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cosmetic surgery

  1. 1. ULTIMATE COSMETIC TREATMENTS ThE dAILy TELEgRAph Choosing The righT practitioner The ulTimaTe mini guide To cosmetic surgery reClaiming the face of your youth
  2. 2. 02 ulTimaTe CosmeTiC TreaTmenTs an indePendenT suPPlemenT ProduCed BY lYonsdoWn media grouP
  3. 3. Choosing the righT pracTiTioner There are many respecTed pracTiTioners who perform rejuvenaTion using medical aesTheTic (non-surgical) Techniques buT finding a really good one can be confusing. however, here are a few Tips To help you wiTh your choice... Qualified? • ask about what forms of anaesthesia are available and Check that the practitioner is medically qualified and which form is most appropriate. 04 moving from cream to needle. dermal fillers could specialist trained. • Think about your own experiences, for example, the level of pain relief you require when undergoing • Check the practitioners healthcare Commission dental treatment. it is important that the practitioner is revolutionise your appearance. certificate, which lists the services that they are licensed sympathetic to your pain relief requirements. for. registered practitioners, approved by the healthcare Commission, must show they meet safety and quality expeCtations 06 simple health boosts in your handbag. standards. during the consultation your expectations of the • The practitioner must be medically qualified, e.g. a treatment should also be discussed. is the effect sought registered nurse, doctor, dentist or surgeon. You need achievable? more importantly, is it desirable? how long to know that he/she has received specialist training, is will the effects last? how much is the treatment going 08 The ultimate mini guide to cosmetic surgery. familiar with the technique and is successfully carrying out the procedure regularly. to cost? • reducing lines caused by deep folds may require • Certificates providing qualification and training details several visits to achieve the desired effect. may be displayed in the clinic. also ask for details of • ask to see before and after treatment photographs. their professional indemnity insurance. 12 expert panel. • if receiving your treatment in your home, check that the practitioner has a special licence and is insured to afterCare during the consultation, you should also discuss the six experts talk about their carry out the procedure in a home environment. aftercare you may need. treatments and surgeries. environment • ask if written information is provided about what to 14 Beauty at what cost? There is a growing trend for “treatment parties” but receiving medical aesthetic treatments whilst under the expect after treatment and what you can and cannot do. it is good professional practice to be offered a The BaCd discuss the new techniques to help you influence of alcohol is undesirable, as is the associated post treatment checklist and an emergency telephone achieve a natural smile makeover peer pressure. number to call if you have reason to become concerned about reactions to your treatment. • The surroundings should be hygienic and clean. • it is not unreasonable to ask the clinician to open any finally PUBLISHER: sealed sterilized packs, containing syringes and needles Be wary of flashy websites, glossy mailers, brochures, Bradley scheffer, for your treatment, in front of you. This demonstrates and adverts promising discounts and bargains! These CREATIVE DIRECTOR: that the practitioner considers your safety of utmost are not the most reliable ways to choose the right andy sweetman, importance. it also ensures that you can see the name of practitioner for your medical aesthetic procedures. the product being used. PROJECT MANAGER: • ask yourself if you feel comfortable with the Yanina stachura, practitioner. do you feel that he/she can be trusted and PRODUCTION MANAGER: do you feel confident about being treated? nikki dudley, Consultation reputable practitioners will offer you a consultation useful addresses: prior to treatment to discuss your requirements and expectations. You too should have the opportunity to British Association of Aesthetic ask lots of questions. There should be a “cooling-off” Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) LYONSDOWN MEDIA GROUP, DEPHNA HOUSE period for you to consider the treatment fully. The royal College of surgeons, 24-26 ARCADIA AVENUE, LONDON, N3 2JU 35 lincoln’s inn Fields, • expect practitioners to ask you questions about your london WC2a 3Pn T: 08449 360 226 medical history. They need to know if you are allergic Tel: 020 7405 2234 W: to any medicines, if you have a history of allergy or cold E: sores, or if you are pregnant or breast feeding. • Written information should be provided about the British Association of Dermatologists medical aesthetic procedure and the products to be 19 Fitzroy square, london W1T 6eh uCT is fully protected by copyright, reproduction used. ask for the product brochures so you can find Tel: 020 7383 0266 without permission is strictly forbidden. The publisher, out more about the manufacturing company, what editor and authors accept no responsibility in respect of substances constitute the product and if any clinical any products, goods or services that may be advertised or referred to in this issue or for any errors, omissions, research or studies have been carried out. British Association of Cosmetic Doctors misstatements or mistakes in any such advertisements • The consultation should also include discussion about or references. possible complications and indePendenT suPPlemenT ProduCed BY lYonsdoWn media grouP ulTimaTe CosmeTiC TreaTmenTs 03
