Enhancing Implant Dentistry Education Worldwide.


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Enhancing Implant Dentistry Education Worldwide.

  1. 1. ITI Education Week:Registration FormImportantonline registration is available at: www.iti.org/educationweek/Please write legibly (block letters) when filling out this form. This information will be used in all correspondenceand for your certificate of participation. Please remove this page, fax it to the ITI center at +41 61 270 83 84or send it by email to education@iticenter.ch. ITI University ProgramscoUrse Boston, June 14–18, 2010, UsD 3,500  Toronto, october 27–30, 2010, cAD 3,600 Enhancing Implant Bern, August 16–20, 2010, cHF 5,000 Hong Kong, september 11–18, 2010, HKD 20,000  London, November 22–27, 2010, GBP 2,750  stuttgart, tbd, eUr 1,900 Dentistry EducationPA rT I c I PA N Ts Participant not affiliated to the ITI   ITI member Worldwide. ITI Fellow   ITI scholar Title  Prof.  Dr.  mr.  ms. Name Last Name: First Name: clinic/organization: Department: Address street: city: ZIP code: state: country: Contact Details Phone: Fax: email:PAy m e N T Bank Transfer The ITI will send an invoice upon receipt of the registration form. credit card Name of the credit card holder as it appears on the card:  Visa  mastercard card number expiry date / city/Date ITI Education Weeks I hereby acknowledge the terms and conditions. www.iti.org 2010signature
  2. 2. m I s s I o N sTAT e m e N T “... to promote and dis- seminate knowledge on all aspects of implant dentistry and related tissue regeneration through research, development and edu- cation to the benefit of the patient.” c o N T e N Ts I T I e D U c AT I o N W e e K s 2 0 1 0 4 The ITI University Program Date Venue Course Title 6 Harvard school of Dental medicine, Boston June 14–18 Harvard school of Dental medicine, comprehensive Implant Dentistry: From Treatment 8 Universities of Bern and Geneva Boston, UsA Plan to clinical Implementation 10 University of Hong Kong 12 UcL eastman Dental Institute, London August 16–20 school of Dental medicine, evidence-Based clinical concepts 14 University of melbourne University of Bern, Bern, switzerland in Implant Dentistry 16 Klinikum stuttgart, Katharinenhospital september 11–18 The University of Hong Kong, Prince Philip contemporary Periodontics and Implant Dentistry 18 Bloorview Kids rehab/University of Toronto Dental Hospital, Hong Kong sAr, Pr china 20 education Week Boston october 27–30 Bloorview Kids rehab, Toronto, Lessons from a Pediatric rehabilitation center 22 education Week Bern canada 24 education Week Hong Kong 26 education Week Toronto November 22–27 UcL eastman Dental Institute, current Treatment Principles and concepts 28 education Week London London, UK in Implant Dentistry 30 education Week stuttgart 1st Quarter 2011 Klinikum stuttgart, Katharinenhospital, Benefits in Daily Practice Using Dental Implants 32 Terms and conditions (dates to follow) stuttgart, Germany registration Form2 ITI University Programs ITI University Programs 3
  3. 3. The ITI University Program Welcome to this first ITI University Programs brochure. • They have an established track record of full year of courses and the general demand for excellence in continuing dental education implant dentistry education. • They are certified to issue continuing dental The ITI – International Team for Implantology – is dedicated to advancing education credits Education Courses 2010 knowledge in the field of implant dentistry based on sound scientific and • They are headed by an experienced and loyal Five institution-based courses will be offered ITI Fellow in a leading position at his/her this year, and the remaining two venues are clinical evidence. Guided by its vision, this independent academic organization institution and supported by an experienced already planning their program for 2011. The ITI undertakes to reach an ever-increasing audience. Its aim is to spread the ITI’s faculty University Program is currently providing a educational message and philosophy: evidence-based treatment approaches • They have state-of-the-art facilities with single course format, the ITI education Week, a lecture hall as well as other infrastructure for which has proven highly successful over the that predictably produce successful outcomes and underline the organization’s emphasis live surgeries, live prosthetics and hands-on years at the University of Bern in collaboration on responsibility towards the patient. workshops. with the University of Geneva. ITI education Weeks give practitioners with some experience The geographical distribution of the centers in implant dentistry the opportunity to advance is also an important contributory factor in the their knowledge and skills in implant-related invitation and selection process for new centers. treatment. Participants will benefit from: Introduced in 2009 as a new venture in ITI An International Network in Implant • Lecture and discussion sessions education, the ITI University Program aims to Education For the course period 2010/2011, ITI education • Participation in treatment planning enhance implant education worldwide by At the core of the ITI University Program lies Weeks will be held at the following locations: • surgical and prosthetic hands-on sessions offering coordinated, high quality continuing the establishment of an international network • Bern, switzerland: University of Bern, school • Live surgical and prosthetic sessions education courses in implant dentistry around of selected educational venues at university- of Dental medicine, Bern, switzerland • University-based continuing education (ce) the globe. The premise behind the program is based dental schools, affiliated institutions or • Boston, mA, UsA: Harvard school of Dental credits that continuing education in implant dentistry hospital centers. With the centralized adminis- medicine, Boston, UsA and related fields is best delivered indepen- trative and logistical support of the ITI center • china/Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong, As the program evolves, additional course dently of commercial interests for reasons of in