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  1. 1. SUBJECT INDEXSUBJECT INDEXAbbe flap, vermilion submucosal pedicle, for upper lip Accurate platelet counts for platelet rich plasma, validation reconstruction (Special Section: Cancer), 17:1259– of hematology analyzer and preparation techniques 1262 for counting and (Scientific Foundation), 16:749–Abbé island flap (Original Articles), 18:766–768 759Abducens nerve, microanatomic and endoscopic study Acellular cadaveric dermis, experimental study of (Scientific (Literature Scan), 19:546 Foundations), 18:551–558Abortive subtype of frontoethmoidal encephalocele (Case Acellular human dermis (alloderm), exposed skull with, one- Report), 10:149–154 stage skin grafting of (Technical Experience),Abraxane, for treatment of metastatic breast cancer (Special 19:1660–1662 Editorial), 17:3–7 Acetylic resin, in conjunction with silicon for maxillofacialAbrikossoff’s tumor (Clinical Note), 12:78–81 rehabilitation (Brief Clinical Notes), 17:152–162Abscess, brain, from cranio-orbital foreign body (Clinical Achondroplasia and Pfeiffer syndrome, genetic relationship Note), 7:311–314 between (Clinical Note), 9:477–480Absent ear, bone-anchored implants for (Scientific Acoustic evoked potentials in neurophysiological Foundation), 19:744–747 evaluation in craniostenosis and craniofacialAbsorbable. See also under Bioabsorbable stenosis, 8:286–289Absorbable biomaterial in craniofacial skeleton fixation, Acquired orbital deformity, reconstruction of (Clinical 10:491 Note), 19:1092–1097Absorbable fixation Acrocephalosyndactyly, 7:23–30, 8:279–283 for craniomaxillofacial surgery (Clinical Note), 11:575 fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 gene mutations and internal, critical concepts of (Scientific Foundation), (Scientific Foundation), 9:162–170 11:335–341 in Pfeiffer’s syndrome (Clinical Report), 9:83–87 in zygomaticomaxillary fracture repair (Clinical Note), in syndromic craniosynostosis, 9:201–205 11:377–385 Acrocephalosyndactyly syndrome (Clinical Note), 11:480–Absorbable osteofixation devices, naturally (Overview 486 Section), 14:247–259 Acromegalic face, surgical management of (Clinical Note),Absorbable plates, and Mimix, in reconstruction of cranial 5:336 bone defects (Scientific Foundation), 19:1131– Acrylic cranioplasty (Literature Scan), 9:303 1135 Acrylic resin, in conjunction with silicon for maxillofacialAbsorbable plating rehabilitation (Brief Clinical Notes), 17:152–162 early failure of, in a patient with syndromic Acrylic skull replica, computer-generated, produced by laser brachycephaly (Clinical Notes), 15:519–522 lithography, 9:222–226 Discussion, 15:522 Actinomycosis of masseter muscle: report of case and review polylactic acid, skull defect utilizing, and carbonated of literature (Clinical Note), 14:915–918 apatite bone cement, new method of pediatric parotid gland combined with, false diagnosis cranioplasty for (Technical Strategies), 15:469– caused by Warthin tumor (Clinical Notes), 472 14:46–50Absorbable plating for fixation, 7:325 Acute bacterial suppurative parotitis: microbiology andAbsorbable rigid fixation management (Clinical Notes), 14:37–40 of craniofacial skeleton, system applications for Adams-Oliver syndrome, aplasia cutis in, surgery for, (Technical Strategy), 7:394–398 12:569–572 in growing skull fracture repair, 9:65–73 Adaptive therapy for cleft palate patient (Clinical Note),Acanthosis nigrans in Crouzon’s disease, 5:220 11:66–70ACC. See Adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC) Adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC), nasal, with intracranialAccessory auricula extension (Brief Clinical Notes), 17:1026–1029 cervical (Brief Clinical Notes), 17:713–715 Adenoid cystic carcinoma, neurotrophic spread of, in goldenhar syndrome presenting with (Clinical Notes), maxillofacial district, pre- and postsurgical 17:669–672 adjuvant treatment of (Brief Clinical Notes),Accessory parotid gland tumors 16:332–334 cavernous vascular tumor of (Brief Clinical Notes), Adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC), of parotid gland, after superficial parotidectomy for benign lesion (Brief 18:1493–1496 Clinical Notes), 18:231–235 resection through peroral approach with facial nerve Adenoma, pleomorphic, of parotid gland, surgery for, monitoring (Technical Experiences), 18:1419– 12:565–568 1421 Adenoma, pituitary, transnasal transseptal endoscopicAccessory pituitary gland, infantile hemangioma of (Clinical approach to, 8:159–163 Note), 9:468–471 1
  2. 2. THE JOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERYAdenoma, pleomorphic, surgical removal of (Brief Clinical Aesthetic balance, restoration of, with mandibular surgery, Notes), 17:1001–1004 for missing maxilla, 2:95–100Adhesives, use of, in cleft palate surgery, new flap fixation Aesthetic improvement, new modified forked flap with technique and (Brief Clinical Notes), 16:719–722 subcutaneous pedicles for bilateral cleft lip nasalAdipose-derived stem cells (ASCs), rabbit, isolation and deformity (Technical Strategy), 19:1374–1380 osteoblastic differentiation of, 19:360–368 Aesthetic surgery, state of art procedure of rhinoplasty inAdipose-derived stromal cells (ASCs) (Original Article), 19:1491–1496 neurospheres from, as neural progenitors in vitro and in Afghanistan, and Iraq, trauma caused by conflicts in, vivo (Scientific Foundations), 18:49–53 reflections on (Special Editorial), 19:297–299 used in autologous fashion tissue regeneration (Original African American 3D CT skull images, 9:348–358 Articles), 18:789–790 commentary on, 9:359Adipose precursor cells (APCs), leporine-derived, Age exhibition of in vitro osteogenic potential in, complications of craniofacial surgery and, 8:345 19:360–368 demineralized bone donation and (ScientificAdipose tissue, tumor of, hibernoma as (Clinical Note), Foundation), 9:142–146 12:284–286 Age, parietal bone thickness and, 11:17–23Adjuvant radiotherapy Agenesis, parietal bone, and associated multiple congenital of basal cell carcinomas (BCC) and squamous cell anomalies (Clinical Notes), 14:192–196 carcinomas (SCC), criteria for, (Original Agenesis, premaxilla, intraoral distraction of patient with Articles), 18:1024 (Brief Clinical Notes), 16:500–503 postoperative, for kimura disease (Clinical Notes), Aggressiveness of microcystic adnexal carcinoma (Clinical 18:1062–1066 Notes), 16:53–58Administrators (Editorial), 11:73–74 Aging, effect on thickness of upper eyelid (AnatomicAdnexal carcinoma, microcystic, misdiagnosis and Studies), 17:474–476 aggressiveness of (Clinical Notes), 16:53–58 Aging face syndrome, total facial rehabilitation for, 8:194–Adolescence, severe maxillary deficiency in, distraction 199 osteogenesis for, 8:181–186 AirwayAdolescent population, bilateral reduction mammoplasty in: changes in, after Le Fort III osteotomy in adolescent bilateral reduction mammoplasty, craniosynostosis syndromes (Clinical Note), 14:691–695 7:363–369Adolescents, mixed odontogenic tumors in (Clinical Notes), in craniosynostosis, assessment of, 2:162A 18:1338–1342 laryngeal mask, nasolaryngeal ventilation with, inAdopted child management in craniofacial clinic, 6:143– dental surgery (Clinical Note), 9:383–387 146 management of, operative, for midface fractures,Adult survey of, 8:201–206 with anteroposterior skeletal disharmony, cranial base nasal, effect of maxillary expansion on (Clinical Notes), flexion of, 19:334–338 17:1045–1049 bone healing in presence of implantable fixation devices obstruction of, in Treacher-Collins syndrome, in (Editorial), 19:1435–1437 mandibular lengthening by distraction for, Crouzon disease in, modified Le Fort III osteotomy in 5:22–25 commentary on, 9:486–487 Airway management (Technical Strategy), 9:481–485 of Pfeiffer syndrome patients with tracheal cartilaginousAdult orthognathic surgery, (Orthognathic Surgery sleeve and cricoid cartilage involvement during Continued), 18:1197–1208 surgical tracheostomy (Clinical Notes),Adult patients, after otoplasty, HRQOL outcome of 17:272–274 (Original Articles), 17:629–635 in PRS, subperiosteal release of floor of the mouth in,Advanced Trauma Life Support Manual, on association of 19:609–615 cervical spine fractures with maxillofacial trauma Airway obstruction, in micrognathic infants, mandibular (Original Article), 18:1259–1263 distraction with internal curvilinear deviceAdvancement, mallar augmentation by (Technical Strategy), (Technical Experiences), 18:1403–1407 4:257–264 Airway obstruction, upper, correction of, in newborn withAdvancement osteotomy, Le Fort III, in growing child internal mandibular distraction osteogenesis affected by Crouzon’s and Apert’s syndromes, (Technical Strategy), 14:493–499 presurgical and postsurgical growth and (Clinical Airway in severe mandibular hypoplasia, treatment and Notes), 16:369–377 (Clinical Note), 12:337–348Aerodynamics, speech, and nasalance in oral cancer patients Airway space, pharyngeal, changes in, after body treated with microvascular transfers (Clinical ostectomies and sagittal split ramus osteotomies Studies), 16:990–996 (Clinical Study), 16:23–302
