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Website Health Check Up


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Insite Creations helps you assess your site performance and can turn your results to increased profits, improved customer relationships, reduced operating costs, retained customer ... is an Internet Marketing Company with expertise in Analysis, Designing and Implementation of Online marketing strategy to fortify your business model. Substantiating your business on internet with high ROI adds a new dimension to your business prospects and that is our skill. We expertise in persuasive online sale sequence of AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) that leads to ensure intended ROI.

Why AIDA? Every visitor has few seconds to decide whether to navigate website or leave to others, we know sophisticated eyeball behavior of potential customers. We develop Attention drawing characteristic in your website by putting everything at right place because “What you see is what you get” behavior of visitor.

Now generating interest in visitor is immediate job, one key attribute that is lacking in Internet marketing is human interaction with visitor, but research shows 90% of communication between two persons is non-verbal. We explore this non verbal factor and surmount the lacking of human interaction by germinating your website in a way that convey perfect message of your business.

Inclination to want a thing is what desire part contains, we evolve your website that satisfy every visitor that it will fulfill his need. Finally pushing visitor to take our required action completes the process.

Our Mission

Perfect mirroring of your entire offline sales process on internet to add an ample channel of revenue to your business is our Mission. We endeavor to render high ROI with low TCO. Discovering new revenue channel for your business on Internet and Designing marketing strategy to get most of it is our aim..

Our Vision

High efficacious Internet Marketing is about extreme ROI by centric focused approach toward finding potential customers and presenting your business in actionable way. Visitors to website hardly matter if there is no conversion into sale, ROI is the main concern of any business and we innovate our strategies and techniques around it.

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Website Health Check Up

  1. 1. Website health Check Up Let us give your website a thorough, head-to-toe checkup
  2. 2. Why Health Check-Up ?  Does your website get displayed in search engine results?  W3C Validation ?  Is your site easy to navigate?  Is it quick to load or will visitors give up waiting? If your website is failing to perform well in the search engine rankings it's probably time to give it a web standards and search engine optimization health check. 2
  3. 3. Why Health Check-Up ?  Is the content relevant, up-to-date, useful?  Do all the links work?  Domain Age ?  Does all page titles on your site are unique ?  Does your website is making proper use of H1 and H2 tags ? 3
  5. 5. We Can Help?  Once you receive the report you can either carry out the work needed to get the most from your website in-house, or we can supply you with a fixed price quotation to have the work completed to the highest standards by our professional web development and search engine optimization teams. 5
  6. 6. Types of issues Identified  Missed SEO opportunities that your website should capture  Barriers to search engine rankings that should be removed  Effective tactics already in place that should not be removed or impeded  Website domain issues
  7. 7. Cont ..  Website content and theme analysis  Internal navigation  Outbound links analysis  Inbound links analysis  Usability (brief overview only)  Tags, meta tags and tag attributes 7
  8. 8. So what’s in it for you? BENEFITS OF CONDUCTING AN SEO AUDIT: 8
  9. 9. Benefits …  Increase traffic, and more qualified leads  Rank higher in natural searches for your key terms  Save time and money with expert advice 9
  10. 10. And wait, there’s more…  Simple instructions mean faster turnaround and results  Avoid common pitfalls and misinformation about SEO 10
  11. 11. Goals of a Health Check  Assess how friendly your website is to search engine robots  Inspect the technical framework and architecture of your website  Explore roadblocks  Identify core SEO keywords based on research and insight
  12. 12. Goals ..  Analyze your website's ability to target these keywords in content and meta tags  Evaluate current link popularity of your website against top competitors
  13. 13. HOW WE CAN HELP YOU 13
  14. 14. If you feel your website needs a helping hand, don't delay mail me "" and we will work with you to give your website the boost it needs. AND ITS ALL FOR FREE  14