  4. 4. Moving from DR EMERSON ANSWERS THE qUESTIONS WE ALL WANT TO ASk: q: WHAT ARE DERMAL fILLERS? a: dermal fillers are substances that are injected below the surface of the skin to cream fill in lines and wrinkles and add volume to the cheeks and chin for a more natural and To needle youthful appearance. q: WHAT TyPES Of fILLER ARE THERE? aT a cerTain poinT in our lives – beTween mid 30s To laTe 40s a: dermal fillers can be temporary, semi- – skin creams and early nighTs no longer seem able To work permanent or permanent. many doctors are wary about using permanent fillers as they Their magic for many of us. now, a new soluTion has arrived in are more prone to complications, and are dermal fillers. difficult to reverse. q: HOW DO TEMPORARy fILLERS WORk?W hat makes the ageing process even more depressing is that we still feel young on the inside. it’s just our wrinkly foreheads anddeepening nose to mouth lines that leave our self-confidence in tatters. “fillers are used To sofTen Tell-Tale ageing lines” a: By using a series of small injections just under the skin, the product will fill lines and wrinkles, which will naturally be reabsorbed into the skin over the course of 3 – 9 months. so, do we fork out on yet another skin cream, full ofpseudo-science promises, or do we book in for a full dr emerson says: “We have seen a huge increase in the q: WILL I NEED MORE THAN ONE TyPEon face-lift? Thankfully many of us are waking up to number of cosmetic treatments performed at the clinic Of fILLER?the fact that there is a middle ground. non-surgical over the past two years. unlike skin creams, botulinum a: all fillers come in different thickness. acosmetic treatments are ideal for women who believe toxin and a tried and tested filler, such as restylane, thicker filler is more effective to plump thesurgery is one step too far. no longer considered can deliver action to the dermis where it is needed to lips, smooth deeper lines and add volumeextreme and the preserve of film stars and celebrities, deliver noticeable benefits.” and contouring to areas such as the cheeksthese treatments are now mainstream. he adds: “hyaluronic acid, which is found in several and chin. Thinner fillers are used to reduce Consultant dermatologist dr russell emerson, of fillers, plays a huge role in anti-aging because it not fainter, less noticeable lines.hove skin Clinic, thinks we are deluding ourselves if only plumps out wrinkles but it adds suppleness andwe believe that skin creams can live up to all their softness to the skin. it is a natural substance found in q: HOW SAfE ARE fILLERS?promises. the skin which boosts the skin’s hydration system which a: Temporary fillers without animal proteins, “There is only so much a cream can do as it doesn’t encourages the production of collagen.” allergens or chemicals are safe. But recentlypenetrate the dermal layers. Creams sit on the surface dr emerson agrees that it is a big step for women there has been a surge of new fillers comingof the skin and although they are important for to make the leap between face creams and cosmetic into the market but a lot of these haveconditioning and sun protection, they are not going to treatments but believes that in the hands of an far less research behind them, apart fromturn the clock back.” experienced cosmetic medical practitioner, botulinum restylane which has over 12 years of clinical Five star creams full of hi-tech ingredients definitely toxin and fillers are a good middle ground. experience and extensive clinical data todon’t come cheap either. some of the “super” serums “dermal fillers can be temporary, semi-permanent prove that it is safe and effective.can cost several hundred pounds. even those on more or permanent. many doctors are wary aboutmodest budgets are spending a significant amount each using permanent fillers as they are more prone to q: WHAT ARE THE RISkS?month on anti-agers. complications, and are difficult to reverse. also a: side effects are rare. There can be a small non-surgical treatments are becoming not only more remember your looks will change over the years, what amount of bruising and swelling, plus a littleaccessible but more affordable too. looks good in your 30s, may look silly in your 50s.” redness where the needle has been injected. he says: “Fillers are used to soften tell-tale ageing also, badly administered fillers can cause lines such as nose to mouth lines and for plumping unevenness but as long as a temporary filler areas such as the cheeks to provide a non- is used, any adverse results will disappear.even the most expensive surgical mid face lift which restorescreams have limited effects shape to the mid face to give a more q: HOW LONG WILL My APPOINTMENT BE refreshed look.” AND WILL IT HURT? dr emerson believes a good a: Your appointment will be around 30 practitioner-patient relationship minutes. The actual injections only take and realistic patient expectations a couple of minutes but the bulk of the are critical for obtaining time will be spent talking through the optimum results with cosmetic patient’s expectations and concerns. a treatments. local anaesthetic cream will be applied to he says: “most of the numb the area, which may feel slightly patients i see ask lots of uncomfortable when injected. questions, especially about the safety aspects. i explain to q: CAN I GO STRAIGHT BACk TO WORk? them the most important thing a: You can, but it would be advisable to go is that a reputable product with home after the treatment. Your face may a proven safety track record is feel a little sore and tender. used and that an experienced cosmetic medical practitioner q: WHAT WILL HAPPEN If I STOP USING administers it. Then the chances fILLERS – WILL I SUDDENLy GO BACk TO of the procedure not meeting the LOOkING OLDER OVERNIGHT? patients’ expectations are minimal. a: no. most fillers are absorbed into the body most product websites now include a gradually and disposed of naturally. The local practitioner finder service, which is a process will be gradual. good starting point.” 04 ulTimaTe CosmeTiC TreaTmenTs an indePendenT suPPlemenT ProduCed BY lYonsdoWn media grouP