  3. 3. SUBJECT INDEXAla, morphofunctional reconstruction of (Brief Clinical Alloplastic PMMA cranioplasty materials, biomechanical Notes), 18:1475–1479 testing of (Technical Strategies), 16:140–143Ala nasi, triangular (TAN) repair of unilateral cleft lips Alloplastic prosthesis in temporomandibular joint (Technical Strategies), 18:186–197 reconstruction, 3:160–169Alar cinch suture in Le Fort I osteotomy (Technical Alloplastic stabilization, microscrew anchorage techniques Strategy), 7:399–402 for, 2:72–73Alar cleft, Tessier 1, congenital isolated, reconstruction of Alloplastic tumor of palate (Images From Surgery), 11:65 (Brief Clinical Notes), 17:602–604 Alloplasts as facial implants (Symposium), 10:410Alar margin, nasal, retracted, reconstruction of (Brief Alopecia in bicoronal incisions, 9:344–347 Clinical Notes), 18:442–445 Alveolar bone grafting, bilateral, stabilization of mobileAlar nose, reconstruction of (Brief Clinical Notes), premaxilla by (Brief Clinical Note), 19:1705–1707 18:1477–1479 Alveolar bone grafting (Clinical Notes), 18:855–859Alar rim defects, an approach using mucocartilaginous Alveolar bone grafting, primary, surgical technique for (Brief turnover flap (Technical Strategies), 18:661–664 Clinical Notes), 16:706–711Albers-Schonberg disease, reconstruction for (Technical Alveolar cleft(s) Strategy), 12:369–372 arch dimensions at age 8 in (Clinical Experience),Albright’s osteodystrophy, differential, diagnosis and 10:58–67 surgical approach for recurrent ectopic calcification bilateral, unrepaired, transoral maxillary distraction of facial skeleton (Clinical Notes), 17:21–27 osteogenesis of (Clinical Note), 10:369–374Albumin, as drug carrier (Special Editorial), 17:3–7 bone grafting of, in unilateral cleft lip and palate, 10:58–Alendronate, systemic, on postextractive bone resorption 72 (Clinical Note), 19:1061–1066 craniofacial form at age 8 in (Clinical Experience),Algisorb ™ impact on bone regeneration in bone implants 10:68–72 (Original Article), 18:1264–1275 management of (Original Article), 14:840–846Aliphatic polyesters in delivery systems of osseous repair, periosteoplasty of, sliding sulcus procedure for (Clinical 4:137–138 Note), 10:415–429Allergic tissue reaction, granulomatous, after hyaluronic reconstruction of, reduction of bone resorption by acid injection in treatment of facial lines and its application of fibrin glue in (Technical surgical correction (Clinical Note), 14:197–200 Strategies), 16:105–112Alloderm stabilization, of zygomatic arch fractures (Clinical repair of, with recombinant human bone morphogenetic Notes), 17:403–404 protein in patients with clefts (Clinical Notes),Allograft bone, human cortical, composition of, derived from 16:778–789 FDA/AATB-screened donors (Scientific Studies), secondary, percutaneous iliac bone grafting of, 2:135– 16:579–585 138Allograft bone substitutes, review of science and Alveolar cleft bone grafting, primary, donor site morbidity of technology for craniomaxillofacial surgeon and rib graft harvesting in (Brief Clinical Notes), (Clinical Studies), 16:981–989 16:335–338Allograft repair (Scientific Foundation), 4:104 Alveolar cleft grafts, secondary, using iliac bone or chinAlloplasts and autografts, reconstruction of saddle nose bone (Brief Clinical Notes), 16:864–868 deformities with, comparison between (Technical Alveolar defect, gingivoperiosteoplasty for (Surgical Experience), 19:466–475 Technique), 11:54–58Alloplastic bone substitutes, review of science and Alveolar defect of maxilla, composite bone graft for, 2:27–32 technology for craniomaxillofacial surgeon and Alveolar extension palatoplasty in sequential cleft (Clinical Studies), 16:981–989 management, 10:503Alloplastic implants in orbital floor reconstruction, natural Alveolar molding appliance, cleft lip and palate repair using history of (Scientific Foundation), 5:26–33 (Clinical Note), 12:148–156Alloplastic implants, PEEK-PSI, computer-designed, for Alveolar nerve, inferior. See Inferior alveolar nerve reconstruction of complex orbito-fronto-temporal Alveolar ridge augmentation, distraction implants in (Brief Clinical Notes), 18:224–228 (Literature Scan), 12:100Alloplastic material in skull defect repair (Clinical Note), Alveolar ridge, bend and length of, evaluation of, in upper 11:495–497 and lower jaws in anthropological skulls for (Discussion), 11:498–499 planning endosseous dental implants, 2:101–108 to reconstruct calvarial defects in rabbit model, 4:79–84 Alveolar segments, guidance of, by passive appliance inAlloplastic material(s) infants (Clinical Note), 12:148–156 Bio-Oss particles/collagen sponges as, in repair of Alveoloplasty, early secondary, in CLP (Technical experimental calvarial defects in rabbit model Strategy), 19:1364–1369 (Scientific Foundation), 5:242–245 Amalgam fillings, dental, causing iatrogenic maxillary in onlay craniofacial augmentation, periosteum and sinusitis, surgical treatment of (Brief Clinical (Scientific Foundation), 9:260–266 Notes), 17:363–365 3
  4. 4. THE JOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERYAmateur soccer, oral and craniofacial injuries due to Anastomosis, venous, Doppler sonography in evaluation of (Clinical Studies), 17:825–827 (Special Section: Vascular Anomalies), 17:772–Ameloblastic fibromas (AFs), in children and adolescents 778 (Clinical Notes), 18:1338–1342 Anatase nanosurface, regulation of microRNAs by, 19:328–Ameloblastic fibroodontomas (AFOs), in children and 333 adolescents (Clinical Notes), 18:1338–1342 Anatolian Turkish adults, soft tissue facial profile of,Ameloblastoma, desmoplastic, in mandible (Clinical Note), angular photogrammetric analysis of, 19:1481– 14:873–875 1486Ameloblastoma (AS) Anatomic landmarks, facial fracture approaches with, to clinicopathologic features in Kenya (Clinical Note), predict location of infraorbital and supraorbital 19:1589–1593 nerves: anatomic study (Original Article), 14:473– expression of TGF β1 in (Scientific Foundation), 477 19:1618–1621 (Discussion), 14:478, 14:479–480Ameloblastoma, mandibular reconstruction with Anatomic study of endoscopic pterygomaxillary disjunction microsurgical fibula flap transfer following wide for Le Fort type I osteotomy, 7:111–116 resection for (Brief Clinical Notes), 17:178–181 Anatomical reduction of complex cranio-orbital fractures,Ameloblastoma, resection of, mandibular reconstruction after 4:8–9, 4:18 (Clinical Note), 12:119–127 Anatomy (Discussion), 12:128 consideration of congenital nasal pyriform apertureAmerican Association of Pediatric Plastic Surgeons, annual stenosis: localized dysostosis without meeting of, 12:201 interorbital hypoplasia (Anatomic Studies),American Association of Pediatric Plastic Surgery, special 15:490–496 edition of Journal of Craniofacial Surgery on vascular, of the digastric muscle (Special Issue: (Special Editorial), 19:875–876 Technical Strategies), 15:114–117Amifostine, radioprotection of long bone growth (Original Anatomy, microsurgical, of facial nerve (Anatomical Study), Articles), 18:996–999 8:6–10Amniotic band disruption sequence (ABS) Anchorage of temporalis muscle in craniofacial surgery craniofacial deformities in, 9:360–365 (Technical Strategy), 7:168–169 (Editorial), 9:415–416 Ancient cultures, social attitudes toward malformed andAmniotic band sequence (Clinical Note), 11:388–393 their handling in, 6:314–326Amniotic band sequence, facial clefts and, 7:408–411 Androgen receptor, immunolocalization of, in developingAmniotic bands, compression by, Tessier 7 lateral facial craniofacial skeleton (Scientific Foundation), clefts created by, in utero repair of (Scientific 15:922–927 Foundation), 9:557–563 Discussion, 15:928–929Amorphous silicon technology, 11:10–16 Anesthesia, hypotensive, and recovery of cognitive functionAmyloidosis, localized primary cutaneous, upper lip in long-term craniofacial surgery (Clinical Notes), reconstruction after surgical treatment, abbe flap for 16:531–536 (Special Section: Cancer), 17:1259–1262 Anesthesia induction in children, psychological evaluationAnaesthesia. See Anesthesia of efficiency of parents’ presence and (LiteratureAnalgesia Scans), 16:512 facial, lidocaine for, safe dosages of (Clinical Note), Aneurysmal bone cyst, of maxilla (Brief Clinical Notes), 5:124–126 15:1029–1033 preemptive, in iliac crest bone harvesting (Clinical Angiodysplasia with osteohypertrophy of oromaxillofacial Study), 9:448–451 area (Clinical Note), 12:485–489Analgesia, patient-controlled, for pediatric patients Angiofibroma (Clinical Note), 12:129–133 nasopharyngeal, spontaneous involution of (BriefAnalysis in 3D imaging system, 8:333, 8:337 Clinical Note), 19:1686–1689Analysis methods, surface, of biomaterials used in oral nasopharyngeal, surgical approaches for (Clinical surgery: literature review (Clinical Materials), Notes), 17:15–20 16:31–36 AngiogenesisAnalyzer, hematology, validation of, preparation techniques embryonic, Shh signal essential for (Special Section: for counting and, accurate platelet counts for Vascular Anomalies), 17:736–744 platelet rich plasma and (Scientific Foundation), impact of hox genes on (Special Section: Vascular 16:749–759 Anomalies), 17:767–771Anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), primary cutaneous, Angiography, computed tomographic, three dimensional, for of face, presenting as posttraumatic maxillary cranial base lesion diagnosis, 6:27–31 sinusitis (Clinical Note), 19:1597–1599 Angiography, digital subtraction, donor site, before mandibular reconstruction with fibula free flap (Clinical Strategy), 12:608–6124
