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Sample AADSAS Personal StatementsEssay # 1 - Author Accepted for 2006 Entering Class        As an undergraduate student at...
Essay # 2 - Author Accepted for 2006 Entering Class         The smell alone used to make me nauseous. I could barely get t...
Conversing with children with a mental illness while working as a mental healthtechnician has built my character by improv...
dedicating my time to such volunteer events as a dentist.         In addition to these volunteer events, I also enjoy part...
confidence. As a child, I had a terrible overbite and was in dire need of an orthodontist.The result of braces was more th...
qualities. In Chicago, the city was the hub of civilization and in Montana the citizensrelied on and lived for the land an...
He gave me something valuable, something I could not have done for myself.        That is how I felt each time I left my d...
Mexico where I did free tax preparation for low income and elderly families. I loveworking with people and enjoy the oppor...
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Sample AADSAS Personal Statements


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Sample AADSAS Personal Statements

  1. 1. Sample AADSAS Personal StatementsEssay # 1 - Author Accepted for 2006 Entering Class As an undergraduate student at the University of New Mexico I have becomeincreasingly aware of the complex network problems that I face as a citizen of the world.I have also realized the progress and success that I enjoy in the same capacity as thefrontiers of medicine, technology and communication continue to expand. My desire toparticipate in the resolution of those problems and in the further expansion of thosefrontiers had inspired me to seek a degree in biology and entrance into a School ofDentistry. I intend to successfully complete program of dentistry and further myspecialization in the area of endodontics. Upon completion of my degree programs Iwould like to return to the southwest region of the country to make my services availableto the underserved population of the area. I would also like to spend some time servingthe populations of Central and South America where I could gain invaluable experienceand provide the much needed services of a specialist. My desire to enter the field of dentistry has grown as I’ve participated withprofessional oral health care providers in the field and observed a wide range ofprocedures. My interest in dentistry began early on as I was involved in orthodontics foreight years before undergoing corrective jaw surgery. I gained a deep appreciation andunderstanding of what people in need of such services are experiencing, as well as a greatrespect and admiration for the professionals of that field. Through the practice ofdentistry I desire to have a positive supportive impact on the lives of those I serve, as Iexperienced in my own life through my oral healthcare providers. I also desire to be arespected, contributing member of the community, and I feel that the field of dentistrywill afford me such opportunities as I participate in it. I will be successful in dental school because of my dedication to the pursuit ofacademic excellence and my desire to succeed. I have gained experience in publicspeaking through my various service and academic activities and enjoy meeting anddealing with people, which will serve me in dental school and as a professionalhealthcare provider. I have increased my fine motor skills and manual dexterity throughmy study of guitar, which will also aide me in pursuit of a DDS degree. My service as amissionary in Mexico gave me a better understanding of the world and of life as I workedwith people in many different situations. I struggled and succeeded in my search forways to serve and help people in a language, land and culture that was not my own.Those experiences have given me needed skills and attributes to become a successfulservant of the community and participant in the dental community. I have repeatedly shown my determination in the environment of the university asI have faced and conquered challenges. I was able to successfully return to the universityafter my two-year absence and have been successful each semester since in maintainingmy scholarship. I have maintain my academic standing as I take full loads of coursework and hold employment outside of class as well as sustain my family. I feel that Ihave been able to accomplish this because of the balance I seek as I participate in theacademic, spiritual, social and family spheres of my life.
