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  2. 2. Dentistry Dentistry is a dynamic health profession that provides a rewarding career especially since currently there are insufficient dentists available in Malaysia to provide adequate oral healthcare to its population. Dentistry is concerned with taking care of all health and aesthetic problems pertaining to the mouth, teeth, gums and other hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity and the upper and lower jaws. Dentists are both artists as well as scientists as not only are they required to have the scientific knowledge and technology available to diagnose, prevent and treat oral diseases and various oro-facial anomalies but also need to be skillful in handling a wide variety of materials, instruments and equipment to execute treatment. “The dental programme in IMU is innovatively designed to provide early Dentists’ work is not confined to filling and pulling out teeth. The careclinical exposure and various forms of learning activities to promote critical that dentists are trained to provide greatly improves the quality of theirreasoning, develop professionalism and patients’ lives. Oral diseases like tooth decay, gum diseases and oral lifelong learning.” cancer, malocclusion (when teeth in the upper and lower jaws do not fit PROF TOH CHOOI GAIT Dean, School of Dentistry properly), genetic deformities and anomalies affecting the oro-facial BDS Hons (Singapore), MSc (London), complex, and other oral problems can cause a great deal of discomfort,FDSRCPS (Glasgow), DRDRCS (Edinburgh), FDSRCS (Edinburgh) pain and adversely affect oral functions such as chewing food, talking or playing of musical instruments. A patient’s appearance, self esteem and confidence can also be greatly enhanced through various types of dental procedures. Dentists are usually not required to be on call at night nor to make house calls. Thus it is easier for dentists to achieve a perfect balance between their professional and personal lives.
  3. 3. 01 | Why choose this programme?The dental programme focused on excellence committed to meeting international standards. Theeducation programme is planned to provide a choice of 2 pathways for the dental student. The firstpath is implemented jointly by the IMU, Malaysia, in collaboration with English speaking overseasuniversities (Partner Universities), with the students spending the first phase (5 semesters) in Malaysiaand the later years in the partner universities. On successful completion, the students will receive thedegree from the respective Partner University. The second path is the student will spend the full 5years of the undergraduate programme in IMU and receive the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)degree from IMU.A student-centred approach is adopted in which the needs of the individual students are met,and they are supported by the use of study guides. Active learning methods are used includingproblem-based learning, e-learning, role play, self-directed learning and community-basededucation. D ENT I S T RY 2 KEY FACTS DEGREE Bachelor of Dental Surgery (IMU) or Dentistry Degree from Partner Dental Schools (PDS) TOTAL DURATION 5 - 5½ years INTAKE February
  4. 4. 02 | What is the structure of the programme? The IMU Dental programme is structured in two phases. In Phase 1 (2½ years), the programme focuses on the basic biological, behavioural, dental and medical sciences required for the practice of dentistry. There is also an introduction to the basic clinical skills required for the practice of dentistry and the skill required of the practising dentist in managing the health of the family and the community. In Phase 2 (2½ years), the clinical experience will be further increased for the students to develop a patient-centred approach in the management of comprehensive primary dental care for patients of all ages. Students will not only have clinical experience of treating patients at the IMU dental facilities located in the Bukit Jalil campus but will also be exposed to the government dental clinics and centres, private dental clinics, mobile and other dental clinics for a wide experience to develop their ability in improving the oral health of the individuals, families and community. PHASE I in IMU Note: Students are required to indicate whether they wish to complete their Phase 2 in IMU or prefer to transfer to Partner Dental School (PDS) at the time of application. Their options would be indicated in the letters of offer. IMU 03 | What are the aims and key features of the programme? Dentistry Programme The aim of the dental programme is to produce graduates with appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes for competent dental practice. PHASE II in IMU PHASE II in PDS The key features are:- • Innovative curriculum with an integrated approach • Outcome-based educationD ENT I S T RY • Technology-based learning • Highly qualified and experienced staff BDS from IMU Dental degree from PDS • Well-equipped dental simulation and technique laboratories 3 • Dental clinics equipped with digital radiography and electronic patient management systems to operate in a “paperless” environment • Practice of close-support dentistry • Well-equipped learning resources • Mentoring of students by staff 04 | What are the semester contents? Semester 1 Semester 4 • Oral Diagnostic Sciences 1 • Special Study Module • Foundation • Medical Sciences • Community Oral Health 2 Semester 9 • Dental Sciences 1 • Community Oral Health 1 • Professional & Personal Development • Restorative Dentistry • Community Oral Health 1 • Dental Sciences 2 Semester 7 • Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics • Behavioural Science • Dental Practice 1 • Dental Practice 2 • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery • Professional & Personal Development • Behavioural Science • Restorative Dentistry • Oral Diagnostic Sciences 2 Semester 2 • Professional & Personal Development • Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics • Community Oral Health 2 • Foundation • Selective • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery • Outreach Posting • Community Oral Health 1 Semester 5 • Human Disease • Professional & Personal Development • Dental Practice 1 • Medical Sciences • Oral Diagnostic Sciences1 Semester 10 • Dental Sciences 1 • Community Oral Health 1 • Community Oral Health 2 • Restorative Dentistry • Behavioural Science • Dental Sciences 2 • Professional & Personal Development • Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics • Professional & Personal Development • Dental Practice 1 Semester 8 • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery • Professional & Personal Development • Restorative Dentistry • Oral Diagnostic Sciences 2 Semester 3 • Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics • Medical Sciences Semester 6 • Outreach Posting • Dental Practice 2 • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery • Professional & Personal Development • Community Oral Health 1 • Oral Diagnostic Sciences 2 • Dental Practice 1 • Human Disease • Restorative Dentistry • Community Oral Health 2 • Behavioural Science • Outreach Posting • Professional & Personal Development • Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery • Professional & Personal Development • Elective
  5. 5. “I would describe dentistry in IMU as exclusive, challenging, self-directed but most of all enjoyable. The lecturers are not only knowledgeable and experienced but they arealso dedicated and confident in delivering their best fortheir students. The facilities are also well-prepared, complete and are of the highest quality. I have immense faith that doing dentistry in IMU will lead me on to greater heights in my future career as adental surgeon and help me succeed in the world of professional healthcare.” Vincent Lee Han Hing D ENT I S T RY 1st year Dental student 4
  6. 6. 05 | What is the duration of the programme? The duration of the Phase 1 of the dental programme in IMU is 2 ½ years. The total period of study is dependent on the university selected for completion of Phase II as provided in the following table. The duration of the BDS (IMU) programme is 5 years. DURATION OF DENTISTRY PROGRAMME Full duration of study: 5 to 5½ years (depending on the University) Phase 1 Phase 2 TOTAL (IMU) MALAYSIA International Medical 2½ years 2½ years 5 years University AUSTRALASIA University of Adelaide, 2½ years 3 years 5½ years Australia University of 2½ years 3 years 5½ years Queensland, Australia University of Sydney, 2½ years 2½ years 5 years Australia University of Western 2½ years 3 years 5½ years Australia, AustraliaD ENT I S T RY University of Otago, 2½ years 2½ years 5 years New Zealand 5
  7. 7. 06 | What are the teaching-learning approaches used?A wide variety of teaching-learning approaches are employed in the dental programme to providea stimulating environment for learning. These include lectures, problem-based learning (PBL),practical classes, patient simulation practicals, clinical skills sessions, e-learning, independentlearning, clinical dental treatment of patients and postings to various hospitals and clinics.The students will be learning together with the medical students for common subjects such asFoundation and Medical Science courses which will promote interprofessional understandingand working relationships.07 | When do students get clinical exposure?The students will have early exposure to the clinical environment right from Year 1 and willstart treating patients from Year 2.08 | How do students select a Partner Dental School (PDS) and when is theselection made?At the beginning of Semester 5, students will provide their choices of dental schoolsin order of preference. A matching exercise will be carried out through a computermatching programme specially designed to take into primary consideration thestudents’ choices as well as requirements set by the PDS to provide the closest matchto the students’ choice of PDS.09 | What is the medium of instruction?The medium of instruction is English. Students who come from a system of D ENT I S T RYeducation in which the medium of instruction is not English are stronglyrecommended to improve their proficiency in English by making their ownarrangements to attend additional English Language classes before enteringthe IMU. 6
