)?”Ms. Brenda Currie, PhD student (Poh Lab)“What social groups in our community are at high risk and what strategies can beimplemented to help these patients?” (Undergraduates, Graduates, Post-Doctoral Fellows) ViewingPosters by undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows,research associates and faculty members Transfer from Bench to ChairsideDr. Michele Williams, Clinical Professor and Director, UBC OralMucosal Disease Program; Oral Medicine Leader, BC CancerAgency“How do we transfer new knowledge about oral cancer to the dental community?” DetectionDr. David Wong, Professor and Associate Dean of Research,UCLA School of Dentistry“What does the future hold for early oral cancer screening and detection?” LIMITED ENROLMENT7.5 hours of instructionTuition: Until Jan 22 After Jan 22 Dentists: $235 $260Location: UBC Student Union Building, BallroomTimes: Registration 8:00am Course times: 8:30 am – 4:15pmThursday evening, January 29 DE9302Real-Time Video Conferencing Consultations for Clinical OralPathology in BCDr. Charles Shuler, Dr. Samson NgOral hard and soft tissue lesions may be recognized during patient examinations.The UBC Faculty of Dentistry is developing a real-time, video-conferencingapproach to permit consultations with an oral medicine/pathology specialistdirectly from the private dental office. This presentation will provide examplesof the potential of tele-dentistry, and oral medicine/pathology on-line. The typeof hardware and software that can be employed will be discussed as well asreviewing a set of materials that would allow this consultative approach to beincorporated into a practice.Charles Shuler BSc, DMD, PhD is Dean and Professor UBC Faculty of Dentistry.His BSc is from the University of Wisconsin, DMD from Harvard School ofDental Medicine, PhD from the University of Chicago and Oral Pathology fromthe University of Minnesota and Royal Dental College Copenhagen. His currentresearch interests include craniofacial development, oral carcinogenesis, oralmedicine and gene therapy.
  10. 10. Samson Ng, BSc(Pharm), DMD, MSc, FRCD(C), FDSRCSEd, Dip. 11ABOM., FAAOMP received his dental qualification from the University ofBritish Columbia (UBC) and completed a general practice residency and an OralMedicine and Oral Pathology residency program at UBC/ Vancouver GeneralHospital. As an oral medicine specialist and oral pathologist in British Columbia,Canada, Dr. Ng has been actively engaging in both fields in full capacity. He iscurrently appointed as clinical assistant professor at the University of BritishColumbia; director of the Oral Care Program for the Medically Complex Patients(OCPMCP) at the department of dentistry of the Vancouver General Hospital,and oral oncology staff at the BC Cancer Agency. Dr. Ng also operates a privatepractice which provides comprehensive Oral medicine and clinical pathologyconsultations, with a special interest in oral mucosal and temporomandibularjoint diseases.Tuition: Until Jan 22 After Jan 22 Dentists: $135 $150 Dental Hygienists: $ 85 $ 95Refreshments and light snack includedLocation: H.R. MacMillan Space Centre LIMITED ENROLMENT 1100 Chestnut Street, VancouverTimes: Registration 6:30pm Course commences 7:00pm3 hours of instructionSaturday, January 31st DE9310Implants for Fixed Prosthodontics:Dr. Scott R. DyerTreatment Planning and Procedures for Replacing Missing TeethTooth replacement remains a common procedure in current dental practice.Determining the treatment options for patients can however be difficult withthe multiple options available. Additionally, the prosthetic techniques toreplace missing teeth such as partials, bridges and implant restorations havemany different variations for the clinician to choose. This full day course isdesigned to be a review of treatment options and techniques for replacingmissing teeth.Topics will include: options emphasis on implant-borne prostheses)Handouts will be providedThis course will be of interest to the entire dental team!Scott R. Dyer, DMD, MS, PhD, is a Board Certified Prosthodontist and maintainsa private practice limited to fixed, removable and implant prosthodontics inTualatin, Oregon. He is an Assistant Professor at Oregon Health & ScienceUniversity in the Department of Restorative Dentistry in the divisions ofBiomaterials and Biomechanics, and Prosthodontics. He received his D.M.D.from Oregon Health & Science University and a Certificate in Prosthodonticswith a Master’s of Science from the University of Texas Health Science Centerat San Antonio. Dr. Dyer earned his Ph.D. from University of Turku, Finland,with his work regarding the design of dental prosthetic structures. While in
