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  1. 1. 2 6 10 21 Tradition, Innovation Faculty Faculty News Fund Raising and Excellence Highlights and Notes Highlights 4 9 16 22 Research Creating Spotlight on Recognizing Matters Connections Students your GiftsN E W S L E T T E R I MCGILL UNIVERSITY I 2002-2003 I VOLUME 82, NO. 1FA C U LT Y Dentistry O F PRIDE IN THE WHITE COAT CEREMONY The start of a new tradition TRADITION INNOVATION EXCELLENCE
  2. 2. NEWSLETTER OF THE MCGILL UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF DENTISTRY 2002-2003 TRADITION INNOVATION EXCELLENCE The First Annual make sure that the artificial "I recognize that in donning this white coat, I become a member of the dental teeth on the mannequins used White Coat Ceremony by students before they had a Class of 2004 profession. I understand that my primary responsibility is to my patients and I chance to practice on real patients had realistic problems. By: Rob Bull shall dedicate myself to render, to the best of my ability, the highest standard And he said he "always had We can thank third-year fun taking questions and trying student Arezu Akhavan for the of oral health care. I pledge my commitment to work for my community and to answer them with simple newest tradition at the Faculty research problems which were of Dentistry - The White Coat the benefit of all society through creating lasting alliances in health, pursuing then used to teach other Ceremony. Last year Arezu was students." one of 30 McGill dental professional integrity and providing compassionate care for all." students preparing for the Expanding Our Mission2 clinical phase of their The oath sworn by Third-Year Students as they begin the first year of clinical studies: McGill is a world-class research professional education after institution and the Faculty of eighteen months of classroom the United States and Dubai practice keep the students and in 1977 to become Dean of the Dentistry is fulfilling its part in studies with medical students. and applied to McGill from the programs up-to-date with the College of Dentistry at the "The medical people had their Middle East. realities faced by professionals University of Saskatchewan. the Universitys mission. own ceremony to mark the fact in the field. They, in turn, are Dr. Faith said Dean Ambrose Dr. Marc McKee, PhD that they were about to start Major Work Done enriched by their contact with was outstanding as a teacher (Anatomy and Cell Biology), working with patients and we The program that she and her newcomers and academics who and administrator. Associate Dean, Research, noted were not included," she said. " I classmates enrolled in has been include some of the leading "He taught operative dentistry, that full-time professors at the thought we should have one too." under way for seven years. researchers in the field. the backbone of the profession," Faculty of Dentistry now bring She had a positive response Dean James P. Lund, who "Unlike most other dental Dr. Faith said. "He loved every in as many dollars in research from the Faculty of Dentistry. presided over the change, said part of dentistry and loved grants per capita as full-time schools" added Dr. Myers, "the "We thought it was a very "the major work is now teaching it. He was very professors of medicine at McGill. McGill Faculty of Dentistry has good idea," said Dr. Paul Allison completed." The Faculty is now empathetic. He used to say that "Our professors publish in who worked on a committee concentrating on fine-tuning a long tradition of committed once a student had made it into world-class journals," Dean with Arezu to create the the curriculum. part-time clinicians who teach in dental school, that student Lund said, naming Science, ceremony. "There is an "A great deal of thought and our preclinical labs and in the became his responsibility and Nature, the Journal of Dental increasing movement in all effort went into producing a undergraduate clinic. That was entitled to all the Research and the Journal of the health-care fields to promote understanding, time and Canadian Dental Association curriculum that retained the tradition continues to be one of ethics and professionalism in a patience he could give." among others. "They are also excellent practical training of the the strengths of the program." positive way." able to attract an increasing Dr. John OKeefe, Editor of old program, while adding the Dean Ambrose number of top graduate students the Canadian Dental Association new knowledge, skills and Excellence In Teaching Remembers and visiting professors to McGill." Journal and the keynote technology needed to address the Dr. Robert Faith, who retired In a telephone interview from Dr. Lund added, "we have speaker at the ceremony, was changing needs of patients in the four years ago, said the Faculty Saskatchewan, Dr. Ambrose expanded beyond our touched by the quality of the has always had a variety of said, "As a student, I always traditional strengths in tooth 21st century" added Dr. Lund. students and the seriousness of excellent teachers, even when had questions. They werent development and microbiology, the occasion. Dr. Dagenais, who oversees "it had less than half the budget always answered but if you had into biomaterials, bone and "They understood that they curriculum development, said, and half the full-time staff of any an idea, the good teachers pain research, public health and took on a lot of responsibilities "McGill is producing dentists other dental school in Canada." would listen to you." clinical trials in prosthodontics." with those white coats, that who are great problem solvers. He talked specifically about He said he believed that dental Teaching, however, remains