Atlanta EditionDOCTOR of DENTISTRY                  How Atlanta Oral and Facial Surgery                      became a land...
Dr. Jo with Dr. Cardona and Sugarloaf office staff.How Atlanta Oral and Facial Surgerybecame a landmark in its fieldBy Bro...
with about seven surgeons who had trained             tremendous experience in the entire spec-together, the practice brin...
Dr. Jo’s works on an implant case                                    utilizing Cone-Bone CT technology.                   ...
Richard Paul Keim, Jr., D.D.S.                     H. Ali Khan, M.D., D.M.D.                           Steven Levy, D.D.S....
Barton L. McGhee, Jr., D.D.S.                        Richard A. Meaders, D.M.D.                              Donald R. Nun...
manner you want to practice. Don’t worry              University of Miami School of Medicine,  Dr. Bagheri and his staff g...
Lee M. Whitesides, D.M.D., MMSc.                Dental School: Medical                College of Georgia                  ...
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  1. 1. Atlanta EditionDOCTOR of DENTISTRY How Atlanta Oral and Facial Surgery became a landmark in its field
  2. 2. Dr. Jo with Dr. Cardona and Sugarloaf office staff.How Atlanta Oral and Facial Surgerybecame a landmark in its fieldBy Brooke TurbyfillA Atlanta Oral and Facial Surgery is the oral surgeons became known as Smouse, surgery. Dr. Nunn is the only tripledlargest oral and maxillofacial surgery practice Wunderle, & Freihaut until 1997 when the boarded oral surgeon in the country andin the nation. Its 19 offices, mostly scattered name changed to Atlanta Oral and Facial has allowed Atlanta Oral and Facial Surgerythroughout North Atlanta, boast a group Surgery Associates. It is now Atlanta Oral & to develop a 23-hour out-patient facility onof professionals with the broadest spectrum Facial Surgery with 19 offices, 14 partners, the St. Joseph’s Hospital campus. Needlessof dentistry and surgery offered today. and three professional employees. Dr. Chris to say, each surgeon offers the other sur- Dr. James Smouse was senior resident Jo and Dr. Martin Velez are the most recent geons recommendations based upon theirto Dr. Bob Wunderle and Dr. John Freihaut additions as partners in the group. clinical training, experience, and educa-during their training at Emory University. Dr. Louis Belinfante allowed for the tional background; the medical and dentalWhen their training was completed, Drs. practice to expand with offices in Cum- community is very fortunate to have such aWunderle and Freihaut joined Dr. Smouse ming, West Cobb Galleria, and Sugar Hill diverse group of oral surgeons willing toin the Marietta area with additional offices by joining the practice in 2001, having been serve their Cartersville, Marietta and East Cobb. Atlanta Oral and Facial Surgery’s primary One such surgeon is Dr. Chris Jo. HeDr. Smouse served in the United States competitor in Cobb County for 15 years. Dr. began his residency training at Emory Uni-Air Force with Dr. Barton McGhee and Louis Belinfante is still with the group as is versity under chief resident, ShahrokhDr. Steven Levy as general dentists prior his son, Dr. Erik Belinfante. Dr. Barton Bagheri. Atlanta Oral and Facial Surgeryto attending the residency for oral surgery. McGhee’s son is serving in the USAF and has been able to draw surgeons with such aDr. Roger Meyer was the head of the pro- intends to join the group in 2010. Dr. diverse array of specialties through the samegram at Emory, and through the years fol- Wunderle’s son is presently in Kentucky’s means by which Dr. Jo came to the practicelowing 1978, after 1978 the core of these dental school and may be considering oral – relationships. Just as its origins started
  3. 3. with about seven surgeons who had trained tremendous experience in the entire spec-together, the practice brings in new associ- trum of oral, maxillofacial, and cosmeticates because they already know an associate facial surgery.or partner. In fact, the partners in the prac- Dr. Jo finds it rewarding to stay in-tice train residents from the Medical College volved in teaching residents in oral surgeryof Georgia in both major hospital cases and and feels this relational tie to the Medicalin the office. The residents rotate with the College of Georgia and the academic affiliationpractice 10 months out of the year, gaining with Emory are the keys to recruiting such a Dr. Jo finds it rewarding to stay involved in teaching residents in oral surgery and feels this relational tie to the Medical Dr. Jo performs an excisional biopsy on a mucocele on Patient Quentin Kearse. Later College of Georgia and the academic affiliation with Emory Quentin is comforted by Dr. Jo’s surgical assistant, Rececca as he recovers. are the keys to recruiting such a talented, hard-working