  11. 11. prosthodontic residency, Dr. Dyer was honored as the Teledyne WaterPik NationalProsthodontic Student of the Year. He is actively pursuing scientific endeavorsrelating to the contemporary aspects of prosthetic dentistry, including patentinga process to make thinner, stronger dentures. Dr. Dyer has previously owned adental laboratory.Tuition: Until Jan 22 After Jan 22 Dentists $235 $260 Dental Hygienists $135 $150 Dental Technicians $135 $150Luncheon includedLocation: Lecture Hall #6 Instructional Resources Centre (IRC), UBCTimes: Registration 8:30 am Course commences 9:00 am6 hours of instructionSaturday, February 7th DE9298Restorative materials: What, Where, When and How Part 2 UNLIMITED ENROLMENTThis program will review current restorative materials and the rationale forselection and clinical use of the most appropriate material in varying clinicalsituations. The confusion between marketing and evidence-based dentistry willbe made clear. Aspects to be discussed include: selection of adhesive systems;microfill, hybrid and nanofilled composites; glass ionomers, resin modified glassionomers and compomers as liners, luting agents and restoratives; bleaching;direct pulp capping with calcium hydroxide or adhesive agents; biocompatibilityof tooth colored restorations; esthetic alternatives such as indirect composite,porcelain inlays/onlays/crowns and their clinical techniques. The application ofcolor in dentistry, principles of smile design and clinical restoration of cosmeticcases for the general dentist will be described and illustrated in detail. Updatedinformation on bisphosphonates in dentistry will be presented. LIMITED ENROLMENT 30 ParticipantsThis session will enable the participant to confidently and accurately determineshades and accomplish simple and complex restorations using composite resin.This hands-on session will allow participants to restore Class I and Class IIposterior composites with dentin and enamel replacement, occlusal groove resintints and the optimal matrix system. In addition, a Class IV and anterior facialcomposite veneer will be restored with lifelike translucency, dentin and enamelreplacement, enamel craze lines and characterization. Finishing and polishingtechniques will be refined to ensure maximum esthetics and longevity of therestorations.Charles W. Wakefield, DDS, MAGD, ABGD, FICD, FACD, graduated from theUCLA School of Dentistry and completed a two year Advanced General DentistryResidency at Fort Knox, while in the U.S. Army Dental Corps. His militaryassignments took him across the U.S., to Germany and as an exchange officerwith the British Army. He is a Diplomate of both the Federal Services Board ofGeneral Dentistry and the American Board of General Dentistry, and has servedas an Examiner for both Boards. Dr. Wakefield was awarded a Mastership in theAcademy of General Dentistry, he is also a Fellow in the American and InternationalColleges of Dentists and holds the Surgeons General’s “A” designator. Currently,he is a Tenured Professor in the Department of General Dentistry and Directorof the Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency Program at BaylorCollege of Dentistry, Texas A & M Health Science Centre, Dallas, Texas. As well
  12. 12. 13he is a Consultant to the Commission on Dental Accreditation, American DentalAssociation.Tuition: Until Jan 22 After Jan 22 Dentists $135 $150 Dental Hygienists $ 85 $ 95 Dental Technicians $ 85 $ 95 Dentists $395 $435Luncheon included for full day participants only.Location: Lecture Hall #6, Instructional Resources Centre (IRC), JB Macdonald BuildingTimes: Registration 8:30 am Course commences 9:00 am3 hours of instruction (lecture only)7 hours of instruction (lecture and hands-on) Part 1 is notA portion of this program is being generously sponsoredby unrestricted educational grants from Kerr Corporation.Saturday and Sunday, February 14th & 15th DE9139ANNUAL VERNON SKI SEMINARChilcoot Conference Centre, Silver