they would be really dealing They are competent to diagnose Dr. Mervyn Rogers, the training should be as close to the major focus. with people who trusted them the kinds of problems todays Faculty historian, who retired real conditions as possible and and that they had to merit that dental patients face and can as Assistant Dean in 1970 and had made McGill, for example, trust," said OKeefe, a guest provide the variety of solutions went on to play a leading role one of the first dental schools lecturer at the Faculty. they need." in the Canadian Dental on the continent to "These are great people, Dr. Norman Miller, the Associations Council on mature and well qualified." Facultys Director of Education, and Dr. Ernest McGill Dentistry requires a Community Relations, said Ambrose, who retired as Dean minimum 3.5 Grade Point “Our graduates understand the Average from applicants, the relationship between dental standard for the best schools on health and general health.” the continent. "Our patients are aging and "And theyre from pretty keeping their teeth" Dr. Miller New Montreal diverse backgrounds," said Dr. added. "They need dentists who Genomics and Proteomics Marie Dagenais, Associate have a comprehensive view of Building Dean Academic Affairs. "They their state of health." come from everywhere." Dr. Jeffrey Myers, Director Arezus parents, for instance, of Undergraduate Clinical are Iranian. She was born in Programs, explained that more The Netherlands, grew up in than 60 dentists in private
  3. 3. N E W S L E T T E R O F T H E M c G I L L U N I V E R S I T Y FA C U LT Y O F D E N T I S T R Y 2 0 0 2 - 2 0 0 3 TRADITION INNOVATION EXCELLENCE“Great Teachers” Class of 2002 - "In their own words" “This faculty has always hadsome great teachers,” said Dr. Hello Dr. Myers:Myers, “people who cared about Im just sending you a quick e-mail to thank you for all yourthe students and the patients, efforts in pushing us to excel and do more. . . . .I wanted towho were up-to-date in their share with you my experience thus far at my AEGD residencyknowledge but werent afraid of at the University of Michigan "We are here tonot knowing all the answers all i. At McGill, the dental experience received in terms of thethe time, who were concernedabout the faculty and the number and type of treatments is on a par with, if not above average to, other dental schools in Canada and the U.S. add what weuniversity and their studentsbeyond the time they were in ii. McGills name has a lot of weight when it comes to applying for dental school residencies. Ten of the 11 students can to life, notschool. It still has teachers like graduating in the class of 2002 got their top choices of dentalthat.” residency. . . . to get what we The results speak forthemselves. Thanks again for all the guidance can from it." Dean Lund is proud to point Yamen Ghamianout that the McGill programwas given full approval by the Sir William Osler, who wasCommission on Dental Dear Dr. Myers:Accreditation this year. It has been already two months that I have been in Pittsburgh. influential in bringing The majority of graduates Time really flies. I have to admit that we were really wellfrom May 2002 were accepted trained in treatment planning at McGill. Everybody notices it dentistry to McGillin residency programs for here to the point that I have been given the title of "treatmentadditional clinical training and planning queen." . . . .are performing well. And a I have had a few cases of implant restorations; however somethird of the class of 2000 went of the materials we used at McGill were better than the oneson to post-graduate programs in we work with here.various specialties across the Today I was an instructor in one of the modules. . . I wascontinent. At the time of mostly helping a girl in third-year who was extremely scaredpublication, most students and nervous and lacked confidence in her work. She remindedgraduating in May 2003 had me of myself when I was doing my first restoration. We havealready confirmed their come a long way with your help as well as the supervision ofplacement and many were all the instructors at McGill. Facultydestined for top residency spotsin McGill and throughout NorthAmerica while others were Sincerely Bibi Hatef FACTSgoing directly into private • In 1892, the provincial dental association opened the Dentalpractice, again across the College of the Province of Quebec. 3continent. It became a department of the“I think now more than ever that the medicinewe studied was absolutely necessary. D ESTINATIONS Montreal-based Medical College of Bishops University in 1896, which As of the date of publication, the following students from the was absorbed into the Faculty ofWe have to understand the whole patient.” graduating class of 2003 were accepted into Residency Programs Medicine of McGill University in and Private Practice throughout North America: 1904, a decision influenced by SirDr. Karyne Spina, BA Dr. Karyne Spina William Osler.