team. Dr. Jo checks an occlusion on a post-operative patient Virginia Hardy, after her orthognathic surgery. Staff member, Karen gets an injection of Botox from Dr. Jo. Pre-op photo Post-op photo Dr. Jo enjoys performing the full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery, including third molar removal, dental implants and bone grafting, orthognathic surgery, tumor and reconstructive surgery, facial cosmetic surgery, and facial trauma surgery as you can see here with the Virginia Hardy case who had a double jaw surgery to correct a severe malocclusion and facial asymmetry. Shahrokh Bagheri, D.M.D., M.D., F.A.C.S. Stephen A. Bankston, D.M.D. Eric Belinfante, D.M.D. Dental School: Harvard Dental School: University of Dental School: Boston University Pennsylvania University Goldman School of Medical School: Emory Residency: University of North Graduate Dentistry University Carolina at Chapel Hill Residency: Catholic Medical Residency: Emory University Fellowship: Craniofacial Center, Brooklyn and School of Medicine trauma and facial cosmetic Queens, NY Fellowship: Craniofacial surgery Fellowship: Facial cosmetic trauma and facial cosmetic Surgical Interests: Facial surgery, Dental Implant, and surgery Trauma, Pathology, Facial TMJ surgery Surgical Interests: Facial Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery Surgical Interests: Wisdom teeth, Dental implants, Maxillofacial Reconstruction, Microneurosurgery Practice Locations: Galleria in NW Atlanta, Pediatric patients Practice Locations: Galleria in NW Atlanta, Windy Hill in Marietta Practice Locations: Sugarhill, Johns Creek in East Cobb in Marietta, Kennestone in Marietta Suwanee
  4. 4. Dr. Jo’s works on an implant case utilizing Cone-Bone CT technology. Dr. Jo also trains residents as a part- time clinical assistant professor at the Emory University School of Medicine with a special emphasis in facial trauma and reconstructive surgery at Grady Memorial Hospital. Dr. Nunn in his St. Joseph AAAHC accredited operating room with his staff, left to right Desiree Hatten, CST; Patty Wojcik, RN; Dr. Don Nunn; Jaime Braun patient coordinator; AmyLynne Carlton, ST.talented, hard-working team. It’s also what The 23 hour observation room at the St. Joseph’s office has the look, feel andmakes this practice unique – all the sur- comfort of a 4 star hotel room. Here patients are able to stay overnight here forgeons not only get along, but many of them extended care following their surgery where luxurious amenities are providedassist each other in surgeries. In the operating for the convenience of the (for major reconstructive, orthog-nathic, and facial trauma surgery) we workin tandem. Noting the rarity of such a largepractice, in addition to the diverse field ofsurgeons working well together, Dr. Jo alsosaid the practice is built for recruiting and de-veloping top-notch surgeons. “Dr. Smouse really motivates and retainspeople in the group. You have the option ofbecoming a partner in the group, too,”added Dr. Jo, who did a fellowship withsubspecialty training in facial cosmetic andreconstructive surgery. Several partnershave fellowship training, including Drs. group that volunteers at the Ben Massell operates out of one of the practice’s MariettaShahrokh Bagheri, Stephen Bankston, Erik Clinic, which just opened a facility in offices. An educator involved in various ac-Belinfante, Richard Meaders, Donald downtown Atlanta. The clinic specializes ademic programs, Dr. Bagheri possessesNunn, and P.J. Schaner. Dr. Jo is a member in providing dental care for indigent pop- both dental and medical degrees, and heof several professional organizations, in- ulations. Dr. Jo also trains residents as a authored a textbook with Dr. Jo as a co-cluding the American Association of Oral part-time clinical assistant professor at the author entitled Clinical Review in Oral andand Maxillofacial Surgeons; Georgia Soci- Emory University School of Medicine Maxillofacial Surgery, a book that is nowety of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and with a special emphasis in facial trauma used nationally and internationally forthe International Society of Oral and and reconstructive surgery at Grady resident training and board review. He is aMaxillofacial Surgeons. Memorial Hospital. graduate of Harvard University and is a He is one of several surgeons in the Dr. Jo’s former chief resident, Dr. Bagheri, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Louis Belinfante, D.D.S. Yadira Cardona-Rohena, D.M.D. Chris Jo, D.M.D. Dental School: University of Dental School: University of Dental School: Medical Pennsylvania Puerto Rico College of Georgia Residency: Boston University Residency: Montefiore Residency: Emory University and Mt. Sinai Hospital Medical Center, Albert School of Medicine Surgical Interests: Oral and Einstein College of Medicine Fellowship: Facial Cosmetic & maxillofacial cosmetic Surgical Interests: Impacted Reconstructive Surgery surgery, dental implants, wisdom teeth, dental Surgical Interests: Third reconstructive surgery implants, bone grafting, molar & dentoalveolar surgery, Practice Locations: facial trauma, orthognathic surgery, maxillofacial Implant and Bone graft surgery, Orthognathic Dawsonville and Cumming tumor and reconstructive surgery and general surgery, Tumor & Reconstructive Surgery, anesthesia Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Facial Trauma Surgery. Practice Locations: Lilburn, Hamilton Mill in Practice Locations: Sugarloaf in Duluth, Dacula Hamilton Mill in Dacula