  5. 5. SUBJECT INDEXAngiography, four-vessel (Brief Clinical Notes), 16:1130– Anophthalmic orbit, reconstruction of, by orbital osteotomy 1131 and free flap transfer (Brief Clinical Notes),Angiography, multislice CT (MCTA), before free flap surgery 16:1091–1097 (Original Article), 18:1284–1289 Anorectal anomalies, congenital, in blepharolabioanalAngiosarcomas, head and neck (Brief Clinical Notes), syndrome (Clinical Note), 6:392–394 16:700–702 Anterior cranial base, tumors of, application of supraorbitalAngular artery, for nutrition of inner canthus region endoscopic approach to (Surgical Strategies), (Clinical Notes), 17:864–868 16:1070–1075Angular photogrammetric analysis, of soft tissue facial Anterior belly of digastric muscle profile of Anatolian Turkish adults, 19:1481–1486 asymmetric unilateral or bilateral variations (AnatomicAnimal model of holoprosencephaly, craniofacial anomalies Studies), 18:879–880 of cultured mouse embryo induced by inhibition of bilateral large, bulky (Anatomic Studies), 18:878 sonic hedgehog signaling (Scientific Studies), bilateral two/three on right/four-headed on left 16:80–88 (Anatomic Studies), 18:877Ankyloglossum superius syndrome, diagnosis and surgical neck and classic type (Anatomic Studies), 18:876 management of, (Surgical Techniques), 18:1094– Anterior cavernous sinus, venous bleeding in, fibrin glue 1097 for stopping of (Literature Scan), 19:546–547Ankylosing spondylitis (AS), coronoid process in patients Anterior dislocation of right styloid process, basicranium with, hyperplasia of (Clinical Note), 19:1114– malformation with, causing stylalgia (Brief Clinical 1118 Notes), 16:418–420Ankylosis, of TMJ, costochondral graft overgrowth in (Brief Anterior ethmoidal artery (AEA). See Ethmoidal arteries Clinical Notes), 18:1488–1491 Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy complicating cranialAnkylosis, temporomandibular joint vault reconstruction for sagittal synostosis in fibrous, after distraction osteogenesis of costochondral child (Clinical Notes), 16:559–562 neomandible (Clinical Note), 12:469–474 Anterior maxillary sinus wall, traumatized, importance of surgery for, silicon in (Clinical Note), 12:232–236 (Technical Experience), 19:500–504Annexin V, early detection of apoptosis in mice using, Anterior rectus sheath, with RAM flap for orbital support in 8:441–445 globe-sparing total maxillectomy (TechnicalAnnual fundoscopy, for screening of papilledema, 19:121– Strategies), 17:986–991 127 Anterior segment osteotomy versus orthodontic treatment,Anodal (AO) reconstruction plate in mandibular angle determinants of successful treatment of bimaxillary fracture treatment (Literature Scan), 5:70 protrusion and (Clinical Study), 16:234–246Anomaly(ies). See also Deformity(ies) Anterior skull base fractures, guidelines for treatment amniotic band disruption sequence as (Editorial), 9:415 (Editorial Note), 19:713–717 anorectal, congenital, in blepharolabioanal syndrome Anterior skull base reconstruction with Galeal-Pericranial (Clinical Note), 6:392–394 Flap (Technical Experiences), 18:622–625 brain, sutural, craniofacial clefting with, 2:82–85 Anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) to superolateral border congenital of the patella, cadavers placement (Anatomic multiple, sagittal craniosynostosis and (Clinical Studies), 18:867 Note), 7:358–362 Anterior wall, fractured, of frontal bone, closed reduction of parietal bone agenesis and associated (Clinical (Technical Strategies), 16:120–122 Note), 14:192–196 Anterolateral thigh flap, anatomic assessment on perforators social attitudes toward and handling of, in different of lateral circumflex femoral artery for (Anatomic cultures and at different times, 6:314–326 Studies), 18:866–871 craniofacial. See Craniofacial anomalies Anterolateral thigh flap, for reconstruction of head and isolated and syndromic, distinguishing, in neck defects (Technical Strategy), 19:1148–1153 facilitating diagnosis, prognosis, and management Anterolateral thigh perforator flap, reconstruction of face (Guest Editorial), 5:208–212 after resection of arteriovenous malformations usingAnomaly(ies), in Adams-Oliver syndrome, 12:569–572 (Brief Clinical Notes), 16:851–854Anophthalmia Anteroposterior skeletal disharmony, adults with, cranial congenital, intraorbital tissue expansion in management base flexion of, 19:334–338 of (Literature Scan), 8:241–242 Anthropological skulls, evaluation of alveolar ridge bend in frontoethmoidal meningoencephalocele, 2:3 and length in upper and lower jaws in, for planning Tessier type VI-VII cleft combination associated with endosseous dental implants, 2:101–108 congenital bimaxillary fusion and, 8:54–57 Anthropometric comparison of portraits of Korean and tissue expanders for inducing facial skeletal growth in Japanese beauty in late 18th and early 19th (Technical Note), 2:42–46 centuries (Clinical Notes), 16:790–793Anophthalmic orbit, superior sulcus depression in, Anthropometric dysmorphology, preoperative, in metopic pericranial flap correction of, 10:487 synostosis (Literature Scan), 9:412 5
  6. 6. THE JOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERYAnthropometric measurements, and cephalometric Antimicrobials, topical, in pediatric burn wound measurements, relation between, and proportions of management, 19:913–922 face of healthy young white adult men and women Antioxidative enzymes, premature suture fusion and, 8:263, (Scientific Foundations), 14:154–161 8:264–268 (Discussion), 14:162–163 Antley-Bixler syndrome, correction of facial deformity usingAnthropometric measurements of cleft face, 11:76–82 RED III device in patient with (Brief Clinical (Discussion), 11:405 Notes), 15:1043–1048 maxillary, metastasis to, in Hippel-Lindau disease Aortic fusion and craniofacial vasculature, angiogenic (Clinical Note), 11:71–72 defects in (Special Section: Vascular Anomalies), membranous, healing of, gene expression during 17:736–744 (Scientific Foundation), 11:520 Apert syndrome substitute(s) for, bioactive glass-ceramic, in facial axillary osmidrosis in: management with arthroscopic skeleton deformity correction (Clinical Note), shaver technique (Clinical Note), 19:1126– 11:470–479 1130Anthropometric perspective, limitations and considerations clinical findings, genes and extracellular matrix and of three-dimensional surface imaging from (Brief (Clinical Notes), 16:361–368 Clinical Notes), 16:847–850 corneal ulcers in (Clinical Note), 12:134–135Anthropometrics craniosynostosis in, fibroblast growth factor receptor in evaluation dynamic orthotic cranioplasty for gene mutations in (Scientific Foundation), positional plagiocephaly, 150–160 12:580–584 of head and face (Book Review), 6:259 discussion on, 18:459–460 in measurement of adult face, cephalometric measurements FGFR2 mutation in, clinical outcome (Brief Clinical compared with, 10:18–26 Notes), 17:166–172Anthropometry Le Fort III advancement osteotomy in growing child for comparing parameters measured in patients with cleft affected by, presurgical and postsurgical growth defect (Clinical Notes), 17:854–863 and (Clinical Notes), 16:369–377 digital 3D photogrammetry, precision and accuracy of morphology and growth of mandible in (Anatomic (Anatomic Studies), 17:477–483 Studies), 18:146–150 of external ear in children with CLP, in comparison to ophthalmic findings in, differential effects of FGFR2 age-matched controls (Anatomical Study), mutation in (Original Article), 18:39–42 19:1391–1395 patients with glossary (Special Article), 19:705–712 monobloc advancement using RED (Brief