(biology, physiology, toxicology), Basel Abdul Sharaf - Oral Surgery (Harvard) • In 1908, the Department ofDMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) Dentistry moved to the Montreal Mairaj Ahmed - Private Practice Vermont & Albanyis in a unique McGill residency General Hospital Marcelina Benedito - AEGD (Harvard)program with a private practicein a community setting at the Brigitte Bigras - GPR Burlington, Vermont (UVM) • In 1920, the McGill UniversityQueen Elizabeth Oral Health Clinic. Occasionally Nancy Boivert - GPR (Laval) Faculty of Dentistry was created as an offshoot of the Faculty of Other dental residencyprograms are hospital-based but someone Jennifer Charbonneau- GPR Boston (Harvard) Medicine. Alap Choksey - AEGD Ann Arbor (Michigan)she says her training "in a questions the Brent Coté - GPR Las Vegas (UNLV) • In 1922, Florence Johnston became the first woman student to beprivate clinic is more like thereal world." academic Steve Da Costa - GPR San Antonio (Texas) admitted to the Faculty. Eighty years later, in August 2002, 17 of the 30 Under the supervision ofdentists who are on part-time side of Amir A. Ghalaei - GPR Boston (Tufts) Aphrodite Kalyvas - GPR RVH (McGill) students entering the Faculty were women.staff at McGill, she and her Dentistry. Taleen Kassabian GPR RVH (McGill) • About one in ten applications tofellow residents work the way Sonny Kenth - Private Practice Toronto the Faculty are accepted to fill an Imost dentists work in an office n his History of the McGill Matthew Kerner - GPR Burlington, Vermont (UVM) average of 30-32 positions. Justwith front-desk and support Dental School, Dr. Mervyn Omid Kiarash - Private Practice Michigan over 55% are from out of provincestaff and inter-act with different Rogers told the following Helen Kontogiannis - Private Practice Ottawa and approximately 64% are female.specialist consultants. They story about Dr. Gordon Leahy,attend regular lectures with the the Facultys clinical director in So-Young Lee - AEGD Stonybrook (SUNY) • The overall Grade Point Average ofother McGill dental residents in the 1940s and 50s. Martin Lin - AEGD Ann Arbor (Michigan) students entering the Faculty for theMontreal and once a week they One afternoon, a third-year current academic year was 3.6, a Bernard Mayantz - GPR QEHC (McGill)discuss cases with their student came into the clinic in figure that ranks with the best a pretty bad mood. He had had Mitch Miller - GPR JGH (McGill) dental schools on the continent.supervisors who also teach a supplemental examination in Paul Morton- GPR MCH (McGill)formal lessons. bacteriology and had failed it • Teaching dental students is more "Doing my residency here Luckshi Patgunarajah - GPR Danbury (Connecticut) expensive than teaching any other me a chance to see the He said to Dr. Leahy, "Why do Greg Penny - GPR Burlington, Vermont (UVM) profession at McGill.larger picture," she said. dentists have to have a Mark Salvati - GPR MGH (McGill) • Seven of the 24 students who "I think now more than ever knowledge of bacteriology Chantal Theriault - GPR Vancouver (UBC) graduated in the class of 2000, orthat the medicine we studied anyway?" about a third, are in post-graduate "Very important, my son," said Simon Touchan - Oral Surgery, Henry Ford Hospital (Michigan)was absolutely necessary" added specialist studies.Karyne. Dr. Leahy. "Do you see that Zain Turner - Private Practice Montreal student there treating a patient Melanie Yu - AEGD Buffalo (SUNY) • A comparative study published in "We have to understand the The Research Journal Nature shows in the fifth chair? He justwhole patient." dropped his mouth mirror on that Canada leads the world in CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK! the floor. dental research interms of the "He picked it up, wiped it off impact of its dental research. on his white coat and went • Full-time professors at the Faculty back to work. of Dentistry bring in as many "Now if he hadnt studied dollars in research grants per capita bacteriology, he probably as full-time professors of medicine. wouldnt have bothered to wipe it off."
  4. 4. N E W S L E T T E R O F T H E M c G I L L U N I V E R S I T Y FA C U LT Y O F D E N T I S T R Y 2 0 0 2 - 2 0 0 3 Research Matters Grants four-year study into the "Effect the new Genomics and In the past year, the high level of Improved Oral Prostheses on Proteomics Building. On April of success of our professors in the Nutritional State of Elderly 29, 2002, a ceremony took place By: obtaining peer-reviewed research Edentulous Individuals". Along in the Strathcona Anatomy and Dr. Marc McKee funding from granting agencies with the excitement and Dentistry Building to mark the Associate Dean, Research has continued. This past year, interactions that occur within construction of the new building, we have been funded at the this increased human "mass" and was attended by government very enviable average rate of comes the need for more space and agency representatives, as approximately $250,000 per - and trust me - we spend a lot well as private donors contributing full-time professor - a quite of time on this, and space is not to the project. Photos 1, 2 and 3 remarkable amount indeed - at all easy to find! Although we highlight this event. and a level of funding similar to will benefit tremendously from "Move in" is scheduled I t is once again that time of year where I have the opportunity to highlight recent events and happenings pertaining to research important to our long-term vision than maintaining and improving the quality and dedication of our academic staff, so that future generations of that obtained by the Faculty of Medicine at McGill. While Dentistry is still a small faculty, its number of professors funded for research has nevertheless the opening of the Centre for Bone and Periodontal Research in the adjacent Montreal Genomics and Proteomics Centre building, our being part of a downtown throughout spring 2003 - the laboratories are now poised to fulfill their mission as a core facility with advanced instrumentation for McGills conducted in the Faculty of dental students and graduate almost tripled in the past 10 university on the slopes of (and our sister universities in the Dentistry. I relish this occasion, students can benefit from years, and the funding of each Mont Royal limits our growth province) research community. as it allows me to bring to the Dentistrys teaching and professor brings with it an