  5. 5. Richard Paul Keim, Jr., D.D.S. H. Ali Khan, M.D., D.M.D. Steven Levy, D.D.S. Dental School: University of Dental School: University of Dental School: Temple Missouri-Kansas City Kentucky University Residency: University of Medical School: University of Residency: University of Oklahoma Health Science Miami Maryland Hospital Center Residency: University of Surgical Interests: Full-scope Surgical Interests: Miami, Jackson Memorial Practice Locations: Canton, Dentoalveolar surgery, Hospital Preston Ridge in Alpharetta anesthesia, dental implants Surgical Interests: Facial and orthognathic surgery trauma, orthognatic, and reconstructive surgery Practice Locations: Cumming, Roswell, and Practice Locations: Cartersville, Calhoun, Preston Ridge in Alpharetta Kennestone in Marietta ❝To care forperspective. Only thentocan oneIn addition to oral and maxillofacial sur-gery, Dr. Bagheri is a clinical assistant people, it is essential see thingsprofessor at Emory University and a clinicalassociate professor at the Medical College of from their ❝Georgia. He specializes in microneuro- embark on a successful treatment.surgical procedures. – Dr. Shahrokh Bagheri His practice emphasizes communica-tion with patients. “To care for people, it isessential to see things from their perspective,”he said. “Only then can one embark on asuccessful treatment.” Once a patient is referred to the surgerypractice (usually by another patient or refer-ring doctor), he meets with one of the doctorsto discuss his medical history. Patients arethen examined, x-rays are done and a surgi-cal plan is devised. Sedation options are dis-cussed with the patient, as well as treatmentoptions, risks, benefits, alternative proceduresand what to expect post-operation. Once thesurgery is actually performed, follow-up isstandard, and a doctor is always on call. Forinstance, if a patient is referred to the practice Dr. Bankston and the Galleria office staff enjoy the most magnificent view from their beautiful office in the Galleria area. Dr. Bankston enjoys being able to work with patients of all ages. Here he performed wound care on a pediatric patient who suffered facial trauma. Dr. Nunn spends time with his patient’s discussing all the treatment options available to reach desired results.
  6. 6. Barton L. McGhee, Jr., D.D.S. Richard A. Meaders, D.M.D. Donald R. Nunn, M.D., D.D.S. Dental School: University of Dental School: Medical Dental School: Medical College Tennessee College of Georgia of Virginia Residency: Emory University Residency: Oklahoma Health Medical School: Medical Sciences Center College of Virginia Surgical Interests: Residency: University of North Maxillofacial prosthetics Fellowship: Orthognathic Carolina at Chapel Hill (OMFS), surgery, implant surgery Eastern Virginia Medical School reconstruction, and surgical Surgical Interests: (ENT), University of California, Los endodontics orthognathic and Angeles (Plastic Surgery) Practice Locations: Canton, Woodstock reconstructive jaw surgery, dental implants, surgical Fellowship: Aesthetic Surgery, Manhattan Eye, Ear, management of impacted teeth, hard and soft and Throat Hospital tissue pathology, facial trauma and anesthesia Surgical Interests: Plastic surgery of the face, body, Practice Locations: Cumming, Johns Creek in and breast Suwanee Practice Locations: Due West in Marietta, St. Joseph’s in Atlantafor corrective jaw surgery, in addition to con- In this remarkable case Dr. Bankston reconstructed the face of a patient that sufferedducting his examination and reviewing a gunshot wound. (Note the early x-ray.) In his commitment to oversee her long termtreatment options with the patient, the sur- healing, he frequently monitors her progress. Here he is going over the next stage ofgeon would also confer with the patient’s her treatment.orthodontist. This ensures a custom treat-ment plan tailored to that specific patient. The practice has surgeons who aretrained in facial trauma surgery, dentoalveolarsurgery, cosmetic surgery, orthognathic sur-gery, implants and even plastic surgery.What makes a large oral surgery practicewith such diversity so unusual