  5. 5. Ultrasonic fat busting gets better, and without a cut! New to the UK - Liposonix How many times have you followed an exercise Ideal candidate: programme with the goal of shifting a few inches Men or women with a BMI of 30 or less (not for obese patients) from your hips only to find that your boobs lose half a – must have at least 2cm fat on the target area cup size instead? Help is now at hand with the latest How does it work? targeted fat-busting, Liposonix ultrasound, from Europe. Great for sculpting bellies, waists, love handles and thighs. This Liposonix challenges all other non-invasive fat removal high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) hits the fat at a deeper systems. The real ‘lunchtime fix’, this procedure can level than other more superficial body-sculpting devices. Fat be performed quickly with no cuts, minimal discomfort cells are destroyed via a process termed ‘thermal coagulation’ (nerves are unaffected), no anaesthetic and no downtime. with residual debris collected by the body’s macrophage Sound waves are delivered at high intensity and frequency (scavenger) cells, this is eventually further broken down and essentially blasting and killing carefully targeted fat cells excreted by the liver. whilst surrounding tissues, skin surface and underlying Over 1800 people have tried Liposonix experiencing an organs are left untouched. average of 2.0cm circumferential loss with the results improving Leading consultant plastic surgeon Ms Angelica Kavouni over 3-6months as the surrounding tissue packs down reducing FRCS EBOPRAS says: “Until now non-invasive ultrasonic volume; some even experienced a 4-8cm reduction. fat removal devices have somewhat under performed due Does it hurt? to their reliance on relatively low energy frequencies. Experiences can vary but generally patients may experience Liposonix is different in that it delivers energy at a cold, prickling, tingling, warmth and mild to moderate discomfort much higher level, offering cosmetic surgeons a real Cost: alternative to surgical fat removal.” From £1800.00 depending on size of area to be treated – only Angelica adds: “We are very excited to be one of one treatment required the first UK clinics to invest in this new generation body sculpting device. It is great news for the Liposonix utilises patient as it actually works (!), keeps costs down Free consultation with Ms Kavouni a 2MHZ transducer and involves no downtime; for us it means we for Lyonsdown readers: compared to lower frequency Ultrashape can accurately target stubborn fat pockets Call : 020 7486 9040 which utilises a within the comfort of our clinic.” Email : 0.2MHZ transducer Visit : indePendenT suPPlemenT ProduCed BY lYonsdoWn media grouP ulTimaTe CosmeTiC TreaTmenTs 05
  6. 6. in your Saying no to hair lossSimple handbag ofTen seen as a problem for men, sTaTisTics show ThaThealth proTecTing an increasing number of women also suffer from hair loss.boosts yourself againsT healTh problems needn’T be a burden. F orty percent of women have visible hair loss by the time they are aged 40, according to the american academy of dermatology. Causes of hair loss vary, though it is by transplanting small grafts very close together. Today, hair is transplanted in groups of 1- 4 hairs and as it grows naturally, gives the hair transplants a natural appearance. often the result of our genetic make- The most popular method of up and an imbalance of the male sex transplantation is the strip harvestingA n estimated 70,000 premature deaths in the uK could be avoided each year if dietsmatched nutritional guidelines onthe consumption of fruit, vegetables, body from harmful free radicals and helping to protect against chronic diseases. in particular, cherries are one of the few known food sources hormones (androgen) - specifically the hormone, dihydrotestosterone (dhT). hair loss can also be linked to malnutrition, stress, illness, pregnancy method, which has the possibility of transplanting up to 3,000 grafts in one convenient session. in this procedure, there is a fine strip of hair of melatonin, a potent antioxidant and dermatological scalp disorders. extracted from the donor area, whichsalt, saturated fat and sugar. roughly produced naturally by the body’s There are many options for sufferers is then dissected into individual grafts1 in 7 British children are very obese. pineal gland that helps regulate looking to regain their confidence containing 1-4 hairs and transplantedoverweight children are likely to grow biorhythm and natural sleep patterns. and a head of hair, however, hair into the bald or thinning area. This willinto overweight adults, with a higher so how can we get some of this transplantation is the only permanent only leave a very fine scar in the donorrisk of serious health problems like goodness into our lifestyles easily? solution. The process sees hair moved area that is always covered with hair.diabetes, heart problems and cancer. The department of health says a from one area of the body (usually the salvar Bjornsson, a senior consultant The Food standards agency’s main 150ml smoothie or fruit juice counts back of the head, referred to as ‘the at nu/hart hair clinic explains, “eventips for eating well are: a) base meals as 1 portion of your fruit and veg. donor area’) and transferred to the though the strip harvesting method ison starchy foods; b) eat lots of fruit Buy blended fruit juices or juice from thinning or balding area (‘the recipient the best procedure for most patients,and vegetables; c) eat more fish; d) concentrate or alternatively, create site’). The transferred hair is genetically it’s important to evaluate every casecut down on saturated fat and sugar; your own! one example of a juice programmed to grow for the rest of individually. The consultant has to takee) try to eat less salt - no more than booster is Cherryactive Concentrate. one’s lifetime; maintaining its own into consideration the number of grafts6g a day; f) get active and try to be John Carey, director of Cherryactive characteristics such as colour, texture needed, the texture and type of hair, thea healthy weight; g) drink plenty of ltd says, “Cherryactive Concentrate and growth rate. density of the donor area and so forth,water and h) don’t skip breakfast. is made from 100% carefully selected Furthermore, innovative techniques but the client’s expectations and how some changes are easier to make montmorency cherries, with no have since been developed that