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Claire Cho

  1. 1. The Art of a SmileClaire ChoDE N TAL H E ALTH a n d A E ST H ET I C S C E NTER Cosmetic Dentistry Implant dentistry Laser Periodontal Therapy Grafting: ALLODERM/PRP Orthodontics/Invisalign Sedation dentistry Lifetime Whitening Smile gallery www. c l a i r e c h o d d s . c o m
  2. 2. Meet the Team O ur entire team at the Dental Health & Aesthetics Center is dedi- cated to bringing our patient’s health to an optimum level, creat- ing beautiful smiles and transforming lives. We are able to provide our What’s inside... COSMETIC DENTISTRY ..................... 5 patient’s this level of cosmetic superiority through unparalleled techni- cal excellence, compassionate care, and efficient services during every IMPLANT DENTISTRY ........................ 6 visit. Dr. Cho and her team stay at the forefront of developing dental technology through continued education courses for our entire staff. We NON-SURGICAL realize that each member of our team contributes to your total dental PERIODONTAL THERAPY: LANAP .......9 experience and that is why each member feels personally responsible for the satisfaction of all your needs. GRAFTING: ALLODERM / PRP .........10 Dr. Claire Cho and her team at the Dental Health and Aesthetics Cen- ter aim to provide unparalleled technical excellence in conjunction with ORTHODONTICS / INVISALIGN ........ 11 the compassionate care each patient deserves. Patients have come to revere Dr. Cho’s practice for its cosmetic superiority, efficient services, SEDATION DENTISTRY .....................13 and personalized attention. LIFE TIME WHITENING .....................14 SMILE GALLERY ...............................16Claire Cho
  3. 3. Meet the Doctor Dr. Claire Cho , a cosmetic dentist in Aliso Viejo uses the most advanced technology and an artistic eye to help her patients revive their smiles and look younger in the process.Her goal is to bring optimum dental health to each patient and give them, beautiful smiles at the same time.Claire Cho Education & Affiliation USC School of Dentistry A graduate of the USC School of Dentistry, Dr. Cho has been in practice American Dental Association in South Orange County for over 20 years and has earned a reputation as an California Dental Association abundantly talented dentist who is meticulous in her attention to detail. She American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry specializes in porcelain veneers, implants and reconstructive dentistry. Academy of General Dentistry In the last two years, non-surgical periodontal treatments through the use of lasersDental Organization of Conscious Sedation for gum disease and “Deep Whitening” for the whitest teeth possible with little to no sensitivity has been achieving astounding results. Use of Alloderm for root Specialty exposure / recession with the latest surgical technique has helped many patients Cosmetic Dentistry who have sensitive and aesthetically displeasing long teeth due to root exposure. Implants Dentistry What sets her apart from others is that she takes the time to get to know her pa- Reconstructive Dentistry tients first and helps her patients achieve their treatment goals by listening to their Laser Periodontal Therapy needs, desires, expectations, and goals. She studies their cases with the utmost Invisalign / Orthodontics detail and together with the patient creates a plan that suits the patient the best. Sedation Dentistry Dr. Cho displays an artistic talent that allows her to custom design her patient’s new smiles. She personally sculpts each tooth in wax in the shape, size, and 1.949.831.8826 contour that she feels suits the patient’s facial features and allows the patient to 2 Mareblu Lane, Suite 200 see their smiles in advance rather then relying on laboratory technicians to design Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 her patient’s smiles. • The power of a beautiful smile can transform a person’s life. The stories of hope 1.949.713.1606 and transformation Dr. Cho hears from her patients as a result of her cosmetic 22032 El Paseo, Suite 230 dentistry is what inspires her entire team to strive for perfection. When we feel Rancho Santa Margarita, CA good about the way we look, it can change our entire outlook on life. It can • inspire us, and help us become the person we’ve always dreamt of being – vibrant, confident, and happy. 1
