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Conference program

  1. 1. 1/4 The 2nd Asian Conference of Oral Health Promotion for School Children February 21-23, 2003 Krungsri River Hotel, Ayutthaya, ThailandMain theme: “School Oral Health Promotion: Prospectus for Our Future Generation”Co-Sponsors: Faculty of Dentistry, Thammasat University Dental Health Division, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health Office of the National Primary Education Commission, Ministry of Education World Health Organization, Geneva Japanese Association for School DentistsProgram: Thursday, February 20 Arrival Thailand and transfer to Ayutthaya 13.00-18.00 Registration 18.00-19.30 Committee Meeting (invitation only) 19.00-20.30 Dinner (casual dress) Friday, February 21 08.00-12.00 Primary School Oral Health Programme Visit (Saraburi Province) 12.00-13.00 Lunch Break Opening Ceremony (Krungsri Ayutthaya II Ballroom) Report Rector, Thammasat University Opening Remark Director General, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health Welcome address from Secretary General, Office of National Primary Education Commission, Ministry of Education World Health Organization, Representative to Thailand President, Japanese Association for School Dentists Governor, Ayutthaya Province 13.30-15.00 Poster presentation (free communication) Coffee Break/home/pptfactory/temp/20101208131305/conference-program1507.doc/08/12/10
  2. 2. 2/4 15.00-17.00 Chairmen: Dr. Yoshinori Sairenji President Japanese Association of School Dentists Dr. Prathip Phantumvanit Dean, Faculty of Dentistry, Thammasat University 15.00-15.45 Keynote Speaker 1 “School Dental Health Activities – Theory and Practice from Japanese Experience” Prof. Motoi Morimoto Emeritus Professor, Nihon University, Japan 15.45-16.15 Keynote Speaker 2 Dr. Pimpimon Thongthien Office of National Primary Education Commission, Thailand 16.15-17.00 Keynote Speaker 3 “Role of Dental School on Oral Health Promotion in School Children” Dr. Prathip Phantumvanit Faculty of Dentistry, Thammasat University, Thailand Reception Open air party at Phraram Field (casual dress) Saturday, February 22 Chairman: Dr. Pakarat Nitisiri Dental Health Division, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand Country Reports: 09.00-09.15 Bangladesh by Dr. Sultana Gul Nahar 09.15-09.30 India by Dr. Kabi Debipada 09.30-09.45 Nepal by Dr. Praveen Mishra 09.45-10.00 Bhutan by Dr. Tamang Prataps 10.00-10.15 Sri Lanka by Dr. Nukm Jayathilake 10.15-10.30 Discussion 10.30-11.00 Coffee Break Chairman: Dr. Huynh Cong Dam Institute of Odonto-Stomatology, Vietnam Country Reports: 11.00-11.15 China by Dr. Bian Zhuan 11.15-11.30 Japan by Dr. Kengo Tanaka 11.30-11.45 Korea by Dr. Kim Johng Bai 11.45-12.00 Maldives by Dr. Naifa Afeef 12.00-12.15 Taiwan-China by Dr. Shun-Te Huang 12.15-12.30 Discussion 12.30-13.30 Lunch Break Committee Meeting (invitation only)/home/pptfactory/temp/20101208131305/conference-program1507.doc/08/12/10
  3. 3. 3/4 13.30-15.00 Chairman: Prof. Ho Keun Kwon College of Dentistry, Yonsei University, Republic of Korea Country Reports: 13.30-13.45 Brunei by Dr. James Lee 13.45-14.00 Indonesia by Dr. Naydial Roesdal 14.00-14.15 Malaysia by Dr. Nasruddin Jaafar 14.15-14.30 Philippines by Dr. Juan Araojo 14.30-14.45 Singapore by Dr. Wong Mun Loke 14.45-15.00 Discussion 15.00-15.30 Coffee Break 15.30-17.00 Chairman: Prof. Ming Wen Fan Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Wuhan University, China Country Reports: 15.30-15.45 Cambodia by Dr. Oum Teng 15.45-16.00 Lao by Dr. Khamhoung Phromvongsa 16.00-16.15 Myanmar by Dr. Ko Ko Maw 16.15-16.30 Vietnam by Dr. Tran Van Truong 16.30-16.45 Thailand by Dr. Somnuk Chandueykij 16.45-17.00 Discussion 17.30-19.00 Chao Phrya River Cruise in Ayudhya (casual dress) 19.00-22.00 Farewell Banquet at Lieto Italian Restaurant Sunday, February 23 09.00-10.00 Keynote Speaker 3 “Global Experiences from Health Promoting Schools – Implications for Oral Health” Prof. P. E. Petersen Responsible Officer, Oral Health Programme, World Health Organization, Geneva Break discussion “Prospectus for Our Future School Oral Health Promotion” Prof. Hary Pakash Department of Dental Surgery, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India Miss Sheau-Wen Yeh Officer of the Ministry of Education, Taiwan Dr. Yupin Songpaisan Faculty of Dentistry, Thammasat University, Thailand 12.30-13.30 Lunch Break/home/pptfactory/temp/20101208131305/conference-program1507.doc/08/12/10
  4. 4. 4/4 Prof. George Davies Emeritus Professor, University of Queensland, Australia Dr. Prathip Phantumvanit Dean, Faculty of Dentistry, Thammasat University General discussion Conclusion of the Meeting Meeting adjourn/home/pptfactory/temp/20101208131305/conference-program1507.doc/08/12/10