achieve they can be met are the most importantthan others. For example, simply put added sugars, preservatives or other natural results and accelerate healing issues to address.”less salt into your cooking, or try using additives. recent tests have shownfish in a meal rather than chicken or that it is packed with antioxidantsbeef. have a glass of water instead of – in fact just 30ml contains morethat extra coffee and put less sugar on antioxidants than 20 average fruit ‘n’your cereal or in your tea. veg portions!” one of the simplest methods, other ideas include mixing fruit with‘5 fruit and veg a day’, is often cereal, yogurt, salads or pancakes. Forignored. some may find it boring the sweet toothed individual, haveor inconvenient cramming so much muffins or cookies with fruit pieces,fruit and veg into their everyday instead of chocolate. Take dried fruitdiet. Yet such a huge source of for a handy snack at work or the gym.goodness shouldn’t be sidelined. Fruit all in all, making small changes toand vegetables of contain diverse your lifestyle could have a significantmixtures of phytonutrients (protective effect on your health and wellbeing.plant compounds), which can act as so why not shake things up a little?powerful antioxidants, protecting the Antioxidant-Rich and Delicious! A recent study has discovered that a 30ml shot of a delicious cherry concentrate from award-winning company, CherryActive, has greater antioxidant power than 20 average portions of fruit and veg*! CherryActive Concentrate is made from carefully-selected Montmorency cherries, uniquely-processed to harness and preserve their potent antioxidants. CherryActive counts towards your five-a-day target of varied fruit and veg and contains no added sugars, preservatives or other additives. Mix CherryActive with water to make a delicious cherry juice or add to a favourite fruit juice, smoothie or natural yoghurt. Great for adults and kids alike! Buy CherryActive from or call 08451 705705. Also available from health food stores (please contact us to find a stockist near you). * 8260 ORAC units for 30ml CherryActive Concentrate v 1790 ORAC units for 5 average portions fruit and veg (source: Brunswick Labs, USA)06 ulTimaTe CosmeTiC TreaTmenTs an indePendenT suPPlemenT ProduCed BY lYonsdoWn media grouP
  7. 7. Revolutionising skin treatment Cutting-edge laser technology capable of dramatically enhancing skin in a single treatment has been unveiled in the UK. The ‘Fraxel re:pair’ laser - to treat wrinkles, irregular texture, age and sun spots and acne scarring - is now available for the first time in the UK by Bristol based consultant plastic surgeon Simon Lee in his Lifestyle Surgery clinic. It is Fraxel’s brand new and best ever laser. It not only tightens aged and damaged skin, but may also avoid the need for a future facelift as it prevents loose skin from forming - with a typical treatment requiring only a twenty minute single session. The Fraxel’s accuracy and speed is increased by combining the effectiveness of traditional CO2 laser resurfacing with innovative technology which fractionates the laser beam. By ‘fractionating’ the laser beam with the use of an integrated computer scanner, it produces thousands of tiny but deep columns of treatment to minute sections of the skin. Just as it may be necessary to alter a photograph pixel by pixel to maintain its quality, the same is applied here to the skin. This brand new type of selective treatment is the first that can penetrate the full thickness of the skin regenerating collagen throughout its thickness- the protein that gives structure and support to the skin - whilst leaving much of the skin’s surface unaffected. The skin then heals much faster compared to other treatments that have to treat the entire area but only have a superficial effect. The healing time is quicker the result the best ever!! Typical patients are men and women spanning a wide age range - from those in their young twenties wishing to reduce acne scarring to anyone in an older age group wanting to resurface skin and reduce wrinkles. Following the procedure Lifestyle Surgery is a centre patients are able to return to routine activities in 3 to 5 days. of excellence; offering a high standard of Lifestyle Surgery was pioneered by leading consultant plastic surgeon, Simon Lee, whose experience spans over 12 personalised care and specialising in facial years working in some of the world’s leading hospitals. Simon says: “Fraxel re:pair is the biggest step forward in skin plastic surgery, cosmetic breast surgery and body sculpting. resurfacing for more than 30 years. What appeals to many patients I treat with this is how adaptable it is to their often busy lifestyles. Patients get outstanding results in a single session with fast recovery.” For more information on a Fraxel laser treatment, “Key to the new Fraxel laser’s success is its ability to improve on and almost eradicate the unwanted effects fact sheets and healing times, visit: of the traditional CO2 method. For example, CO2 alone has been shown to have a high risk of scarring and www.lifestylesurgerycom/fraxel-bristol.htm hypopigmentation - loss of skin colour; something which is not a problem with this new combined technique. It is also or telephone: +44 (0)117 904 1311 or email: the only laser technique with FDA approval to treat all the ageing effects of the sun.”an indePendenT suPPlemenT ProduCed BY lYonsdoWn media grouP ulTimaTe CosmeTiC TreaTmenTs 07
