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  1. 1. and We think you will enjoy seeing some of the people we have helped to achieve a beautiful new smile. In most cases the treatment took only a couple of visits We like to call them Before After “ Not Such Extreme Makeovers”
  2. 2. Narrow, chipped teeth made this young man self-conscious about his smile His gum tissue was reshaped and six porcelain veneers were placed. Confidence restored!
  3. 3. The teeth on this attractive young woman were basically healthy, but she didn’t like the way they looked We placed six porcelain veneers on both top and bottom, but first the height of the gum tissue was raised to give her the look she wanted
  4. 4. The teeth on this 78 year old gentleman had discolored. A few teeth on his top left were heavily filled Two porcelain crowns strengthened the teeth on the top left. The other teeth were bleached. It was a quick and easy solution
  5. 5. This gentleman disliked the size and shape of his teeth. He didn’t believe they presented a good professional image Six porcelain veneers transformed his teeth into a shape and size more congruent with his over-all good looks
  6. 6. This young, single mother was unable to find good employment because she was embarrassed and reluctant to smile We put crowns on her upper 4 front teeth to make a huge difference. We didn’t do anything to her lower teeth but we did use our computer imager to show her what could be done. “ Instant Orthodontia!”
  7. 7. This middle-aged man had teeth too short and small for the size of his face. He also disliked the discoloration of the front two teeth It was necessary to reshape his gum tissue to accommodate the added length of the new porcelain veneers. He looks like a new man!
  8. 8. This woman was unhappy with the color and the chipped and frayed edges of her teeth Porcelain veneers on her top and bottom front teeth restored her teeth giving her a youthful new smile
  9. 9. Braces would not have improved the smile of this 17 year old girl. Her teeth were simply too small and narrow Just four porcelain veneers brought a huge smile to her face Just in time for her senior photos!
  10. 10. This attractive, middle-age woman disliked the shortness of her front teeth and the varying colors She was thrilled about the light color and new length of her teeth
  11. 11. These upper teeth looked good after they were bonded several years ago. But the bonding had stained and chipped Porcelain crowns gave this attractive lady a long-lasting and beautiful smile Unlike bonding, these teeth will never stain