Clinical Note), infant head shape changes in DP, cranial remolding 19:1170–1173 orthosis using noninvasive laser shape prevalence of papilledema in, 19:121–127 digitizer (Clinical Notes), 17:1084–1091 subcranial facial bipartition osteotomy for (Brief Clinical limitations of, 19:15–21 Notes), 17:147–151 study of upper lip and nose of infants (Anatomic unilateral vision impairment from carotid-cavernous Studies), 17:57–61 fistula after monobloc osteotomy (Brief Clinical use in quantification of positional plagiocephaly Notes), 18:960–965 (Clinical Notes), 17:413–419 utilization of postcranioplasty skull molding caps in the verification, of corrective surgery outcome of cleft treatment of (Clinical Note), 19:1566–1570 secondary deformities (Clinical Notes), Apert’s syndrome, 7:23–30, 8:279, 8:280–281. See also 17:447–453 Craniofaciostenosis; CraniosynostosisAnthropometry of the aging face: age-related changes in cervical fusions in (Symposium), 9:600 eight age categories in 600 healthy white North clinical research on (Symposium), 9:598–600 Americans of European ancestry from 16 to 90 years cranial aspects of, unusual (Literature Scan), 6:425 of age (Scientific Foundations), 15:288–298 cranial suture disease in, 7:271–274Anthropometry in assessing surface anatomy of face in craniosynostosis in, fibroblast growth factor Down’s syndrome, 12:519–524 craniosynostosis and (Symposium), 9:599 (Anatomical Landmarks), 12:373–379 Crouzon’s syndrome and, calvaria and cranial base in, (Discussion), 12:380 three-dimensional analysis of, 2:162–163AAntibiotic elution from hydroxyapatite cement cranioplasty cutaneous manifestations of (Symposium), 9:600 materials (Clinical Notes), 16:228–233 elbow in, 9:201–205Antibiotics in bone-ceramic composite, 2:28 fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 gene mutations andAntimicrobial prophylaxis (Scientific Foundation), 9:162–170 for surgical procedure genetic and family study of, 2:195 ideal time for administration of (Literature Scan), hand deformities in (Symposium), 9:600 19:1712 hydrocephalus and (Symposium), 9:599 timing of (Literature Scan), 19:1712 intelligence and (Symposium), 9:5996
  7. 7. SUBJECT INDEX Le Fort III osteotomy in, airway changes after (Clinical Arterial vascularization of extraocular muscles, (Surgical Note), 7:363–369 Techniques), 18:1125–1131 low fibroblast growth factor receptor activity in, Arteries supplying to medial pterygoid muscle, topography stenosed cranial sutures and (Scientific of, clinical implications of (Anatomical Study), Foundation), 9:92–95 19:795–799 mental function in, prognosis for (Literature Scan), 8:82 Arteriovascular malformations (AVMs), surgical monobloc and facial bipartition osteotomies for management issues in, (Clinical Notes), 18:1091– (Technical Strategy), 7:229–251 1093 monobloc facial advancement in (Symposium), 9:595 Arteriovenous malformation (AVMs) oral manifestations of, 3:181 in child, management of (Special Section: Vascular osteotomy modification for (Clinical Note), 7:79–81 Anomalies), 17:779–782 sleep apnea syndrome in, aggressive surgical clinical feature of (Special Section: Vascular Anomalies), management of, 3:8, 3:10 17:783–789 trachea in (Symposium), 9:599–600 diagnostic and therapeutic modalities for (Special unusual cranial aspects of (Literature Scan), 7:174 Section: Vascular Anomalies), 17:761–766Apert syndrome and Crouzon syndrome, FGFR2 mutations huge, extending from lower lip to chin, surgical treatment among Thai children with (Scientific Foundations), following, combination of embolization, total 14:101–104 resection, and double cross lip flap for (Brief (Discussion), 14:105–107 Clinical Notes), 16:443–448Aplasia cutis in Adams-Oliver syndrome, surgery for, resection of, using anterolateral thigh perforator flap, 12:569–572 reconstruction of face after (Brief ClinicalAplasia Cutis Congenita (ACC) Notes), 16:851–854 of scalp and calvarium, conservative management with SCCA from, resection of (Special Section: Vascular novel wound dressing materials (Brief Anomalies), 17:805–809 Clinical Notes), 18:427–429 Arteriovenous malformations in children (Literature Scan), split rib cranioplasty for (Surgical Strategy), 18:594– 9:302 597 Arteriovenous malformation (AVM), sublingualApnea–hypopnea index (AHI), improvement after surgery in intramuscular, surgical treatment of (Brief Clinical OSA patients (Clinical Notes), 17:44–49 Notes), 18:1496–1500Apnea, sleep, distraction osteogenesis for midface Artertiovenous malformations (AVMs), intraosseous, of hypoplasia and (Clinical Note), 12:73–77 mandible, combination of embolization and surgeryApnea, sleep, obstructive for (Brief Clinical Note), 19:816–819 distraction osteogenesis for (Symposium), 10:280 Artery(s) in growing patient (Clinical Note), 10:430–434 carotid, digital compression of (Brief Clinical Notes),Aponeurosis, external oblique, with groin flap (Surgical 16:1130–1131 Strategy), 12:501–504 lacrimal, importance of anatomic features of, for orbitalApoptosis approaches (Anatomic Studies), 16:957–964 Discussion (Errata), 17:207–209 submental perforating, bleeding during facelift and low level, poor prognostic features of Jaw lymphoma as (Anatomic Studies), 16:1–2 highly malignant tumor (Clinical Notes), Artery(ies), deep middle masseteric, in hemorrhage in 17:231–235 resection of masseter muscle and mandibular angleApoptosis, detection of, in fusing versus nonfusing mouse (Anatomical Landmarks), 12:381–385 cranial sutures (Basic Research), 16:572–578 (Discussion), 12:386Apoptosis in developing coronal sutures, fibroblast growth Arteries of lateral sellar compartment, 6:61–62 factors in (Eighth Conference of the ISCS), 12:399– Artex-Calotte System in comminuted panfacial fracture 400 management, 9:514–521Apoptosis in mice using Annexin V, early detection of, Athletic concussion: current understanding as of 2007 8:441–445 (Literature Scan), 19:549–550Apparent ‘nonsyndromic’ coronal craniosynostosis, Arthrogryposis increased risk of reoperation in, from FGFR3 diagnosis and therapeutic planning for patients seeking P250R mutation (Anatomic Studies), 16:347–354 orthodontic treatment or orthognathic surgeryArchives and cumulative index of published material, (Clinical Notes), 18:838–843 educational value of (Special Editorial), 19:1438– Athymic Calvarial defects, bone regeneration with Accell 1439 DBM100 (Original Articles), 18:497–503Arterial graft, degeneration and regeneration of perivascular Athymic nude mouse model, of nonhealing critical-sized innervation in (Basic Sciences), 15:570–581 calvarial defects, applications of (Scientific Discussion, 15:582–583, 15:584 Foundation), 19:192–197Arterial supply of lips, anatomic dissection of (Anatomical Articular fossa, temporomandibular, surgical technique for Study), 19:785–794 protection of (Surgical Strategies), 17:523–527 7
  8. 8. THE JOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERYArticulation Auricular protection after ear surgery, door knob cover for after maxillary advancement in cleft lip and palate (Technical Experiences), 18:1416–1418 patients commentary on, 9:183–184 Auricular reconstruction in mild cases of conchal type (Scientific Foundation), 9:177–182 microtia (Brief Clinical Notes), 16:1115–1119 mandibular distraction osteogenesis and, 7:186–191 Auriculo-condylar syndrome, correction of auricular andArtificial insemination, inherited Treacher-Collins mandibular deformities in (Brief Clinical Notes), syndrome in twins after (Clinical Note), 5:127–129 16:489–491Artificial skin substitutes in children, management of giant Autogenous bone graft(s) congenital nevi with (Special Section: Giant corticocancellous, in bone-ceramic composite, 2:27 Congenital Nevus), 16:904–907 for cranial bone defects repair (discussion), 19:675–677Aseptic meningitis following craniofacial reconstruction, for cranial osseous defects, 3:67 pseudomeningocele complicating, 1:179 in facial reconstruction (Symposium), 10:404–405Assessment of outcome Autogenous bone graft, and low-power laser for repairing in anterior plagiocephaly (Symposium), 9:580–582 skull defects, stimulation of osteogenesis in in posterior plagiocephaly (Symposium), 9:577–580 (Experimental Study), 17:297–301Asymmetrical deformity of facial skeleton, endoscopic Autogenous bone grafts, for reconstruction of craniofacial surgery on, using bony defects (Brief Clinical Notes), 18:953–958 neuronavigator, 7:326–332 Autogenous bone in reconstruction of severe zygo-matico-Asymmetric skull shapes: diagnostic and therapeutic orbital fracture with dislocation of globe into consideration, 14:696–69 antrum (Clinical Note), 4:95–101(A)symmetry, perception of, in face (Special Issue: Technical Autogenous calvarial bone graft harvest, intraoperational