Star Mountain, B.C.Saturday, February 14thRegistration: 8:30am Course time: 9am-5pmMedical Emergencies in DentistryDr. Daniel HaasThis course will be of interest to all members of the dental team.This course covers the basic principles for the prevention and managementof medical emergencies in the dental office. Prevention is discussed byreviewing important drug interactions and the management of the medicallycompromised patient. A review of emergency equipment and the pharmacologyof resuscitative drugs will follow.Treatment protocols for specific emergencies, such as allergic reactions,cardiovascular emergencies, and local anaesthetic toxicity, among others, willbe presented. It is assumed that those in attendance are already knowledgeableand current in basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).Course Overview & OutlineA basic emergency drug kit will be provided to the dentists at the course.Daniel Haas, BSc, DDS, BScD, PhD, FRCD (C) is professor and AssociateDean at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry, with a cross-appointmentto the Department of Pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine. He holds
  13. 13. 14 the Chapman Chair in Clinical Sciences, is Head of the Discipline in Dental Anaesthesia and Director for the graduate program in Dental Anaesthesia. Dr Haas is in clinical practice with the Department of Dentistry, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. He is the 2004 recipient of the International Association for Dental Research Distinguished Scientist Award for Pharmacology/Therapeutics / Toxicology. He received the W. W. Wood Award for Excellence in Dental Education in 2005. He received the 2007 Heidbrink award from the American Dental Society of Anaesthesiology for outstanding contributions to anaesthesia in dentistry. He has lectured internationally on the subjects of pharmacology, anaesthesia, and medical emergencies in a dental practice. Sunday, February 15th Registration 4:00pm Course time: 4:30pm–7:30pm and Your Life Dr. Scott LeBuke This course will be of interest to all members of the dental team! As we move into an “experience-based economy” our patients are demanding to be treated with courtesy, respect and politeness. This lecture will revisit the simple basics of courtesy in a dental business setting and in our day to day lives. A set of generic behaviors will be presented as a set of ideals that ensure that team members know how to act courteously and respect the individuality of each guest and their fellow team member. Scott LeBuke, DDS received his degree from the University of Alberta in 1994 where he was class president and president of the Dental Students Association. Since graduation, he has been actively involved with the Thompson Okanagan Dental Society as a past director and as president from 2004-2006. Dr LeBuke practices general dentistry including orthodontics, with eight team members, in a solo dental practice in Revelstoke, B.C., where he lives with his wife and two children. Dr LeBuke is a “courtesy enthusiast” who has developed an office environment that encourages politeness and respect through the use of common courtesies. Dr LeBuke has also started to consult with dental offices and other businesses to help them implement courtesy strategies for their teams. Saturday, February 14th 7 hours of instruction Sunday, February 15th 3 hours of instruction Tuition: Until Feb 6 After Feb 6 February 14th and 15th: Dentists $395 $420 Allied Dental Personnel $235 $260 (includes both course presentations, handouts and Saturday luncheon) Saturday, February 14th: Dentists $275 $300 Allied Dental Personnel $145 $170 (includes handout and luncheon) Sunday, February 15th: Dentists $145 $170 Allied Dental Personnel $ 95 $120 Location: Chilcoot Conference Centre & Hotel Silver Star Club Resort PO Box 3002, Silver Star Mountain, B.C. Accommodation: Book your accommodation early! A block of rooms at a special hotel conference rate, has been reserved at the Silver Star Club Resort, if you make your reservation before January 18th based on availability. Please be sure to identify yourself with Continuing Dental Education at UBC. Quote group name UBC Dental. To book your accommodation, please call 1-800-610-0805 or e-mail: info@ silverstarclubresort.com .
