Search Engine Optimization (Seo) Darling Of Interactive World


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Search Engine Optimization (Seo) Darling Of Interactive World

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-Darling Of Interactive World Social Media Marke ng is on the boom and business are looking hard on same but all SMM companies admit that SEO is s ll the darling of Interac ve world. SEO is highly measurable as compare to SMO (Social Media Op miza on)and SEO impact the bo om line of many businesses. What makes the SEO business model so strong and the more important is why other businesses find so poten al and reliability of SEO model. Let’s try to find ‐ Why SEO ? ·Visibility ‐ I believe most of the business know the power of Google and if you are not listed there than you are almost invisible. If you don’t want to be an Invisible than SEO is the right ac on. ·Measurable ‐ SEO efforts are measurable and give you the ROI in compare to SMO (Social Media Op miza on). ·Rank Higher ‐ SEO firms need not to pitch lot for their sales as they have the two most important word to visualize there SEO service and that is "Rank Higher", non of the SEO company can commit for rank one but at least describing Rank Higher is rela vely straigh orward. ·SEO the easy job ‐ If you see SEO is an easy job than you have no idea about SEO. It’s be er to go back to Google and try to find yourself.SEO takes me as well as a en on and put you on toes to keep yourself up to date on changes and con nual monitoring. ·Cock Pit Drive ‐ Technically, you don't even need an office space ‐ just a computer, an Internet connec on and enough knowledge to d 1 of 2 11/26/2009 12:53 PM
  2. 2. succeed. ·Spend Money to Save Money ‐ If you rank highly for the right searches, you can avoid paying the he y adver sing fees to Google. So be er to spend small money on SEO rather than paying for big adver sement. ·SEO "The Drug Addict" ‐ SEO is an con nuous process, if you buy once (SEO Service) knows that it's like a drug ‐once you're on it and it's working, you can't go off it. If you do, you'll lose much of the benefit you received while using it. ·Result are highly visible ‐ SEO's success is that anyone can very quickly see the results. You either rank highly, or you don't. I know the power of SEO and think that it’s a necessity for most businesses. I am in this model from long me and give visible results to my customer and keep coun ng. Aside from the benefits of doing SEO, it turns out you may be able to learn something from their business model as well. Happy Blogging ! Ni n Chauhan | ni | 2 of 2 11/26/2009 12:53 PM