  4. 4. Jeff Lu, D.D.S. D r. Jeff Lu enriches the practice with his cosmetic dentist- ry expertise and passion for pediatric dental care. He re- ceived his BA from Southern Illinois Edwardsville and went on to achieve his Masters from Rush Medical School. He, then, gradu- ated from New York University’s Dental School. He shares the practice philosophy that learning should never end, and as such, has continued his dental education by regularly participating in continuing education and professional development courses. He has participated in Implant, and Orthodontic seminars, as well as a series of intensive Cosmetic Dentistry courses from the Cali- fornia Center for Advanced Dental Studies. Dr. Lu brings fresh perspective, a friendly smile, and the same expertise and atten- tive care you’ve come to expect from Dr. Cho’s dental practice.Claire Cho
  5. 5. California Center for Advanced Dental StudiesDr . Cho’s commitment to continual learning has led her far and wide to many courses, seminars, conferences, and study groups. Dr. Cho has completedtraining with world renowned educators in her dedication to providing the higheststandard of care and clinical excellence to her patients. Her love of learning also en-courages her to share her knowledge and experience with her peers, as well as beinga mentor and guide for others who are starting on the path.As such, Dr. Cho has recently hosted the California Center for Advanced DentalStudies (CCADS) in a Live Patient Hands - On Program in her office, providing a stateof the art facility for doctors to learn and engage in the use of the most up to dateinformation on clinical applications and treatment modalities worldwide. CCADSpresents continuing education continuums and study groups throughout the UnitedStates, United Kingdom, and Canada. CCADS was founded to provide doctors with thehighest level of continuing education – a goal congruent to Dr. Cho’s desire for continu-ous improvement of her technique and knowledge.Dr. Lu, inspired by Dr. Cho’s passion for her art of dentistry, has also joined CCADS as astudent and has recently completed the Third Level of their clinical continuum. 3
  6. 6. I have entrusted my dental health to Dr. Claire Cho for over twenty years. To have dental work performed on me was never my favorite; but Dr. Cho and her staff have always put me at ease in all of my dental visits at her office. Dental care was lax and poorly observed in my younger days. As time advances, neglects in the early days began to take toll on my teeth. In the past twenty plus years, Dr. Cho has provided me with wise dental health guidance and the needed preventative, reconstructive and repair proce- dures – all with great skill, caring and professionalism. Thank you Dr. Cho! - John PongClaire Cho
  7. 7. Cosmetic DentistryCosmetic dentistry gives you an opportunity tonot only correct health issues but enhance theaesthetics of your teeth, gums, and bite, result-ing in a renewed sense of confidence and selfesteem. Dr. Cho has cultivated a passion forcosmetic dentistry because she has witnessedthe transformation that occurs in the lives of herpatients who have forgotten how to smile afteryears of dissatisfaction.Dental Issues Solved by Cosmetic Dentistry:• Close gaps between teeth• Reposition crowded and misaligned teeth• Correct gummy smiles or uneven gum lines• Correct mismatched tooth sizes, and uneven tooth shapes• Repair chips, surface cracks, and worn teeth• Build up and protect worn down and weak teeth PORCELAIN CROWNS• Replace old metal fillings A porcelain crown is permanently bonded to the tooth• Permanently whiten stubborn discoloration or and gives it an entire new surface and shape. This type tetracycline stained teeth that doesn’t respond of crown is a healthier solution than large metal fillings to teeth whitening that may decay and threaten to fracture the tooth. Older metal filings can be removed and a porcelain crown placedPORCELAIN VENEERS over the tooth to strengthen and preserve it.With Porcelain Veneers or Crowns Dr. Cho can create a brand Porcelain Veneers and Crowns are also biologicallynew smile you’ve only dreamt of or restore your smile to the compatible with your body and don’t cause the problemsbeauty you once knew. that the metal restorations of the past inevitably came with. They look better, they fit better, and they require a lessPorcelain veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are custom invasive procedure, allowing us to save as much of your owndesigned and fitted to match both your existing teeth and healthy tooth structure as possible.desired smile. Porcelain veneers hide teeth that have largedecay, fillings, and fractures. The porcelain is stain resistant Unlike crowns of the past that have a “chiclet” appearancefrom coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco to insure a long lasting with gray lines at the gum line, porcelain veneers and crownssmile. The best feature about this cosmetic procedure is the are translucent and blend seamlessly with your naturalnatural appearance. healthy smile. 5