  14. 14. 15Saturday, February 21st DE9313Strategies for Successful Restorative and Implant Therapy:Shifting Paradigms, Challenges, Considerations andControversiesDr. Robert David & Dr. Fredrick MuroffSuccessful restorative and implant therapy results from careful treatmentplanning in a multidisciplinary manner. This course will highlight some of thesteps needed to arrive at a successful long term restorative and implantsupported prosthetic result in both the anterior and posterior regions. Aestheticand biomechanical issues will be addressed along with the current shiftingparadigms in patient care. Challenges, considerations and controversies inrestorative and implant therapy will be addressed.Course Objectives: The generic principles presented will discuss issues intreatment planning, treatment sequencing, MacDonald’s Theory on implantbiomechanics, esthetics, challenges and diagnostic and treatment dilemmas.The advantages and the disadvantages of screw and non-screw retainedrestorations will be also be discussed. Clinical cases will be used to illustratethe topics in this interactive presentation.At the completion of this lecture the participant should be able to: 1. Treatment plan and sequences restorative and implant restorations 2. Plan for and manage aesthetic issues and the limitations in the anterior region 3. Understand the principles of implant biomechanics to assure long term success 4. Recognize the obstacles posed by every case 5. Understand the limitations of immediate implant placement 6. Evaluate the appropriateness of immediate loading 7. Routinely and economically utilize fixed provisionalization through all stages of treatment ie. from pre-treatment to case completion in partially edentulous archesDr. Robert David is an Associate Professor at Mc Gill University and conductsa Restorative and Implant Dentistry practice in downtown Montreal. He receivedthe W.W. Wood Award for Excellence in Dental Education at McGill and is currentlyChairman of the Continuing Dental Education Committee at McGill University.He is a Past – President of The Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentistryand Prosthodontics and The Montreal Dental Club. He has made numerouspresentations on restorative and implant dentistry, prosthodontics, estheticsand endodontics.Dr. Fredrick Muroff is an Associate Professor at McGill University. He hasspecialty status in both Endodontics and Periodontics and practices implantsurgery, periodontology and endodontics in Montreal. He is a former chiefPeriodontology examiner for the Royal College of Dentists of Canada and is aPast President of The Canadian Academy of Periodontology.Tuition: Until Jan 22 After Jan 22 Dentists $235 $260 Dental Hygienists $135 $150 Dental Technicians $135 $150Luncheon includedLocation: Lecture Hall #6, Instructional Resources Centre (IRC), UBCTimes: Registration 8:30 am Course commences 9:00 am6 hours of instruction
  15. 15. 16 Saturday and Sunday, April 4th & 5th DE9138 Friday and Saturday, April 24th & 25th Local Anaesthesia for Dental Hygienists This is a three and a half day course, designed to teach basic and current concepts of local anaesthesia, and administration of local anaesthetic agents. This course is comprised of two sessions. As participants practice on each other, you must be able to receive local anaesthesia or you must provide a stand-in for your partner. SESSION I – (two full days, April 4th & 5th) consists of didactic information, instruction, and application of clinical techniques. SESSION II – (April 24th evening and April 25th full day) consists of written and clinical evaluations. NOTE: During the interval between Session I and Session II, participants must practice the techniques under the personal observation of their employing dentist. If you are from out of province, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to complete your practicum in British Columbia or in a jurisdiction where dental hygienists may legally administer local anaesthetic agents. Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: 1. Describe head and neck anatomy related to the administration of local anaesthetic agents. 2. Describe principles of pharmacology related to local anaesthetic agents and adrenergic drugs. 3. Demonstrate the various techniques involved in the administration of local anaesthetic agents. 4. Explain patient evaluation, complications and office emergencies as related to local anaesthesia. NOTE: “Handbook of Local Anaesthesia (5th Edition),” by Dr. Stanley Malamed is the textbook for the course and should be reviewed prior to the course. A self aspirating syringe is also provided to each participant on the first day of the course. Participants must successfully complete the program prior to being eligible for a change in registration status by the College of Dental Hygienists of British Columbia to administer local anaesthetic agents. Saturday, April 18th DE9312 If You Can’t Beat’em, Enjoy Them & But Aren’t They Just Baby Teeth? Dr. Greg Psaltis If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Enjoy Them (Behavior Management from a new perspective) This fun program covers all aspects of Behavior Management, which is far more than simply “controlling the child” in a dental setting. Emphasis is on the behavior of the provider, which ultimately enables the child to succeed in a dental setting. Techniques for handling the child are covered (some with video footage), as well as specific techniques for altering negative behaviors, such as needle-phobia, gagging, etc. This participation program helps the audience understand the child’s view-point in the dental setting. There is material on how to effectively deal with parents and help make them a part of the success of the child’s experience rather than a detriment. Three-hour format: This shorter version covers the main points in the longer program, but without as much time spent on the specific negative behaviors or video footage. But Aren’t They Just Baby Teeth? You’ve heard these words before and can’t help thinking to yourself, “Oh no,