Basel, switzerland, these institutions can Prince Philip Dental Hospital, Hong Kong formats and content will be added in the future. overall quality and credibility. deliver ITI-quality international courses in • London, UK: University college of London, implant dentistry and related topics. The course eastman Dental Institute & Hospital, With this brochure, we take pleasure in introduc- To this end, the ITI Board of Directors estab- content is based on the ITI guidelines as pub- London, UK ing the first seven venues at which ITI education lished a University Programs committee lished in the ITI consensus Papers, the ITI • melbourne, Australia: University of melbourne, Weeks will be offered in 2010/2011. you will to build, implement and monitor the program. Treatment Guide series and other similar melbourne Dental school, Parkville, Australia also find the schedule and specific details for The University Programs committee comprises publications. Participants benefit from high • stuttgart, Germany: Klinikum stuttgart, each of the courses to be held in 2010 as part of the following members: quality course offerings that also provide con- Katharinenhospital, Department for oral-, this new ITI University Program. I very much • Hans-Peter Weber, UsA (chairman) tinuing education (ce) credits. maxillo- and Facial Plastic surgery, center of hope you will take advantage of the educational • Nikos Donos, UK Implant Dentistry, stuttgart, Germany offering outlined on the following pages. • Lisa Heitz-mayfield, Australia The selection of the course venues is based • Toronto, ontario, canada: Bloorview Kids • simon størgard Jensen, Denmark on a formal application and careful assessment rehab/University of Toronto, Toronto, canada • sandro matter, switzerland by the ITI University Programs committee. Hans-Peter Weber • Dean morton, UsA To be considered, an institution must fulfill the Further institutions around the world will be chairman of the University Programs • Frauke müller, switzerland following criteria, among others: approached based on the success of this first committee4 ITI University Programs Introduction Introduction ITI University Programs 5
  4. 4. Boston, USA Harvard school of Dental medicine City of Boston Founded in 1867, the Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM) is the oldest university-based First incorporated in 1630, Boston is one of America’s oldest cities. Its rich history dental school in the United States. HSDM is situated in the Longwood Medical Campus has made it the economic and cultural hub of New england and earned it the nickname the “Athens of America” due to the teaching and research activities of of Boston. The “old” dental school building, which houses all clinical and dental laboratory the more than 100 colleges and universities in the area. Boston is also home teaching facilities, was opened in 1909 and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2009 to some of the world’s finest medical facilities and biotechnology companies as well as numerous cultural and professional sports organizations. The research and education Building, which Faculty Boston is big enough to offer countless sources of first-rate entertainment and opened its doors at the end of 2004, houses Dr. Hans-Peter Weber, Professor and chair, Depart- cultural attractions, yet small enough to explore on foot. Tourism is one of the city’s state-of the-art lecture, seminar and research ment of Prosthodontics & operative Dentistry, largest industries and Boston hosts over 12 million visitors annually from the United facilities. Tufts University school of Dental medicine as well states and around the globe. There are a vast number of accommodations in the as Visiting Professor, Harvard school of Dental city ranging from boutique properties and inns to world-class luxury hotels. The HsDm mission is to “develop and foster medicine, and Dr. German o. Gallucci, Director a community of global leaders advancing oral of the oral Implantology Program, Harvard school Boston is easily accessible by air, rail, bus or automobile. Logan International Airport and systemic health” Despite the fact that . of Dental medicine, serve as course Directors is served by approximately 40 airlines and is located two miles from Downtown HsDm’s student body is relatively small com- of the ITI education Week in Boston. Both have Boston. It is easy to reach the city by public transportation, water shuttle, taxi or pared to many other dental schools, it has lived extensive experience in organizing international limousine services. For more information on Boston, go to www.boston.com. up to its mission in that of the 54 current continuing education course weeks at Harvard. dental school deans in the United states, 16 are In addition to their role as coordinators, they are HsDm alumni. In addition to its DmD program, the principal lecturers during the course. Joining HsDm offers specialty and advanced training them are Dr. r. Bruce Donoff, Dean of the Harvard programs in most dental disciplines as well school of Dental medicine and oral and maxil- as different academic degree programs from lofacial surgeon, Dr. Nadeem Karimbux, Assistant a master of medical sciences through a Doctor Dean for education, Board certified Periodontist, of medical sciences to a Ph.D. in oral biology. and ITI Fellow, Dr. maurizio Araujo, Brazil, many of the graduates of these programs remain Dr. Vivianne chappuis, switzerland, both also involved in research or academia. ITI Fellows, and HsDm Implant Fellows.6 ITI University Programs Venues Venues ITI University Programs 7
