Social Media Recall Brands


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Organizations can make strategies with the help of Social Media to recall there brand's and keep enjoying revenues with old customers as well as new joiners

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Social Media Recall Brands

  1. 1. Social Media Recall Brand s Brand's
  2. 2. Recall Brand’s Brand s Organizations can make strategies  Organizations can make strategies with the help of Social Media to  recall there brand s and keep  recall there brand's and keep enjoying revenues with old  customers as well as new joiners. customers as well as new joiners
  3. 3. Recall Brand’s Brand s Building a relationship with  Building a relationship with customers and potential  customers by providing them a  customers by providing them a relevant information they can use. 
  4. 4. Recall Brand’s Brand s Every organization is an expert in  Every organization is an expert in something, and every organization  should use social media to share  should use social media to share that expertise. Then, people will  love your brand and remember  love your brand and remember you the next time they, or their  friends, need your product,  friends, need your product, service, or expertise.
  5. 5. Strategies for Social Media
  6. 6. Strategies • Fan Page on Facebook with regular Fan Page on Facebook with regular  updates. • Group on Linkedin with regular Group on Linkedin with regular  updates. • Bl Blog attached with your website  h d ih bi with regular updates.
  7. 7. Strategies • Write articles or white papers and Write articles or white papers and  post them on your website.  Promote them using Twitter,  Promote them using Twitter LinkedIn, and Facebook.  • Press Release of your latest Press Release of your latest  updates and Achievement.
  8. 8. Strategies • Use other social bookmarking Use other social bookmarking  websites also like Delicious,  Reddit, Digg,StumbleUpon etc to  Reddit Digg StumbleUpon etc to post articles, white papers, and  other relevent resources related to  other relevent resources related to your offering. Don't forget to build  a community on these websites by  a community on these websites by connecting with others who have  an interest in your industry. an interest in your industry.
  9. 9. Strategies • Empower your colleagues Empower your colleagues,  customers and business partners  how to support your company  how to support your company through social media. • Create entertaining educational Create entertaining, educational,  enlighting, engaging content.Your target audience won t recollect  target audience won't recollect you if you offer average content. 
  10. 10. Social Media If social media advertising is new  If social media advertising is new phrase to you, then it can be  described as new online exposure  described as new online exposure channel to websites and  businesses for brand awareness,  businesses for brand awareness loyalty building exercise and most  importantly additional quality  importantly additional quality traffic.
  11. 11. Blogs, Forums, Social networking  websites, Social bookmarking  b it S i l b k ki websites, Content sharing are  major channels that online social  major channels that online social media includes.
  12. 12. Maximum Hit India Pvt. Ltd is a  social media company that offers a  social media company that offers a strategic social media advertising  design and implementation to  design and implementation to strengthen your online marketing  model by compliment other  model by compliment other channels like search engine  optimization. optimization
  13. 13. Major elements of our social media services campaign include • Social networking websites  • Social bookmarking websites  • Customized profile p • Press releases optimization  • Content syndication Content syndication
  14. 14. Major elements of our social media services campaign include • Online brand awareness • Video sharing websites  • Web widgets  g • Web Blogs • Forums  Forums
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