  16. 16. 17another uninformed parent.” Parents who pose this question (and others)are not really ignorant—they are often working from old beliefs or their ownexperiences. The ability to answer these common questions insures a greaterunderstanding of the pediatric dental issues at hand and creates a positiverelationship through effective communications. This program is based onquestions routinely heard from parents of pediatric dental patients and coversa broad spectrum of topics. Included are primary anterior trauma, treatmentplanning, “rotten teeth,” timing of initial examinations and more. The scientificbasis and the rationales for treatment is a significant part of the lecture.Practitioners who treat children will benefit from this engaging course.This course will be of interest to the entire dental team!Greg Psaltis, DDS received his BA from Stanford University in 1970, hisDDS from the University of California, San Francisco, School of Dentistry, in1975, and his specialty certification in Pediatric Dentistry from UCSF in 1977.He has been a pediatric dentist for 34 years, the last 28 in private practice inOlympia, Washington. In addition to enjoying his practice, Dr. Psaltis lecturesoften on pediatric dental topics, practice management and communicationskills. His unique speaking style reflects his years of experience and his keenobservations, thus making his programs both informative and entertaining.Tuition: Until Jan 22 After Jan 22 Dentists $235 $260 Dental Hygienists $135 $150 Dental Technicians $135 $150Luncheon includedLocation: Lecture Hall #6, Instructional Resources Centre (IRC), UBCTimes: Registration 8:30 am Course commences 9:00 am6 hours of instructionFriday, Saturday and Sunday, DE9295April 24th, 25th & 26th LIMITED ENROLMENTInhalation and Oral Sedation in DentistryDr. David Donaldson, Dr. Mark Donaldsonand Dr. Fred QuarnstromThis two part hands-on course offers instruction in all aspects of inhalationanalgesia, including effective methods in dealing with anxiety control in generalpractice. Participants will learn various techniques and will have the opportunityto try several types of systems.Part 1 (Friday and Saturday) is designed to achieve certification in nitrousoxide/oxygen sedation and Part 2 (Sunday) is designed for those who havesuccessfully completed Part 1 or have previously completed a certificationcourse in nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation (documentation required) or havecompleted an undergraduate program.Part 1: Friday and Saturday, April 24th & 25th systems
  17. 17. 18 system scavenging systems This course will include hands-on administration of nitrous oxide using various techniques, machines and equipment. Part 2: Sunday, April 26th Pre-requisite: Course 1 or equivalent of all oral sedatives but especially the benzodiazepams cubital fossa This two part course is designed to meet the criteria, standards and guidelines of the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia, the American Dental Association, and the Association of the Canadian Faculties of Dentistry, for the teaching and administration of nitrous-oxygen sedation. A short examination is required to successfully meet these requirements. David Donaldson, BDS, FDSRCS, MDS, FADSA, received his dental degree from St. Andrews University in 1965, before going on to complete his Fellowship in Dental Surgery through the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh in 1969. In 1971 he was granted his Masters Degree in Restorative Dentistry by Dundee University. Dr. Donaldson came to The University of British Columbia in 1970 to become the Director of Pain and Anxiety Control in the Faculty of Dentistry. His past appointments include Head of the Departments of Oral Biological and Medical Sciences, and Oral Surgery; past Chairman of the Canadian Dental Association Council on Education; and past President of the Association of the Canadian Faculties of Dentistry, and the International Federation of Dental Education Associations. Dr. Donaldson is a Professor and Head of the Division of Pain and Anxiety Control at UBC, and has a part-time practice on Vancouver Island, restricted to the treatment of chronic head and neck pain. Fred Quarnstrom, DDS, FADSA, FAGD, FICD, FACD, received his dental degree from the University of Washington Dental School in 1964, and was a postgraduate resident in anesthesiology at Washington Hospital Centre in Washington, D.C. He is a Fellow of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, the International College of Dentistry, the Academy of General Dentistry, American College of Dentistry and a Diplomat of the American and National Dental Boards of Anesthesiology. He is certified by the American Association of Dental Consultants. Dr. Quarnstrom has published over 40 papers and two chapters, and