  5. 5. Bern, Switzerland Universities of Bern and Geneva City of Bern The University of Bern, School of Dental Medicine has an excellent record in continuing The capital of switzerland and seat of government, Bern is switzerland’s 4th largest education in implant dentistry and has been running courses in close collaboration with city with a population of 130,000. Attractively located within a bend on the river Aare, Bern is a compact city whose center can be easily covered on foot. The local Professor Urs Belser (University of Geneva) since 1999. transportation system, however, provides a punctual and regular means of getting from one end to the other. The city was founded in 1191 and has been on the UNesco World Heritage list of sites since 1983. It is also cited in the top ten cities over the last 10 years these courses have been Professor Urs Belser is Head of the Department with the best quality of life. very successful, with roughly 50 participants of Fixed Prosthodontics and occlusion at the per course. since 2000, the university has also University of Geneva school of Dental medicine. Bern offers a rich choice of museums for rainy days ranging from communications, been offering master’s courses, one in bone His research activities focus on the functional through natural history to fine arts, including the relatively recently built Paul Klee augmentation procedures and one in esthetic behavior of the muscles of mastication, peri- center, but some of the greatest pleasure can be had simply by wandering around the implant dentistry. each course is offered twice odontal prosthesis, dental ceramics, adhesive city and enjoying its architecture, which dates from the medieval to the present day. a year. prosthodontics and implant dentistry. The streets of the old town are lined with a number of large stores as well as Faculty Professor Urs Brägger is chairman of the independent boutiques, with cafes dotted at regular intervals. shopping remains The course directors for the ITI education Week Department of Fixed Prosthodontics at the Uni- a pleasure even in poor weather as the majority of the streets that lie between Bern are Professors Daniel Buser, Urs Belser, versity of Bern, while Professor Anton sculean the 16th century bear pits and the railway station are covered, offering protection Urs Brägger and Anton sculean. ITI President chairs the Department of Periodontology from the rain. Daniel Buser is Professor and chairman of at the same institution. the Department of oral surgery and stoma- Due to its central location, Bern is an excellent hub from which the rest of switzer- tology at the University of Bern. His main areas The course directors are supported in their land and europe can be reached within just a few hours. of scientific interest are in the field of tissue work by a strong faculty that includes Professor integration of dental implants, the bone-implant Thomas von Arx, oral surgeon; Dr. Gianni salvi, interface in relation to various surface charac- Periodontist; Dr. Dieter Bosshardt, PhD teristics, bone regeneration in deficient sites, Biologist; Dr. michael Bornstein, oral surgeon; GBr, autografts and bone substitutes, and long Dr. Vivianne chappuis, oral surgeon and term studies of dental implants. Dr. Julia Wittneben, Prosthodontist.8 ITI University Programs Venues Venues ITI University Programs 9
  6. 6. Hong Kong, SAR PR China University of Hong Kong City of Hong Kong The University of Hong Kong is the island’s oldest institute of higher education and formally An island with a history and tradition that unite east and West, cosmopolitan opened in 1911 with a Faculty of Medicine, although its roots actually go back to 1887 and Hong Kong exerts an easy fascination over its visitors. Hong Kong has a long relation- ship to Britain, which was officially severed in 1997 when its sovereignty was the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese. The Faculty of Dentistry, based at the Prince transferred to the People’s republic of china. Its tradition, however, remains strongly Philip Dental Hospital, was established in 1982. influenced by its past. Double-decker trams and buses and capitalism combine seamlessly with feng-shui, chinese culture and dim sum. Food, music, sport and entertainment – all are available in abundance in Hong Kong. The first postgraduate course dedicated to program prepares candidates to treat straight- implant dentistry at the university was launched forward (s), advanced (A) and complex (c) cases. Hong Kong is an exciting place to visit. With very little space between the harbor in 2006 with the introduction of a master of and the foot of the island’s steep hills, the island has grown directly upwards and has science (msc) in Implant Dentistry program. Faculty well over 7,600 skyscrapers and a good third of the world’s tallest buildings can be This part-time two-year program is aimed The center is headed up by Professor Niklaus found here. The architecture is innovative and the skyline is unique, whether looking at practicing dentists in Hong Kong who have Lang, Professor of Implant Dentistry at the out from the Peak towards the sea or from the star Ferry towards land. on the list already had exposure to patient care for at least University of Hong Kong and Professor emeritus, of historic sights is the Tsim sha Tsui clock Tower, the central Police station and the two to three years. The program prepares University of Bern, switzerland. Professor Lang’s remains of Kowloon Walled city across the harbor. candidates to treat straightforward (s) and, in research interests include etiology and patho- selected instances, advanced (A) cases. genesis of peri-implant infectious disease, Hong Kong has an excellent public transportation system with a rapid transit system risk evaluation, wound healing and oral micro- that serves 3 to 4 million people a day. The international airport is one of the busiest A second program, the master of Dental surgery biology. His multinational faculty includes in the world with flights offered by more than 85 airlines. in Implant Dentistry (mDs Implant Dent) was Dr. rino Burkhardt, Zurich; Professor esmonde introduced in fall 2008. This mDs program is F corbet, Hong Kong; Professor Lisa Heitz- . devoted to the entire field of implant dentistry mayfield, Perth; Professor Li-Jian Jin, Hong including treatment planning, preparatory Kong; Dr. Wai Keung Leung, Hong Kong; therapy, implant installation with or without Dr. martina Lulic, Hong Kong; Professor Bjarni bone augmentation, prosthetic reconstruction e. Pjetursson, reykjavik. and patient maintenance taking biological and technical complications into consideration. This10 ITI University Programs Venues Venues ITI University Programs 11