  8. 8. hooded eyelids? non-inVasiVe The ultimate mini cosmetic Muscle relaxing injections will help brighten up the eye area by reducing crow’s feet wrinkles. Lasts 3-6 months Costs from £250 inVasiVe Upper eyelid lift/upper blepharoplasty will remove excess skin hanging over the upper eyelid that is a common first sign of ageing. A simple procedure that can be performed under local anaesthetic with the scar hidden in the eye drooping flat eyebrows? nose Job deep nose to mouth socket. heaVy lids? non-inVasiVe lines? Lasts 5 years+ non-inVasiVe Flat noses can be dealt with non-inVasiVe Costs from £3000 Muscle relaxing injections using Radiesse. It can build Dermal fillers like Tried and tested, muscle relaxing up the bridge of the nose Restylane, Perlane, eyebags, dark circles injections will help to lift the very effectively. Previous Juvederm and Radiesse. non-inVasiVe eyebrows, ‘opening’ the upper botched jobs can also be Lasts 8-12 months Tear Trough filling can disguise face. In experienced disguised. Costs from £450 hollows and shadows under the hands the eyebrows can be left Lasts 12 months inVasiVe eyes with a small injection of with natural movement and a Costs from £650 Mid Face Endotine lift hyaluronic acid. lovely arch. inVasiVe Revolutionary devices Mesotherapy with homeopathic Lasts 3-6 months Rhinoplasty used to pull back a sagging injections straight into the fat Costs from £300 Functional or cosmetic mid face. pockets can also improve inVasiVe rhinoplasty is a procedure Lasts 3-5 years the appearance quite effectively. Endoscopic brow lift to be performed with care. Costs from £4000 Lasts 12-18 months The endoscope is a small Computer imaging helps Costs from £450 camera placed under the skin. It you to make up your mind. inVasiVe has revolutionised the brow lift Lasts a lifetime boobs too small? bat ears? reducing scarring and hair loss. Costs from £4500 non-inVasiVe non-inVasiVe Lower eyebag removal/lower blepharoplasty. Fat bags can be In experienced hands it Macrolane can be injected Some believe that ears can be gives a natural lift, avoiding the into the breasts to achieve a strapped to the head in some removed invisibly from the inside – ask your surgeon for the permanently surprised look. one cup increase. Safe with attempt to train them to sit to Lasts 7 years+ predictable results, a great the head but only in the first few ‘transconjunctival approach’. Lasts 5 years+ Costs from £4500 solution for women not keen on months of life! having surgery. Costs from £3000-£4000 inVasiVe Lasts 12-16 months Otoplasty Costs from £3000 Performed under local or general inVasiVe anaesthetic, this simple procedure Breast Augmentation can make such a difference to Implants can now be tailored how you feel about yourself. for each individual, still the most Lasts a lifetime popular cosmetic intervention. Costs from £3000 Lasts a lifetime Costs from £4500 boobs too big or droopy? Jowls and loss of Mastopexy and/or breast Jaw line definition flat cheek bones? reduction non-inVasiVe non-inVasiVe The ‘lollipop’ incision is an Sculptra SubQ – injectable filler for efficient way to reduce and/or Not a filler as such but instead fuller cheek bones. uplift a breast. With minimal stimulates soft tissue growth Lasts 12 months scarring. and collagen production to give Costs from £600 Reclaim the perky boobs of the face extra padding inVasiVe your 20’s! which ‘lifts’ and tightens. Sillhouette cheek lifts are Lasts 5 years+ Lasts 2 years+ with one top up loose neck skin? the new generation thread Costs from £5000 Costs from £500 turkey neck? lifts that can be performed inVasiVe double chin? with sedation. man boobs? Short Scar Facelift is an effective non-inVasiVe Lasts 3 years+ Gynaecomastia correction withway to lift the mid to lower face and Neck endotine lift Costs from £3000 removal or liposuction allows a heavy jowl. This modern surgical Less invasive than a you to wear tight T-shirts again! technique is very popular for both full neck lift, endotine Lasts a lifetime men and women in their devices can draw back Costs from £4000 40’s and 50’s. loose skin with small Lasts 5 years+ incisions hidden in the Costs from £5000 hairline. Lasts 3-5 years Costs from £3000 inVasiVe Neck lift arms haVe no shape Removes excess skin, or tone? tightens muscles and non-inVasiVe improves the jaw line. hands announcing Straight to the gym for you! Can be combined with your age? inVasiVe neck liposuction. non-inVasiVe Vaser liposelection Lasts around 7 years+ Sculptra injections Great for small areas Costs from £5500 This innovative injectable of fat removal it can soft tissue stimulant can help to sculpt the arms help plump out the hands establishing a toned shape. disguising enlarged veins. Lasts around 5 years Lasts 2 years Costs from £3500 Costs from £500 embarrassed by Restylane Vital batwings? Small injections of hyaluronic Arm lift is ideal for acid replenishes the skin, removing loose skin. improving elasticity and tone. Scarring can be a Lasts 6-12 months problem as the incision Costs from £300 is usually from armpit to inVasiVe elbow however, shorter Fat transfer to hands is done scar arm lift is appropriate under anaesthetic. It requires for some individuals. a relative fat abundance in Lasts around 5 years+ your thighs or tummy! Costs from £3500 Lasts permanently but may require top-ups. Costs from £350008 ulTimaTe CosmeTiC TreaTmenTs an indePendenT suPPlemenT ProduCed BY lYonsdoWn media grouP
  9. 9. guide to surgery The number of cosmetic procedures seems to grow daily and it can be more than confusing trying to make sense of all the invasive and non-invasive options. We asked plastic surgeon Angelica Kavouni to help us outline the most popular and cutting edge techniques. crêpy skin on your chest? sun damage? non-inVasiVe Fraxel laser belly neVer recoVered Can boost collagen growth in after babies? the chest skin. non-inVasiVe Lasts 2 years Regular exercise regime in conjunction with Costs from £900 per session a healthy dietary plan. loose thigh skin? Sculptra injections inVasiVe Thighlift removes excess skin This innovative injectable Mini tummy tuck is suitable for those and fat. Scarring can be a problem soft tissue stimulant can help without too much excess abdominal fat. as the incision starts in the groin plump out the chest disguising Minimal scar is hidden in the bikini line. and ends at the knee. Usually for wrinkled skin. Lasts indefinitely or until the next those who have lost a huge amount Lasts 2 years pregnancy or weight gain of weight very quickly. Costs from £500 Costs from £3500 Lasts until next period of weight gain Costs from £4500 bothered by one or two excess fat on the thighs, ugly c-section scar that you