lectured extensively on nitrous oxide oxygen analgesia and oral conscious sedation, and currently has a general practice in Seattle, He is on the faculty at the University of Washington and Faculty of Dentistry at UBC. He is a member of the Washington Stated Dental Quality Assurance Commission. Mark Donaldson, BSc(Pharm), PharmD, received his Pharmacology degree from the University of British Columbia and his Doctorate in Clinical Pharmacy from the University of Washington. He completed a clinical residency at Vancouver General Hospital and is the current Director of Pharmaceutical Services at the Kalispell Regional Medical Center near his home in Whitefish, Montana. He is an affiliate faculty member of the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Montana in Missoula, and a clinical assistant professor in the School of Dentistry at the Oregon Health & Sciences University. Dr. Donaldson
  18. 18. is a continuing education speaker for the University of Washington, WashingtonState University, Oregon Health Sciences University, the Duke School ofMedicine and the University of British Columbia. He has a special interest indental pharmacology and has lectured internationally on a number of relatedtopics for both dental and medical practitioners, and spent three years in Japanfocusing on cross-cultural communication and internationalization, and he hasthe two cutest children in the world.21 hours of instructionTuition: Until Feb 11 After Feb 11 Dentists $1595 $1750Includes: continental breakfasts, lunches and all refreshment breaks.Location: JBM Building Room 132 A & B and the Nobel Biocare Oral Health Centre Clinic Faculty of Dentistry, UBCRegistration: 8:30am (Friday, April 24th only)May 27th – June 10th DE9125and Registered Dental Hygienists LIMITED ENROLMENT 80 Participants46 hours of instructionLecture Sessions: May 27th, 28th & 29thClinical Session A: May 30-June 3Clinical Session B: June 6-10Out of town participants will be placed in Session A.All participants must attend the lecture sessions.Prerequisites: Active license to practice in British Columbia 1 year experienceClinicians: Members of the BC Society of Orthodontists and Certified Orthodontic AssistantsTuition: $1050.00Location: Faculty of Dentistry, The University of British Columbia (Priority will be given to those names on the waitlist) If you are interested please call 604-822-2627 to be put on the wait list.
  19. 19. CLINICAL PARTICIPATION COURSES 2009-2010(Limited Enrolment)For more information or to get your name on the waitlist, pleasetelephone 604 822-2627.BASIC ORTHODONTICS FOR THE GENERAL PRACTITIONERDr. Paul WittJ.B. MacDonald Building, Faculty of Dentistry, UBCFriday morning sessions53 hours of instruction September 2009 – June 2010ADVANCED ORTHODONTICS FOR THE GENERAL PRACTITIONERDr. Clement LearJ.B. MacDonald Building, Faculty of Dentistry, UBCThursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays(Morning and Afternoon Sessions)60 hours of instruction September 2009 – August 2010ADVANCED PROSTHODONTICS FOR THE GENERAL PRACTITIONERDr. Chris WyattTUESDAY Evening SessionsRichmond Campus of Kwantlen University College28 hours of instruction October 2009 – May 2010CUTTING EDGE PERIODONTAL SURGERY FOR THE GENERALPRACTITIONERDr. Jim Grisdale6 Saturday SessionsNobel Biocare Oral Health Centre, Faculty of Dentistry, UBC42 hours of instruction October 2009 – March 2010ADVANCED GENERAL DENTISTRY STUDY CLUBCoordinators: Dr. Jeff Coil and Dr. Chris WyattWednesday Evenings October 2009 – February 2010Drs. Coil and Wyatt will invite a variety of expert clinicians who will increase yourdesire to learn through entertaining interactive seminars. This study club meetsto explore various aspects of general dentistry including tooth whitening, facialaesthetics, endodontics, implants, and maxillofacial surgery. Learn what’s new inclinical dentistry from the experts (dental specialists and skilled general dentists).To get your name on the waitlist, please call Continuing Dental Education at 604822-2627.PRACTICAL CLINICAL OCCLUSIONDr. John Nasedkin7 Monday afternoonsJ.B. MacDonald Building, Faculty of Dentistry, UBC35 hours of instruction October 2009 – May 2010
  20. 20. CLINICAL TOPICS IN DENTISTRY PROGRAM37 topics available – 28 available on DVD! Great Savings when youpurchase 3 or more!Clinical Topics in Dentistry is a series of educational programs designed toenable dental professionals to learn independently. The Clinical Topics havebeen recorded from live procedures performed at the midwinter meetings ofthe Chicago Dental Society and the Hinman Dental Society.These videos are available for purchase. Each program includes one studyguide and one post-test. Once you have placed an order, your clinical videoswill be mailed to you so that you may begin working on them at your own pace.As you complete each program, send the original post-test to Continuing DentalEducation. Your credits will be forwarded to your licensing body at the end ofeach month, if applicable. Your post-tests will be marked and a certificate ofcompletion will be sent to you. Extra study guides are available for additionalparticipants, only if purchased at the time of the initial order.To receive a copy of our catalogue, please call Continuing Dental Education at604 822-2627, or e-mail us at cde@interchange.ubc.ca. For more informationon our video program please visit our website at www.dentistry.ubc.ca/cdeand click on ”Clinical Videos”.