  8. 8. 10 | Who will award the dental degree? The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree is awarded by IMU to students who have successfully completed the full dental programme of 5 years in IMU. The Partner Dental Schools will award their respective degrees to students who transfer to their schools. Degrees from these schools are recognised internationally as well as locally by the Malaysian Dental Council for full registration. 11 | What sort of jobs/careers can be undertaken with this degree? Career Paths for Dentists in Malaysia Basic Dental Degree (BDS, BDSc, BD, BOH) Dental Postgraduate Degree Officer (Master, MDSRCS, FDSRCS, PhD, etc) (Compulsory in one of the specialty fields 3-year e.g. orthodontics, endodontics, government prosthodontics, periodontics, service) prosthetics, restorative dentistry, paediatric dentistry, oral & maxillofacial surgery,D ENT I S T RY oral pathology, oral medicine, oral and maxillofacial radiologist, forensic dentistry, 7 Dental Officer dental public health (Min. of Health / Min. of Defence) Tutor / Trainee Dental Public Health Lecturer Administrator/Clinical (Academic) Consultant General (Min. of Health / Min. of Defence) Dental Lecturer (Academic) Practitioner Dental Specialist Practitioner (Private) (Private)
  9. 9. 12 | What personality traits are best suited for a career in dentistry? Dentists should have good health, manual dexterity, a methodical and scientific approach, ability to establish easy relationships quickly with people of all ages, ability to infuse confidence in nervous patients, especially children, organising ability and ability to work in a team. 13 | When do I attend a student interview? All students applying for the dental programme and have pre-university qualifications that meet IMU’s minimum requirements have to attend an interview. The interview is to gauge the students’ aptitude and motivation for pursuing a career in Dentistry as well as communication skills in English. Students will be informed of the date and time of interview after the application form and all othernecessary documents are received by the IMU. D ENT I S T RY 8
  10. 10. MINIMUM ENTRY REQUIREMENTS For admission into the dental programme, applicants are required to satisfy the Science subjects and English language requirements as well as perform satisfactorily at the Admission Assessment Interview. Please note that the grades required for admission into the BDS programme may be higher due to the competitiveness of the admission exercise. Only applicants who satisfy the subjects and language requirements would be invited to attend the Admission Assessment Interview. Science Subjects Requirement: • Students are normally required to offer Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics at SPM/O-Level/equivalent examinations. MINIMUM ENTRY REQUIREMENTS All qualifications should include three science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, • All qualifications should include any three out of the four science Mathematics, Physics) subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics) at STPM/A- Level/equivalent examinations. EXAMINATIONS REQUIREMENTS HEALTH REQUIREMENTS A-Levels BBC In accordance with Malaysian Dental Council recommendations, applicants who test positive for Anti-HIV (Human Immunodeficiency STPM B+B+B+ virus), HBsAg (Hepatitis B virus) or HCV RNA (Hepatitis C virus) will not Australian Matriculation 80% (aggregate) or TER/UAI 85 be accepted for the dental course. REQUIREMENT TO TRANSFER TO PARTNER DENTAL SCHOOL NCEA Level 3 70% Students shall need to complete the Phase I programme successfully Canadian Grade 12/13 85% (aggregate) and fulfill the English requirement of Partner Dental Schools before Unified Examination they are eligible to transfer to Partner Denta Schools to continue ey Dental A2 B3 B4 Certificate (UEC) their dental education. eir at education. Australian University 80% (aggregate) Foundation ProgrammesD ENT I S T RY A score of not less than 80% in 3 Indian science subjects and an average of not Pre-University less than 85% in all subjects Ministry of Education cGPA 3.5 9 Matriculation Diploma in Science (UiTM) cGPA 3.5 Diploma in Microbiology cGPA 3.5 (UiTM) 33 points At least two science subjects at the International Baccalaureate Higher Level (HL) and one at the (IB) Standard Level with a score not less than 5 in each subjects cGPA 3.5 American High School Two science subjects must be AP Diploma with Advanced courses and must have a score not less Placement (AP) than 4 in each subject Degree BSc (Hons) 2nd Class Upper / cGPA 3.5 The IMU reserves the right to change these admission requirements from time to time. English Language Requirement Applicants are required to have these at the point of entry: MUET Band score of 4 (for Malaysian students only) IELTS Overall band score of 7.0 The Ministry of Higher Education stipulates that all students entering universities in Malaysia must sit for MUET regardless of having other English qualifications. International students are not required to sit for the MUET. All registered students are required to take the IMU Diagnostic Language Test during the first and fourth semester.