  7. 7. London, UK UcL eastman Dental Institute City of London The UCL Eastman Dental Institute is a major center of excellence at the forefront of evidence- As a much visited tourist destination, London needs little introduction. A city of based clinical service, research and education in the oral health care sciences. parks, monuments, museums, shows and sights, it offers an infinite number of opportunities to satisfy virtually every need. The city can be visited by neighborhood, each with a character of its own. From the museums of south Kensington, upmarket The Institute is highly rated for research and facility. This includes five new dental chairs shopping at sloane square or Knightsbridge, the hubbub of the department stores teaching in UK Government assessments and is with microscopes and digital radiography, a cone of oxford street to the relative calm of the financial center around st Paul’s at also the only dental school in the UK to have beam scanner, a skills laboratory and a lecture the weekend, and the narrow streets and quiet gardens of the inns of court around been awarded the prestigious Queen’s Anniver- room to facilitate clinical teaching and demon- Temple and Lincoln’s Inn, the center of London and its surrounding areas have sary Prize for Higher and Further education. stration at the highest level. much to offer. The eastman is a graduate institute with over The Institute is located in King’s cross, central Food in england is very international and versatile; not only have Indian, Thai and 500 postgraduates from 30 countries enrolled in London and is extremely well connected for chinese food become a staple part of the english diet, but traditional english food certificate-, diploma- and master’s-level pro- national and international travel. has taken on a new and tasty twist thanks to the efforts of homegrown chefs such grams. The eastman’s international reputation as rick stein, Nigella Lawson, Gordon ramsey and Jamie oliver – some of whom is maintained through its faculty of outstanding Faculty have restaurants in London and beyond in addition to the mouthwatering bedtime clinicians, teachers and scientists. eastman staff Professor Nikolaos Donos is Head of the Peri- reading they provide. are at the forefront of their professions and odontology Unit. His clinical expertise is in non- hold editorships at many of the leading journals surgical and surgical treatment of periodontal London has a broad infrastructure in place for public transportation and while in the field, appointments in national and diseases as well as GTr with different types the underground is a relatively reliable bet for speedy transport, bus services can international bodies and specialist societies and of membranes, use of enamel matrix proteins, be unpredictable with a reputation for traveling in packs rather than according have authored some of the most important bone augmentation procedures and dental to a timetable. They provide, however, an excellent opportunity to get a bird’s eye textbooks and research publications. implantology. He is supported by a strong faculty view of everyday London. that includes Dr. steve Barter, Dr. Konstantina The Institute’s programs are supported by Dedi, Dr. Alexandra efthymiou, Dr. Philip a superb teaching environment which were Freiberger, Dr. Attila Horvath, Dr. Nikolaos further enhanced in February 2010 with the mardas, Dr. Ailbhe mcDonald and Dr. maria opening of a state-of-the-art clinical teaching retzepi.12 ITI University Programs Venues Venues ITI University Programs 13
  8. 8. Melbourne, Australia University of melbourne City of Melbourne Over the last 10 years, Melbourne Dental School has built up an impressive record of continuing As a city with a harbour and centered around Port Philip bay, sport plays an impor- professional development in all fields of dentistry. Implant education has been available since tant role for melbourne, but is not restricted to watersports. As the sporting capital of Australia, melbourne has a broad offering from Grand slam tennis to Formula 1 1998 with university faculty, specialist practitioners and ITI Speakers. Following a successful motor racing, jogging to morning tai-chi at Federation square, spectator or participant, distance-education course in periodontics, the school introduced a modular restorative implant the choice is broad. training course with a similar format in 2008. melbourne also has a strong and well earned reputation as the cultural capital of Australia with an abundance of exhibitions, theater, opera and concerts. This offering Implant training on this new program is pro- Faculty is complemented by a multi-cultural range of cuisine to suit every pocket and vided in a structured but non-system-specific The center of excellence is run by an executive mood. New world wine is known throughout the world, but is best enjoyed in its manner over eight modules of teaching. several leadership team comprising Associate Professor country of origin when the chardonnay or shiraz is just a stone’s throw from the cask specialist speakers from surgical and pros- Ivan Darby, Head of center, and Dr. roy Judge in which it was lovingly matured. thodontic streams have been involved in the as Deputy Head. Ivan Darby is an experienced development and provision of this course. one implant clinician and an ITI Fellow. He heads the While melbourne is above all a modern city, it has also a fascinating history that of the key learning objectives has been to Periodontic department on a continuing con- centers principally around the 19th century and the waves of immigration of enable participants to diagnose and manage tract as well as holding the position of Director adventure seekers and other less respected immigrants on the convict ships from the complications that may occur with implant of Graduate studies at melbourne Dental school. the UK. The city’s golden mile heritage trail guides visitors through the city’s cases. The modular restorative implant course Ivan Darby has clinical, teaching and research streets, highlighting architectural and historical milestones to provide glimpses places a strong emphasis on thorough patient experience in implant dentistry. roy Judge of the physical and cultural foundation stones on which the city is built. examination and treatment planning. The ITI is Head of Prosthodontics at melbourne Dental education week offered by the center builds school. He is also coordinator for implant teach- on the successful development and provision ing and the Head of continuing Professional of this course. Development at the school as well as the Head of the Implant Unit at the royal Dental Hospital of melbourne and maintains a private prosth- odontic practice.14 ITI University Programs Venues Venues ITI University Programs 15