both laterally and vertically! Efforts are currently underway forefront issues important to the research missions. It is increased number of graduate Creative projects to find ways in to expand the Wong Laboratory evolution of research in the incumbent upon us to leave students and summer research which we can increase our activities into an adjacent Faculty of Dentistry, which may McGill Dentistry stronger than opportunities for our undergraduate capacity to do research are in "unfinished" space in that building. be of interest to our alumni and ever upon our departure. dental students. Further good the planning stages. While the Wong Laboratories other readers. McGill Dentistry Young recruits provide not only news was reported in the October will be operational in late spring is playing an important, new expertise and knowledge, issue of the Journal of the Canadian New Centres 2003, the official opening of the leadership role in understanding but they inject vitality and vigor Dental Association, announcing Speaking of Centres, Dentistry building itself is slated for the determinants of oral health. into our programs to keep us at that the Canadian Institutes of professors are playing leading September 2003. Together with the other the leading edge of all the Health Research (CIHR) in roles in three major new Centres As a final point, and representative of research institutions in Canada, things that we do. New senior partnership with Straumann on the McGill campus: 1) the the international stature of many McGill continues to make appointees bring the wisdom Canada Limited granted $1.6 McGill Pain Centre headed by Dr. of McGills staff, I would like to exciting new discoveries and accrued from past experiences million to Dr. Jocelyne Feine Cathy Bushnell (of Dentistry and congratulate Dr. Jocelyne Feine the means to develop these at different academic and her research team, for a Medicine), 2) the Centre for Bone on her recent appointment as discoveries into preventive, Associate Editor for Clinical Reports. diagnostic and treatment She is one of only two associate strategies for the oral cavity. editors of the international Journal of Dental Research, which is the highest Funding rated journal in dentistry. Dean While research funding from Lund and I have also been appointed provincial and federal granting to the editorial board of this4 agencies is robust at the journal. Not too bad a representation moment, and many of us are for such a "small" school! spending great amounts of time 1 So, that about does it for now. writing grant applications, As always, I invite all of you to generous private donations (like visit our newly formatted that from Mrs. Pierrette Wong website ( (l-r) Dean Lund, Mr. Luc Vinet (Provost and Vice Principal, Academic), Dr. Thomas Hudson, Mme. Pauline Marois, Mme. Lucienne Robillard, for the Jamson T.N. Wong Principal Bernard Shapiro, Mr. Paul L`Archeveque (Genome Quebec) an Mr. Martin Godbout (Genome Canada) dentistry/) for additional and Laboratories for Bone and updated announcements, and I Periodontal Research) have institutions. In this issue of the allowed us to expand and buy Newsletter, we highlight two of state-of-the-art, expensive our most recent, full-time equipment and create new recruits to the Faculty of research laboratories - and Dentistry, Dr. Fernando Cervero remain competitive with our and Dr. Mari Kaartinen. You American counterparts. The will find in this issue a brief importance of this support description of their careers and cannot be underestimated. It current activities. Dr. Cervero is helps those of us already here in a senior professor from Spain the Faculty to move our research who investigates the to a much higher level, and also mechanisms responsible for allows us to recruit the best and visceral pain. Dr. Kaartinen is a brightest to our academic staff. recent graduate from Finland who investigates bone and Recruitment tooth proteins. Along with an The competition for new international flavor, they bring recruits is fierce at the moment, with them ambitious and and the future of our faculty exciting new research projects. clearly relies on maintaining Please join me in whole- 2 (and even improving!) McGills heartedly welcoming them to outstanding reputation for its Montreal and to the Faculty of research in oral health. Dentistry at McGill (please see (l-r) Dean Lund, Ms. Jennifer Wong, Mrs. Pierrette Wong, Mrs. Mirella Saputo, Mr. Lino Saputo, Ms. Isabelle Neiderer (Dairy Farmers of Canada) McGills professoriate is sidebars for more information and Dr. David Goltzman currently an aging one, with on Drs. Cervero and Kaartinen). many retirements occurring in and Periodontal Research headed by ask you to join us in celebrating the upcoming years, and it is Dr. David Goltzman (of the research achievements of estimated that to effectively Medicine), and 3) the our faculty members - and the replace this turnover in staff, International Centre for Biosensors potential of our discoveries in McGill as a whole needs to and Biochips headed by Dr. the field of dentistry. In future recruit roughly 100 professors Maryam Tabrizian (of Dentistry issues of this Newsletter we will per year for the next 10 years! and Medicine). Of these, the Pain highlight some of our other Dentistry is no exception, and Centre just recently established a professors, and share with you we are currently actively home in Dentistry in the some of the "specifics" of what recruiting full-time professors in Strathcona building. The Centre we are doing - and the impact several strategic areas that for Bone and Periodontal Research we are having on maintaining include dental public health, will be opening a second major oral health and fighting diseases 3 pain research, connective tissue facility (the first is located at the of the oral cavity. (calcified tissue) research, Royal Victoria Hospital), named (back row, l-r) Dr. Marc McKee, Dr. Jocelyne Feine, Dean Lund, Dr. David Goltzman, Debbie nanobiology/nanotechnology the Jamson T.N. Wong Larocque (front row, l-r) Mrs. Mirella Saputo, Ms. Jennifer Wong, Mr. Lino Saputo, Mrs. Pierrette and biomaterials. Wong (lunch held at the University Club following event at the Strathcona Anatomy and Laboratories for Bone and Perhaps nothing is more Dentistry Bldg) Periodontal Research, located in