  11. 11. The International Medical University began in 1992 as the International Medical College, or IMC, Malaysia’sfirst private medical college. IMC became a University in 1999, but the University has remained true to keyelements of the IMC vision, which are to widen access to professional healthcare education, and to useinnovative, integrated and student-centred means in providing that education.This vision required strong links to be forged, from the outset, with reputable Partner Medical Schoolscommitted to excellence and who share our educational philosophy. It was our progressive, systemsbased, integrated medical curriculum that first caught the imagination of our Partner MedicalSchools, and today we collaborate with such Schools in Australasia, North America, Ireland andthe United Kingdom. We have a Partner Pharmacy School in Scotland and in Australia and areestablishing more partnerships in Australia. u Pahat IMU Clinical School, BatSince 1999, the University’s growth and development has been in developing clinical schoolsin Seremban and Batu Pahat, our own Honours degree courses in Pharmacy and Nursing,and in establishing research as a core activity, together with development of postgraduateresearch Masters and PhD programmes. We are already the preferred private school formedicine and pharmacy in Malaysia. Our growth has been supported by heavy investmentin infrastructure development and expansion at Bukit Jalil and Seremban, and in therecruitment of staff of high calibre. In 2008, we have introduced Honours degree coursesin Dentistry, Nutrition & Dietetics, Medical Biotechnology, Psychology, Biomedical Scienceand in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. In common with our MBBS, BPharm and BNursing,these courses have been designed from first principles by our faculty. Bachelor ofNursing Science (Hons) was introduced in 2009, a programme targeted solely forregistered nurses to upgrade their qualification from diploma level to a degreelevel. In 2010, we introduced Chiropractic programme, the first of its kind andonly complete educational programme in Malaysia as well as in all of SoutheastAsia. In future, the university is planning to offer an undergraduate programme inChinese Medicine. We believe our courses to be progressive and innovative, andwe strive to use best practice in their delivery and assessment. IMU Clinical Schoo l, Seremban IMU Bukit Jalil Campus
  12. 12. Main Campus, Kuala Lumpur Programmes Available: 126, Jalan 19/155B, Bukit Jalil, • Medicine 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. KP/JPS(A1223)10/09 Tel : 603-8656 7228 • Dentistry Fax : 603-8656 7229 KPT/JPS(KA8358)12/2012 Clinical School, Seremban • Pharmacy KP/JPS(KR6707)10/2010, KPT/JPS(A1746)7/2014 Jalan Rasah, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus, Malaysia. • Pharmaceutical Chemistry KPT/JPS(KA8229)12/2012 Tel : 606-767 7798 Fax : 606-767 7709 • Nursing KP/JPS(A4675)4/2014 Clinical School, Batu Pahat • Nursing Science (for registered nurses) 12, Jalan Indah, Taman Sri Kenangan, KPT/JPS(KA9377)01/2013 83000 Batu Pahat, • Medical Biotechnology Johor Darul Takzim, Malaysia. KPT/JPS(KA8228)8/2012 Tel : 607-432 2787, 607-432 0580 • Nutrition & Dietetics Fax : 607-432 5575 KPT/JPS(KA8176)8/2012 Clinical School, Kuala Pilah • Psychology Lot No. 1743, Tingkat 1, KPT/JPS(KA8177)8/2012 Bangunan Persatuan Hainan Kuala Pilah, • Biomedical Science Jalan Wira 2/1, Taman Wira Jaya, KPT/JPS(KA8230)11/2012 72000 Kuala Pilah, • Chiropractic Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus, Malaysia. KPT/JPS(KA9294)7/2014 Tel : 606-481 9635 • Postgraduate (MSc & PhD by research) KP/JPS(A1468)12/2010, KP/JPS(KN3767)5/2010 Fax : 606-481 9639 enquiries regarding student admissions should be directed to: Department of The IMU has been certified with MS ISO 9001:2000 for the provision of tertiary education in medicine, Student Services and Marketing pharmacy and health sciences.INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information 126, Jalan 19/155B, Bukit Jalil, given in this brochure but it is subject to alteration without notice. The University reserves the right to alter or delete any of the 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. information included at any time and it shall not be bound by any Tel : 603-2731 7272 errors or omissions and cannot accept liability in respect thereof. Fax : 603-8656 1018 Please consult the Department of Student Services and Marketing for the most up-to-date information. KP/JPS/5195/US/2, KP(JPS)/DFT/US/W03 Printed in January 2010. Obtain latest information on the IMU Published by The Marketing & Communications Department, IMU. programmes (including tuition fees),submit an online application or download application forms via