inVerted nipples? knees and/or calVes? can neVer disguise? dull skin, flat texture, Nipple correction can put Tired of trying to hide shapeless C-section scar revision can thin pigmentation and sun damage paid to the embarrassment legs and ankles? and tidy up an unsightly scar. non-inVasiVe caused by inverted nipples. non-inVasiVe Lasts indefinitely or until the next Fraxel laser Can be performed under local Mesotherapy involves injections pregnancy or weight gain With minimal ‘downtime’, this anaesthetic. of homeopathic solutions that can Costs from £3000 state-of-the-art laser is becoming Lasts a lifetime help to smooth the appearance of increasingly popular for its skin Costs from £1500 cellulite and firm the skin. loose abdominal skin after big resurfacing and anti-ageing effects. Lasts around 3-6 months weight loss/multiple pregnancies? Can be applied on neck and chest. Costs from £150, needs 4-6 Full tummy tuck will tighten the abdominal Lasts 3 years treatments muscle wall, remove excess fat and skin. Costs from £900 per session hate your weak chin? inVasiVe Large hip to hip scar that is hidden in the is it out of proportion Vaser liposelection targets areas bikini line. Chemical TCA peels are the oldest and with your other facial of fat which melts and is removed Lasts indefinitely or until the next most effective treatment for skin features? with a suction cannula. This pregnancy or weight gain resurfacing. Be prepared to shed your non-inVasiVe sophisticated laser technique Costs from £5000 skin for 5-7 days! Can be applied SubQ or Radiesse injections reduces pain, recovery time and almost anywhere... face, neck, hands give definition to a weak chin. bruising. belly button tidy up and chest. Lasts 12 months Lasts until next period of weight Umbilicoplasty can be done Lasts 3 years Costs from £650 gain under local anaesthetic, from an Costs from £800 inVasiVe Costs from £3500 outie to an innie! A chin implant can define the Lasts indefinitely or until the next area giving more balance to pregnancy has your bum lost its curVe? the face. Often performed in Costs from £2000 enVy J-lo’s genetic luck? conjunction with rhinoplasty. non-inVasiVe Lasts a lifetime excess fat on the abdomen or loVe Macrolane can be injected into the Costs from £3500 handles buttocks to improve the shape and non-inVasiVe natural curve. Mesotherapy involves injections of Lasts 12-16 months homeopathic solutions that can help to Costs from £3000 smooth the appearance of cellulite and inVasiVe firm the skin. Fat transfer can help to boost the Lasts around 3-6 months fullness of the buttocks. Initially Costs from £150, needs 4-6 treatments expect a larger volume to be inserted inVasiVe than required as there are some fat Vaser liposelection targets areas of fat losses soon after implantation. which melts and is removed with a suction Lasts permanently but may require cannula. This sophisticated laser technique top-ups. reduces pain, recovery time and bruising. Costs from £3500 Lasts until next period of weight gain Costs from £3500 Contact: Angelica kavouni for further information at | 020 7486 9040an indePendenT suPPlemenT ProduCed BY lYonsdoWn media grouP ulTimaTe CosmeTiC TreaTmenTs 09
  10. 10. Reclaiming the face of your youTh Nikki DuDley discusses The conTinuing search for The definiTive anTi-ageing and menopause producT. ingredients which they see as potentiallyE very so often, a promising ageing or menopause treatment comes along, causing huge excitement.This was demonstrated by the casesof two Boots products, no7 Protect & to establish a good skincare routine as early as possible and review it regularly throughout life to make sure you are using the most suitable products for your skin type, your age and your budget. The iT is viTal To esTablish a good skincare ‘harmful’, for example parabens which are commonly used as preservatives. an example of a more natural product is Flexitol naturals skin nourishing oil. steve mcgowan, national sales andPerfect Beauty serum in 2007 and Tri- credit crunch dictates that we should not rouTine marketing manager for uK distributoraktiline wrinkle filler cream in 2009. in be wasting our budget on the wrong m&a Pharmachem says, “Young-both these instances, customers stripped lotions, potions, creams and serums! elizabeth King recommends that looking skin is well-nourished andthe stock from the shelves and those who The main point to remember when skin suffering the consequences of properly hydrated. Flexitol naturalsmissed out had to go on a waiting list for considering a suitable anti-ageing menopause, like pigmentation, increased skin nourishing oil is packed with plantthe next shipment. cream or regenerating serum is the sensitivity and dryness, can be greatly extracts and essential oils which have We know that, with age, skin becomes ingredients. research has shown retinol helped with products like dr.hauschka’s been carefully chosen and formulatedthinner and wrinkles appear as cell to be effective, but not all skins react intensive Treatment 05. With the support to give skin the nourishment it needsrenewal slows and we lose some of the well to it and products sold in the of the precious ingredients, silver and to help fight signs of ageing. it is freecollagen which helps keep it looking high street may contain only a small ruby, they work to regenerate the from preservatives and presented inplump and firm. elizabeth King, amount. additionally, some creams have skin, help balance the blood circulation an atomiser which delivers a fine sprayPrincipal of Training and development water based or moisture enhancing and restore the moisture balance. dr. on to the skin. a trial carried out infor dr.hauschka skin Care, explains elements. These include Fatty acid hauschka’s regenerating serum is rich australia has shown that the oil canthat therefore, how we touch our skin supplements, which can enhance your in moisture-giving and anti-oxidant have remarkable results in improving thebecomes very important with age. skin’s capabilities to absorb water. ingredients like, Quince seed extract, appearance