  5. 5. N E W S L E T T E R O F T H E M c G I L L U N I V E R S I T Y FA C U LT Y O F D E N T I S T R Y 2 0 0 2 - 2 0 0 3 Research MattersMontreal Genomics and Interior - Jamson T.N. WongProteomics Building research facility lobbyJamson T.N. Wong Laboratories forBone and Periodontal Research Wong research facility laboratories Lobby Wong research facility laboratories Outside terrace with Strathcona in background Outside walkway Common between Genome and conference room Strathcona Exterior of Genome Building, facing Dr. Penfield Avenue 5 Mr. Michael Shapiro, Exterior of Building facing Engineering consultant Dr. Penfield looking up toward Royal Victoria HospitalLEADING RESEARCHERS JOIN THE FACULTY Drs. Marc McKee and Mari Kaartinen of our FacultyMARI KAARTINEN, University of Kuopio in Finland McGill has a long standing and have been invited by TokyoBSc, MSc, PhD and completed her postdoctoral growing reputation in hard Medical and DentalWord about the high quality of training at McGill. She has tissue research. "Its a University to participate inresearch at the Faculty of written widely on the dynamics wonderful university," Dr. teaching and research for aDentistry gets around. of the extracellular matrix in Kaartinen said. "Im happy period of three monthsDr. Mari Kaartinen, who comes bones and teeth at the protein here. The Faculty is growing level. The matrix is the material and dynamic and everybody is "In science, it is hard to have a (April - June, 2003). Duringfrom Finland, is at McGill between hard-tissue cells. She is very enthusiastic about what ten-year work plan, let alone a this time, Dr. McKee willbecause she heard Dr. Marc specifically interested in how they do." And she loves Montreal. career plan" she said. teach in the graduate schoolMcKee, Associate Dean of the proteins regulate "It has the energy of North "Research branches to places of the Faculties of MedicineResearch, speak at a symposium calcification and cell adhesion. America with a European feel you never thought youd go and Dentistry as a Visitingin France in 1999 and was "This may help us eventually to to it," she said. and that is very exciting.impressed by his report of the Professor and perform create smart bio-materials for She joined the staff of the Career-wise, you will just havework being done here. Dr. experiments there with dental implants so the implants Faculty in the fall of 2002 and to do the best research you can,Kaartinen does hard-tissue Dr. Yoshiro Takano of the could integrate more naturally has already obtained her first and the rest of the careerresearch using a variety of Department of Hard Tissue into the mouth," she said. "But research grant from the federal usually falls into place on itstechniques in protein chemistry Engineering. Drs. McKee we still need to understand a lot government. Her long-term own. You tend to gravitateand molecular and cell biology. towards where you belong". and Kaartinen will both giveShe received her PhD in of things about the matrix before career path includes simply we start manipulating it." doing research and teaching. seminars at severalBiochemistry from the institutions in Japan, and Dr. Kaartinen will present her recent data at the jointFERNANDO CERVERO, evaluated, has been feel pain?" Dr. Cervero has been appointed meeting of theMB ChB, PhD, DSc translated into many "What are the Professor of Anaesthesiology International Bone andFor pain researchers like Dr. languages and is used mechanisms and Dentistry and works with around the world. It is in our body McGills Anaesthesia Research Mineral Society and theFernando Cervero, who arrived Japanese Society for Bonefrom Spain in August 2002, known as the McGill that feel Unit. Pain Questionnaire. pain?’ and, of He was able to obtain a Chair and Mineral Research, toMcGills reputation is certainly a The people Dr. Cervero course, ‘What from the Canadian Institute for be held in June in Osaka.draw."There is a very strong pain will work with have can we do to Health Research with supportresearch community at McGill professional backgrounds modify pain?" from Astra Zeneca. The samethat crosses a wide variety of in psychology, physiology He has company offered his wife, also adisciplines," Dr. Cervero said. " I and dentistry among written more researcher, a job in Montreal.think I can contribute." others. He himself is a medical than 140 articles about pain and "It was a good chance for theMcGills world leadership in the doctor with a PhD in is Editor-in-Chief of the two of us to come together tofield goes back more than 50 neuroscience. European Journal of Pain. He good jobs, rather than just oneyears. A questionnaire "Virtually my entire career," he has worked at the universities of us working and the otherdeveloped here by Dr. Ronald said, "has been spent studying of Edinburgh, Bristol and one trailing, which is the usualMelzack that patients fill out so the physiology of pain, Madrid and was Chairman of style," he said.that their pain can be particularly visceral pain, dealing the Scientific Board of the with questions like "How do we Spanish UPSA Pain Institute.
