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Published on is an Internet Marketing Company with expertise in Analysis, Designing and Implementation of Online marketing strategy to fortify your business model. Substantiating your business on internet with high ROI adds a new dimension to your business prospects and that is our skill. We expertise in persuasive online sale sequence of AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) that leads to ensure intended ROI.

Why AIDA? Every visitor has few seconds to decide whether to navigate website or leave to others, we know sophisticated eyeball behavior of potential customers. We develop Attention drawing characteristic in your website by putting everything at right place because “What you see is what you get” behavior of visitor.

Now generating interest in visitor is immediate job, one key attribute that is lacking in Internet marketing is human interaction with visitor, but research shows 90% of communication between two persons is non-verbal. We explore this non verbal factor and surmount the lacking of human interaction by germinating your website in a way that convey perfect message of your business.

Inclination to want a thing is what desire part contains, we evolve your website that satisfy every visitor that it will fulfill his need. Finally pushing visitor to take our required action completes the process.

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Online Marketing Techniques

  1. 1. Online Marketing Techniques
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Substantial rise in online trade has spearheaded  the concept of online marketing. Online  marketing, also known as web marketing or  marketing also known as web marketing or Internet marketing, is an affordable and effective  tool to target a global audience. It involves  marketing of goods and services via the Internet  marketing of goods and services via the Internet medium. Stiff competition, market saturation,  increasing consumer demands, etc have made it  essential for traders to trade online. Over the  years, several techniques have been used to  make online trading effective. make online trading effective.
  4. 4. How can you direct traffic towards  your own website?  b it ?
  5. 5. just achieving traffic is not enough!  How can you make sure that a  How can you make sure that a particular visit ends in a sale, as  every marketer strives for the same  every marketer strives for the same thing ‐ a sale! Profits undoubtedly  depend on the sales figures.  depend on the sales figures
  6. 6. Online Marketing Techniques
  7. 7. Article Marketing Technique Article Marketing Technique This is the oldest and an efficient technique of  online marketing. You can write articles about  li k i Y i i l b your products and services and submit them on  web directories, article banks or ezine b di t i ti l b k i publishers. Article writing allows you to place a  back link to your own website in the resource  back link to your own website in the resource box/ bio box. The best aspect of this technique  is that it s free!  is that it's free!
  8. 8. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing An affiliate program is a profit sharing  venture, involving the website owner and  i l i h bi d online marketer (you!). The website owner  agrees to advertise your products with an  d i d ih affiliate link to your web page, for a share in  the profits. h fi
  9. 9. Affiliate program can be of three types Affiliate program can be of three types • Pay Per Click: In this type, whenever the reader  (potential customer) clicks on your affiliate link and  (potential customer) clicks on your affiliate link and visits your website, a certain amount gets  deposited into the owner's account.  • P P L d I hi Pay Per Lead: In this type, whenever a potential  h i l customer registers on your website because of the  advertisement on the owner's site, a certain  amount will be deposited into the owner's account. p • Pay Per Sale: Whenever a sale is made as a result  of the advertisement made on the owner's  website, the amount is deposited into his account. b it th ti d it d i t hi t
  10. 10. Bum Marketing Technique Marketing Technique Bum marketing is a very simple technique. All you  have to do is look for low competition keywords,  h t d i l kf l titi k d unexposed niches; write articles on them with links  to your website, submit them to the article  to your website submit them to the article directories and/or popular websites. Internet search  engines like Google search engine will crawl and pick  g g g p them up. The aim is to get your article ranked in the  top ten pages of the search engine
  11. 11. Search Engine Optimization This is the most effective technique of online  marketing. Search engines like Google use algorithms  in order to rank websites when people look for  content across the Internet. Corresponding to the  ranking given to your website by the search engine,  ranking given to your website by the search engine your website will be displayed on the pages.  Optimize your web design and content in such a  manner that your website will appear within the first  h bi ill i hi h fi few sites displayed by the search engine. This  technique is directly proportional to traffic and sales.  technique is directly proportional to traffic and sales.
  12. 12. Free SEO Analysis‐seo‐analysis.html
  13. 13. Email Marketing Emarketing is the next most effective  technique. You can email your  customers directly regarding your  products and promotional offers.  However, it all depends on the  effectiveness of your email list.
  14. 14. Blog Marketing Technique The blogging arena is one of the newer platforms for  g, , g p p online marketing, however, it has gained popularity y rapidly. You can market your products on blog sites  like,,,  etc for free. However, keep replenishing your blog  with fresh data as readers are naturally attracted to  new, updated material.  new updated material
  15. 15. Ezine Publishing Technique Ezines are electronic newsletters or E‐magazines sent  out through email to subscribers of your choice. You  can include all the details about your business,  information about your product, etc in the ezine and  have it mailed to all the people you believe are  have it mailed to all the people you believe are prospective buyers. Ezines can help you build  relationships with the customers and also assist in  relationships with the customers and also assist in building up of your goodwill and reputation in the  market.
  16. 16. Viral Marketing It's something like a viral infection which passes from  one person to another. You can produce some useful  product, e‐book, software, funny video clips, humorous  emails, interactive games, etc and provide links to your  website through these. Allow people to go through it  website through these Allow people to go through it and pass it on freely. This will help you to spread  information about your website at a rapid rate.  information about your website at a rapid rate.
  17. 17. Video/Multimedia Marketing This technique is quite interesting and though new, is  gaining popularity. You can upload video pertaining to  your product on sites that allow such a feature. The  video will develop an interest in the minds of the  people and they will visit your site. Use funny,  people and they will visit your site Use funny intriguing videos to capture the attention of the reader.  The concept behind this is quite similar to article  The concept behind this is quite similar to article marketing, the difference lying in the media.
  18. 18. Podcasting This is also one of the new techniques being used for  online marketing. It involves usage of voice, instead of  words to get the message across to the potential  customer. If you are selling a book, then you can  probably offer a chapter via voice recording. You can  probably offer a chapter via voice recording You can even have voice interviews, etc through podcasts.  Depending on your creativity you can use this technique  to your advantage. Again here like video advertising, the  personal touch makes this form of online marketing more  interesting.  interesting
  19. 19. Forum Marketing Technique Another good traffic building technique is marketing via  forums. Forums are discussion arenas where people  come together to discuss strategies, solve issues, etc. You  can join the forum and since most forums allow you to  put a back link to your website, you can use of this facility  put a back link to your website you can use of this facility to build your customer base. However, forum  administrators are becoming more alert with respective  to people joining forums to solely promote their sites.  Don't abuse the privilege and use it judiciously.
  20. 20. Press Release You can also come up with press releases for your  website and publish them on press release websites such  as Your press release will be displayed on  various news sites and is a good method to enhance  awareness about your product among the masses.  awareness about your product among the masses
  21. 21. Link Exchange This is a symbiotic relationship between one website and  you. The website owner of one website will allow you to  put your link on his website and in exchange you must  t li k hi b it di h t put his link on your website.
  22. 22. Social Networking Sites Myriads of people are logged on to social networking  sites everyday. Isn't this a wonderful place to market  your products! You can not only get hold of new  clients via these platforms, but also keep in touch  with current customers and keep them updated  ih dk h d d about the latest promotions and offers.
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Added One’s ! Social bookmarking, mobile search marketing, resell  rights marketing, joint venture marketing, RSS marketing,  etc are some other techniques of online marketing.
  25. 25.