  8. 8. Implant DentistryHOW DO DENTAL IMPLANTS WORK?A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is surgicallyanchored into your bone to replace a missing tooth or teeth. I had an apple for the first time in many years and itIMPLANT CANDIDATES was delicious. I forgot howA comprehensive examination must be conducted to good steak tastes and I’mdetermine if you are a good candidate for implants. Youmust be in good health, have the proper bone structure, gaining weight!and healthy gums for the implant to stay in place. If yousuffer from chronic problems, such as clenching or bruxism,or systemic diseases, such as diabetes, the success rate forimplants may decrease.IMPLANT PROCEDUREAND HEALING TIMEThe implant procedure involves the surgical placement ofan implant or implants in your jaw bone and may requirethree to six months to heal. During this healing time, thebone grows in and around the titanium implant creating anexceptionally strong support. After the healing period, anextension, or post, is attached to the implant. Finally, anartificial tooth, or crown, is attached to the implant post.SUCCESS RATEImplants traditionally have a very high success rate. Themajority of studies that have been done indicate long-termsuccess rates well over 95%. While implants are highlysuccessful, the likelihood of success depends on severalfactors. The amount of bone available to support the implant,the patient’s health, whether or not the patient smokes and thequality of ongoing home care all effect long-term success.Implants will provide you with a natural looking result andrestore you with a fully functioning tooth. Implants areexceptionally strong and offer the same force for biting asbridges that are fixed in place.Claire Cho
  9. 9. After years of putting off muchneeded dental work I was left witha mouth of rotting teeth and gumsin unhealthy condition. When Iwas given the news that my teethwere not going to be saved. I said‘”Okay, now what”? Dr. Cho gaveme options, all of which soundedimpossible. The price of the workI needed did not fit my budget andI could not see any way I couldmake it work. Dr. Cho was talk-ing an amount I would considerpaying for a nice car (a really nicecar) not my teeth. It was a difficultdecision for me to make.The point is, if you are consider-ing having implants I cannot putinto words how glad I am todaythat I took the advise of what Iknow is the best Dentist in theOrange county.I had a time during my implantwork that I wore dentures. Theywere loose fitting, created soreplaces in my mouth, and I foundit hard to speak clearly. Now,with my implants I have onlyone problem. I can eat anything,therefore I am able to “pig out”.Make very attempt to keep yourown teeth but if that is notpossible this is the best alternative.The price I paid for the teeth I nowenjoy was a bargain. I hope mywords can help someone decidenot to wait. - Bruce Turner 7
  10. 10. I am one of those patients who suffers from serious anxiety when it comes to dental work. Dr. Cho & her wonderful staff made my visits not just anxiety-free, but enjoyable. The LANAP treatment was virtually pain free, and I am so happy to have had Dr. Cho perform the procedure. Just knowing that my teeth & gums are healthy now, puts my mind at ease. - Trent EarnhardtClaire Cho
  11. 11. Non-SurgicalPeriodontal Therapy: LANAP NON SURGICAL PERIODONTAL THERAPY: LANAP Sufferers of periodontal disease, most commonly known as gum disease, have good news. Dr. Cho is one of the first to offer Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP). This is a safe, effective, alternative to painful surgery that has been traditionally used. WHAT IS PERIODONTAL DISEASE? Periodontal disease is an infection of bone and supporting structure of your teeth. It involves progressive loss of the bone around the teeth, and if left untreated, can lead to the loosening and subsequent loss of teeth. Periodontal disease is caused by a convergence of bacteria that adhere to and grow on tooth’s surfaces, along with an aggressive immune response against these bacteria. Dr. Cho and her staff not only fixed my smile…they gave me a REASON to smile during every visit. WHAT IS LANAP NON-SURGICAL PERIODONTAL THERAPY? LANAP is the first and only FDA approved laser gum disease procedure that is an alternative to the traditional painful scalpel and suture gum surgery. An Nd:YAG laser with specific calibration to kill the bacteria that causes gum disease is used in the deep pockets to kill the bacteria and remove diseased tissues. New attachment from the gum to the tooth is achieved so that periodontal LANAP is a “no cut, no