  6. 6. N E W S L E T T E R O F T H E M c G I L L U N I V E R S I T Y FA C U LT Y O F D E N T I S T R Y 2 0 0 2 - 2 0 0 3 Faculty Highlights AN OUTREACH PROGRAM UPDATE By Dr. Michael Wiseman clinics held two to three times a VOLUNTEER AUXILIARY/ Director, Outreach Program year. First and second year ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF: students assist their big sibs in Ms. Geni Angelopoulos ANY DENTIST, OR Clinic Update third and fourth year. All give Ms. Vavi Bohbot AUXILARY For those who are not already at least half a day to help the Ms. Nicole Guedon INTERESTED IN familiar with the Outreach needy. Mr. Richard Halperin DONATING THEIR Program; it provides free dental The Faculty gratefully Mr. Sean Lavry care to members of our society acknowledges the dedication, Mr. Michael McHugh TIME, EQUIPMENT, who do not have access to hard work and compassion of Mr. Blair Schwartz OR FINANCIAL proper treatment due to financial, the Programs volunteer Ms. Randi Waks DONATION SHOULD social, psychological or physical clinicians, dental students, Ms. Susan Young CONTACT MS. barriers. Patients are referred to auxiliaries, and the Cote St. Luc the Outreach Program by its Emergency Medical Service, The greatest reward that the SUSAN YOUNG AT partner social agencies. These and extends its sincere students and staff receive from 398-7203 agencies verify that all patients appreciation: our patients is a simple thank you. EXT. 0315. are truly in need and this past The patients bring with them a year the Program has treated a VOLUNTEER CLINICAL STAFF: unique life history filled with, at record number of such patients. Dr. Louise des Noyers times, both joy and sadness. Clinics are held at Sun Youth, Dr. Bruce Dobby Dans la rue, Norwood 7th Day Dr. Tony Iannella Outreach Program - evening clinic at Adventist Church and the Dr. Christine Koran Dans la rue Maimonides Hospital Geriatric Dr. Pierre Lamontagne Community Centre Centre, using portable dental Dr. Yu Kwong Li equipment. In addition, Dr. Philippe Mojon treatment is provided to Dr. Julia Pompura Outreach patients at the Dr. Ed Slapcoff Montreal General Hospital Dr. Daphne Vermes Teaching Clinic during daytime Dr. Laura deVreeze6 The faculty has established a management committee for the Outreach Program that includes community representatives. This committee consists of Dean Lund, First meeting of Outreach Program Management Committee Dr. Michael Wiseman, Dr. Kwong Li, November 14, 2002 (back row, l-r) Judiann Stern, Dr. Michael Wiseman, Dr. Bruce Dobby, Dr. Kwong Li, Mr. Tommy Kulczyk Ms. Judiann Stern, co-ordinator, Dr. (Sun Youth) (front row, l-r) Ms. Ronna Miller (Maimonides Bruce Dobby, Ms. Toni Cochand Geriatric Health Centre) Dean Lund, Ms. Toni Cochand (Dans representing Dans la rue, Mr. la rue) (missing: Mrs. Cynthia Lam) Tommy Kulczyk from Sun Youth, Ms. Ronna Miller from Maimonides Hospital Geriatric Centre and Mrs. Cynthia Lam. This committee has been charged with management oversight fund raising, and public awareness. Dean Lund and Dr. Michael Wiseman acknowledging generous support from Mix 96 radio station A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO PROGRAM SUPPORTERS: The Faculty of Dentistry and will be preparing it to be •On February 14, 2002, Montreal radio station CJFM the McGill Outreach Program converted to a dental Mix 96 sponsored a Valentines Day Dance at the Ritz would like to recognize with operatory on wheels. This Carlton Hotel and all proceeds were donated to the Outreach sincere appreciation the truck will allow the Outreach Program. Special thanks must be given to Mr. Rob Braide following individuals and team to transport all and Standard Radio for their thoughtful contribution. organizations for their very equipment to treatment sites generous donations: easily. supply and suction. These •Provincial government BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR units will increase the (Ministère de la Santé et THE WHITE TRUCK WITH Outreach Programs ability to des Services sociaux - M. McGILLS LOGO AND "THE provide care to more people Roger Bertrand) will be FACULTY OF DENTISTRY" at each of the monthly contributing $40,400 to PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED. evening clinics. support the initiatives of the Outreach Program, following •The George Hogg Family •Mr. Alan Edwards, a review of the study on Foundation and the Zeller representing The Louise accessibility of dental services, Family Foundation have Edwards Foundation, prepared by Dr. Paul Allison. once again generously made a major contribution donated funds to purchase toward the Programs •Mr. Keith Petrovsky, additional portable dental mission of raising awareness President of Thermo King, carts and chairs. These units and providing free dental donated a truck equipped are self-sufficient, containing care to school children in the with a diesel generator, and their own compressor, water communities it serves. (l-r) Mrs. Susan and Dr. Kwong Li, Ms. Judiann Stern, Dr. Pierre Lamontagne
  7. 7. N E W S L E T T E R O F T H E M c G I L L U N I V E R S I T Y FA C U LT Y O F D E N T I S T R Y 2 0 0 2 - 2 0 0 3 Faculty HighlightsAN OUTREACH PROGRAM UPDATE (cont’d) 1Outreach Clinic Day at the Montreal General Hospital November 23, 2002 Two to three times a year, the Outreach Program holds a full day clinic at the Montreal GeneralHospital McCall Dental Clinic (undergraduate teaching clinic facilities), to which the Programsaffiliated social agencies refer patients. One clinic day in particular is featured below. It was held on November 23, 2002 and one veryspecial elderly patient stood out in the hearts of the volunteers. Her story is typical of the patientsregularly treated by the Program and she agreed to share her clinic experience with our readers. A Patients Experience: Mrs. J. a patient referred by the Santropol Roulant organization, had complained in the past of her dental CLINIC DAY SET UP AND REGISTRATION: 2 pain but with just enough