Strategies), 15:128–134 complications of (Brief Clinical Notes), 16:312–Athelia, pediatric breast deformity (Clinical Notes), 318 17:454–467 Autogenous material vs methylmethacrylate for cranioplastyAtlantoaxial joint, subluxation of (Clinical Note), 19:1119– for acquired skull defects in children, 3:48–49 1121 Autogenous platelet-rich plasma in combination withAtomic force microscopy (AFM), for study of bovine-derived hydroxyapatite xenograft for micromechanical properties of (Scientific treatment of cystic lesion of jaw (Clinical Notes), Foundation), 17:91–97 16:978–980Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), medical Autogenous rib grafts, for restoration of mandibular management (Literature Scans), 18:990 continuity defects in newborns and young childrenAtypical lipomatous tumor, in submental region (Clinical (Clinical Notes), 17:255–260 Note), 19:1558–1560 AutograftAuditory canal, external, reconstruction of, ultrathin cranioplasty with (Point of View), 6:80–83 fibroscopic evaluation of, 9:228–233 fat, orbital injection of, treatment of enophthalmos byAugmentation, by autologous adipose tissue in cleft lip and (Literature Scan), 6:425 nose, final esthetic touches in clefts: part I Autograft cranial reconstruction, metallic alloplasts for (Technical Strategies), 15:478–481 (Scientific Foundation), 7:460–464 Discussion, 15:482 Autograft repair (Scientific Foundation), 4:103–104Augmentation, malar, by osteotomy and advancement Autografts (Technical Strategy), 4:257–264 with DBM and cancellous allograft for mandibularAugmentation mentoplasty, using custom-design wire cage reconstruction (Clinical Notes), 18:95–100 (Clinical Note), 14:884–892 discussion on, 18:101–103Augmentation rhinoplasty, fixation of split calvarial graft in Autologous blood transfusion in surgical program for nasal reconstruction (Surgical Strategies), 17:131– craniosynostosis (Clinical Note), 12:479–484 138 Autologous bone, and bioglass, in cranial reconstructionAuricular protection, after ear surgery using dust mask (Original Article), 18:1290–1295 (Technical Strategy), 19:1639–1640 Autologous cartilage, experimental study of (ScientificAuricular reconstruction, cranial implant-based (Clinical Foundations), 18:551–558 Notes), 17:889–897 Autologous graft in TMJ reconstruction, TMJ function after,Augmentation surgery for facial bone deformities associated 8:383–390 with hemifacial microsomia, 2:181–188 Autologous serum, human bone marrow-derived MSCsAural rehabilitation with osseointegrated implants cultured with, cryopreserved, osteogenic potential (Technical Strategy), 9:388–393 of, 19:693–700Auricular composite graft, for skin defect of philtrum dimple Automatic hole repairing for cranioplasty using Bézier (Technical Strategies), 14:228–234 surface approximation (Technical Strategies),Auricular deformities, correction of, in auriculo-condylar 16:1076–1084 syndrome (Brief Clinical Notes), 16:489–491 Autotransplantation, cranial suture commentary on, 9:440 (Scientific Foundation), 9:404–4098
  9. 9. SUBJECT INDEXAvascular necrosis of jaws, new treatment of (Clinical manifestation of (Brief Clinical Note), 19:279–283 Notes), 17:1080–1083 Bell palsy, diagnosis of, with gadolinium magneticAvascular, necrosis of mandibular condyle causing fibrous resonance imaging (Clinical Notes), 14:51–54 ankylosis of temporomandibular joint in sickle cell Behavior, craniofacial, of sutures in young rabbits anemia (Brief Clinical Notes), 15:1052–1056 postimmobilization, 8:483–489, 8:490Avascular osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) treatment, ozone Benchmarks, for assessment of care, quality of, influence on therapy for, (Clinical Notes), 18:1071–1074 outcome (Literature Scans), 18:1504Axial aponeurofasciocutaneous groin flap (Surgical Benign forehead osteoma, endoscopic excision of (Clinical Strategy), 12:501–504 Notes), 17:426–430Axillary osmidrosis in Apert syndrome: management with Benign mandibular lesions, free fibula flap mandible arthroscopic shaver technique (Clinical Note), reconstruction in (Clinical Experience), 15:1002– 19:1126–1130 1009 Benign tumors, frontoethmoidal involvement by,“ Back to Sleep Campaign,” deformational plagiocephaly craniofacial resection and reconstructive strategy and, 7:12–17 for, 2:75–81Bacterial exposure required to induce rabbit calvarial bone -tricalcium phosphate, frontal sinus obliteration with graft infection by superficial contamination (Technical Strategies), 15:967–970 (Scientific Foundation), 5:247–253 -tricalcium phosphate, histomorphometric andBacterial and fungal infection, in immunocompromised densitometric evaluation of effects of platelet-rich patients (Brief Clinical Notes), 17:578–584 plasma on remodeling of, in beagle dogsBandeau in frontocranial remodeling, 1:18 (Experimental Design), 16:150–154Bandeau, beyond (Brief Clinical Note), 19:1180–1182 Bias, systemic, produced by backlighted digitizer, 8:222–Banked cranial bone flaps, development of coronal 227 craniosynostosis in (Brief Clinical Notes), Bicortical inferior plate fixation (Editorial Note), 19:428– 17:561–567 432Barrier membranes, and guided-tissue regeneration in Bézier surface approximation, automatic hole repairing for maxillary alveolus cleft defect reconstruction cranioplasty using (Technical Strategies), (Technical Strategies), 17:1153–1160 16:1076–1084Basal cell adenomas (BCAs), synchronous multiple, parotid Bézier surface approximation, use in automatic hole gland involvement with (Brief Clinical Notes), repairing for cranioplasty (Technical Strategies), 18:1470–1473 17:344–352Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) Bibliography, future direction in (Editorial), 7:175 facial skin, (Original Articles), 18:1021 Bicoronal incisions, MicroDissection cautery needle vs multi-centric, and SCC, of craniofacial (Clinical cold scalpel in, 9:344–347 Notes), 17:265–271 Bicortical biodegradable screws, for rigid fixation of recurrent, of gorlin syndrome, coverage of cranium with traumatic sagittal split mandibular fracture latissimus dorsi in (Brief Clinical Notes), (Technical Experiences), 18:626–629 17:599–602 Bicortical screw fixation, complications of, observed in 482 risk factor for development of (Brief Clinical Notes), mandibular sagittal osteotomies (Special Issue: 18:708–710 Technical Strategies), 15:64–68Basal class II dentoskeletal alterations, surgical buccinator Bifid condylemandibula (Brief Clinical Notes), 17:1207– muscle myotomy in, 12:409–425 1209 (Discussion), 12:426 Bifid mandibular canal, atypical courses of (ClinicalBasal meningoencephaloceles Studies), 17:487–491 pathology of, 4:196, 4:213 Bifid nose, with cleft hand deformity (Clinical Note), treatment of, 4:212 19:1594–1596Basicranium malformation with anterior dislocation of right Bifid tongue, clinical feature of developmental anomaly styloid process causing stylalgia (Brief Clinical (Clinical Notes), 17:669–672 Notes), 16:418–420 Bifid zygomaticus major muscle (Anatomical Study),Bathrocephaly, correction of (Technical Strategy), 9:88–91 19:534–536Beagle dogs, histomorphometric and densitometric Bifrontal craniotomy for frontoethmoidal menin- evaluation of effects of platelet-rich plasma on goencephalocele, 2:7 remodeling of, in (Experimental Design), 16:150– Bilambdoid synostosis in Mercedes Benz syndrome, 9:417– 154 422Bechterew disease, coronoid process in patients with, Bilateral Choanal Atresia, computer-aided surgical treatment hyperplasia of (Clinical Note), 19:1114–1118 of (Technical Strategies), 18:654–660Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome (BWS) Bilateral cleft lip nose deformity macroglossia in, treatment of (Brief Clinical Notes), 17:369–371 9
  10. 10. THE JOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY composite correction of, central lip flap and nasal congenital, early experience with, 8:110–114 mucosal rotation advancement and (Surgical outcomes with, 9:441–444 Strategies), 16:255–261 commentary on, 9:445–447 reconstruction of (Technical Strategy), 19:1353–1358 in traumatic midfacial fractures, 8:103–109Bilateral cleft lip nasal deformity, new modified forked flap Bioabsorbable fixation technology for craniomaxillofacial with subcutaneous pedicles for (Technical surgery (Special Editorial), 8:85–86 Strategy), 19:1374–1380 Bioabsorbable membranes for pediatric craniofacial surgery,Bilateral cleft nasal deformity, improved nasal tip projection 8:127–128 in treatment of (Brief Clinical Notes), 16:834–839 Bioabsorbable mesh, interaction with: carbonated calciumBilateral clefts phosphate bone cement, reconstruction of immature lip and palate, “J-hook headgear” for repositioning of craniofacial skeleton, 14:117–124 premaxilla in (Brief Clinical Notes), 17:1198– Bioabsorbable osteoconductive drug-releasing hard tissue 1207 fixation devices, multifunctional, innovation in simultaneous pre-maxillary osteotomy and bone grafting (Literature Scan), 19:545–546 in (Clinical Studies), 17:291–296 Bioabsorbable osteofixation tacks and plates, and novelBilateral coronal synostosis in infancy, treatment of, holistic tack-shooter, new technique for correction of approach to, 2:109 trigonocephaly using (Technical Strategies),Bilateral hyperplasia of coronoid processes (Brief Clinical 14:92–100 Notes), 16:723–726 Bioabsorbable plating systemBilateral mass, parotid voluminous masses: case report for craniofacial skeleton, 8:121–126 (Clinical Notes), 15:165–169 advantages of, 8:133–134Bilateral peronea artery magna, iliac crest osteocutaneous disadvantages of, 8:134 flap reconstruction for ameloblastoma of mandible patient results with, 8:129–133 in patient with: case report, 14:809–814 (Editorial), 8:83Bilateral quadrification of the anterior digastric muscles in experimental craniotomies, radiographic follow-up (Original Articles), 18:773–775 of, 8:446–451, 8:452Bilateral reduction mammoplasty, in adolescent population: Bioabsorbable polymers. See Polymers, bioabsorbable adolescent bilateral reduction mammoplasty, Bioabsorbable polymers, science of, 8:87–91 14:691–695 Bioabsorbable self-reinforced poly-L/DL-lactide 70/30Bilateral sagittal split osteotomies (BSSO) tacks and miniscrews in human cadaver bone, mandible (Scientific Foundations), 18:823 holding power of (Scientific Foundations), in treatment of mandibular deformities (Technical 14:171–175 Experiences), 18:931–934 Bioactive glass, 45S5, combined as bone substitute inBilateral sagittal split osteotomy (BSSO), complications of reconstruction of critical size calvarial defects in bicortical screw fixation observed in (Special rabbits (Scientific Foundations), 16:63–70 Issue: Technical Strategies), 15:64–68 Bio-Alcamid, cheek augmentation with, in facialBimaxillary osteotomy for facial skeletal deformity with lipoatrophy in HIV seropositive patients (Clinical malocclusion (Clinical Note), 11:128–136 Note), 19:1085–1088Bimaxillary protrusion, determinants of successful treatment Bioceramics in facial skeleton deformity correction (Clinical of, orthodontic treatment versus anterior segmental Note), 11:470–479 osteotomy (Clinical Study), 16:234–246 Biochemical analysis, of hydroxyapatite cement cranioplastyBimaxillary retrusion (Clinical Note), 17:44–49 (Scientific Foundations), 15:415–422Binder Jet method in producing full-scale model from Discussion, 15:422–423 computed tomographic data Biocompatibility, of collagen scaffolds in palatal mucosa, (Discussion), 12:96 19:599–608Binder jet method, rapid prototyping using (Scientific Biocompatibility of implantable materials in facial aesthetic Foundation), 11:526 and reconstructive surgery (Symposium), 7:473–Binder syndrome, nasomaxillary reconstruction in, 486 19:1225–1236 Bioglass, and autologous bone, in cranial reconstructionBioabsorbable craniofacial meshes and plates, experimental (Original Article), 18:1290–1295 study of heat adaptation of (Scientific Foundation), Biodegradable. See under Bioabsorbable 18:540–545 Biodegradable devices, internal craniofacial distractionBioabsorbable fixation plates/devices, 8:92–95 with (Clinical Note), 11:354–366 in correction of craniosynostosis (Technical Strategy), Biodegradable devices, internal Le Fort III distraction with 9:88–91 (Clinical Note), 12:264–272 in craniomaxillofacial reconstruction, preventable Biodegradable fixation in cranial bone grafting, 7:54–59 complication of (Clinical Report), 8:151–152 Biodegradable fixation in craniofacial surgery, tacks in in Le Fort I osteotomies, 9:210–214 (Technical Strategy), 12:596–602 in pediatric craniofacial surgery, 8:97–10210
  11. 11. SUBJECT INDEXBiodegradable miniplates, long-term and clinical results Bio-Oss in reconstruction of calvarial defects in rabbit with (Commentary), 11:244–245 model, 4:79–84 (Original Scientific Foundation), 11:239–243 Bio-Oss particles/collagen sponges, repair of experimentalBiodegradable osteofixation, intraosseous plating in, 9:247 calvarial defects in rabbit model with (ScientificBiodegradable plates Foundation), 5:242–245 cyanoacrylate adhesive and, in craniofacial skeletal Biporion-dorsum sellae plane, three-dimensional computed fixation, 6:477 tomography rendered images with, measurement screws and and monitoring of monobloc distraction DL-polyactic acid, use of, in rabbits, experimental osteogenesis using, precision and reproducibility studies of (Scientific Foundation), 4:223–227 of (Brief Clinical Notes), 16:430–434 in rabbit model, use of, 2:168–172 Bioreactor, perfusion, for vascular tissue engineering with screws and, polyglyconate, histological evaluation capabilities for longitudinal stretch (Special in rabbit model, 6:282–286 Issue: Regenerative Medicine), 14:340–347Biodegradable plates and screws, inion fast-absorbing, Bioresorbable osteofixation devices, reflections on biodegradation of (Scientific Foundation), 19:748– complications to (Discussion), 18:1242–1243 756 Bioresorbable plating systemsBiodegradable plating systems, intraosseous (Scientific in craniofacial skeleton fixation, 10:491 Foundation), 9:171–176 for orbitozygomatic complex fractures, 10:400–403Biodegradable polymer(s) (Clinical Note), 10:237–242 for rigid fixation in craniofacial surgery, processing of, Biosensors, for detecting gene expression (Special 6:477 Editorial), 17:3–7 matrix recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 Biosorb, osteofixation devices, successful use of, in 165 carriers in calvarial defects (Scientific cranial and maxillofacial cases: a multi-center report Foundation), 9:147–153 (Clinical Notes), 15:692–701Bioelectricity in stimulation of coronal suture in rabbits, Discussion, 15:702 8:360–365 Bipartition and orbital shift, how to choose between, whenBioengineering handbook (Book Review), 12:200 correcting teleorbitism, 2:164ABiofilm, implanted alloplast materials and (Scientific Bipedicled scalp flap, in management of class IV skull burns, Foundations), 17:950–956 19:970–975Biofilm, implanted alloplast materials and (Symposium), Biphosphonate therapy, for osteonecrotic (ON) lesions of 10:410–411 jaws (Original Articles), 18:1012–1017Biological predeterminism, craniofacial disorders and Bisphosphonate-induced ONJ, failed or delayed healing in, (Editorial), 6:263 (Clinical Notes), 18:1069–1070Biology Bisphosphonate side effects, osteonecrosis of jaw (ONJ), developmental, research on, 3:4 (Clinical Notes), 18:1071–1072 implantation (Book Review), 6:258 Bipolar anastomosis technique (BAT), for venous end-to-Biomaterial implantation, in facial esthetic diseases end anastomosis, in vascular model (Special (Clinical Note), 19:1098–1103 Section: Vascular Anomalies), 17:772–778Biomaterials “ Biporion-dorsum sellae” plane, 3-D CT images with, for absorbable, in craniofacial skeleton fixation, 10:491 measuring and monitoring of monobloc DO in face for rigid skeletal fixation (Symposium), 10:407– comparison of measurements before and after 409 (Symposium), 10:404–414 distraction, 19:369–376 handbook on (Book Review), 12:200 Bird-like facies (Clinical Experience), 10:160–167 in operating room (Editorial), 12:407–408 Birmingham craniofacial deformities, 7:336–339 reactions to (Special Editorial), 16:195–196 Birth defects used for calvarial reconstruction, 19:383–392 craniofacial, effects of, on maternal functioning, used in oral surgery, surface analysis methods of: postinfancy, 2:195 literature review (Clinical Materials), 16:31–36 in Crouzon twins with cloverleaf skull, 2:56–62Biomechanical evaluation of canine and porcine models for parents of children with, psychological aspects of, 2:9– experimental craniofacial surgery, 6:288–291 16.Biomechanical testing of alloplastic PMMA cranioplasty See also Psychological aspects of parents of children materials (Technical Strategies), 16:140–143 with craniofacial anomaliesBiomechanics of orbitozygomatic complex (Clinical Note), Birth trauma, bilateral cephalohematoma due to (Technical 10:237–242 Strategies), 17:970–979Biomedical devices in implantation biology (Book Review), Bisphosphonates (BPs), inhibition of bone resorption 6:258–259 (Clinical Notes), 17:876–879Biomedical research (Editorial), 6:183 Bitemporal depressions, after cranioplasty forBiomodelling, stereolithographic, in craniomaxillofacial trigonocephaly, 19:72–79 surgery (Literature Scan), 10:462–463 11