sew” alternative to traditional periodontal surgery. Tradi- tional periodontal surgery involves cutting of the gums, smoothing of the bone, and suturing that results in sensitive and unsightly teeth due to root exposure. Surgery is often done in sections and many patients do not return for remaining treatment due to the amount of discomfort involved.There are no scalpels and sutures involved in the LANAP procedure and hence there is very little discomfort. Most common comment of patients is that there is no more bleeding when they brush or floss, and that their bad breath is gone. As long as patient keeps up his oral hygiene at home and comes in for their periodontal maintenance visits, the LANAP-provided attachment is stable and resistant to future periodontal breakdown. 9
  12. 12. Grafting: Alloderm and PRPW e are excited to introduce into our practice a new periodontal surgical technique that will benefit manyof our patients with gingival recessions and exposed roots. and provide blood supply to the graft. Your body will then begin to replace the Alloderm with your own tissue through normal cell turn over, and after twelve months, it will beThis procedure is necessary to cover the exposed roots as completely replaced with your own tissue. Use of thiswell as provide a zone of dense tough tissue to help pre- tissue avoids complications, discomfort, and fear associatedvent continued or future recession of your gums. Coverage with the use of palate for donor tissue.of roots reduces sensitivity, reduces risk of root decay, and The latest advance in soft tissue grafting is the soaking ofenhances appearance. Failure to correct this problem leaves Alloderm in Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) and to adding it toyou at risk for additional gum recession, root decay, and the surgical site. This provides numerous growth factorspotential loss of teeth. that accelerate the healing, reduce swelling, and minimizeIn the past, this treatment required transplantation of tissue post-operative discomfort. We will draw 20cc of yourfrom the roof of your mouth. Now we can use Alloderm, blood and process your blood in a special centrifuge toa tissue obtained from a tissue bank. Alloderm is a sterile concentrate your platelets. This process is performed in ourhuman connective tissue matrix derived from skin that has office immediately prior to your surgical appointment.had all cells and blood removed, which precludes rejectionof the tissue and eliminating possibility of viral or bacterial The use of Alloderm and PRP is cutting edge technology,presence. The processed tissue is received in a sterile and which combines matrix transplantation and autogenouslyfreeze-dried form. This tissue already has all vessels growth factor stimulations enhancing both results andpresent, so your body can more easily revascularize the graft patient comfort. Before Before After AfterClaire Cho
  13. 13. Orthodontics / Invisalign I have had a great experience with Dr. Cho’s dental office. I feel comfortable around everyone in the office. Doctors and all the staff are very nice and did their job perfectly. The experience I’ve had here was better than any other dentist I have gone to. - Timmy ChangD r. Cho has completed a 2 year academic and clinical program with Progressive Orthodontic Seminarsand treats children and adults for prevention and treat- After the examination and treatment planning, impressions and photos are taken and submitted to Invisalign. Using the latest advances in 3-D computer technology, Invisalign fab-ment of malocclusions (irregularities in the jaw, face, ricates a series of precisely customized aligners. You thenand bite). Now more than ever, patients seek orthodon- wear each set of aligners for about two weeks, moving yourtic treatments not only for medical reasons, but for cos- teeth, gradually – week by week, millimeter by millimetermetic reasons as well. – until you’ve achieved the intended result: straight teeth. Your length of dental visits and length of treatment time isInvisalign is the invisible way to straighten teeth using a about the same as it would be with braces.series of custom-made, nearly undetectable aligners. In-visalign is a great alternative to straightening teeth with- Because there are no metal wires and brackets, Invisalignout the use of metal brackets and wires. Whether your is comfortable. And because it’s removable, eating, brush-teeth are crowded, too far apart, or have shifted since ing, and flossing are no problem. You can still enjoy yourwearing braces, you’ll have a new reason to smile. favorite foods and smile without holding back. 11
