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Introduction to 3M iBraces/Incognito


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Introduction to 3M iBraces/Incognito

  1. 1. Introduction to 3M iBraces/Incognito by B. ComellaStarting from the end point in mind; the final outcome positions are determined and this is whatdrives treatment from beginning to end. Unlike Invisalign, however, we have complete mechanicalcontrol. There are no limitations in types of cases. The more difficult situation, the moreiBraces/Incognito are indicated.Comfort; the biggest challenge with lingual braces of any sort is patient comfort. iBraces/Incognitouses metal casting techniques to ensure a .5mm thickness of the bonding area and smooth bracketfeatures. This said, however, anything rubbing on mucosal tissue will cause a transient edema. On thelabial side, the cheeks and lips will swell and then reduce in size over a short time. On the lingual sidethe tongue will swell slightly and will be completely normal again by 7-10 days. It does not ulceratethe tongue unless there is a wire that is poking, which is easily resolved.Speech; this again is challenging at first, but the patients understand it is transient and many have littleor no difficulty at all from day one. I wouldn’t be wearing them if speech was affected until we werecomplete, since I have to talk with the patients all day long. If you like to hear how I sound with themon, call me anytime 
  2. 2. Control; this is the penultimate feature of the system. The final outcome is determined as the initialstep in the process. Features of canine guidance, mutually protected occlusion and esthetics areachieved in a tooth set-up.From here the models get scanned into a computer. The technician generates the pad shape thatcustom fits each tooth and finally the bracket slot and any attachment I desire is placed on the pad.The computer then determines the shape of the final wire that fits perfectly into the brackets. This iswhere it diverts significantly from conventional edgewise orthodontics. This is not a straight wire, buta completely custom wire that with no-doubt will produce the final outcome programmed in thebeginning.There are many mechanical advantages and details I am leaving out, but ask any of my patients if theylike them and would recommend them. I have had more complaints over labial systems than with
  3. 3. iBraces. There are very few people who come in asking for braces on the labial surface and evenfewer who want to finish all the details of orthodontic treatment because they get tired of seeing themand the social implications. 3M iBraces/Incognito are the most ideal option for, not only, invisiblebraces, but quality of outcome.
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