is that,according to Dr. Smouse, oral surgeonsgenerally like to be autonomous. “Oral surgeons are a funny group. Theylike control. There are very few large practices facial plastic surgery. Dr. Smouse said that Dr. Nunn’s specialty is one of the areas in which he wants to see Atlanta Oral and Facial Surgery ex- pand. “We’re hoping to keep expanding on the plastic sur- gery with Dr. Nunn.” “We’re also thinking of ex- panding into offering implants- over-dentures on a wide-scale Dr. Bagheri who possesses both dental basis to those individuals who and medical degrees, authored a have just sort of forgotten textbook with Dr. Jo Clinical Review in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. about dentistry and to those The book is now used nationally and individuals who are limited in Dr. Bagheri and Staff at the East Cobb Surgical Center. internationally for resident training income. It’s very expensive to and board review. repair dentistry that’s 40 yearsin the country, mostly because they want to referred to us,” said Dr. Smouse. old,” said Dr. Smouse, “so implant-over-maintain that autonomy. But we have this For example, Dr. Donald Nunn came to the dentures is a service that the public needs.”joint effort of camaraderie and teaching group in 2000. He is the only triple-board These avenues of future expansion areeach other. It comes from recruiting others certified surgeon in the country. Board certified simply a continuation of Dr. Smouse’swho come from big programs. We recruit in ear, nose and throat, oral and maxillofacial original vision to broaden the practice infrom existing programs from which we’ve surgery and plastic surgery, Dr. Nunn has his its diversity. It was always his idea to re-already recruited – fellow residents who own plastic surgery practice that operates out cruit a field of doctors who operate in aknew us. We’ve never had to advertise to of St. Joseph’s Hospital performing state-of- breadth of specialties. One of the drivingget associate surgeons; they’ve all been the-art full body and breast surgery, as well as reasons he wanted to do that is because he
  7. 7. manner you want to practice. Don’t worry University of Miami School of Medicine, Dr. Bagheri and his staff get ready for a procedure at the East Cobb surgical center. about paying the bills.’” Jackson Memorial Hospital. He moved to Atlanta Oral and Facial Surgery has surgeons Atlanta Oral and Facial Surgery has a Augusta, Georgia, to teach at the Medical who are trained in facial trauma, dentalveolar corporate structure with its own human College of Georgia, and that is where he surgery, cosmetic surgery, orthognathic surgery, implants and even plastic surgery. resources department, accounts payable de- learned about Atlanta Oral and Facial Surgery. partment, etc. Everything is centralized so Dr. Bankston has a special interest in the surgeons are not required to do any computer guided implantology and major management if they so choose. The absence reconstructive surgery. He has participated of such paperwork and hassle allows the in clinical trials and lectured nationally in surgeons to concentrate on what they enjoy the cutting edge field of computer guided most within their individual specialties – implantology. He also serves as director treating patients. “Probably, a sole practitioner of oral and maxillofacial surgery for the ends up making more money if you want Ben Massell Clinic. Dr. Bankston is one of to look at it in financial terms,” said Dr. many surgeons at Atlanta Oral and Facial Smouse, “but their quality of life and time Surgery who volunteer their time outside spent in surgery is not nearly as nice as it is in the practice. He enjoys recruiting surgeons a group practice. These guys can do surgery from the practice to volunteer at the 90- all day long and not worry about the year-old clinic that recently moved to 14thsaw how well-rounded the training was for administrative headaches.” Street downtown. He and the other sur-the up-and-coming surgeons. Dr. Smouse This unique atmosphere is what attracted geons enjoy “just giving back to the– who went to the school of dentistry at Dr. Stephen Bankston to the practice. As a community,” he added.Temple University, practiced for five years in former standout college football player at the “This is a very unique practice in sizethe military and then went to Emory for the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Bankston has and scope,” said Dr. Bankston. The rangeoral and maxillofacial surgery program – said a unique understanding of what it means to of services and experience offered at Atlantahe believes he received good training in his be a team player. Bankston received both his Oral and Facial Surgery has allowed Dr.three-year program. Today, surgeons are re- bachelors and doctorate of dental medicine Bankston