  12. 12. THE JOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERYBlame process, in clinical practice (Editorial), 18:1247– treatment of bony defects (Scientific Foundations), 1248 15:736–741Blast, fireworks, complex craniofacial trauma from, 19:322– Discussion, 15:742–744 327 Body ostectomies, changes in pharyngeal airway space andBleeding during facelift, submental perforating artery and hyoid bone positions after (Clinical Study), (Anatomic Studies), 16:1–2 16:23–30Blepharolabioanal syndrome (Clinical Note), 6:392–394 Bomb explosion wave, mandibular joint dysfunction with,Blepharoplasty, localization of supraorbital nerve during, otalgia from, 3:223–225 need of anatomical knowledge about the area Bone(s) (Clinical Notes), 18:104–112 autogenous, in reconstruction of severe zygomatico-Blepharoptosis, caused from compression of levator muscle orbital fracture with dislocation of globe into by fractured orbital roof fragment (Surgical antrum (Clinical Note), 4:95–101 Strategies), 15:942–945 calvarial. see Calvarial bone and cartilage, differentBlepharoptosis repair, insertion of frontalis muscle relating lyophilized, implantation of, for reconstruction to (Anatomic Studies), 16:965–967 in craniofacial surgery, long-term results after,Blepharospasm, in patients with SJS, treatment with BTX-A 2:166A (Clinical Notes), 17:656–660 chin, secondary alveolar cleft grafts using (Brief ClinicalBlindness, as complication of monobloc frontofacial Notes), 16:864–868 advancement with distraction (Brief Clinical Note), contact of titanium miniplate/screw with (Scientific 19:1170–1173 Foundation), 11:184–188Blindness from traumatic optic neuropathy following facial cranial. See Cranial bone trauma, 8:352–359 cranialBlood defects in, reconstruction of, with hydroxyapatite and flow of, postural, regulation of, cranioplasty and free flap transfer (Clinical Note), 8:141–145 (Literature Scan), 12:101 expansion of (Technical Strategy), 7:151–155 transfusion of, autologous, in surgical program for grafting of, biodegradable vs titanium fixation in, craniosynostosis (Clinical Note), 12:479–484 7:54–59Blood conservation, during craniosynostic correction with healing of dual therapy using procrit and cell saver, 19:101– enhanced, 7:299 105 substituted dextran polymers and, 7:19–22Blood flow, cerebral, decreased secondary to simple thickness of, ultrasound assessment of, 8:213–220 craniosynostosis, 7:177–185 cranial, defects in, tissue-engineered repair ofBlood loss, during median mandibulotomy for sublingual (Discussion), 12:594–595 intramuscular AVM, transarterial embolization for (Frontiers in Surgery), 12:586–593 minimizing (Brief Clinical Notes), 18:1496–1500 cranial, regeneration of, guided tissue regeneration andBlood loss, in sclerotherapy and surgery, comparison of (Clinical Note), 11:552 (Special Section: Vascular Anomalies), 17:729– cranial vault, remodeling techniques for, 1:147 735 craniofacial, repair of, BMP gene therapy in, 11:24–30Blood loss and transfusion rates during repair of craniofacial defect in deformities (Clinical Notes), 16:59–62 complicating craniofacial surgery, 8:344Blood supply in myelomeningocele repair (Clinical Note), in McCune-Albright syndrome (Clinical Note), 11:500–508 9:79–82Blood transfusion, total amount of, complications of demineralized craniofacial surgery and, 8:345, 8:347 in craniofacial reconstruction (Symposium), 10:405–Blood vessels 406 lesions of, of cranial base, 1:106 ossification of, in cranial defect repair (Scientific malformations of Foundation), 7:347–351 congenital, sinus pericranii as, 9:3–9 osteoinductive potential of, age and (Scientific mandibular, treatment and long-term results in, 5:289 Foundation), 9:142–146Blow-out fracture, of orbital floor in early childhood, osteoinductive potential of, ethylene oxide gas 14:666–671 sterilization and, 6:195–197Blowout fracture, orbital, Silastic implantation for, deposition of, frontoparietal advancement and (Literature complication of, 9:452–455 Scan), 10:380 (Clinical Note), 9:452–455 distracted, orthodontic tooth movement into (Scientific commentary on, 9:456–458 Foundation), 9:564–571Blow-out fractures, strangulated trapdoor type orbital, in erosion of, skin expansion and, 1:103 children, fracture pattern and clinical outcome in facial (Literature Scans), 16:513 deformities of, associated with hemifacial microsomia,BMP-9-transduced prefabricated muscular flaps, for 2:181–18812
  13. 13. SUBJECT INDEXfractures of, cyanoacrylate in (Clinical Note), 8:229–235 hydroxyapatite as, with bone morphogenetic protein, trauma to, fixation of, with absorbable mini-plates, osteogenetic activity of, basic fibro-blast growth 8:135–140 factor and (Scientific Foundation), 7:418–424fixation of hydroxyapatite ceramic as, 6:238–243 bioabsorbable devices for, 8:92–95 market expansion of (Editorial), 10:283 in pediatric craniofacial surgery, 8:97–102 (Symposium), 7:479–483 congenital, early experience with, 8:110–114 grafts of. See Graft(s), bone preventable complication of (Clinical Report), growth factors in, for radiation-induced impairment of 8:151–152 bone healing (Scientific Foundation), 9:131– devices for, resorbable, for craniosynostosis surgery, 137 6:477 healing of, after temporary anterior mandibular effects of, on craniofacial imaging, 4:67–73 osteotomy, 10:186–192 for mandibular fractures, methods of, scintigraphic healing of, spontaneous, in rabbit, 11:346–349 evaluation of, 8:270–272 harvesting of, by percutaneous power-oriented core in maxillofacial trauma with absorbable mini-plates, ostectomy, 6:170–172 8:135–140 human cortical allograft, composition of, derived from poly L-lactic acid-polyglycolic acid devices for, FDA/AATB-screened donors (Scientific degradation characteristics of, 8:116–120 Studies), 16:579–585 resorbable hyoid, positions of, changes in, after body ostectomies craniofacial growth and, 5:110–115 and sagittal split ramus osteotomies (Clinical for craniomaxillofacial surgery (Special Study), 16:23–30 Editorial), 8:85–86 iliac effects of, on craniofacial skeletal growth, graft of, preemptive analgesia in (Clinical Study), 3:190–196 9:448–451 in traumatic midfacial fractures, 8:103–109 iliac, secondary alveolar cleft grafts using (Brief rigid, internal, removal of, reasons for, 9:40–44 Clinical Notes), 16:864–868 rigid plate, craniofacial growth in rabbits and thickness map of, 8:272–278 (Literature Scan), 8:81 implants of semirigid (Clinical Note), 2:146–151 for calvarial defect reconstruction after meningi-omasflap of, occipitoparietal, for mandibular recon-struction removal, 4:130–133 (Technical Strategy), 6:249–253 demineralizedformation ability, basic studies on, by platelet rich perforated, in craniofacial surgery, 3:55–62 plasma in rabbits (Scientific Foundations), species-specific, in reconstruction of large 15:439–446 congenital cranio-orbital defect, 3:113–118formation of interface between titanium miniplate/screw and after cranial osteotomies with high-speed drill, (Scientific Foundation), 11:184–188 analysis, 8:466–470 interstitial growth of, revisited (Scientific Foundations), in cranial, mandibular, tibial, and iliac bone grafts in 15:283–287 rats, 6:139–141 labeling of, fluorochrome, in nerve growth factor inducing (Symposium), 10:411–413 treatment of onlay bone grafts, 2:175 quantitating with tetracycline fluorescence incident lengthening of photometry, 5:77–80 bidirectional callus distraction for, 7:258–266formation of, in calvarial bone defect, leukemia inhibitory in human mandible by gradual distraction, 2:164A factor and (Scientific Foundation), 11:512 midfacial advancement by, for craniofacial deformities,formation of, pellet on, in bone defect, effect of 9:114–122 calcium sulfate-chitosan composite on living, graft of, for huge ossifying tumors involving orbit (Scientific Study), 16:213–227 (Technical Strategy), 7:156–159formation of, in pterygoid region after maxillary mandibular, deficit of, with histologic study in man distraction (Brief Clinical Notes), 16:174–180 (Clinical Note), 12:109–117 membranous (Discussion), 12:118 biodegradable fixation of (Scientific Foundation),frontal. See Frontal bone 9:171–176frontal evaluation of, microcomputed tomography scanning defects in, extensive, galea flap for (Technical in, 9:48–54 Strategy), 6:164–168 midface, defects in, reconstruction of, with Vitallium distraction of, outside cranial plane (Technical micromesh, 3:125–133 Strategy), 4:177–181 mineral, bovine, anorganic, reconstruction of cal-varialgenetic disorder of, osteogenesis and, 10:27–37 defects in rabbit model with, 4:79–84 occipital, epidermoid cyst of (Clinical Note), 6:161–163 13