  21. 21. DIRECTIONS TO INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCESCENTRE, J.B. MACDONALD BLDG, AND THE NOBELBIOCARE ORAL HEALTH CENTRE ON THE UBCCAMPUSDriving from Vancouver International AirportFrom the airport, follow the signs to Vancouver. Look for SW Marine Drive exiton the north side of the Arthur Laing Bridge. Turn left on West 70th Avenue.West 70th Avenue becomes SW Marine Drive. Follow S.W. Marine Drive forapproximately 15 km (10miles). From SW Marine Dr, turn right onto West16th Avenue. Follow West 16th Avenue for about two blocks and turn left ontoWesbrook Mall. Continue along Wesbrook Mall until you reach Gate 11. Turn leftat Gate 11 onto Thunderbird Boulevard. Turn right onto Health Sciences Mall.Continue for two blocks and turn left at 3-way stop. The Parkade is on yourimmediate right. The Instructional Resources Centre (Woodward/IRC) Buildingis immediately east of the Parkade. The J.B. MacDonald Building and the NobelBiocare Oral Health Centre are just east of the IRC Building.Driving from Seattle:Take Highway 99 into Vancouver (Hwy 99 becomes Oak Street) and turn leftonto 41st Avenue, which merges into Southwest Marine Drive (approximately 10km (6 miles). Stay on Southwest Marine Drive until West 16th Avenue and turnright. Follow West 16th Avenue for about two blocks and turn left onto WesbrookMall. Continue along Wesbrook Mall until you reach Gate 11. Turn left at Gate 11onto Thunderbird Boulevard. Turn right onto Health Sciences Mall. Continue fortwo blocks and turn left at 3-way stop. The Parkade is on your immediate right.The Instructional Resources Centre (Woodward/IRC) Building is immediatelyeast of the Parkade. The J.B. MacDonald Building and the Nobel Biocare OralHealth Centre are just east of the IRC Building.Driving from Downtown:Take either Granville or Burrard Streets, and turn right (west) on to 4th Avenue.Follow 4th Avenue westbound for approximately 5km (3 miles), until it turnsinto Chancellor Boulevard. Turn left onto Wesbrook Mall and continue alongWesbrook until you reach Gate 11 (second set of lights). Turn right at Gate 11onto Thunderbird Boulevard. Turn right onto Health Sciences Mall. Continue fortwo blocks and turn left at 3-way stop. The Parkade is on your immediate right.The Instructional Resources Centre (Woodward/IRC) Building is immediatelyeast of the Parkade. The J.B. MacDonald Building and the Nobel Biocare OralHealth Centre are just east of the IRC Building.Due to construction on campus, these directions may change slightly – pleasewatch for signs. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  22. 22. MAP OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIACAMPUSH.R. MACMILLAN SPACE CENTRE Lion’s Gate Bridge Stanley Park H.R. MacMillanOgden St. Space Centre Ge or gi a St DuWhyte St. . n ns tow . m to d own St ui Hastings St. d Chestnut St. ridg e r rt St. b rra o . rard Hw St Bur Bu y1 lle Vanier vi Burrard St. to Park an Broadway / Gr e. all Av Granville St. Bridge Cornw Cambie St. 4th Ave. Broadway
  23. 23. NOTES__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  24. 24. TO REGISTER:On-line: Go to www.dentistry.ubc.ca/cde and click “To Register for a Course”By fax: Send your completed registration form to: 604-822-4835By phone: Local calls: 604-822-6156 Toll free 1-877-328-7744 (Canada & US) REGISTRATION APPLICATIONBy mail: Send your completed registration form to: As many of the courses have limited enrolment, please don’t delay sending off your registration.Calendar Courses - RegistrationContinuing Dental Education, UBC105-2194 Health Sciences Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3
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