to build a practice that treatsceiving four to seven years of training. “They from the University of Pennsylvania. He per- some of Atlanta’s top entertainers, artists,have a much more well-rounded education, formed his internship and residency at the and professional athletes.and most people who are well-educated in University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “We are a comprehensive practice. Wethis country want to share that education and completed a fellowship in craniofacial perform the full scope of maxillofacial surgi-and experience with others. So we’ve been trauma and reconstructive surgery at the cal procedures. We have surgeons from veryable to bring in people that are truly better diverse backgrounds and training. There’s nottrained than those who were not able to re- Dr. Bagheri during a any oral and maxillofacial surgery challengeceive the same exposure. They like to share patient consultation. that we can’t handle within the group. Itheir training and experience with everyone believe the biggest asset of our practice is thein the group.” way we work together,” he said. He believes this philosophy of not own- To learn more about the doctors in theing any surgeon in the group is what has practice, commonly performed procedureskept so many from moving on to other and patient information such as insurancepractices. “We tell them, ‘You just come needs, go to www.atlantaoralsurgery.comand enjoy the field of oral surgery in the Paul J. Schaner, II, D.M.D. James R. Smouse, D.D.S. Martin Velez, D.D.S. Dental School: University of Dental School: Temple Dental School: University of Pittsburgh University Texas Health Sciences Center, Residency: Albert Einstein Residency: Emory University Houston College of Medicine and Surgical Interests: Impacted Residency: Dwight D. Montefiore Medical Center Third Molars, Dentoalveolar, Eisenhower U.S. Army Fellowship: Facial Cosmetic Dental Implants, and Medical Center and Reconstructive Surgery Pathology Surgical Interests: Surgical Interests: Aesthetic Practice Locations: Lilburn Dentoalveolar, Implant, surgery, reconstructive and Orthognathic Surgery orthognathic surgery, implant reconstruction Practice Locations: Roswell, Preston Ridge and trauma surgery in Alpharetta Practice Locations: Due West in Marietta, East Cobb in Marietta
  8. 8. Lee M. Whitesides, D.M.D., MMSc. Dental School: Medical College of Georgia Robert Wunderle, D.D.S. Dental School: Ohio State University ❝There’s not any oral and maxillofacial surgery Residency: University of Residency: Emory University Maryland Medical Systems Surgical Interests: Impacted challenge that we can’t Surgical Interests: wisdom teeth, office Full-scope practice, anesthesia, dental implants, handle within the group. distraction osteogenesis treatment of oral pathology Practice Locations: and infections, reconstructive I believe the biggest asset Northside in Atlanta facial surgery for treatment of congenital and traumatic deformities, cosmetic ❝ of our practice is the way facial surgery we work together. Practice Locations: Cartersville, Calhoun, East Cobb in Marietta – Dr. Stephen BankstonAtlanta Oral and Facial Surgery LocationsCalhoun Office East Cobb Office Northside Office Sugarloaf Office100 Wright Court 1000 Johnson’s Ferry Road 1100 Lake Hearn Drive 2925 Premiere ParkwayCalhoun, GA 30701 Building H Suite 160 Suite 185706-629-5200 Marietta, GA 30068 Atlanta, GA 30342 Duluth, GA 770-977-0364 404-255-2559 678-336-8720 slf@atlantaoralsurgery.comCanton Office201 Oakside Lane Galleria Office Preston Ridge Office Windy Hill OfficeBuilding B 200 Galleria Parkway 3400-C Old Milton Parkway 2501 Windy Hill RoadCanton, GA 30114 Suite 1810 Suite 525 Suite 150770-479-9545 Atlanta, GA 30339 Alpharetta, GA 30005 Marietta, GA 770-956-7577 770-475-3190 770-988-9911 who@atlantaoralsurgery.comCartersville Office12 Bowens Ct. Hamilton Mill Office Roswell Office Woodstock OfficeCartersville, GA 30120 3625 Brasleton Highway 10930 Crabapple Road 203 Woodpark Place770-382-6567 Suite 201 Suite 160 Suite Dacula, GA 30019 Roswell, GA 30075 Woodstock, GA 30188 770-271-2006 678-672-1440 770-928-2095Cumming Office wso@atlantaoralsurgery.com1400 Northside Forsyth DriveSuite 330 Johns Creek Office Sugar Hill OfficeCumming, GA 30041 3890 Johns Creek Parkway 4749 Nelson Brogdon Blvd.770-844-7894 Suite 340 Bldg. 200, Suite Suwanee, GA 30024 Sugar Hill, GA 30518 770-418-0440 770-932-7726Dawsonville Office sho@atlantaoralsurgery.com5959 Highway 53ESuite 250 Kennestone OfficeDawsonville, GA 30534 840 Church Street706-265-1274 Building Marietta, GA 30060 770-428-5476Due West Office kes@atlantaoralsurgery.com3770 Due West RoadSuite 200 Lilburn OfficeMarietta, GA 30064 605 Beaver Ruin Road770-424-2003 Suite Lilburn, GA 30047 Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery 770-923-2926