  14. 14. I felt nothing and everything went smoothly. I had 100% faith in Dr. Cho and the staff and I know that I was blessed to be in contact with them. Dr. Cho explained everything so well and was so patient with me and gentle. They even helped me to use the restroom during the procedure… I only remember bits and pieces of it due to sedation. She got me on a program to get my teeth healthy. The deep cleanings were great. They even measure the pocket depth of your gums, I needed a little medicine in one pocket and it healed up great. - Courteny SchaeferClaire Cho
  15. 15. Oral Conscious Sedation WHAT IS ORAL CONSCIOUS SEDATION? Oral Conscious Sedation is a method of sedation using a combination of drugs taken orally that allows a person to be sedated into a much more relaxed state when undergoing dental treatment. It is not general anesthesia. WHO IS A GOOD CANDIDATE? Individuals who feel anxious or nervous about dental treatment, and/or those who need long appointments due to the extensive dental work needed are good candidates for Oral Conscious Sedation. HOW DOES IT WORK? In Oral Conscious Sedation, an anti anxiety medication is taken the night prior to treatment, ensuring that you get a good night’s rest before coming in for the appointment. A friend or relative would need to drive you to your appointment. Once in our office, you will take a mixture of two other medications which will lull you into a sedated state. We’ll give you some pillows and blankets to keep you warm and cozy, and after about 30 minutes, you will start to feel deeply relaxed, and may even fall asleep. We would then begin the treatment once you are sufficiently sedated. You will still be able to respond to questions we may ask you, but you will probably drift in and out of sleep.I felt nothing and every- We will monitor your pulse and heart rate during the entire process to ensure your safety, and call for your friend orthing went smoothly. relative to pick you up once treatment is finished. They willI had 100% faith in need to stay with you for the rest of the day, but in most cases, you will sleep for quite a few hours once you getDr. Cho and the staff home, and may not remember much about the treatment.and I know that I wasblessed to be in contactwith them. 13
  16. 16. Lifetime WhiteningO ur office offers three different whitening methods to suit each individual’s needs for a bright white smile. We offer“Tray System At-Home Whitening” as well as “ZOOM! - onehour Whitening” but we get consistent, simply amazing resultswith our favorite - the “Deep Whitening” system!Whichever method you choose, our Lifetime Whitening programguarantees you maintain your dazzling smile with a lifetime sup-ply of touch up gel, as long as you are a patient of our office andkeep up with your regular periodontal maintenance.“Deep Whitening” is one of the easiest and most effective waysto enhance your appearance. Whether you want to add an extrasparkle to your smile for that special occasion or simply perfectyour look, whitening is simple, affordable, and safe.Nothing makes you look “wow” like a white smile.“Deep Whitening” is a new system that does require a littlemore time and little more effort but will result in whiteness be-yond what any other recognized whitening technique can create.The result is absolutely permanent with easy periodic mainte-nance at home. The amazing whitening results are achieved withlittle to no sensitivity. Whitening is considered entirely safe andhave been used for many years without reports of any damageto teeth or gums.Results can last indefinitely with some very simple maintenance,wearing the trays for 1 night every 2-3 months. The key is the“deep whitening” trays that are fabricated differently from con-ventional whitening trays. It is made to have a seal at the gumline so that whitening agent is sealed in and saliva is kept out.“Deep whitening” works by revitalizing the tooth’s ability to ab-sorb oxygen. Oxygen from the bleaching products is absorbedinto the tooth and breaks down large dark stain molecules tosmall white particles. The results are amazing!Desensitizing agents are dispensed so that sensitivityis minimized. It starts with one hour session of whitening in theoffice. Pores to the enamel are opened in this session so thatwhen you wear the trays at home whitening can occur. After twoweeks of wearing the trays at home, another one hour whiteningis done in the office to get it the whitest possible.Claire Cho
  17. 17. 15
  20. 20. ...looking and feeling beautiful, and feeling good inside. Claire Cho, DDS 949.831.8826 | 2 Mareblu Lane, Suite 200, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656949.713.1606 | 22032 El Paseo, Suite 230, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688