  9. 9. Stuttgart, Germany Klinikum stuttgart, Katharinenhospital City of Stuttgart The Katharinenhospital in Stuttgart is the city’s largest hospital and together with three other A hive of activity that sits in a lush green valley, stuttgart is Germany’s sixth largest hospitals it makes up the Klinikum Stuttgart. The Clinic for Oral, Maxillo and Facial Plastic city. It is known as a wine-growing town as well as being home to a number of famous breweries including stuttgarter Hofbräu, Dinkelacker and schwabenbräu. Surgery treats patients suffering from oral and maxillofacial diseases or injuries. It is often also referred to as the “cradle of the automobile” as the motorbike and automobile were invented here by Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz. The Katharinenhospital trains dentists in oral Faculty stuttgart is a very green city with many parks and it also has a lively cultural life. surgery and is also qualified to train doctors The center of excellence is run by Professors The Porsche and mercedes Benz museums are both worth a visit. The latter is in maxillofacial as well as plastic surgery. Dieter Weingart and Hans-Peter Weber. architecturally fascinating with its interior spiral ramp, which is lined with historical 13,000 outpatients are treated every year and Professor Dieter Weingart has been chairman exhibits that provide insights into everyday life accompanying the development of the clinic is equipped with four operating of the Department for oral, maxillo and Facial Daimler Benz to the present day. For those who are less interested in the combustion theaters and an intensive care unit as well as Plastic surgery at the Katharinenhospital engine, there is an opera house as well as three principal theaters that show plays, a child and infant unit with rooming in for since 1996. He has been an ITI Fellow since ballets and concerts. The destination for art lovers is the staatsgalerie with its paint- parents and children. 1989 and was the first recipient of the André ings and sculpture that range from the 14th century to the present day. schroeder research Award in 1992. As the teaching hospital for the University of The city’s history can be traced back to roman times, when it was the location Tübingen, Katharinenhospital has a strong Professor Hans-Peter Weber is chair of of a fort on the banks of the river Neckar, but its present form dates back to around educational tradition. It hosts an annual dental the Department of Prosthodontics & operative 960 AD. Although much of the inner city was destroyed during World War II, it still symposium as well as four to six conferences for Dentistry, Tufts University school of Dental retains enough buildings from the preceding centuries to provide a flavor of the city the stuttgart scientific Association of Dentistry medicine as well as Visiting Professor at Harvard in earlier times. and a further four for the German Association school of Dental medicine, both in Boston, UsA. for Implantology. A number of times each year, He has been an ITI Fellow since 1987 and his dentists and maxillofacial surgeons applying for work focuses on clinical research, teaching and certification in implantology attend the hospital the intramural practice of comprehensive for supervision in dental implant operations. dentistry with special emphasis on all phases of implant dentistry and prosthodontics.16 ITI University Programs Venues Venues ITI University Programs 17
  10. 10. Toronto, Canada Bloorview Kids rehab/University of Toronto City of Toronto Bloorview Kids Rehab is a newly built rehabilitation hospital serving children and youth Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world and canada’s largest. with disabilities and is the largest of its kind in Canada. Since October 2007, Bloorview has been It is home to over 100 cultures and almost 5 million people. The New york Times recently said of this city: “After 40 years of immigration from virtually every country, the home of one of the 17 ITI Scholarship Centers and the only one to focus on the care Toronto has realized its promise as a vibrant picture postcard of world culture.” of children, adolescents and young adults with cleft lip and palate and other craniofacial and dental syndromes A remarkable 41 per cent of its population was born outside of canada. Fortune magazine has ranked Toronto first overall in its international survey of the best cities in which to live and work, calling it, among other things, the safest city Bloorview Kids rehab is a teaching hospital Faculty in North America. fully affiliated with the University of Toronto, The leadership of the center of excellence is canada’s largest university. Located in the shared by Dr. robert P. carmichael and Professor Toronto’s Bay street is the Wall street of canada. The stock exchange is the third cosmopolitan metropolis of Toronto, canada’s George K.B. sándor. Drs. carmichael and sándor largest in North America, and with its 12 billion a day in share transactions, is among largest city, the Faculty of Dentistry at the Uni- have a long track record of implant education the most important exchanges in the world. other kinds of expression in the city versity of Toronto is the largest dental faculty having provided ITI education courses since include a major film and jazz festival, the third largest live theatre center in in canada with both undergraduate and 1985. They have participated as speakers the english-speaking world and without exaggeration, a couple of thousand ethnic graduate programs in every recognized specialty at numerous national and international venues restaurants. It is also home to four major sport teams, which include hockey’s maple in dentistry. as well as ITI World symposia. In addition Leafs, basketball’s raptors, baseball’s Blue Jays and football’s Argonauts. Toronto to running a successful ITI scholarship center, is located only 110 kilometers from the breathtakingly beautiful Niagara Falls both Drs. carmichael and sándor have organized and the Niagara wine region, origin of many renowned ice wines. continuing education courses in implant dentistry.18 ITI University Programs Venues Venues ITI University Programs 19
  11. 11. D I F F I c U LT y L e V e L June 14–18, 2010 coUrse Feestraightforward – Advanced UsD 3,500 (including welcome reception, coffee ITI Education Week Boston breaks, lunches, and certificate presentation dinnerc o U r s e D AT e at the Harvard Faculty club) Comprehensive ImplantJune 14–18, 2010 D I s c o U N Ts Dentistry: From Treatment PlanLANGUAGe ITI Fellows/members: 10 %english current ITI scholars: on requestVeNUe to Clinical Implementation N o . o F PA rT I c I PA N Ts max. 40Harvard school of Dental medicine, Boston, UsAc o U r s e D I r e c To r s ce creDITHans-Peter Weber, D.m.D. This ITI education Week, held at the Harvard school of Dental medicine Lectures 33 hoursProfessor and chair in Boston, has been designed for clinicians with some experience in • current trends in implant prosthetic treatment planningDepartment of Prosthodontics & operative the field of implant dentistry. The program focuses on comprehensive • Implant placement protocols A c c o m m o D AT I o NDentistry, Tufts University school of Dental treatment planning in the form of cases that will be presented, dis- • Loading protocols Hotel information will be provided after registrationmedicine cussed, and applied on simulation models. This 5-day course includes • sinus augmentationVisiting Professor lectures, live surgeries, live prosthetics, workshops and hands-on • Guided bone regeneration r e G I sT r AT I o NDepartment of restorative Dentistry and Bio- sessions. It will also include useful translational research information • Implant rehabilitations in edentulous patients ITI International Team for Implantologymaterials sciences that has a direct impact on clinical applications, underscoring the • Implant designs ITI education InternationalHarvard school of Dental medicine evidence-based treatment concepts we apply. • cAD/cAm implant dentistry Peter merian-Weg 10 • Dental implants in medically compromised patients cH-4052 Basel/switzerlandGerman O. Gallucci, D.m.D. The main objective of this course is to provide a comprehensive • esthetic implant restorations education@iticenter.chDirector of oral Implantology educational experience during which participants receive and discuss • Bone and soft tissue healing related to dental implants www.iti.org/educationweekDepartment of restorative Dentistry and Bio- relevant information, faculty perform live demonstrations, and • Tissue engineering in dentistry – the biological tooth substitute Phone +41 61 270 83 97materials sciences participants practice current implant dentistry techniques in hands-on Fax +41 61 270 83 84Harvard school of Dental medicine workshops. Hands-on workshops 1. Digital treatment planning 2. sinus augmentation 3. Immediate loading in the edentulous maxilla (Part I – surgical) 4. Immediate loading in the edentulous maxilla (Part II – prosthetic) 5. Digital prosthodontics Planning workshop case studies (4 cases throughout the course)20 ITI University Programs Courses Courses ITI University Programs 21
  12. 12. D I F F I c U LT y L e V e L August 16–20, 2010 coUrse Feestraightforward – Advanced cHF 5,000 (including course materials, coffee 20th ITI Education Week Bern breaks, lunches and a dinner)c o U r s e D AT e Evidence-Based ClinicalAugust 16–20, 2010 D I s c o U N Ts ITI Fellows/members: 10 % Concepts in Implant DentistryLANGUAGe current ITI scholars: on requestenglish N o . o F PA rT I c I PA N TsVeNUe max. 50André schroeder Auditorium,school of Dental medicine, University of Bern, This one-week course was established 10 years ago and was designed Day 3 ce creDITBern, switzerland for clinicians with experience in the field of implant dentistry. This • Discussion case II 40 hours basic course presents comprehensive treatment concepts for the • Live surgeriesc o U r s e D I r e c To r s rehabilitation of fully and partially edentulous patients. Besides a series • Prosthetic procedures in posterior sites: keep it simple and safe! A c c o m m o D AT I o NProf. Dr. Daniel Buser of lectures, the participants can watch live surgeries and observe how • Tissue level vs. bone level implants from a prosthetic point of view Hotel information will be provided after registrationchairman of the Department of oral surgery dental implants are applied in patients. In addition, a live prosthetic • Visit to the straumann production center in Villeretand stomatology session will be offered. The course also offers the opportunity to r e G I sT r AT I o Nschool of Dental medicine participate in treatment planning as well as surgical and prosthetic Day 4 ITI International Team for ImplantologyUniversity of Bern, switzerland hands-on sessions. A visit to the straumann production center • Live surgeries ITI education International in Villeret is included. • Provisional restorations in the esthetic zone Peter merian-Weg 10Prof. Dr. Urs Belser • Prosthetic hands-on session 1 cH-4052 Basel/switzerlandchairman of the Department of Fixed Day 1 • Prosthetic live demo education@iticenter.chProsthodontics and occlusion • Bone and soft tissue integration of dental implants • Prosthetic hands-on session 2 www.iti.org/educationweekschool of Dental medicine • medical risk factors for implant therapy Phone +41 61 270 83 97University of Geneva, switzerland • Treatment planning /risk assessment from a prosthetic point of view Day 5 Fax +41 61 270 83 84 • Implants in the periodontally compromised patient • Diagnosis and treatment of biological complicationsProf. Dr. Urs