funds to pay for her rent, food, and medication she had to constantly put her oral needs on the "back burner". Mrs. J. admitted to the Outreach team that many nights were spent in pain. Her only answer was to take some Tylenol. This however never rid her of that constant ache. When she was informed of the McGill Outreach Program and its "drill, fill with no bill" program she was elated. She wondered if Christmas had come early, her prayers for relief from constant pain were answered. She was told to arrive at the Montreal General McCall Dental Clinic at 10:00 AM Saturday November 23. She had to take two buses from her home and 3 disembarked from the bus with a sense of both anxiety and hopefulness. She had experienced many years of dental problems over her 93 years of life and did not quite know what was in store for her. But she hoped that she could 7 have some sort of relief. When she arrived at the third floor of the Montreal General Hospital, she was met by smiles and welcoming words.❶ Her anxiety levels decreased a little. 4 She registered with the Outreach reception staff and was told that her medical history, and blood pressure would be taken. It didnt take long for her name to be called and she entered another room where she responded again to another friendly face. She was asked questions about her health and had her blood pressure checked.❷ She thought to herself that she was happy she had taken her high blood pressure medications this month. With Christmas approaching she had pondered the idea of delaying the trip to the pharmacy to buy her pills in order to buy her grandchildren toys. She gave a sigh of relief when she was informed that her blood pressure was within normal limits. Mrs. J. then waited in the hall 5 for her assigned student to call her name. It didnt take long until she saw her student dentist clad in blue approaching her. She followed him down the hallway into the McCall clinic. She explained that her chief complaint was a mobile tooth that caused her a lot of pain when eating, talking, or just watching TV. She had said that it had gotten to the point where she began to avoid meeting friends after church as she didnt want to be a burden to anyone. She proceeded to have a radiograph ❸ of her troubled area and, upon consultation with the Outreach dentists, it was agreed that her troubled tooth was to be extracted. She made the long trek down the hall to the Oral Surgery Department. Her attending student volunteer extracted the tooth under the watchful eye of Dr. Ed Slapcoff ❹ and she left the clinic with much relief.❺ She thanked the Outreach team continuously throughout her visit. Many of the Outreach staff noticed that her facial expressions had changed from pain and anxiety to relief.
  8. 8. N E W S L E T T E R O F T H E M c G I L L U N I V E R S I T Y FA C U LT Y O F D E N T I S T R Y 2 0 0 2 - 2 0 0 3 Faculty Highlights DENTISTRY ON LINE interactive while enhancing the 5. Cephalometrics Nevertheless our project can the body responsible for the learning experience. The teacher 6. Panoramic X ray greatly enhance the CE experience. granting of temporary licenses. can highlight with zoom, fade- 7. Diagnosis A student can take the The Orthodontic Division of ins, appearing arrows, specific One of the interesting features theoretical part of the "Interceptive McGill University is important points about a incorporated into the modules is a Orthodontic Course" in a implementing these new particular topic. series of exercises that are designed multimedia environment. Once multimedia teaching methods to to help dentists test their this course is completed and after provide students and participants knowledge and skill on a subject. a proper evaluation, the student in CE courses a more enjoyable would be allowed to participate in and effective learning a hands-on clinical training session environment. Once again, McGill offered by the McGill University University is at the forefront of CE department in cooperation educating the future dentist as with the Montreal Children’s well as offering a unique Hospital Dental Department. Before experience in CE to general implementation, this new proposal practitioners looking to improve This format is well adapted to will have to be approved by the their clinical knowledge. Continuing Education because it Ordre des Dentistes du Québec, allows the dentist from anywhere in the world to learn, practice and interact with a mini-course developed by McGill University. The material is DENTISTRY ON LINE always available on the Web and McGill Teaching Takes a Giant Step CD, can be updated, and even adapted to specific needs of a by Dr. Jeffrey Myers, Director, segment of the dental Undergraduate Clinical Programs, community. Using WebCT, Montreal General Hospital interesting cases can also be We have also tried to address posted weekly. Discussion groups questions frequently asked by can be used to encourage the general practitioner students to participate and allow interested in Orthodontics Things have changed at McGill. And I dont just mean that when for discussion of cases and other regarding the case selection you come back for your 20th reunion you wont be able to find important issues. process. We have introduced the your old chair in the clinic anymore. The information technology "green light -red light" concept revolution has not left your old faculty untouched any less than Presentation of the to case studies to alert a dentist computers have affected the way you manage patients in your software utilized: to the severity of the observed own practice. Our software required a malocclusion. While the In the classroom, PowerPoint presentations have largely replaced professional programming team program is not able to deal with conventional slide shows. All our classrooms are equipped with to assist the teacher in course the whole range of problems computer hookups and projectors that can be used for both video McGill Dentistry8 development. Without the