  14. 14. THE JOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY parietal, thickness map of, in Korean adults, 8:208–212 enhancing bone regeneration, critical-size defect and, perforated demineralized, in craniofacial surgery, 2:166A 9:310–316 reconstruction of temporal, fibrous dysplasia of, complication of, 9:433– after tumor resection using irradiated bone (Clinical 437 Note), 9:459–463 successful use of Biosorb osteofixation devices in 165 immediate, after tumor resection around orbit cranial and maxillofacial cases: a multicenter (Technical Strategy), 5:275 report (Clinical Notes), 15:692–701 reconstruction of, with calcium phosphate bone cements Discussion, 15:702 (Literature Scan), 12:102 temporal, fracture of, as complication of condylectomy regenerated, structure and function of (Editorial), 6:351 (Brief Clinical Notes), 16:185–189 regeneration of tissue-engineered, using mesenchymal stem cells and with allogenic type I collagen implants for critical biodegradable scaffold (Special Issue: Technical size defects, 12:573–579 Strategies), 15:34–37 in autograft repair (Scientific Foundation), 4:104 vomeral, nasal cartilaginous, reconstructed with costal in calvarial defects, tissue segregation enhancing cartilaginous graft (Surgical Strategies), (Scientific Foundation), 5:34–43 16:819–822 in calvarial reconstruction in baboons with porous Bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA), percutaneous, 14:637– hydroxyapatite, 3:149–159 642 in cranial defects with biodegradable barriers, 12:41– Bone-anchored implants 47 for absent ear (Scientific Foundation), 19:744–747 intracranial migration of microplates vs wires and, for orbital reconstruction (Clinical Notes), 17:848–853 9:60–64 Bone anchors in craniofacial surgery (Technical Strategy), in osseous wound healing, 7:46–52 7:164–167 materials enhancing, 9:310–316 Bone augmentation osteogenesis, using hydroxyapatite resorbable membranes for, in pediatric craniofacial and beta-tricalcium phosphate blocks (Literature surgery, 8:127–128 Scans), 15:358–359 study of (Correspondence), 8:154 Bone(s) cell migration, effect of platelet releasate on, and TCP ceramic bone substitution materials in, 12:59– recruitment in vitro (Special Issue: Regenerative 68 Medicine), 14:292–300 transforming growth factor- 1 and, 7:36–44 cements, carbonated calcium phosphate, reconstruction (Scientific Foundation), 7:300–310 of immature craniofacial skeleton: interaction repair of with bioreabsorbable mesh, 14:117–124 in diabetic rats, insulin-like growth factor type 1 and, craniofacial, replacement of, accuracy of 6:218–222 stereolithography in planning (Scientific endochondral vs intramembranous demineralized Foundations), 14:164–170 bone matrices in, 10:177–184 (Discussion), 14:934–935 fourth generation of (Editorial), 5:207 engineering applications, in vitro and in vivo, precise materials for critical size defect as experimental model cylindrical three-dimensional tissue for, 1:60 engineering scaffolds for, fabrication of (Special synthetic, for craniofacial reconstruction, 1:150 Issue: Regenerative Medicine), 14:317–323 radiation-induced impairment of, recombinant human bone formation, or just refined bone regeneration bone morphogenetic protein-2 and (Scientific (Editorial), 14:265 Foundation), 9:131–137 in vivo, in rabbit femur (Special Issue: Regenerative resorption of Medicine), 14:324–332 intracranial migration of microplates vs wires and, formation bone engineering, or just refined bone 9:60–64 regeneration (Editorial), 14:265 mechanisms of (Scientific Foundation), 9:254–259 potential of cryopreserved human bone marrow septal, nasal cartilaginous, reconstructed with costal mesenchymal cell/hydroxyapatite complex in cartilaginous graft (Surgical Strategies), presence of recombinant human bone 16:819–822 morphogenetic protein-2, experimental study on, skull, defect of, in vertex without scalp defect (Clinical 14:108–116 Report), 8:146–150 graft(s) early, in Tessier number 4 cleft: case report sphenoid, giant-cell tumors or, craniofacial treat-ment of (Surgical Strategies), 14:406–410 (Clinical Note), 5:254–255 (Discussion), 14:411–412 substitute(s) for survival of, utilizing periosteal free flap, complex Bio-Oss particles/collagen sponges as, in repair of midfact reconstruction: maximizing contour and experimental calvarial defects in rabbit model (Original Articles) (Surgical Strategies), 14:413– (Scientific Foundation), 5:242–245 416, 14:779–782 demineralized bone matrix as, 5:172–17714
  15. 15. SUBJECT INDEX growth, local reparative, proton pump inhibitors control facial, distraction osteogenesis, (Surgical Techniques), osteoclastic resorption of calcium phosphate 18:1133–1137 implants and stimulate increased local Bone defect, repair of, with combination biomaterials reparative bone growth (Special Issue: (Special Issue: Technical Strategies), 15:11–15 Regenerative Medicine), 14:301–307 Bone denudation, roles of different areas of palate bone on healing, adjacent, of cranial osteonecrosis, roles of growth and development of maxilla and dental arch periosteum, dura, and (Scientific Foundations), (Experimental Study), 18:391–398 14:371–379 Bone distraction, using bone regeneration work. See (Discussion), 14:380–382 Calostasis human cadaver, holding power of bioreabsorbable self- Bone distraction, device, novel internal spring-driven reinforced poly-L/DL-lactide 70/30 craniofacial, introduction of (Scientific tacks and miniscrews in (Scientific Foundations), Foundations), 15:324–328 14:171–175 Bone distraction, midfacial advancement by, for craniofacial marrow, mesenchymal cell/hydroxyapatite complex, deformities, 9:114–122 cryopreserved human, in presence of Bone dust, cranial, in full-thickness skull defect recombinant human bone morphogenetic reconstruction, comparison of inorganic bovine protein-2, experimental study on bone bone particles with, 3:25–29 formation potential of, 14:108–116 Bone dust, diced cartilage and cartilage/bone dust mixture morphogenetic protein, delivery system, in search of permanence of (Experimental Study), 17:905–908 ideal: in vitro studies on demineralized bone Bone flap, galeoparietal, full-thickness, for mandibular matrix, purified and recombinant bone reconstruction after hemimandibulec-tomy, 8:59 morphogenetic protein (Special Issue: Bone flaps, preservation of, in patients with post- Regenerative Medicine), 14:284–291 craniotomy infections (Literature Scans), 15:1066– parietal, agenesis and associated multiple congenital 1067 anomalies (Clinical Notes), 14:192–196 Bone flap, vascularized, prefabrication by DBM (Scientific regeneration effect of, on growth hormone on Foundations), 18:43–48 consolidation in mandibular distraction Bone formation osteogenesis of dog model (Original Articles), in calvarial experimental model, micro-CT and 14:417–425 histomorphometry for assessment of, correlation refined, bone engineering, bone formation, or (Editorial), between (Scientific Foundation), 19:446–452 14:265 in maxillary distraction osteogenesis, role of TEOM in replacement, craniofacial, accuracy of stereolithography promotion of, 19:80–87 in planning (Scientific Foundations), 14:164– Bone fracture(s) 170 frontal, new technique of closed reduction for substitute, in craniofacial area, porous (Correspondence), 18:1508 polymethylmethacrylate as (Clinical Notes), technique of close reduction (Technical Strategies), 14:63–68 (Discussion), 14:596–598 18:695–698Bone cement, for craniofacial repairs (Brief Clinical Note), Bone graft 19:283–286 alternative (see Demineralized bone matrix (DBM))Bone center displacement, tracing craniosynostosis to autogenous calvarial, intraoperational complications of developmental stage through, 10:526 (Brief Clinical Notes), 16:312–318Bone defect(s) calvarial, harvesting with piezoelectric device cranial, cranioplasty of (Clinical Notes), 17:1076–1079 (Technical Experiences), 18:1395–1396 frontal, prolonged, causing brain atrophy (Clinical free fibula, virtual planning of composite mandibular Notes), 17:843–847 reconstruction with (Brief Clinical Notes), orbital floor, porous polyethylene implant for 16:1137–1139 reconstruction (Clinical Notes), 17:1059–1064 harvesting (Brief Clinical Notes), 18:955 osteopromotion technique for healing, use of solvent- iliac, shifting of nerve passage over iliac crest by skin dehydrated cortical bone plate (Clinical Study), retraction (Anatomic Studies), 18:1447–1450 17:1105–1110 in orthognathic surgery, medial surface of mandible as repair with autogenous bone graft and low-power laser, alternative source of (Technical Strategies), stimulation of osteogenesis in (Experimental 16:123–128 Study), 17:297–301 primary alveolar, surgical technique for (Brief ClinicalBone defect, pellet on bone formation in, effect of calcium Notes), 16:706–711 sulfate-chitosan composite on (Scientific Study), secondary alveolar (SABG), outcome before and after 16:213–227 eruption of canine in patients with cleftBone defect reconstruction lip/palate (Clinical Notes), 18:1331–1337 after excision of skin tumors, (Original Articles), Bone graft(ing) 18:1031 15