Brägger • Basic surgical principles, surgical procedures in posterior sites • surgical aspects of esthetic single tooth replacementchairman of the Department of Fixed • experimental evaluation of bone fillers • Prosthetic procedures for bone level implants in the esthetic zoneProsthodontics • Update on sinus grafting procedures • GBr techniques in patients with multiple missing teethschool of Dental medicine • case presentation I • Prevalence and handling of technical complicationsUniversity of Bern, switzerland • surgical handling of implant failures Day 2Prof. Dr. Anton Sculean • Live surgerieschairman of the Department of Periodontology • experimental evaluation of barrier membranesschool of Dental medicine • surgical hands-on I: tissue level implantsUniversity of Bern, switzerland • surgical hands-on II: bone level implants • case presentation II22 ITI University Programs Courses Courses ITI University Programs 23
  13. 13. D I F F I c U LT y L e V e L september 11–18, 2010 coUrse Feestraightforward, Advanced and complex HKD 20,000 (including course materials, coffee 2nd ITI Education Week breaks, lunches, three dinner arrangementsc o U r s e D AT e and visits to stanley, Lamma Island, Harbor Junk Hong Kongseptember 11–18, 2010 Boat trip including bus transfers) Contemporary PeriodonticsLANGUAGe D I s c o U N Tsenglish ITI Fellows/members: 10 % and Implant Dentistry Full-time graduate students: 40 % (written confir-VeNUe mation by program director required)The University of Hong Kong, current ITI scholars: on requestPrince Philip Dental Hospital, sai ying Pun,Hong Kong sAr, Pr china N o . o F PA rT I c I PA N Ts This seven-day education Week addresses the general dental Topics max. 52c o U r s e D I r e c To r s practitioner as well as the specialist and postgraduate student in his/ • Treatment strategies and treatment planningProf. Dr. Niklaus P. Lang her last year of training with an interest in comprehensive dental care. • modern aspects of etiology and pathogenesis of periodontal ce creDITDirector of the centre for Advanced Dental care on the basis of daily case presentations and discussions in working diseases 40 hourscomprehensive Dental care/Implant Dentistry groups, comprehensive treatment planning is performed with the aim • etiology, pathogenesis, epidemiology diagnosis of peri-implantThe University of Hong Kong of implementing new knowledge and biological concepts. diseases A c c o m m o D AT I o N • Aggressive periodontitis Hotel information will be provided after registrationProf. Dr. Esmonde F. Corbet The goal is to find the optimal treatment plan for each patient, taking • systemic diseases and periodontal conditionsDirector of Graduate Periodontology into consideration his/her needs in terms of esthetics and function • morphogenesis and healing sequences of peri-implant tissues r e G I sT r AT I o NPeriodontology/Dental Public Health/ under healthy conditions. Great emphasis is placed on patient mainte- • cause-related therapy preparation of patients for implant dentistry ITI International Team for ImplantologyDental Hygiene school nance and mastering biological and technical complications. • Periodontal surgery ITI education InternationalThe University of Hong Kong • Guided tissue regeneration and application of enamel matrix proteins Peter merian-Weg 10 Besides approximately 20 lectures that take into consideration the • clinical decision-making cH-4052 Basel/switzerland most up-to-date aspects of the literature, an evidence-based treatment • Immediate implant installation education@iticenter.ch philosophy is offered. Hands-on exercises in the newly established • The posterior maxilla and sinus floor elevation www.iti.org/educationweek sIm laboratory of the Faculty of Dentistry round off the course in order • Implants in the area of esthetic priority Phone +41 61 270 83 97 to provide the necessary skills for advanced procedures in implant • modern microsurgical approaches Fax +41 61 270 83 84 dentistry and related fields (regeneration). Bone augmentation and • recession coverage at teeth and implants sinus floor elevation using modern materials will also be practiced • Implant-supported reconstructions in the sIm Lab. • evidence-based decision making in reconstructive dentistry • Decision making in the area of esthetic priority To promote friendship and collegial discussions, most of the late after- • maintenance of implant patients, risk evaluation noons and evenings will be spent together in the proximity of Prince • Prevention and therapy of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis Philip Dental Hospital exploring the beauty and culinary specialties • re-osseointegration of Hong Kong. A junk boat tour of the Hong Kong harbor will permit • six case presentations with treatment planning exercises participants to appreciate the lights of the Hong Kong skyline by and case discussions night. An evening on Lamma Island and a trip to the famous stanley • Four hands-on exercises in the sIm Lab of the Faculty of Dentistry market accompanied by a meal in these surroundings will serve to create fine memories of this lively and vibrant city. spouses and partners are welcome to these social events, which will leave them free to experience the unlimited shopping facilities of Hong Kong during the day.24 ITI University Programs Courses Courses ITI University Programs 25