observed, the green light - red and digital presentations. Improvements in computer software Goes Digital collaboration with the Instructional light system can assist a dentist have meant that lecturers can incorporate text, graphics and video Communications Centre at to quantify the observed into one seamless presentation that can be edited easily, as by Dr. Jean-Marc Retrouvey, McGill, this development would malocclusion and give additional information becomes available. Our Faculty has made a Director, Division of Orthodontics not have been possible. This recognizable " landmarks" of considerable investment in this new technology and will continue project is the first of its kind and malocclusion severity. to spend annually on equipment and training. Our students will I n the past few years, McGill University should be have the most up-to-date resources and facilities. undergraduate students recognized for its vision in Meanwhile, the University has introduced a new Internet based have become more and modern teaching methods. teaching tool called WebCT. Our instructors can use this program more familiar with computers. to post teaching material to the Internet on a secure website. Recently, McGill University has The first module that will be Students can review PowerPoint presentations at their own pace, chosen WebCT as its on-line offered is: have access to class notes, take quizzes and surveys and conduct course management system. "Diagnostic in Interceptive discussions just by logging in on their home computer. WebCT is The following article written by Orthodontics". This module is a not meant to replace class time. But it is a valuable adjunct that Dr. Jeff Myers explains the review of all the necessary can enhance the interaction between our teachers and their introduction in more detail. diagnostic tools that a general This "new" concept in students. Like all new technological dentist interested in Orthodontics Continuing Education is based The Internet is being used in other ways as well. With Medline, changes, WebCT will demand should master. It is divided into on changing delivery and control students and full and part-time staff can review the dental and some adaptations by the different categories such as: of the CE process. Unlike medical literature going back more than 30 years. For most teachers. Typical carousel slide 1. Facial exam previous types of professional publications, access is limited to abstracts of the material. But for presentations are not digital and development, this course will be an increasing number of journals, including the journals of the cannot be simply copied onto a continuously available to the Canadian, American and British Dental Associations, The Journal computer. The first step will be participant. Participants will be of Prosthetic Dentistry and others, members of the McGill to transform the slide assured that the course content community can read an entire article online. Evidence-based care presentation into Powerpoint as well as the platform used has is becoming an integral part of our practices, and access to presentations that can then be been designed and monitored by computers and the Internet has become an absolute necessity for posted on the WWW via WebCT. teaching professionals. The the education of our students. In Orthodontics we have taken course will be regularly updated Of course, computer technology is not just limited to the this concept one step further. to reflect the most modern classroom. Practice management software has been used for years We have started to produce treatment methods. The to administer financial operations in the Undergraduate Clinic. We movies in digital format that will 2. Functional exam participant will also have the also use specific applications to monitor our students progress. We allow the student to review a opportunity to examine routinely track the quantity and type of procedures each student clinical procedure as often as treatment plans posted on the does, the status of their patients and the number of visits each he/she would like. With these site and even present his/her year. Programs are also being developed to review treatment demonstrations, important steps own cases for review. outcomes and improve the quality of care our patients receive. can be highlighted for review. What else is happening in information systems? To begin with, Students can review procedures Does this new format video presentations are being replaced by digital video. Using this in a real clinical setting. We have replace conventional CE technology and high-speed Internet access, students will soon be also gone beyond the courses? able to download short movie clips demonstrating periodontal Powerpoint presentation and Absolutely not. It is important surgery on oral patients. Theyll be able to review what theyre have developed a unique 3. Dental exam for participants in CE to have expected to do before doing the procedure for the first time. And computer-based course for the 4. Dental cast analysis professional contacts with other wireless networks: McGill has started installing wireless Undergraduate and Continuing members of their profession on a connections in all the universitys libraries. Using a wireless PC Education program. This regular basis. Multimedia Card any desk can become a computer workstation with full program allows students to learn content does not replace Internet access. at their own pace, do practical interactivity and real practical The day is fast approaching when laptop computers will become exercises and answer short exercises. This "new" format is just another part of our students instrument kit. And like you in quizzes to evaluate their only a complement to regular your own office, we will wonder how we ever got along without learning. Movies, sound, video, attendance at conventions and them. slides and text are used to make hands-on CE courses that are this courseware much more invaluable for optimal learning.