  2. 2. Essay # 2 - Author Accepted for 2006 Entering Class The smell alone used to make me nauseous. I could barely get through the frontdoor before I would feel the hair at the base of my neck stand on end. I would situncomfortably in the waiting room chairs praying that my mom would have a change ofheart to take me back home. This was the scene each and every time I had a dental appointment. Needless tosay, I feared the dentist. My memories of the dentist are not highlighted with visits to thetreasure box or the joy of picking out a new toothbrush. By the time I reached this part ofthe dental visit, I wanted nothing to do with anything that would keep me in the officeeven a second more. My first exposure to dentistry, out of the chair, came when I began babysitting fora dentist. He worked on the weekends, and his daughter and I would tag along. InitiallyI stayed as far away from the dentist chair as possible, but later, I became curious, andgradually observant. By the time I reached high school, I was intrigued by every aspectof dentistry. The procedures quickly turned from one of torment into something morefamiliar. Coming from a family of engineers and contractors, I recognized the doctor’sinstruments because they were similar to tools I had grown up watching my father use. Ibegan to think of dentistry as performing small scale construction in a small hole.Performing such intricate procedures while simultaneously utilizing my mind and handsboth excited me and complimented my detail attentive personality. Since my interest first peaked, I have continued towards my goal to become adentist, not only through high academic achievement, but with life experience. I obtainedmy dental radiography license and worked as a dental assistant during high school andwas provided with the opportunity to observe a variety of dental procedures. I alsogained exposure to the additional responsibilities of a dental professional ranging fromthe billing process to dealing with insurance companies. I got a glimpse of theorganizational skills necessary to run a small business. I continued gaining experiencesupon entering college by volunteering at a dental clinic that provides free services to thehomeless. My service at this clinic has strengthened my desire to become a dentist. Volunteering at the homeless dental clinic has taught me the importance of dentalhygiene and how it can affect every aspect of a person’s life. Most of the homelesspatients have neglected their teeth for years, and realize that they need help. It is anamazing experience to watch the transformation in a person as their teeth are fixed. Formost patients, it is a long process, and their self esteem visibly increases with each visit.By the end of the treatment, some finally have the confidence to get a job, and may returnto let us know of their new found success. The personal contact incorporated withdentistry is appealing as it provides the opportunity to interact with individuals of diverseages, cultures, and backgrounds. As a student and an employee I have to realize the importance of integrity,responsibility, and hard-work. I know that in order to earn the respect and trust of mypatients, I must be dependable, energetic, and professional. I must have the confidence totake on the role of authority, while as the same time be willing to follow the lead ofsomeone else if necessary. I have equipped myself with these necessary traits to be asuccessful dental student and professional through my classes, employment, andextracurricular activities. Working as an administrative assistance has equipped me withcommunication skills, and has taught me how to efficiently organize my time.
  3. 3. Conversing with children with a mental illness while working as a mental healthtechnician has built my character by improving my patience and revealing the traitsnecessary to earn the trust of others. Leading my university’s pre-dental society aspresident has taught me leadership skills and how to organize a group to work together. As a native New Mexican, I realize the states vast need for dental health careprofessionals, and would like to contribute by returning to the state after completion ofmy dental degree. Becoming a dentist has been my desire throughout both high schooland college, and I have worked at becoming a well-round, educated, and experiencedindividual to achieve this goal. I have developed a strong work ethic, which, whencombined with my choice of dentistry as a profession, has been greatly enhanced by theopportunities that I have had to work in this field. I firmly believe that I have built afoundation from with I will move forward to earn my dental degree. I am determined tosuccess, and ready to begin this challenge.Essay # 3 - Author Accepted for 2006 Entering Class I can vividly recall my grandfather opening his tool shed in hopes of inspiring hisfive year-old grandson to create something beautiful out of pieces of wood that were oldand otherwise discarded. A passion for intricate artwork has seemingly always been apart of my life. Whether it is "throwing" a pot on a wheel or tying flies to mimic aquaticinsects for the art of fly fishing, I have always loved to create pieces of art with myhands. A true love for intricate artistic work is a necessary and an essential characteristicof a dentist. I have devoted five years to playing guitar, and it has become part of myeveryday life. Great manual dexterity is required to play the guitar, and this manualdexterity