  14. 14. D I F F I c U LT y L e V e L october 27–30, 2010 coUrse Feestraightforward – Advanced cAD 3,600 (including continental breakfasts, ITI Education Week Toronto networking lunches, afternoon refreshments,c o U r s e D AT e and excursions to straumann canada, Burlington, Lessons from a Pediatricoctober 27–30, 2010 and the Niagara wine region). Rehabilitation CenterLANGUAGe D I s c o U N Tsenglish ITI Fellows/members: 10 % current ITI scholars: on requestVeNUeBloorview Kids rehab, Toronto, canada N o . o F PA rT I c I PA N Ts The goal of this 4-day program is to provide participants with a com- Topics max. 20c o U r s e D I r e c To r s monsense and intuitive approach to the management of patients • Bone and soft tissue integration of dental implantsDr. Robert P. Carmichael requiring dental implant therapy. It consists of lectures, live broad- • Treatment planning ce creDITchief of Dentistry casting of procedures, hands-on exercises, “lunch and learning” • risk assessment: 28 hoursDirector of ontario cleft Lip and Palate/craniofacial and plenty of opportunity for networking with co-participants and – medicalDental Program faculty. registration is limited in order to enhance the individual educa- – esthetic A c c o m m o D AT I o NBloorview Kids rehab tional experience. The program addresses multiple aspects of implant • Basic surgical and prosthodontic procedures: Keep it Simple and Safe Hotel information will be provided after registration treatment at all levels of difficulty – straightforward, advanced, and • cT-assisted computer-guided implant surgeryDr. George K. B. Sándor complex. It is organized using a case-based format geared in its applica- • Tissue level versus bone level implants r e G I sT r AT I o NProfessor and Head of oral and maxillofacial surgery bility to everyday practice. content will be delivered through multiple • outcome evaluation of implants using objective esthetic criteria ITI International Team for ImplantologyUniversity of Toronto case histories and interactive discussions between the participants and • surgical/prosthodontic aspects of esthetic single-tooth restorations ITI education Internationalcoordinator of Pediatric oral and maxillofacial faculty. A number of practical exercises and surgical and prosthodontic • evaluation of bone fillers and barrier membranes Peter merian-Weg 10surgery procedures will be broadcast live, building on these discussions and • Update on sinus grafting cH-4052 Basel/switzerlandThe Hospital for sick children and Bloorview allowing each participant to fully comprehend and practice what they • Tissue regeneration education@iticenter.chKids rehab have learned. The course is organized in a logical sequence beginning • Implant placement in post-extraction sites www.iti.org/educationweek with an exploration of the biological basis of dental implantology, • Loading protocols Phone +41 61 270 83 97c o U r s e I N sT r U c To r s and followed by practical and evidence-based guidelines for analysis • Interdisciplinary handling of complex cases Fax +41 61 270 83 84Dr. Cameron M. L. Clokie of risk and treatment planning, stepwise demonstrations of surgical • Diagnosis and treatment of esthetic and biological complicationsProfessor of oral and maxillofacial surgery and prosthodontic protocols, up-to-date analyses of adjunctive surgical • Prevalence and handling of technical complicationsUnversity of Toronto procedures, provision of insight into how to time treatment in the • surgical handling of implant failures context of the growing individual, tips for troubleshooting and strate- • consideration of growthDr. Timothy W. Head gies for dealing with complications. each participant will acquire • case presentationsProfessor of oral and maxillofacial surgery the fundamental knowledge with which to pursue their personal vision • Live surgeries/prosthodontic demonstrationsmcGill University of developing excellence in implant dentistry. • surgical/prosthodontic hands-on26 ITI University Programs Courses Courses ITI University Programs 27
  15. 15. D I F F I c U LT y L e V e L November 22–27, 2010 coUrse Feestraightforward – Advanced GBP 2,750 (including day-time catering, handouts ITI Education Week London and course materials)c o U r s e D AT e Current Treatment PrinciplesNovember 22–27, 2010 D I s c o U N Ts ITI Fellows/members: 10 % and Concepts in ImplantLANGUAGe current ITI scholars: on requestenglish Dentistry N o . o F PA rT I c I PA N TsVeNUe max. 20UcL eastman Dental Institute, London, UK ce creDITc o U r s e D I r e c To r 39 hoursProfessor Nikos Donos This six-day ITI education Week has been designed for clinicians who TopicsDDs, ms, FTHe, FDsrcsengl., PhD already have some theoretical and basic practical experience in the • current principles of bone and soft tissue integration around A c c o m m o D AT I o NHead & chair of Periodontology field of implant dentistry and wish to acquire further knowledge in dental implants Hotel information will be provided after registrationDirector of research strategy advanced treatment techniques through an evidence based approach. • Patient risk assessment (surgical and prosthodontic aspects)chair Department of clinical research The content of the course will be delivered through lectures, a number • smile-design and treatment planning considerations for patients r e G I sT r AT I o NLead oral Health Theme, Joint UcLH/UcL of surgical and prosthodontic hands-on workshops, exposure to live with demanding esthetic needs ITI International Team for Implantologycomprehensive Biomedicine centre procedures and interactive treatment planning sessions. • Advanced treatment planning using radiographs and cT scans ITI education InternationalDirector of ecIc (eastman clinical Investigation (lecture and workshops on radiographs and 3D images) Peter merian-Weg 10center) emphasis is placed in creating treatment philosophies based on the • Prosthodontic principles and loading protocols in implant dentistry cH-4052 Basel/switzerlandconsultant/specialist in Periodontics most up-to-date literature evidence and participants will benefit from • Basic surgical and prosthodontic workshop education@iticenter.chUcL eastman Dental Institute the significant research and clinical experience of the faculty. (tissue level & bone level implants) www.iti.org/educationweek • Guided bone regeneration Phone +41 61 270 83 97 • Alveolar ridge preservation vs. immediate implants Fax +41 61 270 83 84 • Piezoelectric bone surgery for intra-oral bone grafting and implant site preparation • Advanced soft tissue management by means of periodontal plastic surgery • Provisional restoration and final prosthesis in the esthetic zone • Implants in periodontal and systemically compromised patients • management of peri-implantitis and supportive/maintenance therapy • case presentations with interactive treatment planning exercises and case discussions28 ITI University Programs Courses Courses ITI University Programs 29