of blemishes such as scars,‘Because the skin is often thinner and Furthermore, hydrophilic agents prevent red Clover and Clover Blossom honey. stretch marks and uneven skin tone.”more sensitive, avoid products that water loss from cells and maintain the The serum gives the skin the ability to so next time you’re shopping for anti-involve harsh rubbing and scrubbing skin’s barrier function. other important regenerate itself and noticeably refines ageing skincare, ensure you’ve donemovements. instead, use gentle press ingredients in anti-ageing products the complexion. your research and are spending yourand roll movements when cleansing. use include antioxidants, peptides and ahas. another trend is towards natural hard-earned cash on well-formulatedwarm and cool compresses in your and/or organic products as consumers products which will suit your skin – andcleansing routine. This exercises the skin are becoming more concerned about your constantly increasing blood and lymphflow. as a result, nutrients are deliveredeffectively to the skin cells.’ all of this illustrates that it is vital 10 ulTimaTe CosmeTiC TreaTmenTs an indePendenT suPPlemenT ProduCed BY lYonsdoWn media grouP
  11. 11. What’s new in cosmetic eyelid surgery? E yelid surgery (blepharoplasty) continues to be a very popular cosmetic procedure and is one of the most effective ways of providing facial cosmetic enhancement. usually a is often marked by the loss of fat and volume in the face, so although the procedure may reduce wrinkles, it has become increasingly evident that the undue removal of tissue may not be the relatively minor operation, it provides most effective method for producing a patients with a rejuvenated appearance. full and youthful appearance. in order to address some of the shortcomings of the WhaT iT does traditional procedures, new methods are upper eyelid surgery (upper being utilised. blepharoplasty), can rejuvenate puffy, sagging or tired-looking eyes by VoluMe enhancing uPPer eyelid BeTTer Techniques, naTural removing or redistributing excess fat, surgery technique, which involves two incisions. resulTs skin and muscle. it may be performed for For the upper eyelid, a new volume The first accesses the fat deposits from as we consider the true effects of ageing, purely cosmetic reasons, or to improve enhancing technique has been developed the inside surface of the eyelid (trans- it becomes increasingly evident that a sight by lifting droopy eyelids out of that preserves the muscle and fat around conjunctival blepharoplasty) and is “less is more” approach is the preferred the field of vision. lower eyelid surgery the eyes, restores fullness, and improves followed by a second incision below route for cosmetic surgery. recent (lower blepharoplasty), helps rejuvenate lid crease definition. maintaining the the lashes to address any external issues progress in surgical techniques has made lower eyelids by removing or relocating balance between fat and tissue, this related to loose and wrinkled skin. it possible to retain tissue volumes and excess fat bulging beneath the eyes, and approach resolves the issues surrounding although the dual access technique focus on delivering natural aesthetics. where indicated, tightening loose or the effects of further ageing. may take longer to perform, it creates although, undoubtedly progress will sagging tissue such as the skin, muscle Furthermore, the procedure can also be less scarring and improves the surgeon’s continue to be made, the current level and eyelid rim. The results are softened adapted to individual patient needs, such ability to evaluate levels of fat removal. of development in this area means that wrinkles, tightened skin and improved as for the correction of lid asymmetries. more important, accessing the eyelid plastic surgeons capable of performing eyelid function. from the inside means it is possible these high precision techniques can now Muscle-conserVing loWer to maintain the structural integrity provide some satisfying results. WhaT’s neW eyelid surgery - The dual of the eye muscle and keep its nerve Traditionally, eyelid surgery is performed access Technique supply intact. it is a minimally invasive By Jesper sorensen, Md, Phd through the removal of skin, muscle For the lower eyelid, there is a new procedure, with little down time that aestetic and reconstructive Plastic and/or fat. however, an aged appearance method known as the dual access eyelid delivers long-lasting natural results. surgeon, www.drsorensen.coman indePendenT suPPlemenT ProduCed BY lYonsdoWn media grouP ulTimaTe CosmeTiC TreaTmenTs 11
  12. 12. what the experts say... DR DEBORAH MCMANNERS MR PAUL E BANWELL DR STEPHEN ROBERTSON fIELDS Of INTEREST: FrCs(eng) FrCs(Plast) fIELDS Of INTEREST: Facial sculptress – non surgical face lifting and fIELD Of INTEREST: non surgical, anti-ageing treatments and rejuvenation for men and women Consultant Plastic & Cosmetic surgeon procedures to enhance the face and bodyDr Deborah McManners clearly loves her job - looking quality assurance in cosmetic surgery Dr Robertson has nearly two decades of experience inradiant and line free, she is a wonderful example of today’s Mr Paul Banwell FRCS(Plast), a Consultant Plastic Surgeon Cosmetic Medicine having progressed from a backgroundsophisticated approach to beauty and wellbeing. in the South East and a member of the British Association in Dermatology, to using Collagen and early skin regimes With a packed diary, Dr Deborah is both hugely of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) in 1990, and then onto Cosmetic and Laser Medicine.knowledgeable as well as approachable. “We all want to and the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Having established his first full-time clinic in 1993, Drlook the best we can. People who visit my clinics want (BAAPS) believes that any patient considering cosmetic Robertson, as Clinical Director of Cameleon Clinics, has twoto improve the quality of their skin, as well as to tackle treatments should first look on the BAPRAS or BAAPS full-time clinics, (Watford & Southampton), three satelliteestablished lines.” With non-surgical approaches such as website for their nearest surgeon. “I would recommend clinics, (Bournemouth, Jersey & Windsor), and one overseasdermal fillers, she produces wonderful results with very little patients seek a consultation with a fully-accredited plastic clinic, (Barbados).downtime. With skin peels and light-based treatments, Dr surgeon for an unbiaised, balanced opinion of the cosmetic The staff at all his clinics are informed and welcoming,Deborah can also rejuvenate your skin. treatments available and the expected outcomes.” offering a high level of personal service in ambient Dr Deborah performs non-surgical face lifts and facial Patients should also ensure that their treatments are surroundings. All telephone enquiries receive the samesculpting with tremendous results. She explains that carried out in accredited establishments such as hospitals friendly women get older, there is a gradual change from a from the BMI, Spire, Nuffield Health or Ramsay Groups Clinics are lead by Dr Robertson who sees all clientsfeminine heart-shaped face to a squarer outline. “One – names synonymous with quality and the highest levels personally for any advanced techniques.of the most satisfying procedures is the restoration of a of care. Mr Banwell explains: “For instance, the McIndoe His portfolio of treatments include muscle relaxingfeminine profile and the delight that my patients feel. Surgical Centre (part of the BMI group) in East Grinstead is injections, Dermal fillers (Restylane®, Juvederm®,Likewise, if a man has been concerned that his chin is not the largest Cosmetic Surgery Centre in the UK and offers a Sculptra®, Radiesse®), Lip enhancement (Softline®,a strong feature then I can improve this for him.” huge range of cosmetic surgery services.” Restylane®, Juvederm®); Macrolane® breast “Making a real difference to acne scarring and blemishes When asked if the credit crunch has affected referrals, enhancement, Fraxel® laser for skin resurfacing, advanceddramatically boosts self confidence and for some of he says “Whilst there is still a huge demand for cosmetic laser lipolysis, and radiofrequency using Thermage® ormy patients treatment has completely turned their lives surgery, there is no doubt that patients are being cautious. Radiage®.around.” The Queen of lip treatments, Dr Deborah also However, breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy In addition, his personally trained and experienced staffcreates beautiful lips to achieve a sophisticated and tucks are still extremely popular as are many of the non- offer microdermabrasion, chemical peels and skin carenatural look. surgical treatments including skin health treatments, regimes , IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) for hair removal, red Her informative approach allows consideration of your prescriptive chemical peels, microdermabrasion, IPL, PDT, vein removal and pigment removal, Ruby laser and YAGpriorities, expectations and budget. Dr Deborah offers a Botox and Dermal Fillers”. He adds, “Patients seem even laser treatments.complete service and will develop a plan that will leave you more interested now in the concept of Skin Health and the Dr Robertson aims to produce optimal and consistentfeeling and looking instantly better. relationship with excessive sun exposure. Many patients results using established treatments and procedures and With state of the art light based treatment, she will are now realising that using sun protection factors (SPFs) is also involved in using new innovative techniques havingeffectively remove unsightly thread veins on your legs, and medical-grade skin care regimes can actually reduce first established their efficacy and safety.ready for the summer. Or you can see the years roll away, pigmentation, blemishes and fine lines as well as guard His motto is that treatments should be safe, effective andalong with the effects of late nights, smoking and too against skin cancer.” Initially a sceptic regarding so-called incur minimal downtime.much sun. Say goodbye to age spots, sun spots, spider cosmeceuticals, Mr Banwell is now a firm advocate of Dr Robertson strongly believes in achieving professionalveins, wrinkles and rosacea. medical grade skin care and he has seen first-hand some not commercial results and his recipe for success is to aim The first UK female doctor to become a Registered of the excellent results obtained as part of a long-term to achieve what the client wants and not what he sees asNaturopath, she advises on all aspects of healthy living strategy. “The innovative and cutting-edge Rationale skin a quick fix. In this way his clientele continues to grow byand many of her patients will successfully lose several care products from Australia have been a huge success personal recommendation.stones in weight. with my patients” explains Mr Banwell. “For instance, Dr Robertson is a founder member of British Association As author of “The Ultimate Holistic Health Book” she niacinamide is a unique immune protectant which also of Cosmetic Doctors (BACD) and is a former memberalso writes regular magazine columns focusing on Medical helps with pigmentation due to sun damage and ageing.” of ESCAD (European Society of Cosmetic & AestheticAesthetics and healthy living. To plan a programme of Another potential up and coming non-surgical treatment Dermatology). His clinics are registered with the appropriatetreatments, book a no-obligation, free consultation to get for facial (and body) rejuvenation is Indiba. This celebrity- authorities.yourself on a path of self improvement, contact one of her endorsed treatment has a variety of indications and utilisesclinics now. similar technology to that used in the rehabilitation of Dr Deborah McManners runs clinics in Regents Park professional sportsmen. “We have been very impressed- Central London, Blackheath, kent and Surrey. with the early results and patients love it!” 08708 502050 0845 2600261 0844 12 ulTimaTe CosmeTiC TreaTmenTs an indePendenT suPPlemenT ProduCed BY lYonsdoWn media grouP