bears a direct correlation to dentistry. When trying to undertake a new musicalpiece, the initial excitement overwhelms me and accomplishing a beautiful musical pieceprovides great satisfaction. Similarly, in dentistry, when a patient has a problem, thedentist will assess and treat the individual. On many occasions, I have found that thedentist is eager to start the procedure and pleased with the work and the well being of thepatient. It is my belief that dentists hands not only have the power to grasp the world butthe power to change it. I feel that dentistry will afford me with the opportunity to dosomething I love, working with my hands. The manual dexterity involved in dentistry isonly a fraction of what makes the profession wonderful. To a further extent, a dentistmust have a humanistic instinct to provide care to others. As a college freshman, I volunteered every weekday of my summer as a literacyleader for Americorps. While volunteering as a literacy leader 40 hours a week at CesarChavez Community Center, I had the privilege of mentoring and teaching young boyshow to read. Spanish happened to be the childrens first language and overcoming thelanguage barrier became easier as I immersed myself deeper into the language. Teachingthese children allowed me to develop a greater understanding of people and a trusting andcaring relationship with each child. For the past three years, I have been part of HealthySmiles, Special Smiles, and Give Kids A Smile Day. These three volunteer events giveopportunities for the entire dental community to work together for the sake of childrensdental healthcare and I have established that this is important to me and my character. Ihave had many memorable experiences from these volunteer events and they have alltaught me how to be kind, gentle, and comforting to the patients. I look forward to
  4. 4. dedicating my time to such volunteer events as a dentist. In addition to these volunteer events, I also enjoy participating in extracurricularactivities such as running, lifting weights, snowboarding, reading, and fly-fishing. All ofthese activities help me cope with stress and give me time to see where I fit in this world.For the past year, I have been working at Starbucks as a Barista. This job has shown mepeople from all walks of life and has given me a better understanding of people. Manypeople who come into Starbucks are fascinating and I enjoy learning about their lives.The social skills obtained from this job are an invaluable asset to my character. One ofmy greatest accomplishments has been being an active member of the Pre-Dental Societyfor my entire career at the University of New Mexico. It was my pleasure to be the VicePresident of the Pre-Dental Society for the past year. I am currently the President of thePre-Dental Society and look forward to the upcoming year. These two leadershippositions have enriched my public speaking ability and given me the confidence toarticulate my ideas clearly. Extracurricular activities give you a time to reflect on the typeof person you are and the merit of your character and this, too, is important to me. Theseextracurricular activities have refined me as a person and given me new and satisfyingexperiences. There is something unique about dentistry that draws you in the more youimmerse yourself into the profession. Maybe it is the dedication to excellence or thealtruism that gives you a sense of belonging. Regardless of what brought me to dentistry,I am here to stay because it is where I belong.Essay # 4 - Author Accepted for 2006 Entering Class Activities that challenged my curious mind such as solving crossword puzzles andriddles thrilled me as a child, and my love for challenges expanded into other areas as Igrew older. I began playing musical instruments at the age of six, beginning with thepiano and ultimately moving on to the clarinet, which I have played for the past 9 years.The clarinet allowed me to achieve greater manual dexterity through countless hours ofpractice, as I have trained my hands to move carefully and precisely. There is no greaterfeeling than that of having mastered the fingering for a particularly difficult musicalpiece. Similarly, it will be necessary as a dentist to devote many hours perfecting thetechniques essential for providing high-quality oral healthcare and I will feel greatsatisfaction in doing so. Not only should good dentists acquire great manual dexterity, butthey should also have excellent hand-eye coordination. While helping a PhD studentconduct research using Drosophila flies, I was required to manipulate the small specimento identify their species, sex, and size. This experience permitted me the opportunity toimprove on the eye-hand coordination skills that are crucial for good dentistry. Thechallenges I will confront throughout my course in dental school do not daunt me, butmotivate me. It has always been exciting for me to take problems and solve them usingmy mind and my hands. Not only has the technical difficulty of playing an instrument satisfied me, butalso the sheer beauty of the art form. Music has the ability to impact the emotions ofpeople. I see a similar opportunity in dentistry to bring joy and happiness to peopleslives. By providing a person with the appropriate treatment, a person who has a low self-esteem due to untreated dental problems can be transformed into a person who has self-
