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  2. 2. THE CHALLENGE AND OPPORTUNITYDentatus is excited about the Atlas Denture Comfort technique and the feedback we are receiving from dentistsand their patients. We know from experience that after commitment, timing is everything. Too often dentistsattend a seminar on a specific technique and when they return to their offices, they dont have the necessaryequipment and/or materials to perform the newly learned procedure. Since the shortest lag time between thelearning experience and clinical application is crucial to success, included in the total workshop fee is an AtlasStarter Kit greatly discounted, with everything necessary to complete your first case.We are confident that you will immediately recognize and see the potential to treat the edentulous populationthat we make this offer risk-free. If you are not satisfied with the Atlas Denture Comfort Hands-on Workshopwe will give you up to 30 days to return the unopened Starter Kit for its full refund.Considering the 30–40 million edentulous Americans we trust you will value the simplicity of the AtlasDenture Comfort protocol. Combined with high patient acceptance, this technique is a win-win situation forboth you and your patients. This technique will be especially appealing to dentists who have used other systemsthat utilize cumbersome housing and O-ring retention.This workshop is designed for general dentists and their dental team. GPs will find placing Atlas implants,anterior to the mental foramen without a surgical flap or sutures, simple and predictable. The complete procedureof installing the Atlas implants and retrofitting the denture can be completed in about an hour. Dentalassistants/hygienists will learn to prequalify patients for the treatment and learn how to prepare the denturebase while the doctor is placing the implants. The dental team will also learn how to instruct patients in properhome care techniques.Participants will perform the following steps: You will drill osteotomies in the model, install 4 Atlas® implants,prepare the denture base for retrofitting and reline the denture with the Tuf-Link® Silicone material. Participantswill keep the model with the retrofitted, relined denture for staff training and patient education.OBJECTIVESWorkshop participants will be able to:1. List the indications for narrow-body implants2. Place and install Atlas implants3. Understand the osseointegration of narrow-body implants4. Recognize the indications and contraindications for the use of narrow-body implants5. Understand implant failure in overdenture cases6. Retrofit and reline a denture over Atlas implants7. Realize cost savings and increase profitability8. Learn how to market and present this affordable procedure to patients
  3. 3. A good percentage of individuals has been neglected as candidates for implant overdentures because their ridges are too thin, the vertical height of available bone has been severely compromised and/or the existing denture- base height necessary to retrofit the dentureTuf-Link is inadequate.Silicone 3.0Reline Atlas has solved these problems. The length of treatment time is significantly reduced since the surgical portion forgoes the traditional 2-stage surgery. The narrow-body implants are placed without reflecting a flap and are immediately loaded. It’s a great alternative to lengthy and costly bone augmentation procedures. Since the components are less costly, the procedure is more affordable to a greater number of patients. The Dentatus narrow-body Ti alloy implants are indicated for long-term use. 1.8, 2.2 & 2.4 DIA. STERILE - TEXTUREDHANDS-ON WORKSHOP DETAILSTHE INSTRUCTORDr. Keith Rossein is a consultant, author and lecturer, with a uniquecombination of 23 years of private clinical practice and dental marketingexperience. He received a DDS from New York University College ofDentistry in 1970. He is president of International Dental Consultants, theeditor of Implant New & Views, a partner in Heis a former instructor at NYU College of Dentistry and attending at TriboroHospital at Queens Hospital Center. He has participated in national andinternational dental meetings. Dr. Rossein is listed in the Seattle Study ClubsSpeakers Bureau and is a former Speaker for the ADA Seminar Services.DISCLOSUREDentatus USA manufactures the product discussed in this workshop. Henry Schein Dental is the exclusivedistributor of the product in the United States. Dr. Rossein is a consultant for Dentatus USA.ACCREDITATION4 credits will be awarded upon completion of the half-day morning course.