  5. 5. confidence. As a child, I had a terrible overbite and was in dire need of an orthodontist.The result of braces was more than a corrected bite. It yielded a higher self-esteem and agreater sense of self-confidence in me. I would like to provide others with the chance tohave this same experience. Shadowing in many different dental offices allowed me torealize that all forms of dentistry can have this effect on patients, whether it was crownsfrom a general dentist or a set of dentures from a prosthodontist. Helping people psychologically is an additional result of what is most important,which is taking care of the patients overall oral health. One of the most influentialmoments that lead me to pursue a career in dentistry was the day a UNM Pre-DentalSociety guest speaker discussed the underserved communities in New Mexico. I wasastonished to learn that all but a few counties are in dire need of dentists. From that dayforward I made it my personal goal to become a dentist so that I could help the people ofNew Mexico. Helping people has always been a part of my life. I have always enjoyed helpingclassmates with schoolwork as well as spending many hours teaching my younger sisters.In the past year, I was employed as a Biology/Chemistry tutor, which allowed me to helpother students succeed. I have also been able to help others through community serviceand volunteer work such as annual clothing donations to homeless shelters, participatingin volunteer events such as Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, Give Kids aSmile and Special Olympics Special Smiles. These events helped me to realize that Iwant to continue helping people in the future. Being elected Historian of the UNM Pre-Dental Society gives me yet another way to help other students, now in their pursuit of adental career. I would like to have the opportunity to continue helping others throughdentistry. The desire to help people was instilled in me by my family. They have alwaysencouraged me to work hard and praised me for my accomplishments. As the first personin my family who will graduate from college, I can understand the importance of familyencouragement in having accomplished this goal. In the future I would like to have myown family, providing the same encouragement I was so fortunate to have as a child. I will be successful in dental school because I possess perseverance. Beingdetermined and persistent has helped me overcome many obstacles in the paths towardsmany goals in my life, and these attributes will prove just as beneficial in my pursuit of adental career.Essay # 5 - Author Accepted for 2006 Entering Class My name is “name of author.” I am twenty-four years old and have graduatedfrom the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. My studies were concentrated onBiology as my major, and Spanish as my minor. I was adopted from South Korea when Iwas seven months old. My family and I resided in Milwaukee, Wisconsin until I wasfour, then Chicago, Illinois until I was twelve. After that we lived in Glendive, Montana.I have a unique perspective of lifestyles and culture due to the diversity of the places thathave shaped me and helped me become who I am today and they have defined what Iwant to pursue professionally, which is Dentistry. I have come to understand the importance of comparative and contrasting
  6. 6. qualities. In Chicago, the city was the hub of civilization and in Montana the citizensrelied on and lived for the land and cattle. Presently, in Albuquerque, I have come tolove and appreciate the Southwest style and diverse culture. Everywhere that I have livedand traveled has taught me something new and offered irreplaceable life experiences. Ichose the University of New Mexico because I wanted to be far enough away from hometo be independent, and also because they offered majors in biology and dance. I was onthe UNM dance team for three years. Throughout college my interests have expandedwhich is why I now still study Spanish as well as biology. After attending an exchangeprogram to Trujillo, Spain, I plan to utilize the Spanish language in the dental practice. Ihave come to respect and love the now-thriving language in America. I plan to educateand assist people in upholding a condition of well being of every ethnicity andbackground. I am constantly seeking new experiences as well as responsibility and havebeen a resident advisor for two years and then a Student Head Resident for one year.This is my second year that I am an Area Coordinator in the residence halls. Workingdirectly with student, faculty, staff, and peers, I know I thrive to work directly with manypeople in a personal setting. With the responsibilities of these occupations, I have alsolearned many managerial skills, which are applicable to the dental field. My family is an important aspect of my life. Since I am adopted I have learnedthat the value of a family is measured in love, not in bloodlines. My family hassupported me in everything that I do, especially now as I apply to dental school. Theyhave taught me trust, responsibility, respect, determination, honesty, and of course, love.With these attributes and the support from my family, I am confident in myself to furtherbroaden and excel in the pursuit for an education in dentistry. I have been involved in a variety of activities throughout my life. Theseexperiences have helped me to define who I am as a person and where I fit into society.Trying different activities has broadened my horizons and raised the expectation formyself. They have taught me how to learn and attempt to strive for my ultimate best.They have also taught me that trying new things is constantly a good lesson to rememberthroughout my life. The most important thing that I have taken from these differentactivities is the ability to narrow and define exactly what it is that I want to do with mylife, which is working in the dental field. I started thinking about career choices whileattending college; and while I have always had a passion for biology and the fact that it isthe study of life, I have not had a desire to be a dentist since I was little. From my lovefor biology derived my compassion and drive to improve the quality of life for others.Having worked with people all my life, there is nothing I would rather do. The field ofdentistry gives hope, confidence, and health to others. I want to give back to thecommunity my erudition to better the lives for individuals and families in sustaining asoundness of body and mind. I am determined to do whatever it takes to excel in thefield of Dentistry.Essay # 6 - Author Accepted for 2007 Entering Class
  7. 7. He gave me something valuable, something I could not have done for myself. That is how I felt each time I left my dentist’s office as a teenager. I wonderedhow the dentist must feel on the giving side of the relationship and I hoped to one day bein a profession that would allow me to help people daily in such a tangible way. As Imatured and became more serious about choosing a profession during my college career,I realized that dentistry is exactly what I want to do with my life. In my preparation for a dental career, I have spent many hours observing thissame dentist who inspired me years ago as he helps others maintain their dental andoverall health. I clearly see the satisfaction that can be achieved by practicing dentistry. Ihave also been able to observe all the nine dental specialties (except radiology andpathology) seeing a wide variety of dental procedures ranging from simple fillings tomore technical gingival grafts, osseous regeneration surgery, apicoectomy, veneer smilemakeovers, etc. The more I see, the more eager I become to actively participate in suchan exciting profession. Success in the dental field requires dedication, compassion, and the ability towork intimately and effectively with people. I am well prepared to take on this challenge.I have worked as a corporate trainer for a 500-employee quick-lube franchise in theSouthwest for the past three years while completing a Bachelor of Business degree at theUniversity of New Mexico. My professional experience continuously hones myinterpersonal communication skills, public speaking skills, and leadership as I helpmanage a business and educate hundreds of people. As a corporate trainer, I have becomemore self-motivated, organized, and detail-oriented through being responsible fordesigning company training programs, modifying company policies, and teaching newskills to managers and employees alike. I have also developed further dedication andcommitment working to provide for a family while attending classes full time andparticipating in other extracurricular activities. Dentists frequently tell me that managing a practice is one of the activities theystruggle with the most. My business background and strong interpersonal skills willenhance my ability to succeed in dentistry. I am serving as the Vice President of the NewMexico Pre-dental Society this coming year where I can use these skills to help NewMexico produce more dentists and reduce the state’s immense shortage. As a dentist Iwould like to be actively involved in advancing the profession and promoting improvedoral health in my underserved state and our nation. My professional experience providesa strong foundation to achieve these goals. I spent two years living in remote areas of Brazil serving an ecclesiastical missionand learning to read, write, and speak fluent Portuguese. In Brazil I witnessed the greatsuffering caused by poor oral health. So many teenagers had mouths full of decayedpermanent teeth, which must have caused great pain and loss of self esteem. They did noteven have a way to get these teeth safely extracted. Access to dental care and proper oralhygiene education could have prevented nearly all these problems. I hope to somedayparticipate in humanitarian health care programs in Brazil and I also know that there arefar too many Americans with limited access to care. I plan to serve in one of the smallertowns of New Mexico to help alleviate this great need. For the past three years I have volunteered for a program called Taxhelp New
  8. 8. Mexico where I did free tax preparation for low income and elderly families. I loveworking with people and enjoy the opportunity to teach them ways to save money ontaxes. They leave so grateful and I get that same feeling that I gave them somethingvaluable they could not do for themselves. I greatly enjoy teaching others and havealready started to ponder ways to educate and motivate patients to better maintain theiroral health. These, and many other events, have kindled my aspirations to become a dentistand have prepared me to be successful during and after dental school. Dentistry is aperfect way to combine my affinity for business, my passion for learning the biologicalsciences, and my desire to teach and serve others. I am anxious to achieve my goals andconsider it a privilege to be starting a career in a field that is so respectable and that givesback so much to our communities.