  4. 4. FEES AND REGISTRATION INFORMATIONWe are excited to offer you a special Start-up Kit which includes the course tuition, the patient educationmodel you will work on during the course and the patient starter kit which includes all the instruments andimplants you will use on your first patient.Tuition: $350.00Model and components: $400.00Patient starter kit: $875.00 $1,625.00Tuition for auxiliaries and/or dental technician: $150.00Attendance is not guaranteed until you receive confirmation. The registration is limited. Dentatus/Henry Schein Dental reserve the right to cancel, reschedule courses or change instructors. In the event ofsuch cancellation the tuition will be applied to another course or will be refunded. Participant may cancel upto two weeks prior to the workshop with full tuition refund. After that 50% of the course fee will berefunded. Hotel and airfare are not included. Dentatus/Henry Schein Dental is not responsible for cancelledflights and non-refundable airline tickets in the event of cancellation or for any travel-related incidents,including, but not limited to, damage, theft or loss of luggage. Prices are subject to change without notice.REGISTRATIONTo sign up and order your Start-up Kit please complete this form and fax it to: 1-877-418-2365.Mailing address: Camlog USA/Henry Schein, 350 Granite Street, Braintree, MA 02171 Tel: 877-537-88622010 HANDS-ON WORKSHOP SCHEDULEPlease check off the course location you are planning to attend 1/15/10 Rockford, IL 2/26/10 Miami, FL 4/16/10 New York, NY 1/22/10 Kansas City, KS 3/5/10 Denver, CO 5/14/10 Pittsburgh, PA 1/25/10 New York, NY 3/12/10 Seattle, WA 6/4/10 Louisville, KY 2/12/10 Wilkes Barre, PA 3/19/10 Boston, MA 6/18/10 Los Angeles, CA 2/19/10 Atlanta, GA 3/26/09 Houston, TX 6/25/10 Bay Area, CA 2/24/10 Washington, DC 4/9/10 Chicago, ILFULL NAME GENERAL DENTIST OMS PERIO PROSTHODONTIST DENTAL LAB OTHEROFFICE STREET ADDRESSCITY STATE/ZIPOFFICE TEL FAXEMAIL WEBSITE ADDRESS I WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE FURTHER INFORMATION ON IMPLANTS AND EDUCATION ACTIVITIES BY EMAILPAYMENT CHARGE MY HENRY SCHEIN ACCOUNT VISA MASTERCARD DISCOVER AMERICAN EXPRESSCARD NUMBER EXP. DATESIGNATURE© 2010 Henry Schein, Inc. No copying without permission. Not responsible for typographical errors.
  5. 5. Editor’s Award for Excellencein Continuing Education Seminars evaluated for the Editor’s Award for Excellence in Continuing Education are judged using many criteria. One heavily weighted criterion is whether or not the course delivered on its promised objectives. Other judging factors include effectiveness and knowledge of the speaker, use of up-to-date multimedia, and the quality and availability of handouts and materials. For more information on the Editor’s Award for Excellence in Continuing Education go to: ATLAS ® IMPLANTS HANDS-ON WORKSHOP Narrow Body Implants to Stabilize Cushion and Retain Lower Dentures Instructor: Dr. Keith Rossein Class Size: 20 CE Credits: 4 Review by Alan M. Anderson, DMD The only course I have ever been to that has had an easy, affordable, and practical answer for the loose lower denture problem. This should be a required course for all dentists who make, adjust, (re-adjust and re-adjust...), or reline, full and partial dentures!"Two and a half years ago I tried 5 different mini implant systems for denturestabilization. While all systems produced results, I quickly settled on Atlas DomeHead as my favorite due to its flapless surgical protocol, low-profile retentivehead and easy maintenance. Its as simple as placing a post and doing a reline." —N.E., DDS, MSD Philadelphia, PA"This is one of the best presented, start-to-finish, take-it-home and use-the-information-tomorrow courses I have taken in 22 years of continuing education." —Dr. V.U. Houston, TX"I am a general practitioner who has been practicing for 24 years. During the pastyear, I have read intensively on implant placement. I hate doing a lower denture.Actually, I will rarely make one. Now, I feel confident and armed to provide thisawesome service to my edentulous population, at a fee they can afford. " — Dr. J.F. Wading River, NY"Such an exciting advance! This treatment can really improve the quality of life forso many deserving patients." — Dr. C.S. Sylvester, GA"I have used many other implant systems for denture stabilization. I have found thissystem to be easier than the others and more adaptable to any patient." — Dr. R.S. Crystal River, FL
  6. 6. Dentatus USA 192 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10016P/N BL07/09 Available exclusively through: